Even though my new house is extremely large and fancy, I find it difficult to breath in. As I lay in bed the walls seem to be closing in on me, I hear noises in the night, and the window overlooking the water is the only place I can look at to bring me peace. I try to keep my eyes on the window and watch the water that is illuminated by the water. I love the ocean because it never ends.

Unlike the Districts the ocean is not guarded by Peacekeepers, the fish in the ocean are not forced to do anything - they are free. I want to be free; I want to be a fish. I want to swim in the ocean forever; I want to swim far, far away from here, I want to live in a world where I can do as I please.

Finnick and I are sitting on a beach and I am in his arms. He holds me close to him, while I hold his hand and rub his hand with my thumb. Our feet are rubbing against each other's and the sun in enveloping us in its warmth.

There is a loud bang behind us, and then the sound of heavy boots running on the ground. We turn around and see a group of Peacekeepers running onto the beach. Finnick pushes me behind him protectively and looks around at all the Peacekeepers. They stop running and form a circle around us. Finnick stands up and then takes my hand and pulls me up.

"Finnick Odair, you are to be executed due to your refusal to work in the Capitol." Says one of them sternly. A Peacekeeper grabs my arm and pulls me backwards roughly.

"Finnick!" I shout and struggle against the Peacekeeper, he smacks me across the face so hard I fall to the ground.

"Annie!" Finnick yells and rushes over to me. The Peacekeepers stands in front of me and blocks Finnick's path. Finnick tries to push past him but he is shoved away by the much larger Peacekeeper.

"Let me through," Finnick growls. When the Peacekeeper does not move Finnick sends a punch into his jaw and the officer stumbles back a bit. Another Peacekeeper takes his gun and hits Finnick in the back with it. Finnick falls to the ground and I scramble to reach him, the Peacekeeper Finnick punched blocks my path.

Finnick stands back up and then another Peacekeeper that was behind him shoots him in the leg. I scream and Finnick gasps in pain. Another officer hits Finnick in the gut and then another in the face. Tears pour down my face as I watch.

Finnick fights back though; he sends punch after punch at any Peacekeeper he can hit. He dodges a few punches and is doing well until a large Peacekeeper hits him in the head with the back of his gun. Finnick collapses, beaten and bloodied. I cry and try to get to him to hold him but again my path I blocked.

"Please don't hurt him," I sob, "Please."

They ignore me and a Peacekeeper I had not seen comes foreword carrying an axe. I jump up and charge for Finnick but the Peacekeeper holds me back. I fight against his grip and kick and scream.

"No, Finnick!" I sob, "Please don't!" I beg.

The Peacekeepers attack Finnick with kicks next and I am forced to watch. I scream and thrash around in the Peacekeepers arms. They back away from Finnick and Finnick still attempts to stand but is just kicked back down.

I am finally released and I rush to Finnick's side. I cry and place a careful hand on his cheek. A tear lands on his face and I continue to hold him and cry.

"I love you," He chokes. I stroke his hair and smile.

"I love you too," I whisper. I wipe my eyes and take his hand in mine. Just as I take my hand away from his face an axe collides with his neck and he is beheaded. I scream as his bloods hits my face and his bloods pours all over the sand. I scream repeatedly and sob. What I have just seen will never be unseen.

"No! Finnick!" I sob as a Peacekeeper grabs me and carries me away, leaving Finnick's corpse on the beach. I kick and claw at the Peacekeepers face. I claw at his face and it comes off. I see his bones and his bloody tissue. I scream and I'm dropped onto the ground. The Peacekeeper chokes and then pukes up blood all over me.

I am now coated in blood and screaming. I crawl away from him as his skin begins to fall off.

"Finnick! Finnick!" I sob, but I know he is not coming. "No!"

"Annie!" Shouts my father, "Annie wake up!" I scream and claw at the air. I hear a hiss of pain and then I am being shaken again.

"No! Finnick! Don't leave me!" I yell, "I'm sorry!" I'm sobbing uncontrollably as my room comes into focus. I look around frantically and spot my father clutching his face and my brother in the corner.

Finnick is dead, Finnick was murdered, and Finnick was beheaded. I cry out Finnick's name and continue to sob.

"Finnick?" I cry, "Where's Finnick?" I say, my voice becoming louder, "Finnick! Finnick! You've killed him, haven't you?" I scream at my father.

