From Chandler:
We still on for the Top Model marathon?

To Chandler:
Yup. Mercedes is very eager to tear down all your favorites, be warned.

From Chandler:
I'm waiting for the same! See ya soon!

To Chandler:
Oh, is it alright if I bring Blaine? His choir director let them out earlier than expected and he's on his way to my house right now. He'll be here all weekend and I haven't gotten to see him in two weeks.

From Chandler:
OKAY! More the merrier. (Besides, you know how cute I think he is. Even if he's taken I'm MORE than fine having a hot gay man on my couch.)

To Chandler:
Just don't forget the part about him being taken, Chandler. -.-

From Chandler:
I'm teasing you, Kurt. (Mostly)

To Chandler:

Kurt opened the door at ten o'clock and Blaine encompassed him in a hug with a sigh of relief. "I missed you." He kissed the side of Kurt's neck and nuzzled his hair line.

Kurt laughed and pulled away. "Stop, you know I'm ticklish there." He pressed a kiss to Blaine's lips. "I missed you too, honey."

"I HATE my choir director sometimes." Blaine enveloped Kurt in another tight hug. He hadn't gotten his Kurt Cuddles in nearly two weeks, he was DYING without them.

"But she let you out early today, that has to count for something." Kurt sighed happily in Blaine's ear.

"Doesn't change the fact that she demanded we have practice on Saturday AND Sunday last weekend. Just because we couldn't meet until Friday again doesn't mean she should ruin our weekends." Blaine decided to let Kurt go so they could shuffle into the house and Kurt could close the door. Once that was done, however, he latched right onto Kurt's arm again.

"Well it's alright now. We're together." Kurt pressed a kiss to the top of Blaine's head. "Oh, we're going to Chandler's tomorrow for a Top Model marathon."

Blaine groaned. "Okay, but I get Sunday all to myself. I don't want to share you on Sunday."

"That can be arranged." Kurt smiled at him and Blaine wiggled with happiness.

"Do I get to sleep in YOUR room tonight?" Blaine asked with a giant, hopeful smile.

"I wish, baby, but Dad'll check. He was really angry last time he caught us, I was barely able to convince him to let you come back over. He still hasn't forgiven you for the Christmas break thing."

"But that was THREE months ago!" Blaine protested.

"My dad's good at holding grudges where I'm concerned. You have NO idea what it took for him to like Finn again. And he was dating Finn's mom at the time."

"I think you should tell me that story, but not now, later." Blaine yawned.

"We can make out in my room for a little bit with the door open," Kurt suggested.

"See, this is why I love you. You have AMAZING ideas." Blaine smiled up at his boyfriend.

Kurt knew that Blaine didn't particularly like Chandler, but whatever, the boy was his friend and he'd taken the let down REALLY well. Like, they're still friends well. It was kind of amazing and it WOULD be nice to know someone other than Rachel in New York.

Blaine clung to him for most of the day, paying more attention to the whatever game it was he was playing with their hands than the TV. It was a really nice day.

Sunday the house was full so they couldn't get up to much sexually, but just laying together on Kurt's all day making out on and off was nice. The whole weekend seemed to want to be wrapped up in nice and tied with a perfect bow.

Until they went to dinner.

At dinner, as Kurt was holding Blaine's hand on top of the table, he saw Karofsky walked in. Kurt froze.

Since January Karofsky had backed off a lot, seemingly convinced that Kurt REALLY wasn't going to say anything after a solid month of intimidation. February had seen the jock downgrade to the occasional slushi (still more than before the INCIDENT) and a few locker shoves to 'keep him in his place'. March had been the same so far.

But the last time Karofsky had seen him with Blaine he'd freaked out and Kurt REALLY didn't want that to happen again.

He sat in his seat stiffly for the rest of the meal, watching Karofsky out of the corner of his eye. He was surprised to see Santana with him, but he REALLY didn't want to call attention to that just yet. He'd ask her about it later. Maybe.

It was only as they were leaving that the shit really hit the fan. Somehow Karofsky hadn't seen them the whole night and Blaine hadn't spotted the other boy. Blaine had asked a few times why he was so tense, but Kurt had modtly ignored the question.

However, as they were leaving Blaine saw Karofsky and it seemed to click in the older boy's head why Kurt was so tense. Before Kurt could pull him away Blaine stalked over to Karofsky and Santana's table.

Santana looked up at Blaine with her unimpressed gaze. "Excuse me, short stack, but I know you don't work here. Why in the hell are you at my table?"

