Chapter 1: The Mysterious Presence

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"Alright rangers, I underestimated you!" Serrator stated as he stepped back, holding his arm in pain. In front of the Nightlock stood six different colored Power Rangers, all facing him with their weapons drawn. "Ha!" one of the rangers, colored in gold smirked. "Lightzord and I are unbeatable!" Serrator smirked back and took out a sheet a paper with a drawing of a Nighlok. "We'll see about that. Have fun with Papyrax!" Serrator laughed as he threw the paper into the air, bringing the drawing of the paper to life. The mooger/nighlok became mega size and began to destroy everything on his path.

People began to run and scream in panic, seeing the monster destroying the buildings of the large city of Paronama.

The rangers looked at the monster in shock before the red ranger stepped forward and said, "Alright Rangers, we know what to do. Super Samurai mode!" A white light bathed the red ranger making the others shield their eyes before the light vanished. There, stood the red ranger with a flowing white cape with the words "super" in kanji. The Red ranger raised his Samuraizer and yelled, "Super Mega mode power!" There was a zoom as the five samurai zords came to life and began to form into the Megazord. Five of the six rangers disappeared, reappearing into the large mecha making them shout, "Samurai Megazord! We are united!" Papyrax turned around, it's attention on the Megazord that had now appeared. It roared and launched towards the Megazord, attacking it.

The Gold ranger seeing that the others need his help, got out his Samurai morpher and stated, "Alright Lightzord, I'm going to use the Clawzord for this." He put the lamp down before calling out, "Clawzord, we need you!"

The small golden zord zoomed past the Gold ranger, transforming into a Megazord.

The Gold ranger disappeared in a light of gold before appearing in the cockpit of the Clawzord Megazord. "Alright!" the Gold ranger stated, rubbing his hands together. "Let's kick it up a notch! Clawzord south!" The Clawzord summoned two katanas, making Antonio say, "Have a taste of this! Double Katana slash!" The Clawzord slashed at Papyrax making the mooger/nighlok, sidestep, avoiding the attack. Papyrax, avoided another attack from the Samurai Megazord and grabbed it from behind, shaking it violently, making the rangers inside hold on to their cockpit. "Whoa!" the Green ranger cried. "This mooger has a tight grip!" "Looks like it's time to use the Bullzord," Jayden stated, as he took out the Bullzord disk. He placed the disk into his sword and spun it.

The sound of an angry bull echoed the city as the Bullzord came running into the fight, transforming into Mega mode. The Red ranger took off the black box and turned to the Blue ranger. "Here, Kevin." "Thanks Jayden!" the Blue ranger answered as he accepted the box and attached it to his sword. The Red ranger disappeared from the Megazord cockpit, appearing into the Bullzord's cockpit. "Alright, let's do this!" Jayden stated as he piloted the Bullzord. Papyrax had let go of the Megazord and was now attacking the Clawzord. "Uh guys! I need a little help!" Antonio stated as he tried to move the Clawzord, but Papyrax wasn't letting him move.

The Megazord came and slashed at Papyrax from behind, making the mooger turn around, only to be knocked off his feet when the Bullzord hit it point blank with his horns.

On the ground, Serrator was watching the fight. "Interesting," Serrator smirked. "Three Megazords and they still can't defeat Papyrax." Suddenly, he felt a large presence appear out of nowhere. What is that? Serrator thought as he glanced at the night sky in caution. The night stars were shining brightly but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I don't see anything but, something is here. Serrator was broken out of his thoughts when Papyrax threw the Megazord down and stepped on it.

The Clawzord slashed at Papyrax, whom looked different as Antonio shouted, "Clawzord East!" The Clawzord summoned two claws and attacked Papyrax, "Claw Pincher Slash!" Papyrax spun around, blowing at the Clawzord with a blue smoke, in casing the Clawzord in ice. "Oh no! Antonio!" the Yellow ranger gasped, seeing the frozen Clawzord. "Let's get him know that he's distracted!" Kevin stated, making the Megazord get to his feet and slash at Papyrax. Papyrax tried to strike back, but the Megazord was blocking every move.