"No! Annie, he is across the street. Very much alive." My father reassures me.

"I don't believe you! I saw him, I saw him die!" I wail, I wipe my eyes, crawl out of bed and bolt out of the room. I run down the stairs, out the front door and down the dock. I run until I meet the edge of the dock and then I stop.

I am going to do it - I am going to drown myself so I can be with Finnick. I spread my arms and fall into the water. The water consumes me and I sink down, down, down into the water. I float there, with my eyes open, looking around at the water. It is so dark; I cannot see anything besides endless darkness. I don't know how long I was in the water before I started to loose air. All I know is that I did. It was peaceful though, loosing my breath. A view coughs and then nothing. My eyes close and I fade away.

I'm still alive but I am unconscious. I feel two strong arms around my waist and then I feel air on my face and I am put onto a hard surface. I feel two lips on mine and a hand on my chest. I cough and choke and then I can see again. It is Finnick who sits in front of me.

"Am I dreaming?" I ask.

Finnick shakes his head, he has tears in his eyes, "No," He says, "You aren't dreaming and I am very much alive."

"But I saw you die," I say, confused.

He shakes his head again, "You were dreaming."

I sit up and take his face in my hands, feeling his face, his hair, his arms, and his nose. A smile forms on my lips and I hug him,

"I thought you were dead!" I cry.

Finnick's arms slowly go around my waist, "I'm not, dead." Finnick pulls out of the hug and places a hand on my cheek, "Annie you can't do this again. I mean trying to kill yourself."

"I thought you were dead, I didn't know what else to do." I explain.

Finnick thumbs my cheek, "Annie if you think I am dead again tell your dad to get Finnick."

"My dad?" I whisper, "My dad?"

Finnick's face falls, "Yes, your dad."

"I don't have a dad. I have a mom, her name is Helen and she lives in that house." I point to my house and try to explain it to Finnick.

Finnick falls backwards and his head falls into his hands. I crawl over to him and kiss his shoulder,

"You've met my mom haven't you? Oh, you would love her." I smile at him but then I get worried. "Finnick what's wrong?"

Finnick looks up at me, "Annie, what do you remember?"

"What do you mean?"

"What happened to you these past few months?" He says next.

I sit back and begin to explain, "Well, I spent a lot of time with Francesca at the beach, then I met you while you were back in town." I smile at the memory, "You took me fishing, and we raced on the beach, and then we kissed." I crawl over to him, "And now we see each other all the time. We are happy together. Aren't we?"

Finnick smiles but it does not reach his eyes, "Yes, of course we are. Annie, I want you to know that I care about you very much. I would do anything for you."

I hug him and he holds me in his arms, I feel something wet hit my cheek and I realize he is crying.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," He says, "I am just glad you're all right. Please don't ever do this again."

"I won't."

"Come over to my house if you want, just don't jump into the water." He says calmly.

I can tell something is wrong with him but I do not know what. We stand up and walk, hand in hand, back to my house. Finnick tells me to stay outside for a few minutes and then goes into the house. I wait patiently and when he comes back out I happily go inside.

I am soaking wet so I go upstairs, shower, and then crawl into bed. Finnick comes into my room and sits on the edge of my bed.

"Could you stay here tonight?" I ask him. "Wait a minute, you're all wet."

He looks at his clothes and stands up and moves away from the bed. I stand up and go over to him. I tell him to take his shirt off and he does, hesitating for a moment. Then I go into my closet and pull out a large t-shirt that I had gotten for my brother. I hand it to him and he puts it on. Then I tell him to take his pants off and he does.

I do not have any pants that will fit him so he just gets into bed with me in his underwear. It is not a big deal though; I have seen him in boxers before. Finnick pulls me into a hug and holds me. I place a hand on his chest and listen to his heartbeat; it is fast and loud.

"What's wrong?" I ask him.

"Nothing." He says and kisses my head, "Get some rest."

The next morning I awake and Finnick is gone. I sit up, stretch my arms, and get out of bed. I put on a pair of shorts and a shirt and then go down stairs. I enter the kitchen and see Finnick sitting with Charlie and another man. I walk over and kiss Finnick on the cheek. I introduce myself to the man,

"Hello, I'm Annie." I shake his hand and his eyes are glassy.

