The Baby Shower Part 1

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Mako smirked as he saw a slightly smoking white lotus guard approach his friends.

They looked at him with worry until when Mako called out, "Might want to stay out of the Avatar's way today!" He then turned around and made his way to work as a chief of the Republic City Police, wondering how on earth Korra's friends and family to arrange the baby shower were.

They had decided, in the end to not hold it at Air Temple Island, but at the Sato mansion. Then Mako's spirits fell as he had remembered his most important task of the day: to get Korra there by eight pm that night.

Korra was having…a difficult pregnancy. One that had consisted of many insatiable cravings for odd concoctions and items, and had sent Mako running about at odd times, which in turn, subjected many citizens and criminals of Republic City to a very cranky chief.

He put his hands in his pockets and walked to work.

It was the jeers again.

"Hey Mako, how's the wife?"

"Girl or boy?"

"Any cravings?"

"Getting whipped?'

"Firebender or water bender?"

Some sounded harmless except in tone. They went on and on, "family man Mako." "Mako the wife,"
Mako this, Mako that.

Never mind he was their chief. Never mind he could fire any of their sorry hides.

He hung up his coat and his eyes widened as he looked at his watch. It was six! Sure, he still had two hours, but, as was said, Korra was…difficult.

"Hey Korra," Mako greeted his wife with a peck on her pouted lips. "Hey what's the matter?" he asked her.
"I'm bored," she huffed.

"I thought you might appreciate being bored. Haven't you had enough excitement for a lifetime?" he teased.

She ignored him and continued. "Everyone is gone, or being mysterious, and I have nothing to do, and," she motioned her swollen belly at Mako, who looked at her in reprove, "and this, baby, has kept me rooted, and I just-I-ugh-feel so…so…useless," she ended with a slight wail. Mako had to keep himself from laughing at the naivety of his wife.

He put his hands on her shoulders. "Avatar Korra, I doubt there is a person in this world who will call you useless."

"Except Tahno," she frowned.

"And he still has a neck brace," Mako reminded Korra.

She giggled. It was true. Tahno was very upset, as it had had slightly hindered his "devastatingly handsome looks." "So, dear Korra, how about we go get some fresh air?"

She gave him a look. "I have fresh air all day around here!" she gestured wildly, meaning to show the openness of the island.

"Well then," he frowned in thought. "Let's go get some polluted air then."

Korra looked mildly shocked. "Won't that be bad for the baby?"

Mako waved his hand at her, "let it build resistance."

"Mako!" Korra protested as Mako pulled her.

They cross the bay, and Korra wonders why Mako is suddenly so energetic. Maybe it's the joy of becoming a father. She thought about how she would send him off at late hours to bring her back lychee nuts, and Komodo dragon sandwiches. And not once did he say. Not once did he complain. She really had married the right man. She felt happy and she game him a little peck on his cheek.

"What was that for?" he asked her smiling.

"For being there," she hugged him. Perhaps it was another one of her mood swings, but he held her back the same.

They arrive at the city, and Korra gets distracted. "Ooh, I'm in the mood for some street food."

But that would ruin her appetite! "No, it might not be good for the baby," he said.

"Let it build resistance," Korra threw his words back at him, and made her way to the stall. He pulled her back.

"Ice cream? How about some ice cream?' he looked at her pleadingly.

"But I want some meat."


"Alright. Fine."

He smiled at her and was leading her towards the Sato mansion. They passed through a throng of people when Mako suddenly realized that he wasn't holding her hand anymore.

Korra! That stubborn girl! "Shit!" he cursed. He lost his wife on the way to her baby shower!

They were going to kill him.