Chapter 1: The Mysterious Presence/ Am I seeing the Future?

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"Alright rangers, I underestimated you!" Serrator said as he holded his arm in pain. "Ha Lightzord and I are unbeatable!" said Antonio the gold ranger. Serrator took out a sheet a paper with a strange looking nighlok. "Have fun with Pyra!" Serrator laughed as he brought the drawing on the paper alive. The mooger/nighlok became mega size and began to destroy everything on his path.

"Alright Rangers," The red ranger, Jayden said. "Super Samurai mode!" he yelled as he was covered in a white light. When the white light had vanished there stood the red ranger, with a white cape. The wind blew a breeze making his white cape flutter in the wind.

"Super Mega mode power!" yelled Jayden as the zords came to life and began to form into the Megazord. "Samurai Megazord we are united!" They all yelled. Pyra cocked his head and began to attack them.

"Alright Lightzord, I'm going to use the Clawzord for this," Antonio said as he got out his samurai morpher. "Clawzord we need you!" The Clawzord came out of Antonio's fishing cart and came to Antonio. The Clawzord began to transform into a Megazord. "Alright, let's kick it up a notch. Clawzord south!" The Clawzord appeared with two katanas. "Double Katana slash! Pyra have a taste of this!" Antonio said as he piloted the Clawzord. The Clawzord slashed at Pyra making the mooger, sidestep from keeping himself from falling down.

Pyra grabbed the Megazord hugging it from behind. He shook the Megazord violently making the other rangers holding on keeping themselves from falling down. "Whoa!" said Mike, "This mooger has a tight grip!" "I'm going to have to use the Bullzord," Jayden said as he took out the Bullzord disk. He placed the Bullzord in his sword and spun it.

The Bullzord came in running and began to transform into Mega mode. Jayden gave the black box to Kevin. "Thanks Jayden!" The blue ranger said as he placed the black box in his sword.

Jayden jumped from the Megazord to the Bullzord. "Alright let's do this!" he said and piloted the Bullzord. Pyra had let go of the Megazord and had a choke grip in the Clawzord. "Help me!" Antonio said as he tried to move the Clawzord but Pyra would let go.

The Megazord came and grabbed Pyra from behind. Bullzord came and knocked Pyra off his feet when the Bullzord hit point blank with his horns.

"Interesting," Serrator said as he watched the fight. "3 swords and they still can't defeat Pyra, excellent." Serrator paced back and forth. He paused when he felt a presence. 'Whoa what's that?' He looked around and at the sky. 'Hmmm I don't see anything.' Serrator looked at the rangers and saw that Pyra threw the Megazord down and was stepping on it.

Clawzord was slashing at Pyra and changed appearance. "Clawzord East!" The Clawzord had claws instead of the two katanas. "Claw Pincher slash!" Antonio yelled. The Clawzord pinched Pyra and Pyra turned around and blew in the Clawzord freezing him. "Oh no!" Emily gasped as she saw the frozen Clawzord. "Alright let's get him know that he is distracted!" Kevin said and moved the Megazord.

The Megazord stood up and slashed at Pyra. Pyra tried to block but the Megazord kept hitting him slash after slash.

Jayden felt the presence too and tried to regain control. Voices began to fill in his head. 'Jayden. Jayden, why? Please Jayden, come with me. Don't Jayden. JAYDEN!' Jayden clutched his head as he tried to try and regain control of the voices of his head. "Shoulder Blasters!" he yelled and the Bullzord shot blasts from the shoulders and hit Pyra. Jayden began to get a pain in his head; he collapsed. He demorphed and fell out of the Bullzord. The Bullzord disappeared know that he had no pilot.

The red ranger tumbled down the valley. Rocks and branches grazed him until he landed on the bottom with a complete stop. "Jayden!" Mia yelled. "C'mon we have to concentrate on Pyra!" Kevin said as he piloted the Megazord but he too was worried about Jayden. The rangers all got out their swords and yelled, "Katana power! Final strike!"

The Megazord slashed at Pyra destroying him. The Megazord turned his back on the exploding Pyra. The Clawzord broke free from being frozen and the Clawzord dispersed. Antonio fell down demorphing and landed on the hard ground. He lay there, shivering. The Megazord dispersed and the other rangers ran towards him.

"Antonio are you alright?" Emily said as she helped him sit up. "I-I'mmm f-f-f-fin-ee," Antonio said his teeth chattering. He shivered and sneezed. Kevin shook his head and something caught his eye. He looked to see Serrator dragging himself to a crack; a crack to the netherworld. Mia and Emily helped Antonio up as the gold ranger couldn't stand and sneezed again.

"Ha being frozen and then having a cold," Mike joked. "I-it's n-n-o-o-tt f-f-fuun-n-n-y," Antonio said as he shivered violently. "C'mon," Mia said," Let's go before it gets worse and you get a fever." "We are going to take Antonio back to the Shiba house," Emily said as she looked at Kevin. The blue ranger nodded and said," Mike and I are going to find Jayden. Tell Mentor Ji will be back soon." The blond nodded and ran back to Antonio and Mia.

Kevin nudged Mike and the two rangers went towards the valley to find Jayden.


'Why did this have to happen?'

Jayden heard the voice as he walked through a white mist. He couldn't see anything. The mist was so thick he felt he was going to choke on it. He walked cautiously as he was afraid that he would fall to an endless hole of never ending darkness.

'WHY? Why did you have to die!' screamed a voice. Jayden startled looked in panic. 'I can't be dead! I have to help my comrades! I have to tell them my secret!' The white mist dispersed and Jayden saw a white light. He cautiously walked towards it, covering his eyes with his hands.