"Charles, nice to meet you."

Finnick looks at him sadly but I ignore it and go to pour myself a glass of water. Charlie looks awkwardly from me to Charles. He shifts uncomfortably in his chair and then nudges Finnick. Finnick looks at him and Charlie nudges his head in my direction. They look as if they are talking in code.

"What's going on?" I ask them, walking back over to where they are sitting. "I don't mean to sound rude, but why is Charles in our house?"

Finnick opens his mouth to say something but Charlie cuts him off, "Because he is your dad!"

"Dad left years ago, before you were born." I reply. Charlie gets up angrily.

"No he didn't! He's lived with us forever."

Finnick places a hand on Charlie's arm and tells him not to yell.

"Charlie, sit down." Charles orders Charlie.

"Don't tell my brother what to do!" I shout, "We don't even know you! Where is mom?"

"Annie," Finnick gets up and comes over to me, he takes the cup out of my hands and set it on the counter, and says, "there is something we have to tell you."

"What?" I say angrily, "I want this man out of my house! Where is my mother?" I shout.

"Annie," Finnick sighs, "Your mother is dead."

"I saw her yesterday, she isn't dead! Mom!" I shout, "Mom!"

"Annie!" Finnick grabs my arms, "She has been gone for years. You're father has raised you on his own since you were little."

"My father left us when I was five!" I grunt angrily.

"Annie, this is your father." Finnick points to Charles, "He raised you."

"No!" I struggle out of his grip and turn to Charles. "Get out of my house!" I shout.

"Annie!" Charlie shouts, "Stop it! Nothing you know is real! Mom died years ago, she was murdered! And Francesca was killed weeks ago! And you and Finnick met—"

"Charlie!" Roars Finnick, "Not now!"

Charlie quiets down and I look at Finnick, "Is he telling the truth?"

Finnick tries to speak but no words come out. I inhale a deep breath and hold back my tears.

"Annie, I'm so sorry." Finnick comes towards me but I push him away, run past him, and go back to my bedroom. Locking myself inside.

I look around my room in a panic; the walls are shrinking, the bed is rumbling, books are flying off the walls, the window shatters, and I collapse onto the ground. I scream and cry. I crawl towards the bathroom and slam the door behind me. I stand up and look in the mirror.

My hair is disheveled and tears are running down my face. I tear down the towels and rip the hanger off the wall, I push everything off the counter and then the mirror explodes. Shards of glass hit me in the face and cut my skin. My arms get sliced and it is all over the floor. I scream and crawl into the bathtub, ripping down the shower curtain on my way. I fall inside and stay there sobbing, not sure what to do, who to trust, or what to believe.

I hear banging on my bedroom door and then a crash. Then the bathroom door flies open and Finnick rushes into the room. He hisses in pain as he steps on the shards of broken mirror. He makes his way over to me and picks me out of the tub, then carries to towards my bed. The room is still shrinking and I try to kick myself out of his arms. I fall to the floor and run out of the house and back down to the dock.

I stop at the edge of the dock, preparing myself to jump. I want to do it, I need to do it—I want to be a fish.

"Annie! Don't do it!" Finnick shouts behind me, he runs up behind me and grabs me. I scream and he holds me in his arms.

"Let me go!" I scream as I pound at his chest with my fists. He lets go of me and I stumble back a bit. I look at him and he looks back at me.

"I want to see my mom," I say, "I want to see her."

"Annie, she isn't—"

"She isn't what?" I scream at Finnick.

"Annie your mom has been dead for years, I'm so sorry."

"No! I don't believe you!" I cry, "I saw her yesterday."

"Annie, you can search every spot in this town and you will not find her." Finnick says softly.

I whimper, "Then why do I remember seeing her yesterday? Why do I have memories of her being with me recently?"

Finnick sighs and shakes his head, "I don't know. But I do know we're going to get through this. Let's just go back inside and we can figure this all out." Finnick sticks his hand out and I take it cautiously. I walk up to him and he puts a protective arm around me.

We walk back into my house, filled with memories I am not aware of, with a man that is supposedly my father, and empty of my mother's presence. I remember just the other day we were down at the beach collecting seashells and basking in the sun. Just the other day my mother was smiling and laughing at me; and just this morning she made me breakfast and told me she loved me. Now, she has been dead for years.

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