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Kenjumori sat down with a yawn as he grabbed the first order, kunai. He grabbed the metal and started the fire; he looked through his papers before yawning again. First he had to melt the metal, then shape it and sharpen, then wrap them up and send them out. He then looked up at the smoke in the room.

Ryu stood in front of him, an outstretched hand holding the rest of the stacks of papers. Kenjumori took them with thanks. Ryu took a seat and the weapon maker looked to him with anticipation.

"We know of a traitor; someone who plans to overthrow Ayane, possibly Hayate too." He continued before the other interrupted.

"Speaking of leaders. You did not tell me of the death of Ayame and Shiden." Kenjumori shrugged in a noncommittal way.

"Truthfully it did not seem important, they died in their sleep, a peaceful way to go considering."

"Is it possible they could have been killed?"

"Poisoned? No. Unless this Kaira person has someone very high up in power, and why not have them kill Ayane and Hayate in the same way if that was her strategy."

"I don't know, we plan to find this Kaira person first."

"We?" the fire raged behind them.

"Yes, we." A female voice answered. He turned to see a beautiful young woman; her black hair was straight and held behind her in a high ponytail.


"We believe Kaira is an allias," She continued. "Currently the girl is staying in my house; she is co-operating and was deceived about her mission. I still don't trust her to help however."

"Noted." Ryu spoke. Kenjumori looked between them and wondered how effective the two could be if they were both in their prime at the same time, they already had done what took months to start.

"I have yet to interrogate her however, so more will be seen shortly."

"Why are you here?" Kenjumori spoke suddenly. "I know you wouldn't just tell me. What do you need me to do?" Ryu stayed silent and Nami glanced to him before nodding.

"What was Kasumi's mission and how long has she been on it?"

He paused, looking between the two. Ryu looked stony and not in a practiced way, Nami however was still very calm and he stared at her rubbing his chin.

"She's been doing quick missions for about a month and a half now." Ryu turned, walking out into an alley of shadows, Nami nodded.

"Her mission was the same as yours, she never got to finish it and kill Kaira; she had gotten close to a girl named Sakura, and had met Kaira once. She was going to attempt to kill her the day she was murdered."

"Did she ever get a name?"

"It's Ayame's sister."

Nami stood to leave but stopped at the glare from the Hayabusa.

"Why didn't you tell me this when I first came to you?"

"I could have told you, but there were other spies." Ryu grabbed the elder man's shirt and yanked him closer; the elder man remained the same.

"I know you only care about avenging your wife, but I needed you to root out all of the others too. I didn't know who they were and that you could find out. I also knew you wouldn't if you had a target."

"Don't you dare lie to me anymore." He spoke with venom. He understood, but he was still angry. "Nami, let's go."

"One more thing. The family you chased out of the village has been taken care of by Ayane." Ryu nodded.

"I knew it would be."


"Was it all a lie?" She asked once the gag was taken out of her mouth. "Was I really acting against the village this entire time?"

"Yes." Nami said looking into the girls eyes, she looked down, ashamed.

"Kaira sensei " she shook her head "She" it was venomous "deceived me, she took me from school and promised I could help. She told me I could be a force behind the scenes and help the Mugen Tenshin from the shadows of the Hajin Mon."

"What did you do for her?" The girl paused, embarrassed and ashamed, but let out a wail of pain from the punch to her cheek.

"She had me find a special poison for food, untraceable." The girl panted, clearly not used to being interrogated. "and then she would have me track people, to be invisible."

"and…" Nami prompted tightening her hand into a fist again.

"She had me find out who the spy was so that we could kill her."

"Kasumi." It wasn't a question. The girl nodded.

"She said it was important. I believed her, Kasumi was a neishin."

"Kasumi had been brought back to find you guys, by Ayane, since your sensei killed Shiden and Ayame."

"No!" She looked horrified and kept shaking her head.

"It was my fault, my poison." Nami did not offer the girl any kind words, but she did let her sit and wallow in her guilt.

"Did you do anything with Ayane and Hayate?" She shook her head.

Then she screamed.


"What did you get from her?" Ryu asked as he started walking next to her. She stretched out her hand, not used to punching so much.

"Unfortunately, not too much, she didn't know too much." She looked in the direction the girl was in while rubbing her hand, then back to Ryu. "Probably should have left the other one alive." Ryu nodded.

"We have to go to Ayane."

"I know, but with what?"

"With what indeed." A voice said from behind them, making them spin and drop into their stance in unison. They both rose when they caught sight of the leader of the Hajin Mon.

"Don't act surprised. This is not the Mugen Tenshin, I am well aware of every soul on my territory." She smirked, arms crossing. "So here's the situation."

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"I know someone killed Hayate's parents." She began, leaving out her own relation. "Kasumi was perfect for the mission, she came back, pretending to want to kill me and supposedly met the person responsible. She died before she could carry out her mission."

"Her neishin status?" Ryu questioned taking a step closer to Ayane.

"Useful in this case. Honestly, would we have fought in the end, maybe, for pride, but for both of us protecting Hayate came first."

"Why not tell me?" he then asked and Nami crossed her arms as she listened.

"That was Kasumi's choice, for whatever reason, but why tell you? The less people knew the higher the success rate. She was successful in locating the lower grunts in the operation, and the name Kaira, which are now taken care of. I thank you for that." She paused. "Where is your captive?"


Ayane took in the sight of the beat girl like the leader of a clan would be expected too. Taking a few steps closer she squatted in front of the still bound girl and tilted her chin up. The girl flinched expecting another hit, Ayane then saw her face and this is when the reaction differed.

"Luna?" The girl's eyes opened wide at the familiar voice.

"Ayane sama!" She exclaimed happily but painfully. Ayane stood and looked to the other two.

"She was under the care of Megumi," Ryu nodded letting her figure it out, it would take her second to deduce the truth.

"Ayame's sister…" She went on and Nami nodded.

"And our traitor." She concluded as Luna flinched and the other two jerked their heads in affirmation.

"She was under our throats the entire time." She growled before turning to Luna and ripping off her binds.

"You have disgraced your clan!" She shouted and the girl flinched at the anger and hatred radiating from her idol. "Your actions have caused the deaths of leaders!" The girl looked up and Ayane's face hardened as another fist made contact with the girl's cheek. Luna fell off the chair and landed on her knees on the floor, one hand holding herself up and the other grasping her cheek. "Don't look me in the face traitor! You are now neishin and should die here. There is only one way to redeem yourself."

She'd do anything. She never meant to betray the Hajin Mon or the Mugen Tenshin, never wanted to kill their leaders. She looked up but kept her gaze under Ayane's eye level.

"You must kill the one who made you this way."

Luna nodded once, and tried to ignore the burst of pain from her bruises. Ayane pushed her with her foot and she stumbled to her feet and ran from the house and kept running until she collapsed. She would find her sensei and kill her. It was an order from Ayane sama. She was neishin. She had to save herself. Her previous sensei was a neishin and she had to save her. She had to kill her.

Ayane didn't take her eyes of the girl as she ordered the two behind her to follow. Neither of them were ever under her command but they followed her command just the same. Ayane uncrossed her arms as they left and hoped they'd succeed.

It was as she said Hayate's safety had always come first.