A Wee Romp in the Woods


Warning to the kiddies: Smutty smut smut. Boys loving boys.

Part One: The Places You Go

Roxas grunted as he threw his heavy backpack roughly into the trunk. Who would have thought that packing for a weekend getaway would be such a time-consuming task? But Axel had lectured him enough about what he'd need and if he didn't want another rant aimed at him later on he knew that he'd better follow the redhead's advice. Or else. Axel was hardcore into camping and he wanted the trip to be perfect.

Demyx's trunk was full to the brim; pillows, sleeping bags, beer, flashlights, backpacks, tents, a huge cooler, and several jugs of fuel that Axel insisted on bringing. There were fireworks on the floor in the backseat while the canoes were firmly strapped to the top of the smallish car. Roxas was still amazed that Demyx was even able to pile two large canoes atop one another despite the fact it had taken him nearly an hour. The ends of the vessels were spilling over the side but didn't sway precariously.

Zexion grumbled as he clutched his cup of coffee like it was the only lifeline he had left. Zexion normally wasn't a morning person on the best of days and was probably double-grouchy since Demyx had begged him to join them. Begged being a relative term. Demyx actually pestered the poor guy for weeks by constantly talking about the trip. Zexion got so annoyed by the antics that the slate-haired man finally relented and agreed to attend just so he'd shut up.

It was the summer after their freshman year of college. Roxas would have preferred to go on an actual vacation since camping didn't really sound all that enjoyable. Roxas was a man of many comforts, none of which involved a tent and the dirt they'd be sleeping on. But Axel was so enthusiastic about the group taking a trip together and none of them had much money to do anything else.

"Okay," Demyx hummed happily as he peered into the trunk. "I've got my undies, my toothbrush, my stuffed bunny… the kayaks are tied tight, got the sunscreen, aspirin, toilet paper-"

"Shut up and think in your head." Zexion bit out, giving Dem a peevish glare.

Demyx smiled sheepishly and continued to check items off his internal list with his fingers. Roxas yawned. He was totally not used to being up at 7 a.m. unless it was for a class. Let alone on a Friday morning where he could be in bed.

"Alright guys!" Axel cheered as he practically skipped out of their dorm building towards the car.

"Drink any energy shots this morning?" Roxas asked rhetorically.

Axel laughed, his eyes sparkling, "Everyone ready to go?"

Zexion groaned before knocking his head sharply on the car. "Do I have to?"

Axel frowned. "C'mon, Zex, this is gonna be so much fun! We'll get a good workout, see the stars-"

"Shut up." Zexion repeated, "As if I haven't heard this crap from Demyx enough."

Roxas walked to the car and popped open the passenger door. Zexion got into the backseat balefully. It was obvious he was having second thoughts about this so-called fun-vacation-trip. Axel was dangling the keys with one hand as he slammed the trunk shut and got in the car. They had unanimously decided that Axel would drive since he was the only one who'd ever been to their destination.

"Aww-" Demyx whined at Roxas as he got into the backseat, "You didn't even call shotgun."

"Yeah, and you can't read a map for shit." Roxas retorted.

Demyx blinked in surprise. Roxas had a pretty relevant point. The musician turned to beam at the mirthless scientist lounging next to him. Zexion was slowly sipping his coffee, his eyes narrow with distain.

"Guess we'll just have to get cozy in the back together, huh Zexy?" Demyx declared.

Zexion's glare deepened as he pouted, "I told you not to call me that. And I will do no such thing."

"What won't you do?" Roxas asked from the front, he hadn't been following the conversation.

"Get cozy with me." Demyx told him cheerfully.

Axel chuckled from the driver's seat, watching Roxas spread the crinkled map across his lap. The blond smoothed the paper with his fingers before holding it up closer for examination. Axel felt his smile turn affectionate at the look of concentration his friend wore. Not that he'd ever say it out loud without Roxas killing him, but the boy looked so adorable when he was focusing so intently.

Axel pointed a finger at the correct highway, "I highlighted the route, so it should be easy."

Roxas nodded with his eyes still on the map, "It's pretty sad that none of us have a GPS."

