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Sorry Doesn't Cut It

A growl escaped the young man's throat as he barely suppressed his killing intent, swinging his head around teeth clenched, and his fist balled he glared at everything that crossed his path. He couldn't remember the last time he was so angry. His new, unfamiliar clothes only served to add to his boiling emotions, making him more impulsive than usual at how uncomfortably they itched against him. Snarling lowly he raised his head to sniff the air.

What was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto doing you ask?

He was searching… for a certain someone.

Someone who allowed Rukia to disappear.

Who allowed her to fucking disappear to who knows where, without even a fight. To allow her to be swallowed up with those two damn people in those loose and weird looking robes.

He wasn't mad at the kids Rukia called Strawberry, or Four Eyes.

He was mad—no enraged at the man in the strange overcoat and the damn hat.

He heard Rukia trying—desperately—to get the two people to spare Ichigo's life. He saw her go with them in order for Ichigo's to be left alone, the said substitute shinigami bleeding to his death.

He met her gaze and saw her mouth "Don't follow" to him, and then an "I'm sorry," with tears overflowing from his eyes.

He saw—his heart still clenching at seeing his friend cry-when right after she wavered out of his sight the man healed Ichigo and Uryuu.

And then carried them both away… and he knew then and there the man had the answers to his questions.

Like where the hell those two bastards took Rukia… and why the hell she went along with them without a fucking fight.

The only problem was… Naruto didn't know where the man was.

He didn't have a chance to get the man's signature, and the said male left behind no scent, or even any mark that he had been there. All Naruto had was part of his face; the rest was covered by the shadow of his hat.

But luckily for him… that was enough.

He distributed his clones all over town, each hedged into different people of all ages.

The information they brought back helped him in not only his search, but also getting to know his surroundings… And some of the things the clones brought back to him were disturbing…

For instance so far four of his clones out of the hundred had found these… monster-like beings… Whom of course they quickly disposed of using their wind-chakra infused trench knives. His clones quickly learned to aim for the mask, upon finding the monsters still fought without their limbs.

After the third monster he told his clones to dispel if they saw another monster, and then have another follow it to find out its motives…

Which he later found out to be devouring human souls….

Now Naruto wasn't sure what those monster things were, or what had really just happened in the last couple of hours… But the one thing he did know was that he wasn't going to lose another of his precious people… he may have only met her, but he trusted her. He called her friend and that was enough for him to risk his life for her... and to find her.

He was going to find her…

It wasn't like it was his first time going after a friend.

Naruto grimaced slightly at the thought before shrugging it off. Baa-chan had given him this chance to start over, he wasn't going to let the past affect him, his focus was on finding Rukia…

And at that moment Naruto stiffened his eyes closing as the familiar sensation of information came rushing into his head, before opening them again his eyes glinting with rage.

He found him.

Naruto looked up at the sky silently making himself a promise.

"Sorry Rukia," Naruto murmured before running towards were his clone dispelled, "But I need an explanation… and sorry… just doesn't cut it."

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Urahara Kisuke never lost his cool.

At times he acted like he did, but he was always one step ahead of everyone; he was always prepared… well usually.

Okayyyyy, he had to admit he was slightly surprised when Aizen turned his comrades into Vizards, betrayed him, and then framed him for his own crime-but besides that nothing else really startled him…

Until today.

A customer had walked in earlier his eyes searching, and when Kisuke had yelled a greeting—their eyes meeting he saw something that took him aback.

Anger… distrust, hatred, and behind it all… confusion… and unbearable desperation and sadness. Then almost immediately the strangers eyes became emotionless.

They had managed to make some small talk, Kisuke trying to squeeze some information out of the suspicious man. Who answered his questions politely and very cautiously, buying some strawberry hard candy before leaving.

After he left Kisuke realized he didn't ask his name… so when the second man came into the store with the same eyes—a different color, but with the same undeniable emotions.

The only difference… this man didn't conceal them as well.

"Ohayo," Kisuke greeted smiling, "May I help you with something sir?"

"… My name is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto… and yes," the blonde haired man—Naruto answered smiling widely his eyes showing none of the cheerful emotions his face projected, "You may… no will help me with something."

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