Chapter 11: Kevin's choice

A/N: This is half Kevin's choice and half made up by my imagination. I hope you like it! Thanks for the reviews! Keep at them! Enjoy!

Hideo had fooled Serrator when he was "supposedly" watching the rangers about Phase 2 of the plan when he was actually spying Tashiko.

He turned to look at the gap the scene changing to Tashiko who was with the rangers. He had been watching her for days know and he shook his head as he watched the scene unfolding in front of him. Emily was an imposter for days and the rangers hadn't noticed and were in deep trouble. He let out a sigh. Then there was another problem. Now getting to Tashiko was going to be harder. She was now living with the rangers and that complicated his plans. As he was in deep thought he didn't notice a nighlok walking towards him.

"So, are you spying the rangers or just making yourself useless?" the voice snapped him out of his thoughts and turned to see Kameyo standing behind him with her arms crossed over her chest. "Why do you care?" Hideo answered narrowing his eyes. Kameyo laughed walking slowly circling the shorter nighlok. "I don't know why do I care?" she replied tapping her finger against her chin.

Kameyo turned sharply looking at Hideo. "I guess because I am Serrator's most trusted nighlok." Hideo rolled his eyes. "You're not even that close to him," Hideo answered. He began to walk away but Kameyo fell in step with him. "You only listen to him because you love him." Kameyo stopped staring at Hideo. "How do you know?" she asked. She ran and caught up to him. "We Nighloks don't have feelings." Hideo stopped before staring at her. "We don't need to have feelings to know that you love Serrator." He began to walk again. "I've studied the humans for so long that I see how they love and how they show feelings."

Hideo stopped looking up at the red blood sky. "We Nighloks can be like humans. We have happiness, sadness, anger, excitement." Kameyo stared at him before looking away. "All this talk makes me want to throw up," said a voice. The Nighloks turned to see Dayu standing with a look of disgust. "Says the one who was human," Hideo huffed. Dayu growled. "I was once human but the past is the past," she replied. Kameyo turned to look at Dayu. "Dayu," she said sweetly, "Master Xandred has been looking for you."

Dayu huffed. "I'm not coming back to Master Xandred," she spat. Hideo twirled his staff in his hands. "Are you with Dekker then? Hoping that he will somehow regain his memories" he played with his staff not bothering to look up. "Yes and why do you care?" Dayu growled. Hideo shrugged. "I don't but I'm just saying." A red light blinded them before a Mooger appeared. The Mooger turned to Kameyo before babbling something to her.

Kameyo narrowed her eyes before opening them wide and blasting the Nighlok into pieces surprising Hideo and Dayu. She roared before turning to look at the watching Nighloks. "There's a new girl member in the rangers den," she growled. "She just joined them a few days ago." Hideo narrowed his eyes. He had been watching Tashiko through the gaps to see that wasn't living with the guardians and hadn't moved to go back. "How strong is she?" Dayu asked. "Is she a ranger too?" Kameyo shook her head. "The Mooger doesn't know anything except that she is new." Dayu tapped her chin. "We have to watch this new girl closely." She walked away before disappearing through a gap.

Kameyo looked to Hideo. "I have to report to Serrator," she told the nighlok. With that she floated towards Master Xandred's ship. Alarmed Hideo was worried about the female nighloks ready to attack Tashiko. 'Tashiko's in danger!' Hideo thought before disappearing through a gap himself.

Tashiko liked living with the rangers but there were still some complications. Emily had just stormed off when she came to the house and haven't talked to her since then. She just ignored Tashiko like she wasn't even there. She had been nice when Tashiko was taking care of her while Jayden went to rescue Mike. Know she was a different person. Tashiko felt like she was in the way of the rangers. Right know she was watching the rangers train but she didn't have much enthusiasm watching them. Mike was inside playing video games while his leg healed. Ji was standing near the door watching his rangers train. 'I miss Aaron and Cody,' she thought depressed. Tashiko began to think how the rangers had said they were going to help her regain her memories. Lately she hadn't had any weird dreams.