Axel started the car before deftly pulling out of their parking spot, "A GPS wouldn't help us way out there anyway. My brother tried that once and he got so hopelessly lost he nearly reached Canada."

"How long is the ride going to take?" Zexion spoke up.

"'Bout five hours. We're going really far up north." Axel replied.

Demyx was thrilled, "Can we sing songs on the whole way?"

Zexion winced painfully, his head resting against the window with a despondent look.

"Kill me now."

-Five Hours Later-

Demyx hadn't been joking about singing during most of their journey. The only reason Zexion hadn't throttled him was because he actually sort of enjoyed the guys voice. As long as Demyx stuck to rock and folk songs, Zexion reasoned, and didn't start singing Lady Gaga again, he could live with it. Roxas found the whole thing comical since he knew only Demyx could get away with such behavior. Zexion always preferred peace and quiet but somehow broke his own norm when with Demyx.

As Axel promised, the route was straightforward until they got off the highway. Then the roads were dirt and gravel, winding paths through the forest that never seemed to end. Some of the turns were so sharp Axel had to drive less than twenty miles an hour. The road tapered off, which had Roxas wondering how two cars could even pass each other with the dense foliage on either side of their path. That never occurred however, it had been a long time since they'd even seen another vehicle or person.

Roxas's eyes were glued to the window. He'd never been around so much woodland before. Roxas was from the city originally and since his family never went camping this was a first for him. Zexion was reading a thick book in the back. Demyx was humming to himself now. Roxas looked down at the map.

"Are you sure we aren't lost?"

"Nope, I recognize this place." Axel said.

Roxas rolled his eyes, "You recognize a random patch of woods from another random patch of woods?"

Axel laughed easily, "Yep. I've been coming up here every summer since I could walk."

Demyx leaned forward between the seats, "How much longer?"

Zexion peered over his book, "Dear god, please don't start with the 'are we there yet' prattle."

Roxas smirked back at his quiet friend, amused by Zexion's dry humor.

"Almost to the parking area. Then we load up the canoes with our stuff and head on down the river!" Axel was visibly excited at the prospect.

Zexion closed the book as a thought occurred to him, "And how are we going to get back to the car?"

"This river is pretty mellow. It won't be hard to paddle back upstream." Axel explained.

There was a beat of silence. Predictably, Demyx broke it.

"How far away is the place were gonna camp?" He queried.

Axel hummed, thinking to himself for a long moment, "I don't know actually."

Roxas nearly choked on his own spit before he deadpanned, "You don't know."

Axel gave a side smile, eyes trained on the road, "Nope. When I usually take this trip I'm by myself. Plus we usually only did this as a day thing so I don't know if the cargo will slow us down."

"Okay," Roxas was trying to be patient, "So how long does it usually take you?"

"Four hours." Was his swift response.

Roxas grunted, unhappy that it would take so long. He wasn't exactly in shape and he'd never been canoeing before. And if an expert needed four hours to get where they were going, he could only imagine how much longer it would take them.

"Why can't we go somewhere closer?" Roxas complained, "Won't it be dark when we even get there?"

Axel glanced over at him, "Don't be such a pansy. It's only noon. And besides, the place we are going is awesome. You'll really like it."

Zexion frowned before sarcastically commenting, "Oh yes, I'm sure this is going to be a wonderful adventure."

Demyx slapped his arm softly, "Now don't be such a sourpuss. Axel worked real hard on this trip, and I'm sure it's gonna be loads of fun!"

Roxas tended to agree with Zexion on this one. This was going to be a major pain in the ass weekend.

Axel turned sharply in a small enclosure. The area was fenced off with wooden posts. Axel parked the car on the farthest end. Roxas spotted a small path trailing away into the forest.

"Alright, let's unload!" Axel jumped out of the car.

The others followed him, happy to finally be standing again. Demyx stretched, cracking his back in the process. Zexion tossed the book back in the car. The sounds of cicadas were loud. Roxas watched the woods warily. Maybe he'd watched too many of those mauling bear documentaries on television, since he was incredibly nervous that there might be something out there. Like bigfoot.

"We need to bring the canoes over to the river, then we'll haul the stuff over there next." Axel told the group, tugging on the complicated knots, hooks and straps that kept the canoes up.

