TheDarkestShinobi: better title? Feel free to tell me. Any way I wanted to venture away from the ninja my stories usually revolve around and the one with Elliot did well enough. The other character I might have the hang of is Christie so here is my try.

A company hired her and tried to kill her, but mislabeled a snake for prey instead of a predator.

Story start:

She smirked as the door in front of her opened slowly and she put the pin back into her wrist sash. She pulled her hair farther back and tucked it behind her ear with a gloved hand as she walked forward. It would be an easy mission today. She walked into the house quietly and closed the door behind her.

She crept forward before determining no one was on the first floor, she explored it slightly, no pets and no family. This guy really did divulge himself into his work; he really just made the wrong enemy: one with a lot of money and a lack of a moral code. She walked up the back stairs and pushed open the first door on her left to reveal a home office with papers everywhere, it looked like a huge mess. She moved on, the next door opened to reveal a library of sorts. It was impressive with books lined against every wall. She stepped in forgetting her mission for the moment; the man was sleeping and unsuspecting. She had time to wander. She looked at the titles in his library looking for one she hadn't read.

She then spotted a nice chair with a red cushion next to a table and a book with a bookmark in it. She picked it up, it was one of those fancy ribbon markers and it was only about 50 pages in, reading the title she nodded and slipped it into her jacket pocket. She turned and closed the door behind her. There was a bathroom to the left so that left only one other door. She ducked and turned the doorknob carefully, waking him was to be avoided if possible.

He snored.

She walked over to the bed and before she could attack his eyes shot open. He rolled out of bed and she cursed. His file said he was a martial artist so she had hoped to dispose of him before he woke up. She lunged for him knocking him to the ground. Her hands found his neck but he threw her over his shoulder before she could snap it.

"Who sent you?"

There was no answer.

She pulled out her blade and his eyes narrowed onto it, he would have knocked it away if she wasn't that much faster, she ducked low before rising fast and flipping him by grabbing his leg as she did so. She then rolled and drove the blade into his heart. His eyes widened in pain as he looked into her eyes and then he gasped as she pulled it out. She watched as the life drained out of him before pulling out a white cloth.

Death was not as bloody as people made it seem. It was quite the opposite. If you didn't use something as destructive as a gun or a chainsaw then you didn't get that bloody mess T.V. shows liked to show. There was no great ending, you just stopped. Your blood stopped moving, your heart stopped beating, you stopped breathing and you died. It was like pulling the plug from lamp; the light fades and dies.

And that's it.

The problem is that it's too easy to kill someone. If it was difficult it wouldn't happen all that much. But it only takes a tug to fire a bullet, and that one bullet to kill a person. A knife slices through flesh as easy as it does a steak. A neck snaps with a quick jerk, it's harder to pull out some roots. Sometimes it's even easier, a match lights oh so quickly and the fire eats everything in its path. The human body was never designed for battle. Even if a person trained to fight it couldn't handle the poison slipped into a cup or mixed into food, the gases released in a room could kill in minutes, and carbon monoxide worked even quicker.

It was too easy to take a life away.

It made her wonder what a life was worth.

A knife cost a couple bucks, a bullet was worth less than two quarters.

She wiped the blood off the blade with the cloth before removing his shirt, finding a new shirt was easy. She redressed him and laid him back on the bed before looking around for any evidence that she had been there. When she was done she simply walked out of the door and closed it behind her. It would take them a couple days to realize he's gone and another to find the M.O. and a motive, they would point to her client the next day, but they will never find enough evidence to catch either of them.

She turned back to the street to see a speeding car skid to a stop in front of her. She widened her stance and raised her hands in front of her as if to stop the assault she knew was coming. She heard a second car skid and threw off her cloak revealing a skin tight black T-shirt with no sleeves or belly that wrapped around her neck, her pants, also skintight and black had two straps attached to them with handguns inside. Her shoes were heeled and they covered most of her foot. She glared at them and relaxed her stance slightly as they stepped out of their vehicles.

"Ah, the infamous assassin without a name."

The girl said nothing as a few more men filed out of the car; she could tell they were carrying automatics by the clinking she heard and her eyes scanned over the man who had called out to her, he was weaponless, no doubt some little player who thought he called the shots.

"Christie," he said as if knowing her name was an accomplishment. He smiled "You were supposed to be quiet and not have a gun." He gestured towards her handguns which were drawn in that instant as she snarled.

