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Chapter 8


Danny sat at the kitchen table drinking his cup of coffee after getting off the phone with Alice, she still hadn't forgiven him for turning around and going back to Leopards Den but she was slowly starting to come around she was no longer speaking to him in anger or using sarcasm through whole conversations.

"Hey" Dup greeted coming into the kitchen, Nomsa handed him a cup as he sat down. "Thanks" Dup smiled at Nomsa before he looked at Danny.

"Morning Dup" Danny smiled tiredly as he had had trouble sleeping the last two weeks that Rosie had been in Cape Town.

"You spoke to Alice this morning?" Dup asked watching as Danny nodded his head. "How are the kids?" Dup asked.

"They are good. Charlotte is missing everyone" Danny sighed looking at Dup.

"Still no improvement on the coming back to Africa front?" Dup asked feeling sorry for his friend.

"No. She wants updates thou on the Max/Rosie situation" Danny laughed thinking about all the gushing Alice did when he had told her that they were going to try and work things out.

"Everyone wants to know what's happening there!" Dup laughed as the phone started ringing in the office.

"I have got it" Caroline called as she walking past the office door.

"Caroline has been rambling non-stop about them two sorting things out" Dup laughed as Danny smiled.

"I think everyone wants them to work things out" Danny smiled as Dup raised his eyebrow at Danny. "Yes, even me. I may not of approved of them at first but I got over it when I realised how much they loved each other" Danny smiled thinking of his daughter and son-in-law.

"Yes" Dup smiled nodding his head. "They certainly do" Dup stated as Caroline walked in smiling.

"Morning Caroline" Danny smiled as Caroline kissed Dup's head.

"Morning Danny" Caroline smiled. "That was Rosie" Caroline smiled.

"What? Why didn't you call me? I wanted to speak to her to find out how things are going" Danny stated looking to see Caroline smiling at him.

"Because you can ask 'Them' to their face tomorrow" Caroline smiled as Dup, Danny and Nomsa looked at her. "She was calling to see if it was alright for Max to do his recovery here? I told her to not be stupid, of course it was ok. Max is family" Caroline smiled as Danny and Dup nodded.

"I will change all the bedding in Rosie's room today" Nomsa smiled as Caroline shook her head.

"Actually I was thinking maybe we could put them in the lodge, it's close to the family but gives them space" Caroline spoke as Danny looked at her.

"But do you think they want to share a room?" Danny asked making Dup, Caroline and Nomsa look at him like he was crazy. "What they are trying to fix their relationship, they may not want to be under each others feet 24.7" Danny answered as Caroline grinned at him.

"Rosie asked for her room to be ready for the both of them" Caroline smiled as Dup laughed and Nomsa smiled as Danny looked shocked. "Danny they love each other, they take comfort from knowing the other one is close" Caroline smiled at her son-in-law before looking over to Nomsa. "Could you help me make the lodge more homey" Caroline asked.

"Of course I will" Nomsa smile before hitting Dup. "And you old man can go into town and pick up some water and juice for the fridge in there" Nomsa spoke looking at Dup as Danny laughed at the look on Dup's face.

"Oh and Danny, you did say you and Ed had a meeting tomorrow at 11.30 right?" Caroline asked as Danny looked up at her.

"Yes, we are trying to get funding" Danny sighed looking out the window before looking back at Caroline. "Why?"

"Because Rosie and Max's plane gets in at 12.30 and you will still be in the meeting so I told her I could pick them up" Caroline smiled as Danny nodded.

"Ok, good I don't want them getting a taxi" Danny stated feeling sorry he couldn't pick them up.

"She understands" Dup smiled patting Danny on the shoulder. "Ok… I'm off into town to get what Nomsa ordered and whilst I'm there do you want me to go and tell Olivia what's going on?" Dup asked as Nomsa nodded her head.

"Yes, do. I will make a special meal for tomorrow" Nomsa smiled before she and Caroline left to sort out the lodge.

"Ok" Dup smirked at being bossed around by Nomsa. "Don't you and Ed have an injured lion you're meant to be darting?" Dup laughed as Danny looked at the time before jumping up out the seat.

"Crap, I'm running late" Danny replied dumping his cup in the sink before running out making Dup laugh.

"Never a dull moment" Dup laughed as he grabbed the keys off the side before heading to the jeep.