"Why not just pack everything first?" Demyx mentioned as he shimmied atop the trunk and helped pull at a strap.

"Cause then the canoes will weight like five hundred pounds and be impossible to carry." Axel grunted, long arms loosening one of the canoes and forcing the weight into his hands.

Roxas was swiftly beside him, holding the canoe firmly so it wouldn't topple over. Zexion managed to grab the other side and help slowly drop it to the ground.

Zexion huffed, "You're right, these things weigh a ton."

Axel nodded, pulling off his sweatshirt, "One of these babies are around eighty pounds."

"How much with all the stuff, then?" Demyx asked from above them.

"A good hundred and ten pounds." Axel estimated.

Several minutes later they were able to haul the second canoe off the car. Pairing off they each took one side and started carrying it to wherever Axel was leading them. Axel went first, warning them that the path would get steep. They walked single file, the strain of the canoes a heavy burden for Zexion in particular. Roxas was the first to hear the rushing water and commented on it, so they carefully skirted down the path to the river.

Dropping the heavy canoes to the ground they each stared out at the flowing water. The river itself was about a hundred meters wide, the current gentle.

Roxas looked up and spotted Axel smiling softly at the scenery. Roxas saw the look of nostalgia deep in the man's green gaze. It made him a little happier, since Axel appeared sincerely content. Demyx stepped forward to crouch and dip his hand into the water.

"It's so nice out here," He commented.

Zexion nodded with an unreadable expression, "Yes, I agree."

Roxas rolled his eyes. Zexion had been bitching about the trip nonstop but he suddenly seemed to think this was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

"Let's go get the rest of the stuff." Roxas spoke after a long moment.

It took the better part of forty minutes to haul three loads of camping stuff down to the riverside. Then they slowly piled all of it into the front and back of the canoes. Axel had to basically redo Demyx's sloppy work, since the way he'd packaged their stuff up they would have no leg room. Then Axel tied a long orange rope on a tree facing the river. He explained that it would help them find the spot again on the way back.

It was decided that Demyx and Zexion would take the lighter canoe while Roxas and Axel would take the longer one. Axel pushed the first canoe out before hopping behind Roxas in the second one. At first the vessel bobbed precariously, but as soon as Axel started paddling they were swiftly on their way.

It wasn't as hard work as Roxas thought it would be, but he was certain his arms would ache by the next day. The forest around them was never ending as they floated on. It was like they were back in ancient times. Every so often they came across a split in the river, and Axel would pull out his compass and point either left or right.

When Roxas first met Axel in college he'd never pictured the man as an outdoors type. Maybe it was because of the tight black clothes or the studded bracelets the man wore. Or maybe it was the cocky disposition that Axel entertained. The idea of the redhead dawning a flannel and humming to himself as he pulled the oar through the waves had been ridiculous. And even now, despite the lack of flannel, Roxas found himself peeking back at his older friend. He watched Axel's arms flex or beads of sweat slowly roll down his neck.

Axel never noticed his frequent glances, he was too busy admiring the scenery.

They chatted about this or that, Zexion complained a little bit, and they continued on as if this was something they did every day.

-Six Hours Later-

Roxas was more than a little irritable. His arms were hurting and he felt the sunburn forming on his cheeks. The trip had taken longer than he could have imagined. He was hungry, sweaty, and excuse the pun; not a happy camper.

When Axel finally pointed to an island situated in the center of the river, informing them that they had finally reached their destination, the group was collectively relieved. Roxas felt like he'd just done a million push-ups, and he friggin' hated push-ups. Axel was cheerful despite the dour mood around him. Nothing could ruin this for him it seemed. Not even Roxas's occasional bitchy comments.

They paddled over to the side of the island that was low and easy to access. The trees overhead were almost a hundred feet tall. Axel jumped out into the water uncaringly; it was only so deep as to reach his knees. After pushing his own canoe on the shore he turned and assisted his friends with theirs.

Roxas wearily got out, flexing his arms which felt crippled with knots. Roxas tried not to glare up at Axel as he did so. This spot of woods appeared no different than the other bazillion patches of woods they already passed. Glancing around him he couldn't understand what made this place so 'awesome.'

