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Byakuya made a slow circle as he surveyed the damage of the headquarters parking garage and front entrance. According to the cameras and a severely battered Agent Blondie, the very agents they'd been ordered to "clean" had made a surprise appearance. Together. Which meant that there was a big something that Tsukishima was neglecting to tell Byakuya.

An unfamiliar agent bustled past, drawing Byakuya's attention away from whatever it could be that Tsukishima was clearly hiding. There were a couple of ambulances in the parking garage, along with a few unmarked cars sporting flashing lights. There seemed to only be one injured person on the scene, but the members of the agency behaved as though the entire headquarters was under siege. Byakuya watched with mounting annoyance as Agent Blondie griped and groaned while being loaded onto an ambulance. Before the double doors were slammed shut, the agent hollered something that had Nnoitra cackling and Shirosaki shaking his head with a sly grin.

Agent Blondie had ordered the others to "kill those stupid fuckers."

Byakuya reached a hand into his breast pocket for his cell phone, refusing to frown and crack his poker face – one of the main attributes he was known for. He eased away from the crowd and made his way to the elevator of the parking garage, where he headed for his office. He had a few phone calls to make.


Is this really happening?

Ichigo sat back from B's tight hold and closed his eyes. He didn't want the memory of the blue-haired agent's soft lips to disappear, and if at all possible, he wanted to replay the moment again and again.

Even though he'd seen B unleashing his wrath on Blondie, what had just occurred between the two of them had been far from expected. At the very least, Ichigo would've anticipated a heated scolding, which would have graduated into a livid argument and probably a physical altercation.

Not kissing.

Not a fucking confession from himself and definitely not from B.

But that's exactly what had happened. Ichigo smirked, eyes still shut. All those years of lusting after his teammate had finally paid off. A soft kiss to his cheek and a wayward hand underneath his shirt had his eyes flying open and his heart pounding. He glanced at B and couldn't stifle a full-blown smile at the small grin the blue-haired man wore.

"So, whattaya say, O? Wanna be my boyfriend? I mean, if we survive this shit, that is."

Ichigo shook his head, and B must've mistaken it for a negative response because his infamous scowl surfaced.

"No? So, what? You just wanna fuck or somethin'?"

"Don't be stupid. I was just shaking my head because I can't believe this is actually happening. You have no idea how long I've wanted you."

"I might if ya jus' tell me."

Ichigo leaned into Grimmjow again, smile widening. "Now, where's the fun in that?" he murmured. "Maybe I want you to find out the hard way."

Grimmjow gave a feral grin as he leaned closer too. "The hard way, huh? I never knew ya had so much naughty in ya, O."

The next thing Ichigo knew, he was caught up in another searing kiss that had the potential to curl his toes and strain his back.

...Well, it would've if Tu hadn't decided to show up and squeal like a pig.

Ichigo jumped so hard, he almost bit B's tongue. As it stood, they knocked foreheads in their haste to separate themselves. B growled like a dog, while Ichigo tried to hide his blushing face. How mortifying!

"Oh! My! God! Were you guys really just kissing?!" Tu screamed, wheat gray eyes the size of shot put discs. "Seriously?!"

B flinched and covered his ears, but Ichigo merely glared at their only female teammate. Why the hell did she have to be so fucking loud about it?

"Shut up!" he hissed.

Tu had glassy eyes as she put her hands on her ample hips and tilted her head. "Are you kidding me, O, Sweetie? This is history in the making! It's impossible for me to keep quiet about it!"

She was hollering. At this rate, the entire bus would-

"Hoohh?" a deep voice noised from the stairs. "What's all the commotion?"

Grenade was leaning over the rail, sleepy gray eyes filled with amusement. Behind him, G and P looked just as sleep-rumpled, but nonetheless humored.

"Mah, so noisy," G mumbled.

"You God-awful woman!" P snapped. "You knew we were sleeping! Why are you making such a racket?"

Tu whirled around and threw a dangerous glare at their pink-haired teammate. "Don't talk to me like that, Pinky! I'm just surprised! I mean, wouldn't you be if you walked in on these two finally kissing? I bet if I hadn't said anything, they'd probably be screwing by now. B looked like he was getting there, if that hand up O's shirt meant anything."