But there was Jayden. He always screamed at the middle of the night waking her up. She had asked Antonio and he had said that Jayden always had nightmares. Tashiko placed her head in her hands as she thought. She had found out that she and Jayden's dreams were somehow familiar. She didn't get why Jayden got scared of his dreams. She sighed remembering something else. Hideo hadn't visited her either. Know she was thinking that maybe Cody was right. Hideo couldn't be trusted and had just fooled her. She looked at the necklace he gave her and gave another sigh.

There was a yelp as Mia took Emily down with a hit on the knee. Emily stood up rubbing her injury. "Sorry Em," Mia replied helping her up. "It's alright," Emily said with a small smile. 'Ow! That hurt!' she thought painfully. 'The rangers are strong,' she thought darkly. Tashiko stood up from the bench and went inside. She decided that maybe her doing something nice for Emily would make her talk to Tashiko like when she first met her.

She went to grab the bag of peas the rangers kept in the refrigerator for injuries. Tashiko ran back only to bump into Emily. "Watch it!" Emily snapped. "Sorry," Tashiko said flinching back. "I wanted to give you the bag of peas." Emily snatched it away from Tashiko. Emily glared at Tashiko who was trying to shrink back. 'This girl keeps getting in the way,' she thought. She examined Tashiko and noticed a wave of energy coming of her. 'This girl…' she thought but decided the thought slide. Instead she snorted.

"I could have gotten them myself," Emily huffed limping back outside. Tashiko stood there watching the yellow ranger leave. She looked at the floor before walking to her room. Tashiko closed the door behind her and wept. "What did I do to make Emily angry?" she sobbed. Emily made her feel unwelcome in the Shiba house. It made her feel like an idiot in the house by Emily's dirty looks and horrible attitude towards her. She hugged her knees closer to her chest and began to think anything that made the yellow ranger angry and a thousand things popped into her head.

Emily limped to find the rangers had already stopped practicing. They were walking back inside of the house. Emily turned to find that Tashiko was gone. She smirked. The newbie was annoying to her. She turned back to the rangers who were discussing the training. "We are one ranger short," Kevin said scratching his chin. "We could train Tashiko," Mia suggested. "Yea but it's dangerous to bring her in the field without knowing if she has ranger powers," Antonio added and caught Jayden's glare. "And she doesn't have the proper samurai training if she had any," Kevin added agreeing with Antonio. "We have to go back to square one," Jayden decided. "We have to train and fight like when Antonio wasn't here." "Hey," Antonio pouted.

"Jayden's right," Emily added as everyone looked at her. "We have to train like this for now on until Mike gets better." "Alright," Kevin nodded. "I'm going to shower and maybe go around the city for a bit." Mia smiled. "You can get the groceries for me," she added sweetly. Kevin looked at her a smile forming in his lips. Mia smiled before running off. She came back with a list in her hand. Kevin took it from her surprised. "These are the only things you need?" he asked. Normally she always had a huge list for her "cooking."

"Yup," Mia nodded. "I'm following a recipe." She heard the rangers let out a deep breath. She looked at them with a hand on her hip. "What's with all the phew?" she asked. Suddenly the rangers looked nervous. "Uh," Antonio said sweating bullets as Mia's gaze burned into him. "C'mon Jayden hurry up so we can go fishing!" Jayden looked puzzled until he caught on. "Yeah we should hurry!" Jayden said with a nervous smile. The red and gold rangers ran off faster than Mia had seen before. She turned to look at Emily who began to also sweat. "Uh," she said thinking of an excuse. "I'm going to check on Mike!" She ran leaving Kevin and Mia behind. Kevin tried not to chuckle but Mia turned around and making Kevin shut up.