The Bullzord was immobile as the Red ranger inside was clutching his head. He had felt the presence as well and was trying to pilot the Bullzord but voices were echoing in his head.

Jayden! came a voice. Jayden, please come with me! Flashes of a destroyed Panorama City appeared, a blurry figure yelling at him.

Jayden, you don't have to do this!

Jayden felt his vision go blurry as he began to see images of himself, looking like he had seen better days. He was bloody, beaten, and only had a spinsword that was broken in half in his hand. Despite all of that he was smiling, smiling such a sad smile.

I have too.

"Shoulder Blasters!" Jayden managed to yell, as the Bullzord shot blasts from the shoulders and hit Papyrax.

Jayden! Please! Don't stay! the voice screamed. The figure was nearing a bright purple light before seeing himself get pierced with a sword on his chest. NO!

An agonizing pain shot through his head causing Jayden to gasp out, his green eyes wide in shock. He demorphed and collapsed out of the Bullzord, making the Bullzord disappear. The Red ranger tumbled down into the ground and down a hill. Rocks and branches grazed him until he landed into a ditch with a complete stop. "Jayden!" the other four rangers yelled, seeing their leader into the ground. "C'mon! We have to concentrate on Papyrax!" Kevin pointed out, despite his gnawing worry about his leader. The rangers all got out their swords and yelled, "Katana power! Final strike!" The Megazord slashed at Papyrax, destroying the mooger. The Clawzord broke free from the ice before disappearing. Antonio fell down into the hard ground before demorphing. The Gold ranger laid there, shivering as the Megazord dispersed as well. All four other rangers ran towards him, checking if he was alright. "Antonio, are you okay?" Emily asked, helping the shivering ranger up. "I-I'mmm, f-f-fine," Antonio responded, his teeth chattering.

Mia glanced around before seeing Serrator drag himself towards a crack; a crack to the Netherworld, before disappearing out of sight. "Well, Serrator's gone," she stated.

Antonio sneezed making Kevin shake his head. "You're not okay, go back home." "Ha, being frozen and then having a cold," Mike joked. "I-It's n-n-not f-f-funny," Antonio replied, sneezing again. "C'mon, let's take you home before you get worse," Mia pointed out. Emily glanced back at Kevin and Mike. "Please, find Jayden." Kevin and Mike nodded. "We will Em, don't worry," Mike assured the yellow ranger. Emily's brown eyes reflected a deep worry and sadness. "Tell Mentor Ji we will be back soon," Kevin stated as the two girls nodded and left with the shivering ranger.

Kevin glanced at Mike, who gave a nod. "Let's go find ourselves our Red ranger."

Why? A voice echoed around him, as he slowly opened his eyes. Jayden found himself standing in a void of darkness. "Where am I?" Jayden asked, glancing around him. White mist surrounded him, so thick that he felt he was going to choke on it.

Why did this have to happen?, came the voice again, filled with an excruciating sadness.

Jayden looked around, trying to find out where the voice was coming. "Hello?" he called out. Why? Why did he have to die?! screamed the voice, making Jayden's eyes go wide. "No, I can't be," Jayden whispered. "I can't be dead! I have, to help my rangers! I have to tell them the truth!" The white mist began to slowly swirl around him, blinding Jayden with a bright white light. He covered his eyes with his arm before removing it when the light dispersed. There, in front of him was a young woman, kneeled on the ground. Jayden blinked in confusion before seeing her body shaking as sobs racked her body. The Red ranger approached her noticing that he wasn't in a void of darkness.

Instead, he was standing in front of the Shiba House.

Jayden glanced at the young woman once more, noticing her black hair was dark as the night and cascaded down her back. She wore a purple qipao shirt with a short black battle skirt and knee long white boots. She was bent over a body, her hands clutching the mud around. If only I've arrived in time, I would have saved you!, she wept.

