War & Peace Chapter 6 ( La Belle 3)

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It only took a couple of minutes for Yukari to lead them to their seats. Dawn and Gary seemed to be deep in discussion as the group walked over, and sent them a quick wave as they took their seats before returning to their conversation.

"I wonder what they're talking about…" May whispered in Misty's ear. Misty shrugged.

"I'm way too hungry to worry about that right now!" She whispered back. May rolled her eyes.

"You sound like Ash!" The two of them laughed and started up a conversation with Brock and Ash.

"So what are we doing tomorrow? I won't be here much longer…" May asked Brock. Misty turned to her with a shocked expression on her face.

"What do you mean 'much longer' are you leaving before the rest of us?" The orange-haired gym leader asked with hurt in her voice. May pouted and gave Misty a hug.

"I have to leave a bit earlier than the rest of you guys because my dad wanted me to stop by the gym for a couple of days. I have a maximum amount of days I can stick around before I return to the battle frontier." The brunette explained. Misty frowned and then shook her head.

"I understand, but I would have loved for you to stay a bit longer…"

"I'm glad I'll be missed. Don't worry; we will have the best time while I'm still here." May replied with a giggle.

"Yeah, we'll have a great time!" Ash added in. May nodded.

"Exactly, thank you Ash."

"Okay now, can you two lovebirds break apart for five seconds so we can order?" Brock asked. May and Ash thought he was referring to them and were about to interject when they realized he was talking about Dawn and Gary.

The two turned to the rest of the group with shocked expressions.

"L-lovebirds? What are you talking about?" Dawn stuttered.

"Y-yeah, what she said." Gary added, though Misty noticed he looked kind of upset at Dawn's response.

"Um, are you guys ready to order? I could come back later…" Yukari, their waiter, said as she walked up.

"No, we're good. We can order now, right Gary and Dawn?" Brock questioned the two impatiently. The two nodded and silently searched through their menus.

"Nice one Brock, except for the fact that I don't even know what I want yet!" May whispered to the Pokémon breeder.

"Yeah, next time we could use a warning." Misty said with a sigh, looking through her menu for anything appetizing.

"The hamburger looks pretty good." Ash said, pointing to a dish on Misty's menu. Misty smiled at her crush but shook her head.

"Maybe you should get that Ash; you could eat like ten of those and not gain any weight." She replied.

"More like fifteen!" Ash said jokingly with a wink. Misty giggled in response, telling Yukari she would just have an almond salad with peach juice.

"Staying healthy I see. May are you going to do the same?" Brock asked with a laugh. May shook her head as she scanned the menu quickly.

"No way, I'm going to pig out. Misty I thought you said you were hungry?"

"Yeah, but I can always order something else later." May nodded at this response.

"True…but I'm still getting a hamburger." She rolled her eyes as Ash sent her a thumbs up.


"That was great, this restaurant is pretty nice!" Ash said with a sigh as he sat back in his chair and rubbed his belly happily.

"I agree, but I'm stuffed, and I don't think I can get up." May replied with a sheepish grin.

"You guys are crazy. I mean after the fifth hamburger I thought you two would stop…" Misty said exasperatingly.

"Well you know those two," Brock added in. "Competitive by nature. I'm wouldn't have been surprised if they tried to steal each others burgers."

"Hey!" May and Ash replied indignantly jumping up, before moaning and sitting back in their chairs.

"We aren't carrying you guys to the car." Dawn said, shaking her head as she stood up and began walking towards the entrance.

"Hey, wait for us!" Gary yelled after, throwing some tip on the table and following the blunette.

The other four individuals at the table stared at the "lovebirds" that had just walked away.

"What is up with them?" Misty asked to no one in particular.

"I don't know, but it makes your job easier." May replied with a smirk, and then began laughing as Misty glared at her.

"Anyways, let's go. I'm tired and I think May and Ash are going to have some problems jumping over those glass tiles." Brock explained to the group.

Ash and May's eyes widened and screamed out.



"That was interesting." Misty mused as she grabbed her toothbrush from the bag sitting on her bed and began walking over to the bathroom.

"We are never talking about that again." May fumed as she lay down in her bunk and looked around for her head scarf.

"Where is Dawn, by the way?" May asked as she began to wrap her hair with her green scarf.

"I don't know." Misty replied absentmindedly as she brushed her teeth.

"Is she downstairs with Gary, Ash, and Brock?" May asked with a bit more impatience this time.

"I don't know! Why are you so worried about her location?" Misty yelled out from the bathroom. She turned her head and almost screamed when she saw May standing right beside her.

Wasn't she just lying down on her bed?

"The real question is why you aren't worried about her location! She could be putting the moves on your man and you wouldn't even know about it!" May exclaimed impatiently.

Misty was about to scream back at her friend that she didn't care but she stopped herself.

May does have a point.

Misty barely knew Dawn. She would admit that the girl seemed sweet but it wouldn't hurt to check up on the group right?

She sighed in defeat, knowing that she would probably regret it later. May took this as a sign of acceptance.

"Exactly, so let's go spy! Change into some darker pyjamas, those yellow ones you're wearing will get us caught." May explained as she ran back to her suitcase to change her own pyjamas.

"Give me a minute…" Misty said with a sigh as she spit out her toothpaste and rinsed her mouth. This was totally not a good idea, and yet she was slightly excited.


"…So that's what I plan to do after I become the regional Pokémon contest winner."

"Do you hear her? She's probably telling them that she wants to get married and have 3 kids."

Misty was about to sigh when she realized she wanted the same thing.

"And what would be so wrong with that? 3 kids doesn't seem that bad…"

"No it doesn't…if YOU'RE having that conversation with Ash. Not her!"

Point taken…wait when had she said she wanted to have 3 kids with Ash?

Misty blushed as the thought, and then shook her head when she realized they were crawling towards the top of the staircase.

"You know, you're an amazing friend May but we really don't have to do all of this…"

"Shhh! We can hear the best from here!"

She is insane! Misty thought to herself, but she didn't stop following May to the top of the stairs.

"…So what are you planning to do Ash? I mean after you become the best Pokémon trainer in the world?" The girls could hear Dawn asking Ash sweetly.

She was right, Misty noted. They could really hear everything from their current location. May smirked in her direction, noticing that the orange-haired gym leader was paying attention to the current conversation.

"…Well I don't know. Settle down I guess? Maybe for a bit and then go for some more adventures in distant regions…the sky's the limit!" They could hear Ash reply proudly.

"…Oh really? That sounds nice…" The blunette didn't sound so perky anymore.

"Maybe she wanted him to say that he wanted to settle down permanently." May hissed in her friend's direction.

"Oh please, Ash can barely sit still unless he's full of food – and even then he's trying to move!" Misty whispered back.

"…Well Dawn, I plan on settling down in Pallet Town since I'll be helping my grandfather with his research." The girls could hear Gary try to add in.

"Someone's eager…" Misty noted.

"More like desperate." May corrected.

"Can we go back now? My kneecaps are starting to hurt." Misty hissed impatiently.

"No way, it's just getting juicy." May hissed back at her friend. Suddenly the two girls realized they were missing parts of the conversation. It was Brock talking.

"…Night guys, see you in the morning." followed by the sound of footsteps.

"Run Misty, Run!" The two girls stood up and ran back into their room, hiding in their bunks.

After everyone came up to go to bed, they could have swore they heard giggling and sighing under May and Misty's covers.


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