While Axel was tying the canoes up, Demyx pulled out the large cooler with Zexion's help. He tipped the lid open and fished out water bottles, tossing them around to each exhausted companion. They munched on PB and J sandwiches, silent as they inhaled the meal gratefully.

Demyx leaned back onto the grass after he finished eating. Now that they were finally lounging he felt the sweat dry from his body. He was equally as achy however much more cheerful about it he acted. He wasn't going to complain much when Axel had worked so hard to get them here in the first place.

"Are we gonna stay right here tonight?" Zexion finally asked as twisted the cap back on his plastic bottle.

"Nope," Axel grinned, his canines showing.

Roxas tried to whap at Axel's arm but missed, "Noooo, Axel! We can't go any farther, I'm gonna die."

"Hehe," Axel leaned over to ruffle the damp blond spikes, "Don't worry, Rox. We're really close, we just need to walk several yards more."

"Fuck yes," Demyx was undeniably relieved. He too didn't think he could go much longer.

"What makes this place so special?" Roxas swatted away Axel's appendage.

Axel stood up, "C'mon, you'll see."

The group followed him into a dense patch of forest. There were no paths this time and they had to stumble over fallen trees. The trees were incredibly broad; Zexion felt like it would be very easy to get lost in these woods if they weren't on an island. Roxas was pushing away branches from his face, Axel waiting just ahead of them. There was a drop below and the three collectively gasped.

They suddenly understood what Axel had meant.

It was awesome, in Roxas's opinion.

There was a waterfall flowing directly over a Cliffside that they hadn't seen on their way towards the island. The pool beneath it was clear, smooth rocks circling around it. Innumerable red flowers bloomed around them, the trees open overhead so they could see the brilliant sky. Roxas wanted nothing more than to strip off all this clothes and dive headlong into the cool water. He bet it would feel amazing.

Axel grinned, "Me and my mom found this place the year before she died. You guys are the first people to know about it, and probably the first to be here besides me. It was always my favorite secret."

Roxas was startled, Axel never spoke about his mother, "What? Really?"

Axel hummed his affirmation.

Demyx smiled absently as his eyes took in the beauty around them, "Thank you Ax. I'm glad you showed us this beautiful place."

Zexion nodded but didn't say anything.

It was wonderfully quiet; the only sounds were the rustling leaves and the cascading water splashing below. Axel crouched low to the ground in admiration. His mind was full of the memories he had here. He'd only been twelve when he stumbled across this place. They stopped to rest randomly, choosing this island for no particular reason. Sitting still wasn't an option for a boy his age, so while his mother made lunch he'd run off into the woods with vague plans to find a suitable walking stick. His mother had been eating when he'd frantically dragged her here; she'd been a little angry with his antics until she saw what he wanted to show her so badly. He'd never seen his mom happier then when she clapped eyes on this place. It had been a surreal moment, just the two of them alone in utopia. Axel let his eyes slid over to Roxas, he felt his heartbeat quicken in his chest.

Now he could share it again, only with his best friends. He trusted them. He knew they wouldn't spill his precious secret to anyone else.

Axel wanted to memorize the expression on the blonds still face. It was so like his mothers, except his eyes were more radiant. Roxas appeared calm, content, and at peace with his thumbs looped around his shorts. Axel hid his mouth with his arm, trying to force his expression blank though he was extremely pleased.

There was no more complaining when they dragged their tents and backpacks through the woods. Instead they had quiet exclamations of excitement, soft words spoken because anything louder seemed inappropriate and unnecessary. They erected their tents, unrolled their sleeping bags inside, and just as it was getting dark Demyx and Zexion went off to find firewood. Axel was lounging on a mossy tree. Roxas was sitting on the smooth rocks with his feet dipping into the water. Axel stood and jumped down, casually slinging his own bare legs into the cool spring right beside the younger boy.

Roxas smiled up at him, "It's wonderful here."

Axel leaned forward to stare into the pool. And they sat like that, enjoying each other's company, reveling in the nature around them. Conversations passed between them, glances exchanged. Axel couldn't remember being so happy before. Just him and Roxas, it was perfection.