Curiosity crawled on Jayden as he walked towards the girl. Why was she saying that? Who didn't she save? Jayden noticed a body in front of the young woman, noticing that someone was dead in front of her. He felt his heart leap to his throat and he had a sinking feeling that this was someone he probably knew. Why am I thinking like this? Jayden questioned himself, his eyes slowly trailing the body laid in front of the young woman. He noticed a familiar white and black linear scarf around the body's neck. The jacket that matched with it and the gold sneakers on it's feet. His eyes grew wider in horror, recognizing the clothes, the familiar raven hair….

Blood was soaking the ground around the young woman, as she continued to cry.

Jayden began to tremble in horror and he grabbed one of his hands in an attempt to stop shaking. His heart was racing out of his chest and felt his mouth go dry.

No! Jayden thought, shaking his head. NO! It can't be! Why him?!

Kevin and Mike ran towards the site they saw Jayden had landed, but no one was there. "This is hopeless, we've been walking around in circles," Mike stated, putting his hands on his knees, trying catch his breath. Kevin glanced around and said, "Mike, do that symbol that Mentor was showing you the other day." "The tracking kanji? It's not perfected, but I'll try." Mike took out his Samuraizer and traced a kanji in the ground. The symbol sunk down into the ground and spreaded throughout the area, the trees and grass beginning to move. I can't believe it, Kevin thought, secretly proud on how Mike had progressed over the last year. He actually managed the symbol for it to work. The trees and grass are one with Mike now. Mike opened his eyes and got his hand off the ground and said, "This way." Mike ran deeper into the forest, with Kevin right on his heels.

Mia, Emily and a sneezing Antonio came to the Shiba House. Mentor Ji, hearing about the incident from the girls, had a bed ready for him. Antonio had taken a warm bath but he was still feeling cold. He sneezed again. "So cold," he said in a small voice, shivering. Emily ran towards him with a stack of blankets, only to step on one of them and trip, faceplanting. "Emily!" Mia gasped, rushing towards the Yellow ranger. She helped the younger to her feet and said, "Are you okay?" "I'm okay, just being a klutz," Emily stated, with a forced smile. "N-no y-you're n-not," Antonio replied in assurance. "Antonio's right Emily," Mia stated with a smile. "Come on, let's gather these blankets and cover Antonio." Emily smiled and nodded.

Antonio wrapped himself with blankets, his head only visible making the girls giggle. "Boo!" he stated in a deep voice. "I am the blanket monster! Muhahah-" He sneezed again making him groan. "Aw, the sneeze ruined my evil laugh." Emily giggled before her stomach growled. "Well, looks like you're hungry. I'll go make some chicken soup," Mia stated with a smile, causing Antonio to look at Emily in horror. "Wait, uh, Mia, I don't thi-" "I'll cook," Mentor Ji interrupted. "I bet you're all tired from your recent fight. Lay back and relax." Mia sighed in disappointment making Emily glance at her. "Stay here with me to keep Antonio company," Emily said, placing a hand in her friend's shoulder. Please say yes! Anything to keep you away from the kitchen! Antonio thought. "Oh, okay," Mia replied bringing a chair to sit beside Antonio. Antonio mentally sighed in relief before coughing. Mia touched his forehead and sighed. "You're getting a fever." She got up to bring wet rags to place on Antonio's forehead to cool him down.

Kevin picked up Jayden's samuraizer from the ground and stated, "Seems we are in the right direction." Mike glanced around before pointing ahead, seeing a few broken tree branches. "There!" They ran down the trail before stopping, seeing Jayden laid in a heap of twigs and dirt. He had streaks of blood running down his forehead and his clothes were partially shredded. "Jayden!" Kevin shouted, running towards him. He stopped beside the Red ranger and gently shook him. "Jayden, wake up!" Mike swallowed and said, "I think he's….." Kevin placed his ear towards Jayden's mouth, hearing him breathe. "He's breathing. He's unconscious," Kevin replied in relief. He gently grabbed Jayden and looked at the Green ranger. "Help me carry him." Mike nodded and grabbed Jayden's legs.