"So you could take me out?"

The man chuckled and she heard the safeties being turned off and the people loading the weapons and positioning them, it was the fact that they had not done this before that allowed her to kick up her cloak and take shelter behind the door she opened as they shot the cloak. She pulled a curtain back and shot twice with her right gun before moving away as the others found her. She locked the door and ran into the office upstairs locking that door as well.

She leaned against the wall and used her gun to pull the shade away. The window opened so she didn't have to break it. She opened it slightly and peeked out.

There were seventeen men she could see with guns firing on the front door and Christie watched as lights in other houses were turned on. The police would be here in about ten minutes. She and her car had to be long gone by then. She crouched low and leaned over before kicking one of the smaller desks over and positioning it so she could lay on it with her sights lining up with the men, she had taken one out with her first two shots and she had twenty eight left. Her extra mags were in that cloak. She lined up the sights and fired once before bringing the gun down. She was sure she got him.

Twenty seven bullets, sixteen targets.

She heard the slight panic below since they could not find her and heard the front door being hit. She was running out of time. She looked back out to see that the man went down and there were only six left outside. That must mean the rest were coming after her. She fired three more times getting headshots on all three before the other shouted, giving away her location. She took him out next with a bullet to the chest. The last two ducked behind a car and weren't coming out. She stood and turned towards the door as she heard the front door crash open. They filed in and split up sending only four up the stairs judging by the footsteps.

She used the big desk as a barricade and listened to the movements of the four men that were up here, two were heading towards the bedroom and one was slowly twisting this knob. She held her breath. The two of them took two steps into the room before she stood.

One bullet from each gun.

She stepped over the bodies and out the door raising her right gun to fire at the other two. She missed one and he took shelter behind a wall and the others starting racing towards them. Christie took a breath to steady herself and make sure there were no mistakes.

She leaned against the wall.

She had nineteen bullets left, ten in her right gun and nine in her left. She did a barrel roll to end up behind the railing and fired off four shots. She didn't hear anything for a bit.

Fifteen bullets, ten targets

She popped the first one up the stairs, before having to duck for cover; she could only assume the rest made it up and were hiding behind the walls. She looked out and saw a foot sticking out from a corner. She shot it. The man screamed and circled forward to embrace his foot, as a result his head was visible, she shot that next.

When he fell two charged forward as if they could kill her themselves, she stood and ran towards the railing and shot them both square in the chest. If they weren't dead they would be soon. She leaped up and kicked against the railing. It propelled her forward enough to be behind the enemy. It was easy picking from there.

There were still four left however.

She raced down the stairs and peeked into the living room. Noticing it was clear she walked it. She heard the footstep of the man behind her.

"Don't move."

She lifted her guns in surrender as the other three came out of hiding. The fat man then walked into the house as Christie grunted in pain as two of the forced her to drop her guns while the third kept his aimed at her head. She stood still as the boss laughed.

"It was no use resisting us."

Christie kept her cool as the man turned away and the others got cocky, as she knew they would. They were grunts, if there was anyone trained here she would have been dead. She made her move. She swept her leg behind her and knocked the man to the ground, then she grabbed the gun with his hand still in it and pulled the trigger three times killing the last three. She then wrestled with the boy she had knocked down and forced the gun to face his chest.

Two pops.

Then the resistance stopped altogether.

She ran after the boss and held the gun against his neck pointing upwards.

"You're one of those with a big mouth." She said as he shivered. "And you'd make sure to tell your boss about everything that happened." He started shaking and it seemed as if he'd start crying any second. She would've loved to tear him apart but the cops would arrive any second. She kicked him and he slumped against the wall.

"Make sure you tell him I'm coming for him." She spun the gun in her hand so that she held the barrel and she hit him in the side of the head with the handle. He slumped unconscious and she turned away walking towards her guns and then out the front door to grab her cloak. She saw the flashing lights heading towards her and jumped off the porch ducking towards the lot she parked in.

Her steps were quick and light and she opened the door before she got to it. She balled up the cloak and threw it to the passenger's seat. She started the car and sped the other way as the police surrounded the house behind her. She looked into her mirror to make sure she was in the clear before sighing and leaning back in her chair. She ran a hand through her hair before placing it on the steering wheel.

"They are going to pay for this."