The air was cool but the fire kept their skin pleasant and warm. Roxas was learning how to cook over the open blaze. He had barely even made ramen noodles before let alone brats. The food was warm and satisfying, complimenting the cheap beer perfectly.

Demyx was getting tipsy; he was a lightweight when it came to drinking. Axel kept finding dead leaves to crackle in the flames. Zexion munched his food thoughtfully, listening to the random songs Demyx would sing.

Axel nearly started crying when Demyx started belting Justin Beiber lyrics, Roxas was pushing him over on his side. Demyx kept singing even when Roxas forced his hands over his mouth, the sounds muffled.

"No! Dem, you can't sing that crap here!" Roxas barked. "It goes against all things holy and decent in this world!"

Demyx laughed openly when he pulled away, "Aww, meanie, you're no fun."

"Now now children," Axel teased, "Behave."

"If I wanna siiiiiing, I'm gonna si—iiiing!" Demyx squealed, hiding behind Zexion for protection when Roxas got on his knees and lifted his fist in a joking attempt to punch him.

Zexion was trying not to chuckle, "Don't hide behind me."

"Well, what should we do then?" Demyx peeked around Zexion.

"Drink." Axel and Roxas spoke in unison.

Zexion scoffed, "Wow, didn't think of that one."

"Maybe we should play a game." Demyx suggested, plopping down closer to Zexion than he had been before. Zexion didn't seem to mind.

"Like truth or dare?" Axel offered.

Roxas rolled his eyes after taking a long sip of his beer, "Yes, because we totally just graduated junior high."

"Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me." Demyx pointed his index finger in the air.

"Okay," Axel grinned from across the fire, "Zexion, truth or dare."

"Truth, I suppose."

"Have you ever cheated on anything school related in your entire life?"

"Of course not, Axel. Just because you don't like to work hard doesn't mean that rule applies to everybody."

Roxas giggled, his cheeks tinted with pink, "You just like to study, Zex, admit it."

"Bookworm!" Demyx cheered, leaning back to pop open another beer that was resting in the cooler.

Zexion glared, "Okay then, Axel. Truth or dare."

"Dare." The smirk plastered across his face was confident.

Roxas was incredulous, "Jeeze Zex, you knew he would choose dare."

"I dare you to climb that tree." Zexion pointed at the massive elm just beyond their small clearing.

Axel was on his feet in an instant.

"Aw, Zex, he's gonna kill himself. And then how are we gonna get home?" Demyx whined, but dutifully followed Axel and watched him trying to hoist up the bark. Roxas brought out his camera and gleefully took several embarrassing photos of Axel in precarious positions.

Axel managed to twist his way around a shorter branch and haul his body up so his butt was seated on the wood. He held his arms up in a mock cheer before jumping down gracefully.

"I rocked at climbing trees when I was a kid." Axel boasted loudly.

"You're so sadly triumphant," Roxas pointed out.

Axel spun, "Roxy- truth or dare."

"Don't call me Roxy. And truth I guess." Roxas shrugged to himself.

Axel plopped back on the ground next to him.

"Have you ever been in love with somebody? Romantically?" Axel was openly curious.

"Why do you ask that?" Roxas's tone was incredulous, "You know I dated Namine for three years."

"Yeah, but did you love her love her?" Axel pressed.

So the blond thought about it. He had a sneaking suspicion that he already knew the answer but he wasn't sure he wanted to say it out loud. Yes, he might be in love with somebody. But that somebody had nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend. Roxas felt his cheeks flush.

"Yes. I've fallen in love before. So- Demyx, truth or-"

"With who?" Zexion interrupted. It was quite clear to him who Roxas was referring to, and he wondered if the boy was being honest with himself or just skirting around the issue.

"Only one question!" Roxas said quickly before adding, "So, truth or dare Dem?"

"Um, truth I guess."

"Did you really walk in on Professor Xemnas having sex with that Saix dude?"

The group burst out laughing while Demyx flinched and turned noticeably pale.

"Ugh, way to remind me. And yes, I did. It was one of the most traumatizing moments in my life."

Even Zexion couldn't help but smirk as he gently pat Demyx's shoulder. Demyx turned to Axel this time.

"Ax- truth or-"

"Dare." Again with the smirk.