Dup smiled sadly as he pulled up outside the bar, the place was never the same after Max left not that Fatani was running it into the ground or anything, it just didn't have the same feel about it. Dup walked inside to see Fatani cleaning down the bar.

"Hi Dup, Whiskey?" Fatani asked reaching for a glass under the bar.

"No not today, is Liv about?" Dup asked as Fatani looked at him shocked for saying no to alcohol.

"Yea" Fatani smiled before walking out back. "Liv!" Fatani yelled. "Dup is here, he wants to talk to you" Fatani yelled out before walking back behind the bar. "She will be down in a minute, so what's happening?" Fatani asked looking at Dup.

"Oh, you know normal things" Dup smiled as Olivia came from out back.

"Hey Dup, what's up?" Olivia asked as she stopped by Dup.

"Dinner tomorrow evening all the family must be there" Dup smiled as Olivia frowned.

"But me and Fatani had plans" Olivia replied looking at Dup.

"Caroline's picking up a very special guest, the dinners for them" Dup replied.

"Well who is it?" Olivia asked looking at Dup questionably.

"Well come to dinner and you will find out" Dup laughed before walking to the door before turning around. "So am I telling Nomsa you two will be there?" Dup asked watching as Olivia looked at Fatani to see him nod.

"Yes, Dup we will be there" Olivia sighed as she turned to go back where she came from. "Oh and Dup, this better be good!" Olivia smiled as Dup winked at her.

"Oh it is my dear" Dup laughed. "I will see you tomorrow" Dup smiled as he left the bar to go and get everything that Nomsa asked for.

Max's Hospital Room

Rosie smiled as she walked into the room to see Max sitting up and typing away on his laptop.

"What you doing?" Rosie asked smiling as she sat on the edge of Max's bed.

"Working?" Max grinned turning the screen away so Rosie couldn't see it.

"So, your playing Tetris then" Rosie laughed as Max blushed. "Oh my god you are?" Rosie laughed making Max smile.

"Well I was bored!" Max exclaimed making Rosie giggle.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did we leave poor little you alone" Rosie laughed making Max pout at her.

"Hey, you're not meant to take the mick out of people when they are in the hospital, its not nice" Max whispered smiling as Rosie laughed before leaning over and quickly kissing him.

"There is that better?" Rosie smiled as she pulled back and sat back down as Max closed the laptop.

"Much" Max smiled grabbing Rosie's hand and pulling her towards him so she placed her hands on either side on his shoulders so she didn't put her weight on his abdomen where is surgical wound was. "Hi" Max whispered when Rosie's face was only a couple of inches away from his face.

"Hi" Rosie whispered as she closed the gap kissing him.

"Hmm… I really have missed doing that" Max whispered as Rosie pulled away laughing.

"You have said that nearly every time we have kissed in the last two weeks" Rosie laughed as Max grinned shrugging his shoulders.

"Imagine what I will be like when we first have sex!" Max whispered making Rosie laugh harder as she slapped his shoulder making Max laugh as well.

"Yea… well" Rosie laughed blushing. "That won't be for awhile" Rosie smiled as she sat back up before turning and laying down so she was snuggled into Max's side.

"I know" Max whispered kissing Rosie's head, they had agreed to take it slowly, not that they had much choice until Max was fit again. "As long as I have you around, I will be ok" Max smiled as Rosie looked up at him.

"The reason I was late coming in I was helping your mum sort through your clothes, so she could pack for you" Rosie smiled as Max nodded.

"So where are we staying?" Max asked looking at Rosie not knowing what she and his mother had been planning.

"Well… your mum was thinking we should go somewhere that means a lot to us… she was the one that suggested the place" Rosie smiled as she watched Max shake his head having no clue. "Leopards Den!" Rosie whispered looking at Max who looked thunderstruck.

"My mum suggested Leopards Den?" Max asked dubiously.

"Yea. Are you ok with that? I have called and I think Caroline is sorting things out and plus your dad has already booked the tickets" Rosie whispered.

"Yea" Max whispered kissing Rosie's head. "I have missed the place" Max smiled as Rosie turned and looked up at him.

"Are you sure? Your mum thought the peace and quiet would do you some good" Rosie spoke before laughing. "Peace and quiet… she really didn't spend much time at Leopards Den did she" Rosie giggled making Max laugh.

