I smooth back my hair and clear my throat. "We good?"

You nod and put your hands in your pockets.

Oh, how I love it when you wear the cargos.

I follow you out to the main door and kiss you soundly.

You hold my hands in yours as we kiss.

You wink at me and nod toward Lauren.

Ha, he's my husband, bitch.

"I love you," I say between kisses.

You let go of my hands. "I love you too."

I watch you walk down the hall toward the main exit.

I can't wait to go home tonight.

Yeah, so a few of you had already guessed. It was fun anyways, right?

Thanks for reading and I promise to get to those reviews at some point when I get my e-mail account back. I've done a switchover but blah, I have a bad feeling about all of it...