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Back at the egg dying table, Candace was plucking out her yellow egg. It was blotchy and looked like it had acne. Still, she looked proud of it as she set it back into a carton labeled Flynn-Fletcher and pointed to it, "Hey, Jeremy, check out this one."

Jeremy, who had several very impressive looking eggs, placed his egg into his carton and looked at Candace's.

"It, um, looks really good, Candace," he said encouragingly as he added another egg to the purple.

"It looks kinda golden, doesn't it? I'm so proud of it," Candace smiled as she clasped her hands together. Some of the dye started to stream down the egg. "I'd hug it, but then it would get all broken."

Back at the egg hunt, Phineas and Ferb were filling their baskets with a fair amount of eggs, but were both wary of the Golden Egg. Isabella found a cluster and she called, "Oh, I've just earned my Found a Nest Full of Plastic-Cavity-Inducing Eggs patch."

"Nice one, Isabella," Phineas smiled as he found a pink one. He put it into his basket and looked up to see Buford standing firmly to the ground. He pointed to his left and said, "Jeet, there's one over there."

Baljeet sighed and walked over there to grab the egg. As he walked back he said, "You know, these are not going to be very kind to your waistline."

"Honestly, I couldn't care less," Buford replied.

A few feet away, Doof was busy following his GPS system. Perry was walking behind him and keeping an eye on him in case he was going to do something crazy.

"Now, let's see, Perry the Platypus, it says that the egg," he had his arms outstretched as he swung his arms around, "is to our left," and they went that way.

Doofenshmirtz bit his lip and said, "Now we go to the right," and so they did.

"Left." They went left.

"No, right now." So they went right. Perry let out a sigh. Doof frowned until he heard a small beeping up ahead. He looked up to see a bunch of bushes clomped together. In them was a tiny glint of gold.

"That way, Perry the Platypus!" Doof pointed. They looked ahead and started to go toward it when they both suddenly stopped, for on the opposite side of the bushes was Little Suzy Johnson, who was looking quite vicious. They both knew that she knew where it was located.

And at that moment, Doofenshmirtz and Suzy let out a loud yell and they both sprinted ahead toward the egg. Perry rolled his eyes and ran after them.

They both came down toward the egg. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Even their screaming was slowed down. Baljeet had paused to pick up an egg and he looked up to see the two.

"How are they doing that? I shall never know," he sighed as he placed the egg into his basket and headed back to Buford.

Suzy was quite near the egg, but Doof's arms were longer. He managed to swoop down and grab the egg before leaping over Suzy. He landed on his butt, but was happy as he held up the egg and said, "I did it! I found the Golden Egg!" Perry looked at him, unamused, before he walked away, still clad in his bunny suit. There wasn't much evil to defeat here.

Suzy, for once, instead of looking angry, started to sniff and she screamed, "WAHHHH," and her eyes filled with tears, ran to Jeremy.

Phineas and Ferb saw that the egg was taken and Phineas merely shrugged. "Oh, well, so much for that this year, Ferb." As he stopped talking, Suzy rushed past him, crying. "Say, Ferb, why is Suzy crying?" Ferb shrugged and the two, along with Isabella (whose basket was full), Buford (whose basket was being quickly emptied as he stuffed his face with chocolate), and Baljeet (who was sucking a lollipop), followed her to the egg dying table.

Candace was just pulling out a blue egg when the wind blew off her hat.

"Oh, my hat!" she cried as it blew to the ground. She reached down to grab it when Suzy trampled it, racing to Jeremy's arms.

"Great," Candace muttered as she placed the hat on the table and turned to Jeremy and Suzy. The little girl was sobbing into her brother's lap, and Jeremy said, "Hey, Suzy, what happened?"

"I-I found the Goldy Egg and someone else got it!" she cried.

"Oh, Suzy, I'm sorry to hear that," Jeremy said.

Right then Phineas and Ferb and the gang showed up. Phineas looked at the crying Suzy and asked, "What happened?"

"Suzy found the Golden Egg and someone else got it first," Jeremy explained.

"Oh, poor Suzy," Phineas said.

"Yeah. Hey, Suzy, do you want one of my dyed eggs to make you feel better?" Jeremy asked her.

"NO! I want the Goldy Egg!" she sobbed.

Candace frowned sympathetically, for though she didn't like Suzy much, she did know the feeling of not getting something when someone else got it. Her eyes looked at her splotchy, now dried, gold egg. She smiled and plucked it from the carton. She bent down to Suzy's height and said, "Hey, Suzy?"

Suzy sniffed before she turned to Candace. She said in an annoyed voice, "What?"

"Here," Candace proffered the egg, "I know it isn't the real one, but it IS golden, and I, well, thought you might like it."

Suzy looked at the egg for a moment before taking it with both of her little hands. She looked back to Candace with big eyes.

"What do you say, Suzy?" Jeremy prompted her.

"Thank you, Candace," Suzy said. Candace smiled, and then Suzy hopped onto Jeremy's lap and folded her arms, her smile rather smug. Apparently an egg didn't change the protectiveness she had over her brother.

The adults joined them now, Mrs. Johnson saying, "Oh, aren't they sweet?"

"Yes, yes they are," Linda said, and they all simultaneously looked down to see Perry come walking in. He had somehow left his costume somewhere, and was looking the part of a cross-eyed monotreme.

"There you are Perry," Candace smiled as she grabbed her hat and placed it on Perry's head. He growled, and everybody awwwed.

Over the field was Roger and Heinz. The mayor shook hands with Heinz and said, "Well, I guess you did find it, Heinz. Congratulations."

"Thanks, Roger. Now, TO OPEN IT AND SEE WHAT'S INSIDE!" Heinz yelled excitedly. He popped open the egg to see nothing in it besides the little tracking chip he had stuck inside it.

Roger leaned over to look and he said, "Oh, tough luck, brother. Maybe it'll be better next year, when I find it. Ta ta."

The elder brother walked away, leaving Doofenshmirtz to yell, "No, no! This can't be happening! Curse whose job was to fill the Golden Egg with candy!"

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