"Fair point" Max laughed making Rosie full out laugh neither of them noticing the door open.

"Hello, I believed I had only one patient that needs to be in this bed" Dr Anderson laughed looking at the couple in front of him, it wasn't the first time they had been found cuddled up on the bed.

"Oh, come on Dr Jack, would you pass up the chance if you could get a woman this beautiful in bed?" Max smirked as Rosie stood up slapping Max on the arm as she stood up.

"Good point" Dr Anderson laughed winking at Max as Rosie sat on the chair next to the bed. "Ok, so I need to check your stitches, then we can discharge you" Dr Anderson smiled as he walked over to the opposite side to where Rosie was sitting before lifting the hospital gown so he could look at the stitches.

"Oh, Thank god, normal clothes… Hallelujah" Max whispered throwing his good hand in the air making Dr Anderson and Rosie laugh.

"Are these hospital gowns really that uncomfortable?" Dr Anderson asked smiling as Max scowled at him.

"If I wanted to wear a dress, I would steal one of my wife's, then at least that way my backside wouldn't be hanging out" Max muttered making Rosie smile with how put out he was about the hospital gown.

"At least you have a great butt" Rosie smiled making Max glare at her as Dr Anderson smiled at the couple.

"But would you fit in one of your wife's dresses?" Dr Anderson smiled looking between Max and Rosie making Rosie laugh.

"This is abuse of power" Max pouted as Dr Anderson placed the gown back down laughing.

"Ok" Dr Anderson smiled looking at Max. "So your wound is healing great, the stitches will need to come out in two weeks, I know you were thinking about visiting your parents place" Dr Anderson spoke looking at Rosie to see her nod.

"Yea we are" Max smiled looking at Rosie making her smile back at him before looking back at the doctor.

"Is he ok to fly?" Rosie asked watching as the doctor frowned.

"Where to?" Anderson asked looking at Rosie.

"Johannesburg. I know Max's dad has booked us a flight first class" Rosie smiled looking at the doctor.

"Yes, that journey will be fine. Who is driving from the airport?" Dr Anderson asked.

"Neither of us, a member of my family is picking us up" Rosie smiled as the doctor nodded.

"Ok, that's good. Max, I don't want you over exerting yourself" Dr Anderson smiled as Max frowned. "I will transfer your case and details to the hospital in Jo'Berg, you will need to go to an appointment at the hospital in two weeks for your stitches to be removed and then three weeks later for your cast and then you will have another two weeks before you will be asked back to make sure everything is ok" Dr Anderson smiled as Max nodded.

"So that means I can go home?" Max asked smiling up at his doctor.

"Yes, you can go home" Anderson smiled. "Why don't you get changed, you have your pain meds already so I will go and sort out your discharge papers" Anderson smiled.

"Thanks Doc" Max smiled as Rosie nodded her head to Dr Anderson.

"You're welcome, I will back in a while with your papers" Dr Anderson smiled as he left the two alone.

"In brought some clothes with me for you" Rosie smiled placing the bag she had brought in with her on the bed.

"Have I told you that I love you today?" Max asked laughing as he undid the bag as Rosie stood up making Max smile. "Thanks babe" Max whispered as Rosie leaned over and lightly kissed him.

"Your welcome" Rosie smiled as she quickly kissed Max again.

"Ugh… haven't you gone back to Jo'Berg yet" Max and Rosie turned to see Will standing at the door sneering at them.

"Will" Rosie spoke through gritted teeth making Max smile.

"Hey, can you go and grab me a coffee from the cafeteria and something to eat?" Max asked looking at Rosie and watching as she nodded.

"Yea, I will be back in a minute" Rosie smiled as she quickly leaned over and kissed Max before walking past Will who was still glaring at her as she walked out the door, as Rosie shut the door Max turned and looked at his little brother angrily.

"When are you going to grow up?" Max asked looking at Will disappointedly. "I know all about you stealing beer from the bar, and before you say anything Rosie didn't tell me… dad did" Max spoke looking at Will to see him roll his eyes.

"Are you really going to berate me for drinking, when you are in that bed because you were to drunk to drive!" Will stated raising his eyebrow at Max.

"Yes, I was drunk… but the difference is I am legal!" Max stated staring daggers at Will.