Blaine ignored her, a bold move, and went straight for Karofsky. "I never got to yell at you before for what you did to Kurt."

"Blaine, drop it, let's go." Kurt pulled on the older boy's arm. "Don't cause a scene."

Karofsky ignored Blaine and looked right at Kurt, suddenly looking betrayed. "You... You said you wouldn't..."

"And I didn't." Kurt said quickly. "He's mad about what happened in January. Which is old news." He tugged Blaine's arm harder. "Blaine, let's go!" he hissed.

"But Kurt,"

"NOW!" Kurt hissed louder and yanked Blaine away roughly. He pushed Blaine away. "You can trust me, Dave." Then he pushed Blaine the rest of the way out of the resturant, not caring at all if Blaine was fuming. He'd take care of that in the car.

"What the hell was that?" Santana asked him. "Why was my gay and his over gelled piece of man meat talking to you?"

"Nothing," Dave said quickly. He didn't need Santana knowing that someone else had figured him out, especially considering HOW Kurt had figured him out. "I have no idea why."

Santana didn't look convinced but for once she didn't push. "Alright, so as I wsa saying. You and me, we could be each others beards. I hate having a real boyfriend because they always want me to sleep with them, and rightfully so, this right here is hot, but I think you'd probably work out better for me. If we're together, no one'll ever suspect anything. I'll have a guy and you, you'll FINALLY have a girlfriend. Don't think the other guys on the team don't notice that. You've only gotten away with it so far because you SO CLEARLY hate Hummel and you look more likely to enjoy a little bush than me." She gave him a sarcastic smile. "So what do you say?"

"I'll do it." Fear spiked through him. He DID NOT need the other guys to talk about him behind his back. And it'd be great if his mom got off his back about it too. His dad was cool, but his mom was ALWAYS asking. "You have to meet my mom though, she won't believe me if you don't and I need her off my back. And you have to be nice."

"Aw, is wittle Davy a nice boy around his pawents?" she asked in this really condescending voice with a little pout on her face. He really had no idea how so many guys fell for her, she was so bitchy.

Then again, he assumed that most guys found her too hot to care. He REALLY wished he was one of those guys.

No. Instead he liked Hummel. The BOY. Dave glared at his salad. He HATED being gay. If FUCKING sucked.

And Hummel! Hummel just got to FLAUNT it everywhere. Sure Dave was his biggest bully, but he made sure nowadays not to hit him so hard and to only throw slushies on him on days he was wearing something simple looking. Simple for Hummel for anyway.

Actually, considering how much money all the clothes Dave had ruined on him cost, Dave was surprised Hummel hadn't just told the whole damn school he was gay already. On a whim one day he'd looked up the price of a McQueen jacket, his eyes had bugged out of his head. And Hummel talked about that McQueen guy ALL THE TIME. Ridiculous!

He and Blaine went to bed angry at each other. It was something Kurt felt really bad about. Around 2:00 he felt so bad he snuck out of his room to apologize. He found Blaine laying on his air-mattress and playing on his computer, headphone in his ears. Kurt carefully snuck up on him, lining himself up so he could easily lay on Blaine when he sunk down.

Blaine squeaked when Kurt's knees hit the air-mattress and then he relaxed as Kurt settled over him. Blaine paused his music and pulled out his headphones. "Hello."

"I'm sorry." Kurt kissed the back of Blaine's neck. "I don't like being angry at you."

"I'm sorry too." Blaine sighed. "I just get made when somebody hurts you, I don't like it."

"I don't either." Kurt shrugged and rolled off Blaine so he was next to him instead.

"Why do you let him do it then? Why?"

"It's a secret, and it's not mine to tell." Kurt shrugged again. "But let's not talk about that. I want to talk about how much I love you."

Blaine smiled at him. "Do you love me enough to have sex with me? I have a big test on Wednesday and a paper due tomorrow at midnight, I need to leave first thing in the morning when you go to school."

Kurt pouted. "Ah, I was looking forward to more cuddles." He kissed Blaine's nose. "Alright, but you have to be REALLY quiet. Last time Carole covered for us, but I don't want to make a habit of it."

"You can't fuck me then, I really can't help being loud when you fuck me." Blaine kissed Kurt softly. "We can do our tried and true between the thighs though, I can manage that quietly."

"Okay, but on your back today. I like to look at you."

"Good, I like you looking at me too." Blaine smiled at him. They rolled off the air-mattress and proceeded to make out.

It was still a good weekend, Kurt realized. Still perfect. Because he was with Blaine, and everything between them was solid and good. He kissed Blaine a little harder.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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