There, in the bright light, sat a teenage girl. She had black hair and her hair was tied in to two pigtails. She was bent over a body, crying herself out. 'Why did you have to die?' she said crying. Tears fell down her face. Curiosity crawled on Jayden and he walked towards the girl. He stopped and placed a hand on her shoulder. She kept crying and Jayden swallowed and looked to see the dead body. His breath got stuck in his throat. "No!"

Kevin and Mike ran towards the site they saw Jayden land on. "Mike do that symbol power that mentor was showing you the other day," Kevin said and Mike took out his samuraizer. He wrote the kanji in the air and spun it. He kneeled down and waited. The green kanji spreaded and the trees and grass began to move. 'Yes! It worked the trees and grass are one with Mike know!' Kevin thought as he looked at Mike close his eyes.

After a few moments Mike stood up and looked at Kevin. He nodded and said, "This way." Mike ran deeper into the valley with Kevin right on his heels.

Mia, Emily and a sneezing Antonio came to the Shiba house. Mentor Ji heard about Antonio's incident and had a bed ready for him. Antonio lay down and sneezed again. "So cold," he said in a small voice and shivered. Emily ran with a bunch of blankets only to trip on the steps and fall face down into the blankets. "Emily!" Mia said scared and helped the yellow ranger up.

"I'm okay. I'm such a klutz," Emily said looking at the floor. "N-n-nooo y-y-your n-n-noot," Antonio said teeth chattering. "Antonio's right Emily," Mia said in reassurance. Emily smiled and bent over and grabbed the blankets. She began to cover Antonio with the blankets. "I'll cook some chicken soup," Mia said with a smile and Antonio looked at Emily in horror. "I'll cook it," Mentor Ji said and Mia sighed in disappointment.

"Stay here with me to keep Antonio company," Emily said placing a hand in her friends shoulder. 'Please say yes! Anything to keep you away from the kitchen!' Antonio thought urgently. "Alright," Mia said bringing a chair to sit beside Antonio. Antonio mentally sighed in relief. He sneezed again and began to cough. Mia touched his forehead and sighed. "You're getting a fever," she said and left to bring wet rags to place on Antonio's forehead to cool him down.

Kevin and Mike spotted Jayden's samuraizer dropped on the ground. "We are in the right direction," Kevin said and Mike nodded. "This way." They kept running deeper into the valley. "There!" Kevin said and pointed to a trail of broken branches. They ran down the trail and saw Jayden lying in a heap of twigs and dirt. He had streaks of blood running down his forehead and his clothes were ripped.

"Jayden!" Mike said and ran towards him. He stopped beside the red ranger and shook him. "Wake up!" Mike said as he shook his arm. Jayden didn't move. Kevin ran towards them and stopped beside Mike. "I think he's unconscious," Kevin said as he checked Jayden. "He's breathing so that's a good thing." He began to hoard Jayden up and Mike holded Jayden's legs. "Let's go! Mike said and they began to trek back to the Shiba house.

"No! That's! No I don't want to believe it!" Jayden said as he shook his head. He felt tears forming in his green eyes. He took a step back and the girl turned to face him. She had a child looking face, flawless skin, hazel eyes and black bangs that hugged her face perfectly. She was beautiful. Her hazel eyes burned on him but it wasn't him. Jayden looked to see himself walk towards the girl and place a hand on her shoulder. "It's too late, he's gone." He said quietly his voice holding grief. Jayden shook his head. The girl let out a cry and started to cry. 'Why? WHY! Why did this have to happen?' she sobbed.

The other Jayden looked at the girl and said," Things happen for a reason." The girl trembled in anger. "Nothing is never right. Bad things always happen to us!" she lashed out. The other Jayden hugged the girl tightly letting tears fall down his face. "I know."

Jayden couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Is this a vision? This can't come true! It can't!" Jayden backed away. The mist covered the girl and another version of him. The mist was thick again and there was another bright light. Jayden squinted his eyes and saw in horror. "NO!"

Kevin and Mike finally came to the Shiba house and laid Jayden down into a bed. Antonio had a fever from being frozen with the Clawzord," Emily informed Kevin. "I see," Kevin said as he saw Mia check on Jayden. "He's unconscious," Mia said but looked on the other rangers in a worried glance. "He has a bad hit on his head." "Is he going to be alright?" Mike asked. Mia sighed and said, "I really don't know. I just hope he pulls through." The other rangers casted worried glances.

Jayden looked to see a lifeless world. The Sanzu River had flooded the clean water, the sky had a bloodlust color and the ground was upturned from so many battles. "What is this?" he asked out loud. "You rangers will die!" said a voice. Jayden turned to look at Master Xandred. He jumped back to see for the first time the Master of all the nighloks. The tall 6 eyed red nighlok with what looked like wings and a huge broadsword on his hand. He looked at 3 people that were standing there in a battle stance.

Jayden instantly recognized himself and Emily. Then he noticed that the girl standing in the middle was the same that was crying over the dead body. She brought out a samuraizer and morphed into a samurai. "That's impossible!" Jayden thought.

The battle flashed before him. He saw Emily die as Master Xandred slashed Emily in her stomach. Master Xandred thrust his sword into Jayden thru the heart. Jayden opened his mouth in a soundless yell. 'No! Is this what our end looks like?' Jayden thought in horror. 'So we are going to fail?' The girl in purple wrote kanji in the air and a bright light covered her. Master Xandred slashed at her but she disappeared.

The mist covered the area and began to thicken making Jayden cough. He felt his lungs not getting enough air. The mist began to suffocate him and Jayden began to panic. He began to breathe harder until he couldn't breathe anymore. Then he was plunged into the darkness.