"So what!" Will stated staring at Max. "I go out and drink with my friends…. I got drunk at your wedding, I'm the one that talked Evan into taking it and I'm the one that made Evan drink it" Will mocked as Max glared daggers at him.

"What is wrong with you?" Max glared staring at Will

"Rosie ruined everything!" Will yelled.

"Please tell me what?" Max asked looking at his brother incredulously.

"You…" Will yelled. "You used to be cool and just go with the flow, you didn't care about anything" Will stated staring at Max angrily.

"Will, I fell in love. Rosie didn't change me, she just made me want to be a better man" Max sighed shaking his head as Will glared. "I know you think I don't love you but I do Will… but if you force me to choose between you and Rosie, my brother or not… Rosie is my world" Max finished in a whisper. "I still want you in my life and I want to be there for you Will but if you keep treating Rosie like you are…" Max sighed shaking his head looking at the bed before looking Will straight in the eye. "Rosie's my number one priority" Max sighed.

"You would choose a girl over your own brother?" Will asked staring at Max in shock.

"She's not some girl… she's my wife!" Max stated staring at Will. "Please just grow up… when you were younger everyone used to make excuses for you… No more, its time you start to deal with your own mistakes and the consequences" Max sighed as Will glared at him. "If you try and take any more booze from the bar…" Max sighed. "I will report it" Max finished.

"You cant, dad won't let you!" Will glared at Max as Henry walked into the room.

"What wont I do?" Henry asked looking between both his son's. "And why are you not at college?" Henry asked his eyes settling on Will.

"I couldn't be bothered" Will muttered.

"I told him if he tries to take anymore alcohol from my bar I will report him to the cops as he needs to grow up" Max stated looking at his dad to see him nod.

"Actually I will let him Will, me and you mum have let you get away with murder, it ends now. Starting now, if you're going to skip school then your grounded" Henry stated looking at his younger son.

"But…" Will stuttered not believing his dad. "Why do I even need to go to college? With Max not wanting anything to do with the family business, I'm going to be the one taking it over, big deal… job for life" Will muttered looking out the window.

"Not with out school it wont!" Henry stated looking at Will. "I don't want you taking over the business if you can't even attend you classes" Henry sighed.

"But Max…" Will glared looking at his brother.

"Completed College and University and has a business degree as proof" Henry sighed shaking his head. "Will I know this attitude you have developed, me and your mother are partly to blame for it… but Will its not going to win you any awards" Henry sighed turning and looking out the window before turning back and looking at Will sadly. "You're alienating yourself from your own brother!"

"Its boring, school is boring!" Will glared looking at his dad.

"Yea, school can be boring, but Will you need school to get your qualifications" Max sighed not understanding his brother in the slightest.

"I just want to hang out with my friends!" Will glared at Henry and Max.

"And when your friends are forced to get a job? Then what?" Henry asked looking at Will trying to get through to him.

"I will deal with it" Will glared not liking that they had turned the conversation on to him.

"Will your nineteen years old, your no longer a child" Henry sighed starting to feel his age.

"I'm out of here" Will glared turning around and pulling the door open and nearly walking into Rosie. "Get out of my way!" Will growled making Rosie raise her eyebrow.

"Excuse me? Are you forgetting your manners?" Rosie asked looking at Will.

"No, move" Will growled knocking Rosie out the way and storming down the corridor, Rosie shook her head in bewilderment before walking into Max's hospital room.

"I'm sorry Rosie" Henry sighed shaking his head. "I don't know what to do with him" Henry sighed sadly as he sat down.

"It's ok" Rosie smiled as she handed the cup of coffee to Max and the brown paper bag she was holding. "Have you thought about sending Will away to school?" Rosie asked looking at Henry. "If part of the problem is his friends, maybe if you pull all he knows from under him… It might just force him to grow up" Rosie spoke watching as Henry sighed and placed his head in his hands.

"I hadn't thought about that" Henry spoke sadly. "But if he keeps this up we wont have a choice" Henry sighed as Rosie smiled at him.

"It's why my dad let me go to England for Uni" Rosie stated as Henry looked at her. "I was being difficult and putting a strain on dad and Sarah's marriage… so he let me go hoping it would help me. I was so angry back then" Rosie sighed sadly before sitting at the end of Max's bed. "I can see it in Will, he is angry about something" Rosie sighed before smiling as Max slurped his coffee loudly making Henry and Rosie laugh, before Henry looked back at Rosie.

