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AN: This is a fill for the Glee Kink Meme:

"Finn was a senior during s1. Burt & Carole still got married, but Finn went off to OSU, where he met Blaine.
Blaine's family aren't around for Thanksgiving, so Finn brings him along to the Hummel-Hudson house, where he meets Kurt & is enarmoured with him. Kurt is vice versa.
During the first visit they don't go very far (maybe handjobs?) but Blaine visits for other holidays and they gradually go further.
I'd like for them not to be in a relationship at the start, just fooling around, but by the time they get to penetration they can be together.
Would also like it if Blaine has minor guilt about sleeping with his friends 'little' brother."

"You'll be gone for how long again?" Blaine asked his mom over Skype.

"I don't know, your Dad's always wanted to do on site research and with you at college well…" she trailed off. "We might be home for Easter. Oh, Blaine I'm sorry to leave you alone on the holidays baby."

"It's alright, Mom." Blaine gave his best showman smile for her. "When are you going? Before or after Thanksgiving?"

"Before, November 19th. Three days." She gave an excited little shake.

"Wow, that's quick." Blaine was shocked. His parents weren't usually this impulsive.

"Yeah, well…" She shrugged. "Between you and me it'll be like the honeymoon we never got to enjoy." She winked. "Your grandmother had to come with us that time." His parents honeymoon was always a point of contention for his mother.

"Oh, have fun." Blaine said, trying not to let a single image enter his brain.

"Will you be alright for Thanksgiving, Blaine? You have somewhere to go?"

"I'll figure it out, Mom." Blaine assured her.

"Okay," She wiggled excitedly again. "I can't wait. It's so exciting!"

Blaine laughed at her reaction fondly. "I'm happy for you, Mom. I love you, tell Dad I miss you guys."

"Will do, baby. Now get back to that homework I know I'm keeping you from." She winked at him, a smile on her face.

"Alright, bye, Mom."

"Bye, Blaine."

Blaine closed his Skype window and flopped back on his bed. "Great, the next… one, two, three… three major holidays alone. Wonderful." He rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Why?" Finn asked from the doorway to the bathroom that joined their rooms. He had a habit of coming over at random moments. He was a freshman, only one in their four person suite, and had latched most strongly onto Blaine for some reason.

"Parents are going on a very extended vacation." Blaine answered. "Not even staying for Thanksgiving, and Dad loves Thanksgiving." Blaine sighed and rolled over so he could see the lumbering boy. "On a happier note, you have any plans for the eating holiday of the country?"

Finn shrugged. "Mom always makes Turkey and Kurt'll prolly make some really fancy food I can't pronounce."

"Kurt's your step-brother right?" Blaine asked. He heard the boy's name sometimes, usually when Finn wanted to complain about something being too difficult.

"Yeah." Finn nodded. "He's cool."

"Great." Blaine smiled. He kind of liked Finn. Usually he liked his friends smarter, but there was something charming about Finn that Blaine couldn't put his finger on.

"Hey!" Finn said and Blaine could practically see the lightbulb light above his head. "How 'bout you come home with me? Mom always makes too much food and Kurt loves cooking, so there's definitely gonna be enough food."

Blaine sat up and stared at the boy for a minute. "Would that be okay with your family, Finn?"

"What?" Finn cocked his head. "Why wouldn't it be? I had friends over all the time in high school."

"I mean would it be alright if you brought somebody home to intrude on a holiday, Finn. It's different than any random day."

"Um, I'm sure they won't care, but you probably want me to, like, ask and stuff don't you, dude?"

"That'd be it." Blaine smiled. "If it's alright, I'd actually really like that." Wes' family didn't celebrate holidays of any sort and David lived in New York, he'd be flying home. Buying a plane ticket was out of the question. Finn, however, lived only a short car ride away.

"Cool, I'll ask." Finn pulled out his phone and texted someone.

The answer came about an hour later. Blaine was going to the Hudson's.

Kurt fully expected Finn to bring home somebody like Puck, somebody with their head full of sports and stuffing. It was their first holiday as a family and Finn had to go and bring some stupid jock boy home from college. Kurt pouted. Carole had agreed when Finn asked quickly, and without asking Kurt.

He sighed. He knew technically she didn't have to ask him to do anything, but he was used to being consulted at least. His dad usually asked him for input in things and Kurt wasn't used to the way Carole just did things yet, though with Finn for a son it really shouldn't surprise him that Carole was so self-sufficient.

So on Wednesday night, as he was preparing some bread to bake the next day (who knew what was really in those store bought things), and Finn pulled into the driveway Kurt didn't go out to meet him. Instead he just kept rolling the dough. He didn't usually go all out like this, suspending disbelief and actually purchasing mass processed things, but on special days he liked to expend the effort.

The door opened loudly, seemed Finn hadn't learned to be a ninja in college after all, no matter how much he'd seemed to think he would. Kurt, finally happy with the shape of the bread, laid it carefully on the pain it would be baked on and got out the cling wrap. The loaves would be spending the night in the fridge, ready to be brought to room temperature and backed tomorrow. His dad and Carole were greeting Finn and his guests so Kurt started cleaning up.

Okay, fine he was sulking. He just didn't want to go meet a potentially homophobic jock that would be in the house with them for the next three days. It wasn't high on his bucket list.

"Kurt?" Finn called and Kurt heard him pop in the kitchen. Kurt sighed and rinsed off his hands, grabbing a towel to dry them, and turned around. "Hey, bro." Finn smiled happily.

"Hi Finn." Kurt returned the smile.

"Hey, Kurt, this is my friend Blaine, Blaine, this is my brother." Finn announced and moved aside a little just as a boy popped out from behind him.

Kurt's heart skipped a beat. Jock was gorgeous. He also didn't look like a jock, he looked shorter than Kurt, and maybe even a little less broad in the shoulders. He'd had a nice growth spurt over the summer. The only downside had been that he outgrew all his clothes. He was accustomed to school shopping, but not to having to buy new everything.

But back to Blaine. He was so handsome. Kurt felt a blush rise in his cheeks. "Hi." He said, and his voice squeaked. Fuck, why did it have to do that?

Blaine locked eyes with him. "Hi." He said back and Kurt just about melted.

Finn's little brother was… Blaine couldn't even come up with a word he liked for what Kurt was. The way he had blushed… Blaine couldn't stop picturing it as he lay on the Hudmel's couch. He turned over and buried his head in the cushion. Kurt was just… Blaine sighed happily.

He had a crush. Oh such a crush. He smiled like an idiot. He'd only fallen so quickly once before, and he'd never had the guts to speak to that boy. But he was twenty now, a sophomore in college. Tomorrow he would talk to Kurt, figure that boy out and see if his crush could be anything else or if it would fizzle out.

For now though, he should probably go to sleep, and try not to have wet dreams about a boy who had only said one word to him. He had a sneaking suspicion he would fail at that.