Ichigo ground his teeth together, wishing all types of bloody murder on the meddling woman. Why she felt the need to spread the news to the rest of the team was beyond him. It was his and B's business, as far as he was concerned. Ichigo looked to B for some type of assistance and was stunned helpless to find the blue-haired idiot smiling smugly, almost every last one of his teeth showing. It was the grin that spoke of two things: one, B was about to kick someone's ass thoroughly, or two, B had gotten his way. Ichigo wasn't sure which one was going on at the moment.

"Why are you fucking grinning like a fool?" Ichigo snapped as he pinched the soft skin at the back of the bigger man's arm.

B jumped and frowned at him. "Ow! The fuck you do that for?"

"This ain't the time to be smiling and whatnot. Tu just told on us, dumbass!"

B's frown slowly dissipated as it was replaced by a more gentle grin. "That's alright, ain't it? I mean, if yer gonna be my boyfriend, they're gonna hafta know sometime or another."

Ichigo felt his face growing hot as he averted his eyes from B's drilling blue gaze. If he let himself get too sucked in, they would be putting on a public show. Free porn anyone?

"Fine," he grumbled before inhaling deeply and exhaling a sigh. "Fine."

How could he deny B when he was looking like that?

"Yes, well, as sweet as this may be, we still have a very big issue to take care of," P interjected.

Ichigo smiled as he turned his focus to their pink-haired team mate. Yes, they did have an issue to take care of, but Ichigo had a feeling that P was dancing around a certain agreement they'd made.

"Yes, we do, P. Yes, we do."

P glared at him as he adjusted his glasses, golden eyes narrowed and calculating Ichigo's swift demise, no doubt.

"At any rate, I believe it's of the utmost importance that we return to New Jersey. Since it's Blondie that we're dealing with, we can safely assume that he knows and probably intends to ambush us there. Before he gets the chance, I believe we should gather our vehicles and-"

"Wait," Grenade drawled from his spot behind P. "You tryna tell me he's gonna go after my car?"

"Not just yours!" Tu squeaked. "All of our cars! I swear to God, if that asshole does something to my baby, I will personally kill him myself!"

"Relax, woman," P said. "That's precisely why I told Shaw to head back to New Jersey post haste. I would be rather disheartened if something unfortunate were to occur to my vehicle as well. The only problem after that is where we'll rendezvous from that point on. The hangar was convenient, and-"

Ichigo climbed to his feet, reluctant to leave B's warm arms. He paced the bus, hands rubbing together as his brain worked overtime. He had an idea, but he wasn't sure how receptive the team would be to it.

"I think it might be time to talk to our mentor."

As expected, the statement made the entire group go silent. They hadn't seen their mentor and trainer for years now, but they knew that the man was retired and living in Long Branch, New Jersey. The man loved being on his boat more than he did in his own home, so it made sense that he lived close to water.

"You think he'd mind?" Tu asked, voice small and almost timid.

G sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Never mind that. Ya know how he is when he's not 'spectin' comp'ny. Everything's a mission ta him."

Grenade chuckled. "Ya got that right."

"Doesn't anyone have a way to contact him? I really don't want to catch that man off guard," Tu muttered.

"Yeah, right. This is him we're talking about," Ichigo said with a shake of his head. "Besides, we'd be better off just winging it like the rest of this operation. We don't really know what or who we're up against, aside from Blondie and Tsukishima. There could be others. As a matter of fact, I'm willing to bet my ass that Tsukishima recruited a bunch of clowns to clean up his mess."

"I'll take that bet," B rumbled as he too climbed to his feet.

Ichigo's face flushed as he tried to ignore the heavy weight of B's presence. The blue-haired man was making his way towards him, a devilish grin working its way across his face. What did the man have up his sleeve now? He tried to ignore the amused looks coming from the rest of the team as B stopped right in front of him. Ichigo swallowed and tilted his head back, his eyes finding deep blue.

"Since we got a plan, why don't you an' me-"

"Could you please perhaps rein in your libido for once in your life, B? I have something to discuss with O," P interrupted sternly, hands on his narrow hips.

Ichigo internally chuckled at the look of disdain and clear dissatisfaction written across B's handsome features. P, on the other hand, merely ignored it as he made his way over to Ichigo. The thin man's golden eyes were narrowed, but his face was utterly blank. Ichigo cracked a smug grin. He'd known P way too long not to be able to recognize the tantrum the pink-haired man threw before admitting defeat.