"What were you so angry about?" Henry asked making Rosie sigh before chuckling.

"What wasn't I angry about! I missed my mum, I was angry at my dad for trying to replace my mum, I was angry because it felt like my dad cared more about Sarah than me, I was angry that Sarah used to be my teacher, I hated having Evan and Olivia around, then they moved us to Africa because Evan took a tranquilizer gun to school and threatened a kid that had been bullying him, I was angry that I couldn't see my friends whilst I was in Africa, I hated the animals… when my dad said I could go to school in Bristol, I was so happy I don't think I have ever packed so fast in my life" Rosie laughed as Henry and Max smiled. "For the first few weeks I was happy, I was back with my friends and I was at school doing what I thought I wanted to do, but then it was like over night I started to feel like a stranger in my own life… all my friends were busy with boyfriends or they were talking about bands and things that happened whilst I was in Africa" Rosie sighed looking out the window before turning back and looking at Henry and Max. "I don't know how or when, but Africa had gotten in to my blood and I missed it" Rosie smiled.

"I'm totally in for it when we have kids, especially if we have a girl" Max laughed with out thinking, Rosie sat there and smiled at the thought of what her and Max's daughter would be like. "Sorry" Max whispered knowing children were still a touchy subject before seeing Rosie smiling at him.

"It's ok" Rosie smiled. "And your right if our daughter ends up like me you will have grey hair before your forty" Rosie laughed making Max and Henry smile.

"Oh yea that's right I'm married to a rebel child" Max laughed making Rosie roll her eyes at him.

"I'm married to a child in a mans body but do you hear me complaining" Rosie laughed making Henry chuckle at the two. "But any way as I was saying being away from my family it brought me back to my old self"

"It defiantly an idea. I don't know if Beth will go for it thou" Henry sighed before standing up. "I will go chase up your discharge papers whilst you get dressed, then I will drive you guys back to your place and if you want we can pick you up tomorrow and take you to breakfast before taking you to the airport" Henry smiled as Rosie nodded her head.

"Yea, that would be great dad" Max smiled as Henry left the room, before he pulled out a pair of joggers and a t-shirt from the bag Rosie had given him earlier.

"Need some help?" Rosie smiled as Max smirked at her.

"You just want to get me naked!" Max laughed as Rosie raised an eyebrow at him.

"You haven't got anything I haven't already seen!" Rosie laughed making Max pout.

"How do you know… for all you know I could have been working on my guns whilst you were away at Leopards Den!" Max stated raising his eyebrow as Rosie stood up and walked closer and sat so she was now sitting right next to him before leaning forward and kissing him. "I love you" Max whispered as he smiled at Rosie as she pulled away and looked at him smiling.

"I love you too" Rosie smiled before pulling away and picking up his t-shirt. "Anyway I like your guns the way they are" Rosie smiled making Max chuckle.

"Very true, you never could keep your hands to yourself, right from day one when we met you were after me" Max laughed as Rosie looked at him shocked.

"Me!" Rosie asked raising her eyebrow. "It was you that chased me!"

"You're the one that kissed me!" Max stated triumphantly.

"Yes and I told you it was a mistake!" Rosie stated glaring at him playfully. "You're the one that wouldn't take no for an answer" Rosie stated causing Max to smirk.

"Well can you blame me" Max spoke softly looking at Rosie. "Do you know how addictive you are?" Max whispered. "I can't even look at another woman and not compare her to you"

"I don't even bother looking" Rosie whispered looking Max in the eye. "No one else will ever compare to you" Rosie smiled before leaning forward and kissing Max softly

"You don't have too, I'm here" Max whispered as he leant his forehead against Rosie's. "And I'm not planning on going anywhere"

"Good because I don't want you going anywhere… These last few months have been hell" Rosier whispered as Max kissed her again. "You better get dressed before your dad comes back" Rosie whispered smiling at Max as she pulled away.

"Yea, give us a hand… I only have one working one" Max laughed making Rosie giggle standing up and helping Max sit up. Rosie leaned forward so she could untie the gown and ease it off over his broken arm before Max ripped his good arm out and grabbing the gown from Rosie and throw it on the chair by the bed just leaving him in his boxers. "Free at last!" Max laughed making Rosie shake her head at him.

