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Sometime after their one year anniversary but before the AWFUL April Fool's day prank Blaine attempted to pull on him, Kurt started thinking about trying to bottom again. It wasn't a conscious thing at first, just a vague thought here and there, until those vague thoughts got more graphic and his hands were wandering down to the ignored opening without actually touching during his alone time.

Then Blaine started pulling away from him and Kurt forgot the thought entirely. The Chandler/Whitney debacle happened and Nationals drew closer. So did Kurt's NYADA audition.

It was with the adrenaline of the performance and the praise still running through his veins that Kurt pulled Blaine into the school parking lot, pushed him almost violently into his car, and drove home a tad too quickly to be legal. Kurt almost didn't care if his parents were home or not. Luckily both were still out for approximately another two hours.

"Sam, get out of the house, I'm horny and Blaine's here." Kurt announced without any tack or shame as he burst into the guest room the blond boy was occupying. Sam raised his eyebrows.

"So good audition then?"

Blaine giggled and Kurt looked back for a second to see the younger boy's face was bright red, but he was smiling widely. "So good, he was amazing! She loved him!" Blaine gushed for him.

"So go away and don't come back for at least two hours," Kurt finished for his boyfriend and directed the best glare he could manage at Sam.

"Alright, give me five minutes." Sam got to his feet and started gathering things so he could leave.

Kurt left then, not caring AT ALL if Sam was gone or not when they started. The blond wouldn't be around for the big act and Kurt REALLY wanted to kiss Blaine.

He dragged Blaine into his room and shoved the younger boy against the door roughly to close it. "Fuck, I love you," Blaine said with a gasp.

"Good." Kurt grinned happily and dove in. Kurt's hands went for Blaine's shirt, pulling it up and out of his pants. Blaine's sure, hot hands went for Kurt's ass, still inclosed in the tight gold pants.

"I hope you saved the rip away pants, we NEED to play with those." Blaine licked the shell of Kurt's ear, straining up on his tip toes to reach properly. "They were your best idea EVER."

"Shh, just let me kiss you, talk later." Kurt pushed himself away and ripped his shirt off his body. Blaine whined. Then they were kissing again.

Blaine dug his fingers into Kurt's ass, whining and panting into Kurt's neck. "I want you SO bad. These pants are amazing too. All your pants drive me insane."

"What did I JUST say about talking?" Kurt whispered but there was no heat in it. He LIKED Blaine's praise, even if he wouldn't always admit it. It made Blaine squirm and try to compliment him more effectively whenever Kurt rebuffed him. Sometimes Kurt thought Blaine redoubled his efforts BECAUSE he knew Kurt was just rejecting so he could hear more. It was definitely something Blaine would do.

"Don't?" Blaine moved his hands to Kurt's waistband and slipped his fingers under. He got his fingers in to the knuckles and he couldn't move them anymore, there was no more room. "Skintight jeans, Kurt." Blaine moaned. "What you do to me, fuck."

Kurt pushed away and walked backwards towards his bed. He popped open the button of his nearly too tight pants and undid the zipper. With the extra room his erection popped out and it made Kurt moan. "Come and get me."

Blaine grinned. He removed his shirt and practically ripped his pants off. Left only in his briefs Blaine pounced. They fell against the bed in a tangle of limbs and laughter. Blaine's forehead bumped into Kurt's shoulder and they bounced awkwardly as they landed.

Quickly Blaine scrambled up so he was laying on top of Kurt properly and they could kiss easily. Then he rolled them so Kurt was on top and Blaine's hands went, as if drawn by magnets, to Kurt's ass. They slipped under the now loose fabric and under Kurt's briefs. Kurt's eyes slid closed at the contact. Blaine rarely touched him there, as if he was afraid Kurt would freak out on him again, and the contact was new and exciting.

Kurt wanted more of it. MUCH more of it.

"I want you to fuck me," Kurt said, eyes still closed, and then latched onto Blaine's collar bone and started sucking harshly.

Blaine gasped and pressed his chest up closer to Kurt's mouth, fingers digging pleasantly into Kurt's ass. Then he froze. "What?"

Kurt lifted his head and opened his eyes, finding Blaine's and holding them. He took a deep breath to steady himself. "I want you to fuck me."

Blaine blinked at him slowly, clearly processing what Kurt had just said. "You want me to top? That's what you're saying right now?"

Kurt nodded. "Yes."

Blaine's eyes closed and his entire body shivered. "Are you sure? You're not just saying that, you're ABSOLUTELY sure? We have a history with this position and it's NOT good. I need to know you're sure."

Kurt opened his mouth to say yes immediately but then closed it again. WAS he sure? He hadn't really thought about it before he'd said it. Sure it'd been on his mind a while ago, but he'd never gotten the courage up to touch himself there again. He'd been afraid that his reaction would still be the same, even though he'd now had SEVERAL examples of how good it could be to be touched that way.

