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Summary: Rosie has a few surprises upon returning back to Leopards Den after her dad 'left'. One welcome, one not so welcome… Rax and Danice.


Chapter 1

This Is Home

Rosie smiled sadly as she pulled the car to a stop out the front of the house, before she, Caroline, Dup and Nomsa got out, as another car pulled up behind it and Olivia, Fatani, Ed and Fiona got out. Olivia sighed as she walked over and stood next to Rosie.

"This place just isn't going to be the same without Danny is it?" Olivia sighed looking out over the landscape.

"No its not" Rosie smiled sadly no one seeing Danny standing at the top of the stairs as everyone was staring out at the land.

"Good job I'm still here then" Danny smiled as the whole family gasped turning around.

"Trevanian!" Dup yelled embracing Danny as Rosie looked at her dad shocked.

"Dad, I thought?" Rosie asked shocked.

"This place is in my blood, I can't leave it" Danny smiled sadly.

"What about Alice?" Caroline asked as she pulled away from the hug she had engulfed her son-in-law in.

"Alice knows how I feel about Leopards Den, she will understand" Danny smiled.

"What if she doesn't?" Olivia asked looking worriedly at Danny.

"Then I will make her. I love Leopards Den, I love Robert and I love Alice. I love Alice enough I will fight to make her come home" Danny smiled as Olivia hugged him no one noticing Rosie looking away from everyone.

"I think this is a cause for celebration" Dup laughed as Nomsa nodded.

"I have plenty of food, we can have a cook up and we can have a proper celebration" Nomsa smiled as Rosie slipped away over to the animal pens.

"Its good to have you back Danny, but me and Fiona are going to head back to Mara, have a good night" Ed smiled shaking Danny's hand before leading Fiona over to their car as everyone else headed into the house.

"So why are we leaving?" Fiona asked looking at Ed.

"Because I think it should be a family thing" Ed replied stopping as he noticed Rosie over at the pens. "I will be right back" Ed smiled at Fiona before walking over to Rosie. "Hi" Ed smiled as Rosie jumped, Rosie turned around to look at Ed as she did Ed noticed the tears that were clearly falling from her eyes. "You wanna talk?" Ed asked as Rosie shook her head.

"Its just dad, he believes that love can solve all his and Alice's problems" Rosie cried. "They want different things no amount of love can change that!"

"I disagree with that, I think if love still exists then there is a chance. Even if people do want different things, love can heal and sort most things out" Ed smiled sadly looking at the Cheetah in the pen before sighing and looking at Rosie. "Dup told me about yours and your husband's relationship, your first wedding, your second wedding with the miscarriage. Rosie you and your husband went through a lot at a young age and at the start of your marriage" Ed sighed.

"I don't get the point" Rosie sighed not looking at Ed so he couldn't see the effect of bring up the past was doing.

"Love, it's the only thing that does matter in the end" Ed smiled. "When we die people don't measure us by our portfolios, how much money we have, how many animals we have saved" Ed laughed. "Our lives are measured by the people that love us" Ed smiled before looking over to where Fiona was waiting in the car. "Go and celebrate with your family" Ed smiled touching her shoulder.

"Thanks for everything Ed" Rosie smiled quickly hugging Ed before she turned and she and Ed walked back to the car where Fiona was waiting. "Bye Fiona" Rosie smiled waving at Fiona before heading into the house.

Fiona watched worried as Rosie entered the house at the same time as Ed got back into the car. "With Danny staying, what the hell are we going to do now?" Fiona asked.

"We will figure something out" Ed smiled as he started the car.

Inside The House

Rosie walked into the kitchen to see her family all gathered around different places in the kitchen. 'Well almost all of them' Rosie thought as Caroline handed her a glass of wine smiling.

"You ok?" Caroline asked looking at Rosie worried to see her smile and nod before heading over to join Olivia and Fatani, just as Danny and Dup walked over to Caroline.