"Come on lets get your t-shirt on" Rosie laughed threading the t-shirt over the cast before holding the other arm out so Max could place his other arm through before she lifted it over his head.

"This is so humiliating" Max muttered as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"Max" Rosie whispered before kissing him. "It's just me" Rosie smiled before helping him pull up his joggers.

"Thanks" Max whispered looking at Rosie after she had put on his trainers.

"No thanks necessary" Rosie smiled as she stood between Max's legs were he was sitting on the bed and kissed him.

"Ok, Max" Dr Anderson smiled as he saw the couple as he came into the room followed by Henry. "Ok, I have your discharge papers here but first off, no showers until your stitches are out and then you have to be careful of your cast but until then its bath with extra care" Dr Anderson spoke making Max frown. "I know its not nice asking for help and it makes you feel like a child, but Max it needs to be done" Dr Anderson spoke looking at his frowning patient.

"You could always give Dup a run for his money to see who can go the longest without bathing" Rosie smiled making Max laugh.

"Ok" Dr Anderson smiled. "I have called the hospital in Jo'Berg and they are being faxed your records as we speak and they will contact you in a few days to give you the details for your appointment to have your stitches removed and when you are there they will more than likely book you in to have your cast removed three weeks later" Dr Anderson spoke before holding his hand to Max.

"Thanks for everything Doc" Max smiled as Anderson nodded his head.

"No thanks are needed" Anderson smiled. "Speedy recovery and hand this slip in at the nurse station" Anderson smiled handing Max a slip of paper before nodding goodbye to Henry and Rosie before he left the room.

"Ok, you two ready to go?" Henry asked looking between Max and Rosie.

"I couldn't be more ready" Max sighed standing up as Rosie grabbed her bag, Max's and Max's laptop.

"Lets get out of here" Max laughed as Henry opened the door for the three of them. Henry smiled as Max grabbed Rosie's hand with his good one interlocking their fingers as they walked towards the nurse's station.

"Max, I hear you are leaving us?" Debbie smiled as she saw the three approaching.

"Yes, finally" Max smiled handing over the slip of paper Anderson told him too.

"I bet your itching to get home" Debbie smiled as Max nodded.

"His not there for long" Henry smiled making Debbie look at him. "They are heading to Jo'Berg tomorrow to stay at Leopards Den"

"Leopards Den?" Debbie asked looking at three people in front of her.

"The game park my dad's part owner in" Rosie smiled.

"Wow, I have always wanted to see animals in the wild. Do you have guest house?" Debbie asked.

"Yea, we have guest huts" Rosie smiled at the older woman.

"Well I will definitely look into it. Have fun you two and Max get better" Debbie smiled watching as three waved to her before walking towards the wards exit.

"So do you wanna head straight back to the apartment or do you wanna stop and get something for dinner?" Henry asked looking at Max then Rosie.

"You wanna order in?" Max asked watching as Rosie nodded her head. "Back to the apartment dad, we will order in" Max smiled as they all walked over to Henry's jeep.

The Apartment

Max sighed as Henry opened the door and walked in, Max followed behind him holding Rosie's hand, this place hadn't felt like home since Rosie had left, being in the apartment after Rosie had left felt stuffy and like he could breathe but with Rosie back here he finally realised just how much he had missed her.

"Hi huni" Beth smiled as she stood up from the couch and hugged Max. "How are you feeling?"

"Better now that I'm out the hospital" Max smiled as Beth let him go.

"Do you want me to make you two some dinner?" Beth asked looking at Max and Rosie.

"No Ma, me and Rosie are just going to order in and veg" Max smiled as Rosie squeezed his hand.

"We are going out to breakfast with them and then taking them to the airport tomorrow" Henry smiled knowing Beth just wanted to know Max was alright.

"Ok, that sounds great. Max I have packed all your bags ready for you" Beth smiled as Max looked at her with a frown.

"You went in my underwear draw?" Max asked making Beth, Rosie and Henry laugh.

"No, Rosie did that" Beth spoke trying to stop her laughter.

"Oh good" Max sighed finding the idea of his mum in his underwear draw disturbing.

"Anyway we will see you two tomorrow, is 9 ok with you both?" Henry asked looking at his son and daughter-in-law.

"Yea dad, 9 is great" Max smiled thinking of the lay in.

