So here I stand,

Staring at a painted door.

My hooves itch slightly,

The material of my uniform,

Blue and yellow,

Rubbing uncomfortably.

A blessing and a curse,

An obvious symbol

Of both my soaring success

And the loss of you two.

My goggles hang heavily,

Pulling against my exposed neck

Much the same as the tension

Pulls against my exposed heart.

A scent reaches my nose,

Wafting out from beneath the door,

A reminder of our fillyhoods

And what became your calling.

Fresh apples,

So familiar,

So appealing,

And now, so distant.

I know that you're home.

I know you can hear me.

My wings fluff out,

Catching the wind,

Reminding me of how

My life spiraled off from yours.

A gentle wind,

A curious wind,

Probing at my fur and feathers.

Just like on that beautiful day.

The day that I found myself.

The day that I lost you both.

I remember,

And so do you,

Judging by

Our separation.

An autumn wind,

Three fillies together,

And all the time in the world.

Crusading, we called it,

Wild and free,

Dangerous and stupid

More often than not.

To find our destinies,

Ever so sure

That in the end

They were tied together.

Needless to say,

None of us three

Sports a crystal ball

Upon her flank.

To the top of a cliff

We marched together,

Sweating in the midday sun.

Sweetie in the lead,

You right behind,

And myself,

Lagging in the back.

We talked and talked

Though I know not of what,

Our minds full of hope

And our hearts full of friendship.

Base jumping

Once again,

Your idea,

You silly filly.

Our harnesses secured,

We shared a laugh,

And then a scream

As I was blown over the edge.

Your harness was secured.

Sweetie forgot to fasten mine.

I flapped so hard,

My heart pounding,

Knowing that I

Would never fly.

Still I pushed

My muscles straining,

In my wings

And in my throat.


A miracle.

My falling slowed

As my heart quickened,

Feeling as though

It would burst.

I was flying.




I heard your cheers,

Both of you together,

Screaming still

But now for joy.

I looped around,

Testing my skills,

Soaring beside

The rocky wall.

Up I came

And over you ran,

Hugging me as I touched down.

Imagine my horror

When Sweetie gasped,

And your warm embrace

Recoiled instantly.

I was different.

You two were the same.

A ray of sunlight

Graced my flanks

Painted upon

The orange fur.

I was so happy,

I jumped for joy,

And yet your hooves

Remained grounded.

It took me a while

To figure it out,

Given how elated

I was at that moment.




Sweetie cried,

Then she huffed,

Saying our days

Of crusading were over.

I protested,

You stayed silent,

As unicorn and pegasus

Went to war verbally.

Over and over

Sweetie yelled,

Convinced that our marks

Would be won together.

I was heartbroken,

Dragged down from on high,

My proudest moment

Sullied by her words.

My words were not as nice.

My words divided us.

I don't know if you walked home together,

But I do know that I walked home alone.

Days into weeks,

Weeks into months,

I heard nothing

As I honed my skills.

Year's end came,

And again we talked,

But an argument started





You called me.




Was my response.

Years passed.

Our paths diverged,

But still I watched

From clouds on high.

Your mark,

A hat,

Its plume quite tall.

And hers,

A watch,

With frozen hands.

I think about her mark a lot.

It seems symbolic of our friendship.

Our careers took off,

Stunt flier,


And tinkerer.

You were content to cook alone.

She was satisfied working in silence.

I got tired of flying solo.

I had my passion,


Alongside my idol,

No longer an orphan.

Everything in its place,

Adopted by the mare

Whom I had held

In highest regard.

And yet it was not enough.

I missed you both.

I still do.

But I have to question...

Do you miss me?

I took the time,

Even missed a show

To fly down here

To those familiar acres.

To the farmhouse,

Its paint so familiar

The grounds so empty,

Your absence so obvious.

I know that you're home.

I saw you through the window.

But I've also learned to respect boundaries.

I just want to see you,

My closest friend,

And try to undo

What went so wrong.

Again I knock,

My hoof tapping,

Making enough noise

To ensure that you hear.

The hoofsteps stop

From within the house

And I know that you're considering.

They start again,

Only to cease

Right on the other side of the oak.

I can hear you breathing.

Leaning in,

Checking through

The eyehole.

Hoofsteps again,

Moving away

As the scent continues

To waft through the air.

It hurts.

My eyes sting.

I want to scream,

But I hold back.

This is your choice now.

My hoof is extended,

You need only take it.

And yet part of me knows

That the wounds haven't healed.

Even so,

I remain,

Waiting just

Outside the wood.

You know I'm here.

I wish I knew what you were thinking.

I'd give anything to have you back.

So here I stand,

Staring at a painted door.

Author's Note: Have another poem. Not sure if I'll be doing any more of these, but I had the idea and decided to take the shot. I'm off this upcoming week, so I'll begin work on Scented Venom chapter 10 soon. It's finally coming.