"What's wrong with Rosie?" Danny asked looking at Caroline as Dup scoffed making both Danny and Caroline look at him. "What?" Danny asked looking at Dup.

"You. Your me and Alice can get through anything speech, Rosie mostly likely saw that as a dig at her" Dup replied rolling his eyes.

"It wasn't. Even though I think they are being stupid, Rosie obviously still loves him" Danny replied rolling his eyes as he watched Rosie smile at something Olivia had just said, Danny sighed as looked at Rosie smile, her smile no longer lit up her whole face.

"They have been through a lot" Caroline smiled sadly feeling guilty for not being there for Rosie.

"If Max filed for divorce before she left, where is it then man?" Dup asked raising his eyebrow looking at Danny and then Caroline.

"The divorce should have been through by now" Caroline replied in shock that Dup was the first to notice.

"I don't think Rosie is the only one who still in love and doesn't want to let go" Dup replied.

"Wow look how late it is, I best be off" Fatani stated pulling Danny's, Dup's and Caroline's attention as he stood up looking at Olivia then at Danny.

"I think I'm going to stay here tonight" Olivia smiled standing up and hugging Fatani. "I will see you tomorrow" Olivia smiled quickly kissing Fatani.

"I'm glad you are staying" Fatani smiled holding his hand out to shake Danny's.

"Me too, see you latter" Danny smiled as he gripped Fatani's hand before leaning in and whispering. "There's no more animal tricks lying around right?" Danny asked causing Fatani to laugh and shake his head. "Good!" Danny laughed as everyone waved bye.

"I'm off to bed" Rosie smiled as she stood up. "I'm tired, I'm glad you're staying dad" Rosie smiled as she hugged Danny before heading off to her room.

"Is she Ok?" Olivia asked worriedly staring after her sister.

"No she's not, she got a phone call a few nights ago from one of her friends in Cape Town, Max isn't doing so well" Nomsa stated.

"What do you mean by not doing so well?" Danny asked worried now also about his son-in-law.

"Drinking" Nomsa replied.

"Max, isn't a heavy drinker" Caroline scoffed looking at Nomsa as if she was crazy as Dup stared out the window worried as he remembered all to well the state Max was in after losing the baby.

"Rosie leaving hit him hard" Nomsa replied looking at Caroline sadly before turning back to cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

"I will talk to Rosie in the morning" Danny sighed with a heavy heart, not knowing how to help his daughter and son-in-law.


"Who could be calling, this time at night?" Caroline asked as she picked up the phone. "Leopards Den, this Caroline Du Plessis speaking how may I help you?"

"Hi, is a Mrs Rosemary Gifthold there?"

"Yes, she is I may ask who is looking for her?" Caroline asked.

"My names Dr Richard Lock, I'm an emergency room doctor at Cape Town memorial" the voice answered making Caroline pale at his words.

"I… I will just go get her" Caroline replied placing the phone on the side before turning and walking towards Rosie's room.

"Caroline, what's going on?" Danny asked alarmed as he watched Caroline rush towards Rosie's room.

Caroline knocked on Rosie's door. "Rosie I'm coming in" Caroline called as she walked in to see Rosie sitting with her arms curled around her knees staring at a picture of her and Max on their wedding day. "Oh Rosie" Caroline sighed as she watched her step-granddaughter. "You have a phone call darling. Its Cape Town memorial hospital" Caroline sighed as Rosie's head shot up.

"Why?" Rosie asked her voice catching as tears gathered quickly in her eyes.

"I don't know, I didn't ask" Caroline sighed as Rosie stood up nodding her head trying to steal herself to go and answer the phone. Rosie walked with Caroline back into the kitchen, as Rosie reached the phone she closed her eyes and took a deep breathe before she picked it up.

"This is Rosie" Rosie spoke her voice trembling.

"Dr Richard Lock, I'm calling because of…"

"Max?" Rosie cried clutching the phone and walking to the office as her family stood staring after her in fear.


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