Rin looked at the corset laying on the bed before her in disgust. The maid came in and told her she had an hour until her birthday dinner and that she should get dressed. Rin sighed and had no choice but to let the maid tighten the corset around her ribs, accenting her newly budding bosoms. She put on a yellow dress with white sleeves and an open neck. Bending over was a pain because the corset would only strain her. The maid helped her put make up on and when she wasn't looking, Rin made a face at her reflection.

Len looked at the tuxedo laying on the bed before him in dismay. It was newly bought for his birthday dinner and he didn't like to dress up. The butler came in and told him he had an hour until his birthday dinner and that he should get ready. Reluctantly, he put on his new tuxedo and frowned as the butler helped him with the tie. He pulled on his tie around the collar to loosen it but stopped when the butler looked at him with disapproval.

"We welcome you all to this very special dinner," Mrs. Kagamine announced. "It's so nice to see you all,"

"And now we present to you our children, Rin and Len," Mr. Kagamine rose from the table.

Everyone stood up as Rin and Len entered the room. Their parents and all of their guests clapped. The twins faked their smiles and took their seat at the dinner table. The faked their happiness throughout the whole meal but inside, their hearts were heavy with disappointment.

"You can't play together anymore," Mrs. Kagamine had told her children the day before.

"But why?" Rin asked.

"Rin, you are to grow into a beautiful young lady," their mother explained. "And Len, you are to grow into a handsome young man,"

"I don't want to be a lady!" Rin pouted.

"Listen here, do as you're told!" Mrs. Kagamine pulled on Rin's ear, who cried out.

"Yes ma'am!" her mother let go and Rin rubbed her ear.

"We can still talk to each other, right?" Len asked.

"You may, but you can't play together," their mother said. "No scratch that, you can't play at all,"

Len woke up to a tapping on his door and he opened it to reveal Rin in her pajamas. She put a finger to her lips, indicating for him to stay quiet and tip toed into the room. Rin sat on Len's bed and looked sorrowfully at her brother. Len sat next to her, sharing the same feelings as her. Instead of being a joyous occasion, their 14th birthday was a huge disappointment.

"I don't want to grow up," Rin said quietly.

"Me neither," Len looked down at his bare feet.

"Remember that time I beat you at arm wrestling?" Rin looked at her brother.

"Yeah and that time I beat you at racing down that hill?" Len looked back at her and they both giggled.

"Shush, keep it down so no one can hear us," Rin put a hand over mouth as she giggled.

"This sucks,"

"I know, we can't play anymore,"

"And that tie was practically choking me,"

"You think you had it bad? Try wearing a corset,"

Once again the twins set off giggling. Rin kept making shush noises to let Len know to be quiet but that only sent them into more fits of giggles. The bell rang and the siblings looked at the grandfather clock that Len had. It had struck midnight, and it weighed down on them that they were finally 14 years old and too old to play, to jump or race each other.

"If this is adolescence, I don't like it," Rin whispered.

"Me neither," Len whispered back.