Kurt thought about Blaine's hands, still on his ass, slipping down and circling around his opening, pushing in and stretching and preparing. He imagined how it would feel to let his legs hook over Blaine's shoulders and have the younger boy fold him in half so they could still kiss as they fucked.

No, made love. Corny as it seemed, Kurt could CALL it fucking, and sometimes even THINK of it as fucking, but it never FELT like that. It never felt meaningless to be with Blaine no matter what they were doing.

"I'm sure. I want you to make love to me." Kurt coloured at his words. They were corny and embarrassing, but they were also the truth. They'd promised, officially, to tell each other EVERYTHING, good and bad. This was definitely included.

Blaine smiled softly. "I can do that."

Soon they were naked and Kurt was laying on his back, Blaine kneeling between his legs. Warm hands rubbed up and down Kurt's outer thighs until they finally curled around to rub where Kurt's legs ended and his pelvis began. Blaine's fingers danced lightly over Kurt's cock and down around his balls. He cupped them lightly and rolled them once, enjoying the noise Kurt let out if the look on his face was anything to judge by. "I love you," Blaine said and kissed the inside of Kurt's left knee. "So much."

"I love you too." Despite what happened the last time they were in about to do this, Kurt felt calm and serene. Being with Blaine this way felt comfortable and natural. Kurt let his eyes slip shut, content.

When Blaine's fingers finally lowered to circle Kurt's hole Kurt sighed and let his legs drift farther apart. Blaine seemed encouraged by this and his fingers got bolder. They dipped in, not even really breeching him, and anticipation was the only thing Kurt felt.

"Get the lube," Kurt said with another content sigh. He wiggled a little so he was more comfortable and waited.

Lube was cold, colder than Kurt remembered. It felt different on his hands than it did on his ass. Blaine rubbed it around Kurt's entrance, barely putting any pressure on his entrance. "Is this still okay? You're still fine?"

"I'm perfect, Blaine." Kurt wasn't lying in the slightest. He felt perfectly fine with everything happening. His only wish was that Blaine would move a TAD quicker.

When Blaine finally DID push in, however, Kurt's mind was wiped blank. It felt weird, but not in a bad way. Memories of last time started to surface but then Blaine moved his fingers in an obviously practiced way and the memories faded to nothing. Kurt was there, in the moment, and the moment felt kind of good.

"How does it feel? By this point I would have kicked you for moving so slow. I just wanted to make sure you're alright though, so please don't get any ideas." Blaine pumped his finger in slowly, entering at a slightly different angle each time to open Kurt up.

"I might get ideas if you go this slow the entire time, but I'm good for now," Kurt answered. "It feels a little odd, not bad though. Just weird. I hope it gets better, I'm not fully sure if I'll like it yet."

Blaine hummed. "I think you're ready for another finger, do you feel ready?"

Kurt shrugged. "I think, I'll let you know if you should stop."

As Blaine got more lube Kurt realized something. He'd never been able to have a full conversation like this during sex before. It was kind of strange and vaguely exciting at the same time. Usually his brain was fuzzy almost immediately, as it had been not ten minutes before, and he could barely think in fragments, let alone speak full sentences. He figured some people would think that meant he wasn't into it, but he WAS. He might not be sure if he liked what they were doing yet, but just being naked around Blaine with the promise of sex, of any kind apparently, had Kurt's full attention.

Blaine pushed another finger in and the stretch was slightly painful. Not the wrenching pain from the last time, but a slight sting. THAT wasn't doing anything for Kurt, but the way Blaine's fingers started moving made his breath catch.

"I like that. Move faster." Kurt shifted his hips down further onto Blaine's fingers, wanting more of the feeling.

Blaine chuckled and said he would do it. Then his fingers quickened and Kurt's eyes slid closed and his head fell back against the pillows harshly. Kurt got lost in it, the drag of Blaine's fingers and the heat of the boy between his legs. He got so lost, in fact, that he barely noticed the way Blaine was stretching him. The pain of the stretching was being drowned out by the pleasure of movement. Kurt didn't even notice he was whining and shifting his hips down onto Blaine's fingers until Blaine put his free hand on Kurt's hip to still him.

"Shh, it's alright. I need to add another finger though, you're ready and I'm kind of dying." Blaine leaned away and Kurt saw him grab for the lube bottle.

"Hurry," Kurt rasped. His hole pulsed and ached, suddenly MUCH too empty. He wanted Blaine's fingers back in him, moving and pushing and filling him so beautifully.

"Shh," Blaine kissed his hips. "Give me a second." Then three of Blaine's fingers were positioned at his entrance and pushing in and Kurt didn't even mind the extra bit of pain, he was being filled again.