"I dare you to jump into the water butt naked." Demyx cried gleefully.

Axel's face was horrified, "I'd freeze to death! My balls would fall off!"

"But, Axel," Roxas teased, "I thought you said you never turn down from a dare."

Axel was pouting as he stood up again to shimmy his shirt off. They followed him down to the pool of water, Axel was clearly unhappy as he unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop. Roxas blinked as smooth skin was revealed, shadows playing off the musculature of his back. Roxas frantically averted his eyes when the redhead delved his boxers off; Demyx noticed this and smirked in Zexion's direction to see if he noticed. Zexion took this to mean, 'push Axel.' So he did.

With a loud splash the man was dunked into the water with a yelp. He surfaced a moment later.

"You fuckers!" Axel bellowed. Demyx was squealing happily until Axel whipped some water in his direction. The pair backed up quickly, trying to avoid the icy spray.

Roxas took pity on him and leaned forward, clasping at the soaking hand to help pull him out of the water. He was rewarded with an eyeful of Axel's manhood, though it didn't look very impressive because of the cold water. Axel started shivering as he frantically pulled his boxers back on, grabbing his shorts and hugging his arms around his bare torso. Roxas quickly pulled his sweatshirt off, handing it over. Axel nodded gratefully and tugged it around him. He liked how it smelled faintly like Roxas's cologne.

They walked back towards the fire, but Axel still shook uncontrollably, "Fucking hell, that water was like fucking torture."

Roxas grabbed a log from their pile by the tents to throw on the fire. His eyes were firmly avoiding Axel, the flush on his cheeks most certainly not attributed to the alcohol. He tried to push the naked redhead out of his mind, but the sight was seared into his retinas.

Axel grabbed his sleeping bag from the tent and pooled the fabric around him as he got comfortable again.

"Alright," Axel said with a nasty tone, "Demyx, truth or dare."

Demyx was instantly regretful. Axel was known for his payback. "Um…"

He thought about it. Which would be worse? "Truth."

Axel smirked, Demyx gulped anxiously.

"Have you ever kissed a dude?" Axel asked.

Demyx was aghast, Zexion looking over at him with a startled expression. Roxas couldn't help but smile to himself, why ask the question when the answer was obvious?

Demyx's face turned a brilliant shade as he sputtered to himself. He desperately wanted to lie, especially in front of Zexion, but Axel already knew the truth and would definitely call him out on it.

"…Yes," he squeaked with a tiny voice.

Zexion blinked, Axel watched him slowly absorb this uncharacteristic behavior. Zexion turned to face Demyx. His eyebrows were scrunched up beneath the fringe of slate hair.


If possible, Demyx seemed to become more embarrassed as he said in a rushed voice, "Only one question! Roxas. Truth or dare."


"Umm… I guess… What is your best memory to date?"

Axel huffed, what a lame question. He didn't anticipate the response.

"Today, when we saw this place for the first time." Roxas sounded so certain.

Axel felt himself fill with pleasure. He'd contributed to the blond's best memory. He smiled softly and couldn't help but be pleased.

"Zexion, truth or dare."


"C'mon you guys are so lame! Why don't you do a fucking dare?" Axel growled.

Zexion deadpanned, "Maybe because only you're stupid enough to do a dare."

Roxas smirked, "He has a point."

The redhead huffed and motioned for Demyx to hand him another beer. Demyx tossed it over the fire, it was caught easily. Axel chugged the liquid, trying to warm himself up some more after the horrible water. Maybe he was a little dumb for accepting dares so easily.

Roxas hummed to himself, "So Zexion. Have you ever fallen in love with somebody?"

Zexion didn't allow himself to appear ruffled, "Of course I have."

Axel catcalled at him; Zexion gave him the finger as he asked, "Demyx, truth or dare."

"Me again? Dare this time I guess."

"…I dare you to…" Zexion looked around as he tried to think of something. Then his eyes flashed over to the blond who was currently toying with the tab on his can. "Kiss Roxas."

"What?" His three companions shouted in dismay.

Demyx and Roxas turned to face Axel, who appeared equally horrified. The redhead scratched his hand through his hair, mortified that he'd been caught. Roxas finally turned to face Demyx, heaving a long sigh. It was just a kiss. Just a little tiny kiss. With his friggin' roommate.

