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Chapter 1: This Could Be Fun

I leaned against the Mercedes as I watched Phil a few yards away make the dreaded call to Tracy. Next to me, were Stu and Alan. Sam was sitting down next to Stu with her head buried in her knees, and Black Doug was going pee behind the car. We all stood in silence, anxious as to what Tracy's reaction might be. Come on Phil talk already!

"Hey Tracy its Phil."


"Yeah um…listen." He sighed.

"We fucked up."

We did. The whole night was a disaster. Why did this all have to happen?

"The bachelor party, the whole night. It…things got out of control and uh…" Phil hesitated. He really didn't want to do this, but he had no choice. "We lost Doug." Shit. I bet she is freaking out. I slowly sat down and crossed my legs and stared at Phil. He turned around and gave me a comforting smile. I smiled back, it wasn't forced, and he made me feel better. He now had that affect on me, whether I like it or not.

"We can't find Doug." Phil looked around.

"Yeah that's not gonna happen."

Two days earlier.

Ring. Ring. Ring.


"Hey! Jamie its Tracy!"

"Hey! How is my favorite sister in law? What are you doing?"

"I'm good! Thanks and oh nothing just at a dress fitting. Last minute prep. How about you?"

"Shopping. Nothing interesting."

"So I was wondering…"

"Oh no what do you want?"

"Well I was just thinking maybe you could do me a favor?"

"Sure what?"

"Well you know how the guys are going to Vegas? Well Alan is going and I'm kind of worried, so I was wondering if you could maybe tag along and make sure everything goes smoothly?"

"Oh no, Nu-nu-nu no. No no. No no no."

"Why?" She did not just ask me that.

"Because it a bachelor party! Girls don't go to bachelor parties. Especially not there BROTHERS bachelor party! Doug wouldn't even want me to go! That's guys time I wouldn't want to invade that, I mean Vegas is awesome and all but—just no! It's a bad idea!"

"I already talked to Doug he said he didn't mind! Plus you love Vegas. You know everyone that's going too."

"Who's…everyone?" I asked suspicious

You know, Stu…Alan…Phil." she said the last one quiet.

"Whoa-whoa-wait Phil's going? "You know I don't really like him!"

"You like Phil you have always liked Phil!"

"Who said I liked Phil?" Phil and I have always had sort of a love/hate relationship. We are happy laughing, then he acts like an ass, then I get mad, then he apologizes-sometimes. Then it repeats. Also, there has always been a little sexual tension that comes out now and then, though neither of us have ever said anything to one another. Doug notices, and apparently so did Tracy.

"You can tell! You have always liked him!" She retorted. Pfft. I didn't like Phil. I mean he's cute and he has a nice body, and oh those eyes, those beautiful blu—WHAT I AM I THINKING?

"Me?" I said these next few things sort of Monotone.



"Why-am-I-talking-like-a-Speak-Spell?" I said mocking myself for talking like a robot.

"Ugh whatever I'm still not going. Its not a good mix." I said as I approached the cashier.

"Please?" Tracy begged.

"Let me tell you one more time in Spanish…no!"

Please x10


The cashier and half the store looked at me like I was crazy.

What? Never heard a person yell before?" I asked the people staring at me.

"$13.34." The cashier said hesitantly.

I handed her the money and quickly got out of there, embarrassed. Great, now I'm a freak.

"Thanks Tracy. I just looked like a crazy person in the store because of you!" I said in a half joking way.

"Sorry. But you didnt have to yell. Please Jamie for me. Please Doug said you can even bring Sam, please?"

"Oh. My. God. Fine! I guess I'll go. I guess it might be fun right? Sam will be excited."

"Yeah! It will be fun! Thank you thank you! Come on over they are leaving soon! Sam is so excited!"

"I don't have anything packed! Wait what do you mean she is there?"

"Its ok I already packed you a bag! Yes she is here we have sort of been planning this for the last day or so." She said innocently.

"She knew and is already there? You two new I would say yes! Am I getting that predictable?"

"Yeah, and you aren't getting predictable, you always have been. I know you love me and would do it out of the goodness of your heart?" She said the last part in a sweet question form hoping I would agree.

"Of course she would help you plot this! She will do anything for Vegas! I bet she is just freaking out. Ok but only because I love you!"

"Thank you so much! I owe you so big for this!"

"Yes you do! Hey is Sam right there?"

"Yeah she is actually, why?"

"Put me on speaker for a sec."

"Ok you are on."

"You damn liar!" I yelled to Sam.

"Technically its not lying, you never asked!" She defended. Proving my wrong was always something she loved to do but usually never succeeded, this time surprisingly she did. Damn.

"Ok Trace I'll be there soon."

"Ok Thanks bye!"


What the fuck have I got myself into?

At the Tracy's house.

Doug and Alan were getting fitted for their suits.

"Whoa watch it pervert!" Alan yelled

"Relax Alan he's just doing your inseam." Doug said.

"He's getting very close to my shaft!"

"All done you can change now" Floyd said. Poor guys he probably wanted nothing more then to get out of there away from Alan.

"Thank you Floyd. Thank you very much."

"All right buddy we should get a move on." Starting to change out of his tux.