"Shall we?" P asked, indicating with a tilt of his head the small kitchen area of the bus.

Ichigo nodded with a smirk before taking a quick glance at B. Of course, the blue-haired ex-agent was still upset about the interruption to his plans, but Ichigo meant to make it up to him later. P gently took his elbow and led him over to the mini-fridge before glaring at the rest of the team. Tu rolled her eyes and stomped up the stairs to the upper level of the bus, while Grenade chuckled and G snickered, both men following their green-haired teammate's lead. The only one left lingering with murder evident in his gaze was B.

"This will only take a moment, B. Nothing to breathe fire over," P said.

Ichigo sighed as he connected looks with B. "We'll talk later, OK?"

B just grumbled under his breath as he turned his back on the two and trudged up the stairs. Once Ichigo was certain that he and P were alone, he faced the slightly taller man with another smug grin.

"So, is this the part where you tell me why you can't confess to Tu just yet?"

"Shut up, you miscreant," P monotoned. "I have not the slightest clue how you gathered the courage to admit your feelings to B after years of holding them inside, and frankly, it may give me nightmares to think about. However, I am not here to escape my duty or shirk our agreement. I'm just requesting a little more time. You see how Tu behaves towards me; nothing I say to that woman will make her think I'm serious when I do decide to tell her that I...that I like her."

"You mean that you love her," Ichigo corrected with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

P waved a hand in dismissal. "Call it what you may. My situation is a tad more difficult than yours. Where it was clear that B harbored feelings for you, I can't be so sure about Tu and her attitude towards me."

It finally dawned on Ichigo what P was beating around the bush about. He was scared. Ichigo opened his mouth to tease his teammate, but stopped after clearly seeing the trepidation in P's golden gaze. He could relate. Hell, not even an hour ago, he'd felt the same way when B had confronted him yet again about what had occurred in Japan. Ichigo couldn't derive any pleasure from P's nervousness without making a fool of himself.

"Fine, take as long as you need. Just remember: it only gets more complicated the longer you draw it out. Take it from someone who knows."

P nodded and gave Ichigo a serious look. "I understand."

Ichigo figured the conversation was over when P turned and headed for one of the couches near the TV, so he made his way towards the stairs leading to the upper level of the bus. He climbed them slowly, his mind wandering to B's soft lips and rumbling voice. He thought about how nice it had felt to have the other man's arms around him, how nice it was to breathe in the man's unique scent. He sighed and ran a hand through his wild orange hair. Everything was still too surreal. Years had gone by with him admiring his teammate from a distance, inwardly wishing he could have him for himself. Years of wanting a person he never thought he could have. Now, he did, and it threw him off.

He stepped onto the upper level and glanced around the sleeping quarters. Everyone had the curtains to their bunks drawn, and silence prevailed. Mostly. The soft sound of music through a pair of headphones was all Ichigo heard as he took his time going over to B's bunk. The blue-haired man's curtain was drawn as well, and no noises could be heard. Ichigo frowned. He and P hadn't taken that long, had they? He hoped B hadn't fallen asleep.

He carefully lifted a corner of B's curtain. The man was stretched out on his back, arms behind his head as he stared at the ceiling of his bunk. Catching the movement from the corner of his eye, B's head turned towards Ichigo. When recognition hit, B's blue eyes lit up as he rolled onto his side and moved the curtain, allowing Ichigo entrance.

"Took ya long enough," he grumbled.

Ichigo smirked as he ducked and slid onto the bed, his right hand ghosting over B's hip. "Stop whining, big baby."

"I'm not whining."

B's arms were quick in pulling Ichigo closer. Ichigo chuckled as he kicked off his sneakers and made himself comfortable, nestling himself into B's chest. He took a few deep breaths through his nose, just enjoying the other man's smell. How he'd longed for this. Hell, his heart would ache whenever he imagined a scenario similar to such. Ichigo rubbed his nose against the soft cotton of B's t-shirt and grinned some more. Even though his life was in danger, even though he wasn't sure of where things would go from here on out, he knew one thing for certain: he was happy. In this precise moment, Ichigo was completely content.