The musician stood and padded slowly over to Roxas, pausing when he was close to the blond's face. Then he glanced back at Zexion. Then back at Roxas. Then back at Zexion.

Zexion felt like an idiot, which was a rare occurrence. He wanted to yell that he took back the dare, but that would be as obvious as Axel's immediate reaction to said proposal. So he clenched his hands and forced himself to watch Demyx lightly peck Roxas on the lips. They both kept their eyes open, and Demyx pulled away like he'd been burned as soon as it was over.

Axel coughed behind his hand, "Well, this just got awfully gay."

Roxas scowled. Demyx was pink when he went to sit back down. Demyx refused to look at Zexion, undeniably angry at the man but not for the obvious reasons. His slate haired stupid idiot crush had dared him to kiss his dorm roommate. In front of his dorm roommates redheaded stupid idiot crush. Zexion deflated, uneasy with Demyx being so agitated.

There was a long pause of awkward silence.

"I'm sorry." Zexion murmured towards his friend, a bit ashamed of himself.

Demyx snorted, taking a long sip of his beer. Roxas was staring down at the ground despondently.

"Axel, truth or dare." Demyx finally said, his voice molded into a forcible calm façade.

"Truth," Axel frowned, "I'm not gonna pick dare 'cause you asshats might just push me back in that water."

Demyx brought a finger to his lips, "If you had to kiss anyone, of us three, who would you kiss?"

Axel's jaw became unhinged as it dropped open in perfect surprise, "Um, guys, isn't this enough with the kissing stuff…?"

Roxas turned a sharp glare at his friend, "Don't try to hedge out of this one. You're the one who started with the love and crap questions."

Axel felt defeated, Demyx was amused. There were few and far in between moments that he truly got to mess with Axel, and this was one of those treasured rarities.

"Of you three?"

A firm nod, "Us three."

"Well…." Axel was clutching his beer tightly, "I guess… um, that it to say… I've known you since forever Dem so that would be creepy. And Zexion would probably punch me in the crotch, so…."

"Roxas, I guess…" The faintest whisper escaped Axel's mouth.

Roxas was more than a little startled at the admission, alongside the fact Axel's face was the color of his hair. Zexion couldn't help but roll his eyes. Roxas didn't need to looks so surprised. The redheads feelings were practically tattooed across Axel's face. Demyx smiled cheerfully as he thought to himself, 'well, things in Axel's tent are going to be a wee awkward tonight.'

Demyx stood and motioned towards their tents, "It's been a long day, y'all. Let's get some sleep."

-Forty Minutes Later-

Awkward was indeed an understatement.

Axel was stiff as a board inside his sleeping bag as far away from Roxas as the miniscule tent would allow. Roxas was silent, equally tense, the air between them radically different than usual.

Roxas's thoughts were spiraling away. He couldn't focus because the words Axel had spoken, no matter how reluctant, were replaying like a record. Roxas let his eyes slide over to Axel, who was staring up at the tent with firm resolution. He could just barely see him in the dim light, the fire outside were embers by this point.

Roxas gulped. He felt like such a little kid. So what if Axel said he'd kiss him? 'Instead of the only other two dudes who are here,' His mind firmly reminded him. The statement didn't mean anything.

The blond squeezed his eyes shut, unsuccessfully trying to empty his mind.

"You still awake?" Roxas barely noticed the words slip out as he unconsciously leaned up on his forearms.

Axel turned, he didn't sound tired at all, "Yeah."

"Was it true what you said about kissing me?"

Roxas wanted to punch himself in the head. He sounded like such a homo! Why would he ask that question? What had possessed those words to escape? Especially when he wasn't even positive he wanted to know the answer.

Axel sighed from next to him, "Yeah."

Roxas blinked and tried to affect boredom and unattachment, "Really?"

Axel finally turned on his side to peer over at Roxas cautiously. He was watching Roxas's expression for a long moment before he finally spoke again. Roxas wished he could read his friend's mind, since his face was unreadable.

"Does that gross you out?"