"Uh," Kevin said scratching his head. "I should get ready to go. I can't wait to try your new cooking skills." Mia looked at him. "What? What do you mean new cooking skills?" Kevin tried to avoid her gaze but she didn't look away. 'Damn it Kevin! Smart move,' he scolded himself and mentally slapped himself. 'I should tell her a lie but I can't lose her trust! I like her too much to lie to her.' Kevin knew better than to lie to Mia. He sighed. "I guess you should sit down for what I'm going to tell you," he answered, as they headed to the living room where they both sat on the couch.

Master Xandred was drinking his medicine before he threw the plate on the ground shattering it. "Ugh! I can't take this headaches!" he roared making the ship rock back in forth. Serrator came in and bowed before Master Xandred. "Master," he said slyly. "I have found a nighlok to help you get rid of the rangers." Master Xandred glanced up. "Where is he?" he asked. Suddenly there was a munching noise and the master's gaze turned to see a nighlok munching on the boat. "This is delicious!" he said eating part of the ship. "No don't eat the ship!" came a squeal and Octoroo came in trying to shoo away the eating Nighlok.

"Master Xandred!" the nighlok said. "I'm Scarf and I'm going to raise the Sanzu river higher than any nighlok!" "Don't say it!" Xandred yelled. "Show me by destroying those rangers!" Scarf gave a nod before disappearing through a gap. "How is this eating Nighlok going to help me destroy the rangers!" Master Xandred roared. Serrator looked at him calmly. "You see," he began. "When Scarf gets destroyed…" Serrator let out a chuckle. "It will show his true potential." With that Serrator began to walk away also disappearing through a gap.

He appeared in the forest where his two special people were waiting for them. "Dayu, Dekker," he said with a smirk. Dayu stood up, Dekker following suit. "What do you want," Dayu said sharply. Serrator smirked and walked slowly back and forth. "If you want Uramasa and your harmonium be repaired faster I want you to do a favor for me," Serrator said looking at them. "What do you want us to do," Dekker answered. "I want you to destroy the nighlok Master Xandred sent," Serrator explained. "Why?" Dayu asked. "His true potentials will be shown when he is destroyed," Serrator replied. "The rangers will have a harder time defeating him."

Dekker gave a nod. "Alright," he began to walk away and Dayu watched him. She turned to Serrator. "You better keep your word," she hissed before disappearing through a gap. Serrator watched Dekker disappear also before turning around and chuckled.

Mia looked at him in shock before standing up. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" she said tears brimming her eyes. Kevin had just told her that everyone said she was a bad cook behind her back. "I didn't think it was this bad!" she replied. "You should have told me to save myself from embarrassment!" Mia hugged herself. She was embarrassed that she taught she was a good cook when in reality she was probably was the worst one. "We didn't want to hurt your feelings," Kevin said looking away.

"You did anyways by not telling me!" Mia said a little louder than intended. She began to walk towards her room.


The slammed door answered his question. Kevin sighed and made his way to shower and pick up the groceries.

Tashiko heard the door slam shut and she raised her head. She wiped her tears and opened the door. She looked around the hallway to find it empty. She walked towards the other rooms and knocked. There was no answer and opened the door to Jayden's and Antonio's room. They weren't there. Tashiko went to knock the other room where Kevin and Mike slept but she heard the shower running. She frowned and passed Mia's and Emily's room and heard an argument. She paused and looked at the door knob, tempted to open the door. "Why couldn't they just told me?" she heard someone say. Tashiko heard laughter coming from the kitchen and knew it was probably Mike and Emily.

She turned her gaze to Mia's and Emily's room and grabbed the door knob. Tashiko heard Mia talking to herself. "They just made me look like an idiot!" Mia said to herself as she paced around the room. "I was proud that I could cook when in reality I suck!" She sighed and sat on the edge of her bed. "I can't believe they didn't they tell me!" Mia laid in her bed and looked at the ceiling. 'We didn't want to hurt your feelings,' Kevin's explanation ran through her head.

They could have just told her and not talk bad behind her back. She wouldn't be mad just embarrassed. But to find that the whole team new she was a bad cook and not tell her, that made her feel bad. She just wished they could have told her sooner and she could have fixed her bad cooking skills sooner. Know that the truth had been told she did notice a few things. Each time she cooked, the rangers had made excuses to not eat her food. They had always said they already ate or weren't hungry. Later on she had seen them eating anything else but her food.