Grimmjow wrapped his left arm around O's trim waist and used his right arm to pillow the man's head. He smiled down at the spiky orange hair before pressing a kiss into the soft strands. He was whipped. He'd always thought O was attractive, and after the incident in Japan had occurred, his mind had been determined to remain focused on the mysterious tactician. Trying to figure out the situation on his own had inevitably made Grimmjow want more. He'd officially been intrigued.

O's hand made a fist, drawing some of the material from Grimmjow's t-shirt into it. When Grimmjow witnessed the look of utter satisfaction written across O's face, it did something strange to his gut. His innards twisted into a knot, and a lump formed in his throat. O smelled like sweat and blood, but his underlying musk was enticing enough to make Grimmjow hug him closer, his hand burying into O's loud orange hair. His fingers began massaging of their own accord, making O hum and almost purr, which pulled a low chuckle from Grimmjow. Who would have thought this could happen between two men who seemingly hated each other's guts? Two men that disagreed on almost everything, and who had absolutely nothing in common aside from the thrill of being back in action.

"What's so funny?" O asked, deep tenor husky and tempting as the devil itself. "Care to share the joke?"

Grimmjow stared into O's brown eyes. They were rich like chocolate and clear as whiskey, flecked with gold here and there. The outer rim of the iris was an olive green, mixing splendidly with the tea brown. His skin was tanned and he had freckles across his cheeks and on his arms. Yes, O was attractive, but he was cute as well. Grimmjow hadn't seen cute since high school, and it kind of amused him. O was smiling up at him, waiting patiently for Grimmjow to fill him in, his teeth straight and sparkling.

"I was jus' thinkin' how cute you are."

O's smile turned into a frown of confusion. "What?"

Grimmjow kissed the tip of the man's upturned nose. "I said you're fuckin' cute. What of it?"

"Cute? I'm, I-I'm not cute! That's insulting!"

"No, it isn't."

"Yeah, it is! Cute is for kittens and puppies and ribbons and shit. I look like a kitten to you?"

Grimmjow tilted his head to the side with a smug smirk. "Nah."

"Exactly! So-"

"But ya purr like one."

O's mouth snapped shut as he turned an interesting shade of red. It wasn't candy apple bright; more like a maroon or a burgundy. Grimmjow chuckled again, this time leaving a brief kiss on O's full, soft lips.

"I hate you."

"Lies. Anyway...wanna make out?"

O shook his head and gave an exasperated chuckle, but he lifted his chin and closed his eyes. Grimmjow ignored the fluttering in his chest as he lowered his lips and connected them to O's. What started out slow and exploratory, quickly became urgent and pointed. Hands roamed over chests and hips, and quiet moans left both men. Grimmjow had a hand underneath O's shirt and splayed across the younger man's back, when a hushed whisper outside of his bunk distracted him. At first, he frowned, not really sure of what he was hearing. Once he heard it again, however, he paused, making O pull back from the kiss and give him a totally endearing look of confusion.

"What's wrong?"

Grimmjow shook his head as he listened to Tu whispering about the two men "doing it."

"I believe we're bein' spied on," he grumbled, reluctantly letting his hand slide towards O's lower back.

O craned his neck and glanced over his shoulder, brown eyes narrowed. Grimmjow figured the other man had finally caught wind of the whispering outside of the bunk because he reached around and snapped aside the curtain. Exposed, Tu, Grenade and G all smirked as though they hadn't just been invading their teammates' privacy.

"Don't let us interrupt you guys," the green-haired woman said coyly. "Sounds like it was getting good in there."

"Got that right," Grenade drawled with a chuckle.

"Give 'im hell, B," G said with a smug grin.

O growled at that, but all Grimmjow could really do was shake his head again and reach past O for the curtain. Once it was in hand, he drew it shut in their teammates' faces and pulled his prize closer to his chest.

"Ignore them," he murmured into O's right ear before he slowly traced the shell with his tongue. "Now, where were we?"

O made that sexy little noise of his again as his body arched into Grimmjow. "I gotta admit," he started as he leaned his head back in order to look into Grimmjow's eyes. "That was really smooth."

Grimmjow cracked a smile full of canines. "It was, wasn't it?"

"Don't get cocky."



"Be quiet, and kiss me."

Grimmjow had a handful of O's firm backside as he silenced the other man with his lips and tongue. He didn't give a rat's ass that his teammates were outside of his bunk being the nosy pricks that they were. He didn't even care that his car was in danger of being destroyed by their former teammate. All that mattered was the man in his arms.