Roxas shook his head before he even noticed. No, that thought most totally did not gross him out. Roxas ducked his head by his pillow. He wasn't going to say anything more. No way. He would rather lay awake all night than say what he was thinking aloud.

"…Me too." Dammit. Shit. Fuck. No.

Axel appeared cautious, "You mean, rather than Dem or Zex you'd rather…"

Roxas nodded sharply with his face smashed against the pillow, "Totally."

Axel really wasn't sure how to take that. His heart was pounding and he was trying to remain level headed and realistic. Roxas didn't mean to sound the way he did, no, Roxas was just comforting him. Right?

Silence reigned for a long beat, "Well, thank you."

"Huh?" Roxas thought that was the stupidest thing the redhead could ever say at this particular juncture.

"I mean, since you trust me and all. More than Dem and Zex." The words felt false on his tongue.

"Oh. I guess… you're welcome." No, Roxas told himself, he wasn't blushing. No his cheeks were most certainly not red, and if they were red they were red from drinking beer and not from emotional crap. Roxas turned to peak over at Axel again.

"Have you ever, you know, kissed a guy?"

Axel's eyebrows shot to his forehead, "No, never. Have you?"

"No, me either. Well, 'cept for Demyx tonight."

Another long beat of silence.

"So-" They both stated in unison, startling each other.

Then they started laughing together, because the whole thing was just so ridiculous. They were both acting like nervous twits around each other when they were supposed to be best buddies. Roxas wiped away the tears that escaped his eyes, Axel's chest hurt from laughing so hard.

After the pair calmed down they remained staring at each other.

"Have you ever wondered?" Axel started.

"Should we?" Roxas responded.

"Maybe, just to get it out of the way, of course." Axel figured, though his heart was literally pounding in his ears.

Roxas nodded, scooting closer to Axel, "Just once,"

"Just to see." Axel told him while shifting so he was sitting up. Axel pulled the sleeping bag away from him and tried to act calm. But that was so hard to do, inimitably impossible.

Roxas's head was lower than Axel so the redhead leaned down. They were so close to each other's faces but they could barely see anything. Warm breath fanned each other's cheeks, Roxas was thankful for the dark so Axel couldn't see how embarrassed he was.

A tingle rolled down Axel's spine as he watched Roxas's eyes slide shut and his pink lips pucker. Axel thought about pulling away, but knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And he so, so, so, so fucking wanted this. Instead of hesitating, and because he was stubborn like that, Axel swiftly closed the distance and pressed his mouth against the waiting boy.

Roxas felt a rush of air leave him at the contact; he tilted his shoulders to adjust his lips closer. Axel smelled like smoke and musk and he was so incredibly warm. His lips tasted faintly of beer, but Roxas didn't mind one bit. After, what both considered too short of time, Axel gently pulled back. But not very far at all. Roxas felt his whole body burn with Axel so close to him, the tingle stinging his lips pleasantly.

So he impulsively leapt up and wrapped his arms around the lanky shoulders just in time for Axel to scoop him around the waste and the subsequent kiss was entirely different. This kiss was tongue and teeth and desperation. Roxas forced his body as close to Axel as he possibly could, spreading his legs so he was more comfortable resting on the older man's lap. Axel began stroking his face and hair and cheeks, fingers gentle while tongues battled aggressively for dominance. Roxas stroked Axel's tongue with his own, explored his mouth as if it were an undiscovered wonder, and felt Axel return the favor with exuberance. Axel nipped at his lips, Roxas responded by scratching his nails on the tender skin at the back of Axel's neck.

Then, as quickly as it started, they pulled away from each other a second time. Their breathing had become labored, coming out in hot puffs. Roxas shyly pushed back from Axel's arms, the redhead let him go instantly.

Roxas wound his sleeping bag back around him and forced his body to lie down. Roxas could care less about the hard ground beneath him because he was trying to calm his body down. He felt like if he didn't he would strip Axel bare and do several things that he wasn't mentally prepared for. Axel seemed to agree with his assessment and followed suit, wrapping himself equally tight into the blankets despite the fact that he felt equally sweaty and bothered.

"Um-" Roxas squeaked, "Thank you?"

Axel couldn't help but chuckled in response. His voice was warm with affection, "You're welcome."