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The Water Boy

Every week you taunt me with your taut muscles and lingering gaze. Don't think I haven't noticed the way you look at my legs. I wear these short skirts for you, after all. AH; BxE; short 100 word drabble; M for l War Prompt: Water


I take the paper cup from the holder and empty the remaining water from the giant water bottle into it.

I know they'll have to call you in for a new one. That's my point. That's what I want.

I haven't seen you here all week, and I need my fix of you.

You taunt and tease, flexing those arms of yours.

I bat my lashes and smirk while crossing my legs.

It's what we do. Like a carefully choreographed dance, you move; I move.

It's a game and I'm upping the ante.

Game. Set. Match. You're it, big boy!

First off, a huge thank you to HollettLA for applying her beta skills to this thing. I may just learn a thing or two about comma placement from her. ;o)

Also, thanks to WitchyVampireGirl for pre-reading and convincing me that there is actual plot in this little piece of fluff. Cause, er, yeah this is fluff, with smut... or porn with plot. *shrugs*

On a personal note, Scrimmy, I hope you're okay. I'm keeping you in my prayers, hun.

Enjoy! :o)

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