Tears were streaming down his face as he shook his head in shock.

"No," Jayden whispered. "That, that can't be. No, why?"

The woman sat up straight and sharply turned to look at Jayden dead in the eye. She had a child looking face, looking much younger than her age. Her tan skin was flawless and her jet-black bangs hugged her face perfectly. Her hazel eyes held so much emotion; hatred, pain, sadness and anger. She was beautiful, despite the killing glare she was giving him. Jayden didn't know what to say or if he should approach her. Suddenly he saw himself approach the young woman, clutching at a wound on his side. It's me, Jayden gasped, seeing himself kneel in front of the young woman. How is this possible? Is this...a vision? A dream?

It's too late, isn't it?, the young woman asked the other Jayden who only glanced at the ground. I can't do anything to save him anymore… Jayden didn't reply, as new tears made their way down his cheeks. I'm sorry. He...saved me… The young woman clenched her teeth and snarled, This shouldn't have happened! You know that don't you? Jayden looked into her hazel eyes and whispered, Sometimes, things happen for a reason. The young woman slamming a fist into the muddy ground. What reason? A useless sacrifice over a lie! She glared at Jayden who began to sob. I know, he whispered, covering his face with his arm. I know! The young woman's anger faded away, seeing that the Red ranger was also hurting and pulled him into a hug. Then it's time to make things right, she told him.

A white mist suddenly surrounded Jayden, drawing him away from the vision. "What's happening?" Jayden stated, covering his face. When the mist cleared, ne appeared in the middle of a destroyed, apocalyptic Panorama City. Jayden's eyes went wide in horror and whispered, "No…."

"Antonio got a fever," Emily informed Kevin who was standing beside the bed Jayden was laid in. "I see," Kevin replied, not interested in what the Yellow ranger was saying, instead focusing on the Red ranger. "How is he?" Mike asked anxiously, making Master Ji sigh. "He's unconscious. He has a bad hit on the head." "Is he going to be okay?" Mia asked. "I really don't know," Master Ji replied. "I just hope he wakes up soon."

The rangers exchanged worried glances.

Panorama City was a lifeless, apocalyptic world. The Sanzu River had flooded the clean, pure water. The sky had a bloodlust color and the ground was upturned from so many battles. "What happened to the city?" Jayden murmured.

You rangers will die!, yelled a voice. Jayden spun around to find himself staring at the Master of all Nighloks, Xandred. He wielded a huge broadsword as he approached the three remaining rangers; Jayden, Emily and the young woman from his other vision. They all took out their Samuraizers and morphed into Samurai Rangers. "How?" Jayden breathed, seeing the young woman turning into the Purple Samurai Ranger. "There's never been a Purple Samurai before…"

The battle flashed before him. Jayden watched Master Xandred slash the Yellow ranger in her stomach, causing her to bleed out and instantly die. He watched himself and the Purple Samurai ranger fight with all their might. But Xandred quickly overpowered them, throwing them into the ground. The Purple ranger rolled to her feet, writing a kanji in the air. The other Jayden continued to fight against Xandred only for him to receive a sword through the heart. A bright purple light emerged from the kanji before the Purple Ranger saw Jayden with the sword through his chest.

Jayden!, she screamed, her hazel eyes wide in horror.

Xandred pulled out the sword from the Red rangers chest and dashed towards the Purple ranger. He slashed at her, slicing her stomach as she stepped into the light, disappearing.

The mist began to surround Jayden making the Red ranger run away from it. But it was thickening quickly; Jayden felt his lungs not getting enough air. He clasped his hands over his throat, beginning to suffocate.

No! NO! Jayden screamed as he felt his eyes closing.

Then he was plunged into the darkness.