Behind The Kiss

Yes, it was extremely dangerous. She knew it. It was why Mako and Bolin, was staying on air temple island, with her.

But she didn't have a clue as to why the hell Mako was yelling at her.

"I can't believe you!" said person shouted at her for the umpteenth time. Mako's back was to the door, while Korra had a full view, so only Korra saw the heads popping in and out, curious of the commotion. They all chickened out at coming to Korra's rescue. Korra made sure to take note of that. Even Tenzin bailed out on her! Some mentor. And she could have sworn she saw a smirk on Bolin's face. She's definitely had to get to the bottom of that for sure. And she knew they had their ears to the door, including Tenzin. She had to fight the urge to blast it open, using the first element that came. It probably would be fire.

"Believe what?" Karra yelled back at him, exasperated. Honestly, how much did that boy think he could push Korra's patience? In fact, he only lasted this far because... Never mind that. Does he drive you crazy in a good way or a bad way? Korra heard Ikki's voice resounding in her head all of a sudden. Shut up!

"Do you know how dangerous it is?" he screamed for the millionth time at her, ignoring her question.

"Yes I know! And that's not what I asked!" Korra shot back at him. What was wrong with him? She could feel the fire rage inside her. It came the most naturally to her, and she often wondered how she wasn't fire nation, let alone a water nation avatar. Anyway she couldn't hurt him. Not now.

"I can't believe you left the island to go on a date?"

"WHAT?" she shrieked. Ok. What was he on? She scanned the room Mako was staying in for any traces of alcohol. No stupid, she admonished herself. He doesn't drink. Neither does she, for that matter. Though Mako was being uncharacteristic. He was never loud, for one thing. And he was screaming at decibels, that could rival Korra, on her best, or worst, days. "On a date? Where the hell would you get that ridiculous notion?"

"Bolin told me!"

And that would explain that smirk. Damn him. He better run for it.

"Bolin? Wh-why?" she sputtered.

"Because that's what you were doing, obviously. And he called me clueless."

"I'm not clueless! And he called me clueless too!"

"Regardless of what Bolin said, you went out in these circumstances! What would I-"


"Never mind."

"Fine. And I didn't!"

"Don't lie to me Korra."

"I'm not lying, how dare you! And besides who would I go with?"

"That guy with the weird hair, and why wouldn't you-" she silenced him.

It was oddly quiet. The eavesdroppers were getting worried. Bolin opened the door ad fainted.

Priceless, Korra managed to think, as she was busy showing Mako exactly why she wouldn't be going on a date.

At least, not without him in tow.

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