In response to high reader demand, I will be compiling a set of appendices which will serve as companion reading pieces for Quietus. These will include character/god lists and any out-takes/events that have already happened in the story, that will help provide extra insight into the thoughts and feelings of characters.

Warning:Potential spoilers will be contained within these appendices! If you wish to keep guessing character identities until they are explicitly revealed within the story, then do not read on. Some character roles won't be revealed yet; this is because disclosing their identities will be too much of an overall plot spoiler.

The first chapter will consist of a short character list. This will contain all characters that will feature in the story, and will be updated accordingly. In other words the first chapter will be replaced with new content whenever a new character's corresponding deity identity is confirmed. So keep checking back, if you're interested in finding out who is who. If you don't want to know yet, then again, do not read on. This is your final warning to turn back. I am placing stress on this because, with over six hundred signed readers on alert for this story, I don't want to cause any upsets. You read on at your own choosing!

Each chapter will be preceded by a short random quote from a character, and will end with a random Quietus plot/character fact. Just makes it more fun and interesting, you know?

Disclaimer: Naruto and all related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.I only own the Quietus story plotline and am in no way making money from investing so much time in this project. I am, however, hopefully making lots of SasuSaku fans happy. Thank you.


The Appendices

By AngeLhearteD

"I tried to run, as far away from those eyes as I could. But he found me. He knew." - Sakura Haruno


Character list

Below is a list of all characters that have/will feature in the story, and their corresponding Greek deity name. Please note that characters don't necessarily connect/relate to each other as they do in mythology and I have purposefully done this to work with my plot. Tsunade, for example, is not related to Sasuke. Those who are not deities/supernatural will be indicated as ~human. Those who have yet to be encountered in the storyline will bear question marks next to their names.

Character list is subject to revision and may be changed at any stage to include others not listed here. Characters may also be removed depending on plot direction. Keep checking back regularly for updated content.

Asuma Sarutobi – Orion, companion of Artemis

Chiyo - Hecate

Chizu - ~Chambermaid at Sasuke's palace

Chouji Akimichi - ~Academy student

Dan - ~Mekon*

Danzo Shimura - ?

Deidara - ?

Fugaku Uchiha - Erebus

Gaara - ?

Gai Might – Seraph**

Hidan - ?

Hinata Hyuuga – Selene

Homura Mitokado - Hyperion

Ino Yamanaka- Aphrodite

Inoichi Yamanaka and wife – Guardians of Ino***

Iruka Umino – Seraph**

Itachi Uchiha - Thanatos

Jiraiya – Dionysus

Jugo – ~Riverbank custodian to Sasuke

Kabuto Yakushi - ~Junior doctor/human spy

Kakashi Hatake – Hephaestus****

Kakuzu - ?

Kankuro - ?

Karin – River nymph who works alongside Jugo in the Underworld

Kiba Inuzuka - ~Academy student

Killer Bee - ?

Kisame Hoshigaki - ?

Koharu Utatane - Thea

Konan - ?

Kurenai Yuhi - Artemis

Kyuubi - ?

Kushina Uzumaki - Hera

Madara Uchiha - Cronus

Mikoto Uchiha- Nyx

Minato Namikaze - Zeus

Nagato – Charon

Naruto Uzumaki – Apollo

Neji Hyuuga – Guardian of Hinata***

Obito Uchiha - ?

Orochimaru - Deimos/Phobos

Pip – Kitchen/stable boy at Sasuke's palace

Pein - ?

Rock Lee – Seraph**

Sai - Hermes

Sakura Haruno – Kore/Persephone

Sasori - ?

Sasuke Uchiha – Hades

Shikamaru Nara – Athenos (Athena)*****

Shino Aburame - ~Academy student

Shisui Uchiha - Hypnos

Shizune – Hestia******

Sora - Stable boy at Sasuke's palace

Suigetsu Hozuki - Poseidon

Temari - ?

Tenten - ~Academy student

Tsunade Haruno – Demeter

Ume - ~Attendant at Sasuke's palace

Yamato – Seraph**

Zabuza Momochi - ?

Zetsu - ?


*Mekon (Dan) was a mortal youth with whom Demeter (Tsunade) fell in love. He died a premature death.

**Seraphs are angels who, following the 'incident' in the sky, were stripped of their wings but retained remnants of special abilities, locked within seals.

***Guardians are the highest order of seraphs who have been assigned for the protection of certain deities. They were assigned by 'Zeus' for reasons that have yet to be clarified. Guardians often take the guise of mothers/fathers for legal purposes in the mortal world.

****Kakashi was granted a remnant of Zeus's power following the 'incident'.

*****Athena is not a woman in this story. Wisdom and war strategy does not fit a female Naruto character as well as it does the genius Shikamaru Nara.

******Hestia's powers have been completely stripped for reasons that will be revealed in future chapters.

Did you know…? Special crystal-like spheres housing within them spirit remnants obtained from other deities/supernatural beings can grant temporary additional powers/ability boosts. This will be explained further as the story progresses.

Closing comment

I think this list should give you all an idea of just how massive this project is going to be. So buckle up your seat-belts, because you're in for one long rollercoaster of a ride!

The next update to the appendices will feature an outtake from Sasuke's point of view, shortly after he first glimpses Sakura.

A question/answer section will be set up on the Quietus deviantart group page soon, so if you haven't done so already, please join. I won't be answering questions directly in following updates; but depending on what is asked in the group discussion area, I may cover content in the form of a short chapter. Sasuke's, for example, will explore his first thoughts of Sakura as Tsunade's daughter.

Thanks for reading!