God, he had it bad.


Grimmjow had a hand buried in O's bright orange locks, fingers twitching as they lightly massaged the other man's scalp. Soft, yet firm lips were wrapped around him, dragging and sucking, the agonizing pleasure making Grimmjow's toes curl. He hissed and tossed his head back. O palmed his balls and hummed as he continued to suck down more of Grimmjow's length. Grimmjow moaned.

"That's right. Suck it just like that."

As soon as the words left his mouth, O opened his brown eyes and gave him a blank stare. Suddenly, the man's hot and wet lips were gone, and he was roughly shoving Grimmjow's shoulder. Grimmjow shot up with a frown as he looked around. They were still in his bunk, but O was sitting next to him with a sideways smirk full of amused condescension.

"Well, aren't you just a dirty old man. Suck what like that, exactly? Hm?"

He'd been dreaming?

Grimmjow huffed and flopped backward onto his pillow, heavily disappointed. "Damn. Such a good dream."

"I bet it was, you freak," O groused.

"Oh, knock it off, sourpuss. There's nothin' wrong wit' enjoyin' a blow job. And give good head accordin' to my dream."

He deftly avoided the punch he knew was coming, laughter erupting from his chest as he did so. O rolled his eyes and climbed to his feet.

"We're here. Come get your car so we can leave. Shaw's gonna meet us in Long Branch."

That brought Grimmjow back to the here and now. As much as he would have liked to consider this a vacation for himself and O, the stark reality glared him in the face. They still had business to take care of. Grimmjow sat up and nodded, thoughts of what the future might bring plaguing his mind. Would they survive? He would make sure O did, that was for certain. Hell, the whole team if he had anything to say about it. He wasn't afraid of Tsukishima and Blondie, or anyone else they had working for them. In fact, he really wanted another go at that blond asshole for pulling a gun on his tactician. The nerve.

His thoughts were interrupted when O turned back to him from the stairs with an arched eyebrow. "Ya comin'?"

Grimmjow nodded again and followed his new – what? Lover? But they hadn't quite made it to that level yet. Sure, he was looking forward to it, but until they took it there, what were they supposed to consider one another? Boyfriends? That's what he'd told O he wanted, but O hadn't necessarily given him a solid answer.

Once Grimmjow was off the bus, he turned and watched Shawlong drive away. So, they were headed to Long Branch to confer with their former mentor? Grimmjow sighed. Their former mentor was a tad off his rocker. He was stern with his training, so whenever he made a joke, no one knew whether to take him seriously or not. It made for some awkward times, but ultimately good memories. Grimmjow stalked over to his car and waited for P to produce all of their keys. Once they all had their keys, they entered their vehicles and left the airplane hangar. They only paused outside of it long enough for P to lock up before they were on their way to Long Branch.

They were ten minutes onto the Garden State Parkway, when a single gunshot almost made Grimmjow swerve into the divider. As he glanced around the highway for the source, his eyes narrowed when they landed on a line of silver Audi vehicles. The license plates were government issued, and holy shit, they were shooting at O's car! Grimmjow stomped on the gas and skirted around the civilian car in front of him. He noticed Grenade and G speeding up in his rear view mirror, while Tu and P hung back in front. O's car was weaving back and forth as he tried to maintain control as well as defend himself. Grimmjow reached into his middle console and grabbed the hand gun he kept there for emergencies. He lowered the passenger side window as he sped up beside one of the silver cars. Just before he could aim, the silver car accelerated and weaved into the traffic ahead.

"Fuck!" Grimmjow cursed.

He recognized the tactics of the silver cars immediately. They were supposed to distract the rest of the team as one of them targeted O. Grimmjow wouldn't hear it. What the hell were they so gung-ho after O for anyway? Grimmjow pressed his foot to the floor and expertly avoided the civilian vehicles surrounding him as he gave chase to the idiot shooting at O's car. O was going to be so pissed when he saw all of those bullet holes in his baby.

So, here we go! Next chase from Hell! Sorry it was so short; I'm working out the kinks. After grieving for a murdered family member and being worked to death for the holidays, it's going to take some time for me to get back into the swing of things. However, here is the promised chapter for The Cleaners. I do hope you enjoyed, and thank you for reading!

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