When she cooked to Kevin when they were in a stakeout looking out for Doubletone, he thought she didn't see him make that face when he took a bite. Then smile and said it was good before she turned around and saw him throw it to the ground. Or when Antonio was trying to get rid of his phobia of fish after being turned into a fish and Kevin said that if Antonio touched the fish he would take a bite of Mia's food. That hurt Mia's feelings even though she didn't show it.

She turned around in her bed when she saw the cookbook Kevin gave her on Christmas. She got off her bed and picked up the cookbook. 'Maybe if I read this cookbook,' she thought. 'I can be a better cook.' She opened it and flipped through the pages, amazed on what she saw. It wasn't anything like she cooked but then again what kind of experiments did she cook? 'Yes!' Mia thought smiling as she flipped through the book. "I will become a better cook! And if I do I can put my dream restaurant!' She smiled hugely before sitting in her bed and beginning to study the cookbook.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," came a voice scaring Tashiko out of her skin. She turned around to see Kevin. Tashiko let out a breath relaxing her beating heart. "I just wanted to know why she was talking to herself." Kevin sighed. "I just told her she was a bad cook," he replied. "How bad of a cook?" Tashiko asked cocking her head to one side. "Bad cook," Kevin said. "Don't ask." Tashiko winced. "Ouch," she said frowning. "I'm going to get the groceries Mia told me to get want to come?" Kevin asked her.

Tashiko's eyes opened wide. "Sure! I haven't got to see the city!" she said bouncing in excitement. Kevin chuckled. "Alright let's go," he said grabbing some keys as they made their way outside.

Tashiko hadn't seen the city only the mountains. In her eyes the city was huge. She stared at everything in awe. Tashiko smiled as she looked at the tall buildings. She saw Kevin stop suddenly and bumped into him. "Watch it," she grumbled until she looked up. She saw Kevin staring intently to a poster in the wall of a small building. "The regional swimming competition," Kevin said sadly. "I wish I could have been here." Tashiko watched as Kevin touched the poster before walking away depressed.

A young man in his swimming gear made his way inside of the building when he saw Kevin passing by with a young teenager. His eyes opened wide in shock before running inside of the building. He made his way to the hallway of fame and looked to the picture of Kevin. He smiled hugely before running towards the pool were he bumped into another teammate. "Guess what?" he said to his teammate. His teammate looked at the amateur who was ready to burst in excitement. "What?" asked the other one. "I saw Kevin!" he said excitedly. "Kevin?" the other one said. "Where?" "He just passed by here!" the amateur said jumping.

They both ran outside to find that Kevin was gone. "Where is he?" his teammate asked. "He was right here," the amateur answered puzzled. "Well his gone know," the teammate replied bitterly. "Like he did last time. He just disappeared with no trace and left us hanging. We barely made it to regionals thanks to him for ditching us." The teammate made his way inside and the amateur looked around one more time before walking inside.

Kevin heard every word his ex-teammates had said. His eyes began to brim with tears. 'I wish I could tell you why I left but I can't,' Kevin thought. He watched sadly before turning away. He felt someone touch his arm and glanced up to see Tashiko looking at him. "Let's go get the groceries," she said gently. "You can tell me later about swimming in regionals if you want. We can make a pool of you want and make our own regional competition." She gave him a goofy smile.

Kevin smiled, letting out a chuckle Tashiko always knew how to make people feel better. "Sure," he said still sad about the competition. He knew he wouldn't be able to compete with his teammates but he had a new life know. Protecting the innocent and saving lives. "C'mon it will be fun! We can even ask Antonio to make his corny gold jokes while he gives us gold metals!" Tashiko said with a smile. "C'mon I want to see the rest of the city!" She tugged on Kevin's arm and he had no choice but to follow the hyper teen.