"Yea the flight leaves at 11.30" Rosie smiled as Henry nodded.

"Yea, I was thinking we could go to the café at the airport" Henry asked looking at the three people in front of him and seeing them nod. "Ok, then that's settled" Henry smiled as Beth picked up her bag before hugging Max.

"I'm glad you're ok" Beth smiled as she hugged Max as hard as she dared. "Don't push yourself, ask if you need any help" Beth sighed as she pulled away from him before she hugged Rosie quickly. "If he starts being awkward call me" Beth laughed making Rosie smile.

"See you tomorrow at 9" Henry smiled clapping Max on the back and kissing Rosie on the cheek.

"Bye dad" Max smiled as he sat down on the couch as Rosie walked Henry and Beth to the door.

"Bye" Rosie smiled waving to Beth and Henry before shutting the door and walking back into the front room. "So…" Rosie smiled looking at Max has he had his feet on the coffee table and his head resting on the back of the couch. "What do you want for dinner?" Rosie asked as she watched as Max lifted his head and tilted so he could look at her.

"I'm ok with pizza" Max smiled making Rosie laugh as she picked up the phone and dialled her and Max's favourite pizza place and ordered.

"So the pizza will be here in 20 minutes" Rosie smiled as she placed the phone back down.

"Wanna watch a movie?" Max smiled making Rosie smile at him.

"Do I get to choose?" Rosie smiled watching as Max rolled his eyes before nodding.

"But no chick flicks!" Max called out as Rosie walked over to the DVD cupboard.

"Spoil sport" Rosie giggled as she grabbed a DVD before walking over and switching on the TV before putting the DVD on and placing the case on top of the DVD player before walking back over to the couch and sitting next to Max as she grabbed the DVD remote and pressed play. Max smiled as the title credits started to roll.

"Speed!" Max laughed looking at Rosie as she shrugged.

"Keanu Reeves is hot!" Rosie giggled making Max frown at her.

"Really?" Max stated looking from Rosie to the TV.

"Awww, you feeling Jealous" Rosie giggled as she leant into Max's side. "Don't worry, he is just a fantasy you are the only guy in want to be with" Rosie smiled kissing his cheek.

"I don't know if I will ever say this enough but I love you" Max smiled as Rosie looked up at him.

"I love you too" Rosie smiled leaning over and kissing him lightly before snuggling into his side and resting her head on his shoulder.

Three hours later the credits of the second film they had watched rolled.

"Damn its 1am" Rosie whispered in shock as she looked at her watch. "We have to be up in 6 hours, to check everything is packed and to get ready" Rosie spoke hurriedly.

"Chill" Max laughed grabbing Rosie hand as she was waving them around in alarm. "We will be fine, you and my mum have everything sorted. I'm sure you have everything already packed, just calm down" Max smiled holding Rosie's hand.

"Ok" Rosie whispered kissing Max quickly. "I also have to change your dressing in the morning"

"Its fine Rosie, it will all be fine" Max whispered standing up as a pain shot through his stomach.

"You ok?" Rosie whispered placing her hand on Max's uninjured arm.

"Yea, I just stood up to quickly" Max whispered gritting his teeth trying to stop the pain.

"Take some of your pain meds Max" Rosie whispered watching as Max shook his head.

"I don't want to become dependant on them" Max whispered his teeth still gritted in pain.

"Max I get that but if you don't take your meds your not going to get better" Rosie sighed as Max frowned at her. "If you want I will keep hold of them and I will only give them too you when you need them" Rosie whispered stroking her hand through his hair.

"Ok" Max whispered pulling Rosie into him and kissing her quickly.

"You go and get to the bedroom and I will grab your pills and a glass of water" Rosie smiled as she walked to the kitchen to grab the glass of water. "Hey here's your meds" Rosie smiled holding out the glass after walking into the bedroom to see Max standing by the bed.

"Thanks" Max whispered as he grimaced before downing the tablets with the glass of water. "Can you help me?" Max smiled nodding towards his clothes making Rosie grin.

"See I told you it was you that couldn't wait to jump my bones" Rosie giggled as Max smirked at her remembering how they used to be. "Do you want your joggers or PJ bottoms?" Rosie smiled as Max glared at her.

"I'm no longer in the hospital if you think I'm wearing PJ bottoms or joggers then your insane" Max smirked making Rosie blush. "Problem with that hun?"