"You know Doug, I was thinking if you want to go to Vegas with out me that is totally cool, you know Alan said." He was silently hoping Doug would let him go but he didn't want to make him do anything he wanted to do.

"What are you talking about?" Doug asked. While he undid his cufflinks.

"You know Phil and Stu there your buddies and its your bachelor party he started again," looking uncomfortable.

"Come one Alan those two love you and Jaime is coming and she has known you since her and Trace started at Stanford together." Doug said wanting to end this.

"And also I don't want you to feel like you need to hold back with your wife's brother there. I just"

It's not like that" Doug interrupted. He looked up to find Alan face away from him with no pants and Alan in only a shirt and a jockstrap. Clearing his throat he went on.

"Its not like that I already told you Alan. We are just spending the night in Vegas. It's not a big deal. Besides you're not just my wife brother you're my brother now."

"I want you to know Doug I'm a steel trap. Whatever happens tonight I will never ever, ever speak a word of it." Alan said extremely seriously. He was still half naked. Making Doug uncomfortable as Alan began walking closer.

"Okay yeah, I got it thank you I don't think that"

"Seriously Alan interjected again. I don't care what happens I don't care if we kill someone."


"You heard me its sin city." Alan continued now super close to Doug, as he squatted to fix the back of his jockstrap. Making Doug extremely uncomfortable. "I wont tell a soul"

"Okay I got it thank you."

"No thank you." Forcing Doug into an awkward hug. Doug just patted him on the back once or twice.

"I love you so much." Alan said lovingly.

In front of Tracy's.

I knocked on Tracy's door.

"Hey! You're here!" Tracy answered.

"Hey lets do this."

"Thank you so much for doing this!"

"Like I said its only because I love you!"

"Come on into the living room. Sam is in there."

In the living room Sam was sitting on the couch with an excited grin on her face. She has always wanted to go to Vegas she just turned 21 and was itching to go. I, being 25 had already been once or twice but it was no big deal. Secretly I wanted to go on this trip but I didn't want anyone to know that.

"Your bag is right there." She said pointing to the purple suitcase next to the coffee table.

"Okay thanks Trace."

"Hey Sam."

"Hey! I'm so excited! We are going to have so much fun! I can't believe we are going to Vegas!" She started babbling. She always talked too much, but once you get her started about Vegas, she was teaching everyone about everything in Vegas. She might calm down when I mention Phil going.

"Calm down you freak!" I chuckled.

"Yeah you laughed your happy!" Tracy said. While smirking

"Yeah well it will be fun right!" I couldn't stay mad at her for asking me to do her a favor, a favor that I am actually kind of a excited to do and I get to bring my best friend with me as well.

"You know Sam, Phil is going." I said with my eyebrows raised and a smirk on my face. Her smiled dropped instantly.

"What? The fucking man-whore! Great this will be just dandy!" She said sarcastically. I laughed. Now she knows how I feel!

"You better go Doug is probably waiting." Tracy said.

"Okay where are they?" I asked.

"Garage. Thank you Jamie for doing this."

I just nodded and gave her a light smile. I actually did mind going, I hadn't been to Vegas in awhile so I was a little excited. I always loved Las Vegas.

"Okay here we go." I said.

"You wont regret this." Tracy said

"I sure hope not." I said mostly to myself.

Though I had a funny feeling I would.

I walked through the garage looking for Doug.

"Except for herpes, that shit'll come back with you." Sid said

Sam and I both started cracking up.

We walked in at the wrong time.

"What the fuck?" I muttered, Doug laughed.

"Hey sis!"

"Hey Dougie!"

"What the hell was that about?"

"Skip it." He laughed.

"You sure your cool with us coming?"

"Of course its no big deal!"

"Yeah see, he doesn't mind! So lets blow this Popsicle stand!" Sam yelled. She's so weird. I love her.

"Hey Sam." Doug smiled.

"Hey Douglas!" She always called him that he hated him.

He just glared at her, then rolled his eyes.

"Wait, are taking the Mercedes?"

"Yeah Sid offered!"

"Yeah because I'm sure he felt bad about us taking your piggy bank Prius!" I teased.

Doug just glared.

I scanned the garage wondering were Alan was, until my eyes landed on the most horrifying thing. There was Alan sitting on the driveway with the dog letting him lick his tongue. Ew!

"Alan, stop that's gross." I warned, disgusted.

"Ok sorry Benji I have to go know I'll see you when I get back love you'"

"Okay then." Doug said.

Sam looked at me with a WTF look and I just shook my head.

"Come on guys, get in before I change my mind." He teased

Sam and I jumped in but we did it the cool way, where we put one hand on the car and jump and fall in. Alan attempted to do it but his hand slipped and he went face first into the stick shift and the car started to role.

"Whoa-whoa Doug!" I yelled.

Sam screamed.

"Got it." he shifted it back to park.

"Alan-what-the-fuck?" I almost yelled.

"Sorry-sorry." Alan apologized.

"Lets go!" Sam shouted.

"Okay okay! To Vegas!" we all cheered yelled. This could be fun!

Just so you know Jamie is played by actress Ashley Rickards. Sam is portrayed by Madison Riley.

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