"NO!" Rosie smirked back looking him in the eye. "Like I said earlier it's not like you have anything I haven't all ready seen" Rosie smiled as she helped Max get his t-shirt off before helping him take his joggers off. Rosie turned and placed Max's clothes in the laundry basket as she turned around Max placed his good arm around her waist and pulled her into him placing his hand under her t-shirt.

"Do I get to undress you now?" Max whispered making Rosie sigh as Max stroked her skin on her back.

"No" Rosie laughed pulling away from him and grabbing a t-shirt from his draw before pulling her clothes off and replacing them with Max's t-shirt before walking over to her side of bed trying not to let Max's staring get to her. "What?" Rosie asked turning and looking at Max with a smirk.

"That was mean!" Max pouted as Rosie climbed on to the bed laughing as Max continued to pout.

"Oh get over it" Rosie giggled leaning over and kissing Max lovingly before pulling back and helping Max get into the bed after he was in Rosie settled down and turned to look at him. "Night" Rosie whispered realising how big of a hole not having Max with her really created.

"Come here" Max whispered pulling Rosie's arm so she was next to him. "I want you in my arms" Max smiled as Rosie curled into him.

"I wont say no" Rosie smiled as she rested her head on Max's chest letting out a sigh.

"Night Rosie" Max sighed closing his eyes.

"Night Max" Rosie smiled kissing Max's neck before closing her eyes and letting sleep claim her.

Rosie sighed as she stood up stretching her and Max were waiting to board their plane to Jo'Berg, they had said goodbye to Henry and Beth about 20 minutes ago at check in after having breakfast with them.

"Would you stop pacing?" Max laughed making Rosie frown at him. "What's got you so worked up?" Max asked making Rosie sigh.

"It's just… Leopards Den… it holds so many memories for us both, good and bad!" Rosie sighed before sitting back down next to Max.

"Yea" Max sighed looking at Rosie. "But the good far out way the bad!" Max smiled making Rosie smile sadly as she looked up at him.

"I'm scared" Rosie whispered as she rested her head on Max's shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Me too" Max whispered kissing Rosie forehead just as their plane number was called. "Come on that's us" Max smiled standing up and holding his hand out to help Rosie up. "We can do anything as long as we are together" Max smiled pressing a quick kiss to Rosie's lips.

"Lets go" Rosie smiled as she grabbed her handbag. "I'm ready" Rosie stated as she and Max walked towards the gate holding hands.

2 Hours Later

Jo'Berg Airport

Caroline sighed again as she looked at the arrivals board Max and Rosie's plane had landed 20 minutes ago they should of got off the plane at least by now. Caroline turned and looked around as people started coming out the arrival lounge Caroline smiled as she spotted the two she was waiting for.

"Rosie, Max" Caroline called waving at the two as she spotted them walking into the lounge holding hands, Caroline smiled as they both made their way over to her. "Oh Max" Caroline sighed quickly hugging Max as they both stopped in front of her. "We have missed you so much" Caroline smiled as she released him as Max just grinned at her.

"I have missed you guys too" Max smiled looking at Caroline.

"Rosie huni, how are you?" Caroline smiled bringing Rosie into her arms and hugging her tight.

"I'm good" Rosie smiled as she pulled away and grabbed Max's hand again making Caroline smile as she looked at the two of them.

"Lets get you two back to the house" Caroline smiled leading the two over to the luggage rack so they could grab their bags, before they all headed out to the jeep. Caroline smiled as Rosie helped Max get in so he was sitting in the middle before getting in herself, "So how was the flight?" Caroline asked after they were on their way.

"Yea it was good" Max smiled looking at Caroline. "We both slept most of it" Max smiled as Rosie rested her head on his shoulder. "And apparently someone is still tired" Max smiled as he kissed Rosie forehead as she closed her eyes.

Rosie opened her eyes as she felt the jeep bounce on the ground it was going over.

"Oh look sleeping beauty is back with us" Max laughed causing Rosie to stick her tongue out at him before looking around to see that they were coming up to the gate. "Leopards Den" Max whispered as the fencing and the sign came into view. 10 minutes later Caroline stopped the jeep out the front of the house, Rosie quickly jumped out followed by Max and Caroline. "Home sweet home" Max smiled as Rosie grabbed his hand as he turned and looked over the park.


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