Soon Kurt was panting and aching and he forced his eyes open, staring at Blaine's face and saying the younger boy's name until he got Blaine's attention. "I'm ready, please." Kurt nodded as he spoke, needing Blaine to believe him.

Blaine laughed breathlessly. "Okay, okay." Blaine took a deep breath. "Condom or no?"

"No. I want to feel you, and then we'll be even for first times doing this." Kurt lifted one leg so it rested on Blaine's shoulder. "Feel free to bend him in half, as I've taught you, I'm quite flexible."

Blaine moaned and rushed forward to kiss him harshly. The burn of the stretch in Kurt's thigh was brilliant. Blaine, it seemed, had learned to multitask, for when he pulled away from the kiss he was able to line his newly lubed up cock with Kurt's hole.

"One hundred percent good?" Blaine asked, rubbing the head of his cock around Kurt's entrance.

"Now you're just teasing me," Kurt growled and wrapped his other leg around Blaine's waist. "Get to it."

Blaine grinned wryly. "Yes, Master."

Then he pushed in, cutting Kurt's retort of 'Glad you finally learned who's boss' off before he could even open his mouth. The blunt pressure of Blaine's cock was different than his fingers. It was thicker, more insistent.

It also wasn't the phantom pulse of pain that Kurt remembered and had feared from their last encounter. He was properly prepped now, ready for the intrusion and kind of panting for it. Blaine kept pushing in, not stopping until he bottomed out, and Kurt's eyes rolled back in his head.

It felt GOOD! Almost too much, he DEFINITELY needed a minute to adjust to this. Blaine shuttered above him, sweating and panting. Kurt flashed back to his first time in Blaine's position, the way he'd felt so close to coming he was almost vibrating with need. He remembered how hard it had been not to move, how hard it sometimes still was not to begin moving immediately.

Blaine's jaw was clenched and his entire body was tense and nearly still. His only movement was the slight rock of his hips, barely half an inch. Kurt tightened his legs around Blaine, trying to help keep the younger boy still while he adjusted to the intense pressure.

"Kurt, please," Blaine begged, his voice breathless and high. "I know it's a lot, but please." Blaine's head fell forward and a few escaped curls brushed Kurt's chest. "Please,"

Something in Kurt shivered, unhappy for causing Blaine to use that helpless tone of voice, but another part of him thrilled. Blaine was desperate for him, and that NEVER got old. "Slowly, slow as you can. I know it's hard for you too."

Blaine's hips moved too fast, much like Kurt's had, but it wasn't terrible. "I'm sorry," Blaine said as he panted and shook. He stopped his hips with his cock nearly out of Kurt, but that was a bad move. The most sensitive part of Blaine was trapped in the tightest spot. Blaine thrust back in almost instantly, moaning loudly and tightening his hold on Kurt's hips.

"Blaine," Kurt whined. It was too much, too much. But it also wasn't' enough at the same time. "Faster."

It was all the encouragement Blaine needed. With a chorus of moans, somehwat laced with discomfort but mostly of pleasure, Blaine let go.

It took a few thrusts for Blaine's pace to stop being painful laced with pleasure and start being pleasure laced with pain. It took even more thrusts for the pain to be so minimal it was almost nonexistent. When that happened Kurt dug his heels in and started trying to meet Blaine's thrusts. It was awkward and he failed more times than he succeeded, but every time he did it was like a burst of pure pleasure.

It was heady, this type of sex. As Blaine pounded into him Kurt's eyes slid shut and his fingers tightened around Blaine's biceps. "Kiss me," Kurt whispered. Blaine leaned forward, folding Kurt further in half, and pressed their lips together. Kurt keened into the kiss. "Oh fuck, Blaine, there, there, there!"

Kurt's entire body tensed. "There, there, there," he whined. White fire was burning the back of Kurt's eyelids and rushing through his veins. Blaine had found his prostate. "Blaine, I'm..."

"Me too," Blaine said, his voice breathless and harsh with holding back for so long. "Kurt." It was an almost pitiful noise, but it turned Kurt on so much. Blaine's thrust into him harder than before, dead on, and Kurt came, hard and sudden.

Blaine screamed as Kurt's body tightened around him and managed one ore thrust before he came, come spurting up into Kurt's receptive body.

They both floated high on their orgasm clouds, clutching each other tightly and breathing harshly in each others ears. Slowly, ever so slowly, they came down together, melting together in a slightly uncomfortable heap they were too tired to move away from.

However, the position finally got uncomfortable enough that Kurt forced Blaine to move. Blaine struggled into a kneeling position and then slowly pulled himself out of Kurt's body. All the way out the slow drag made sparks of oversensitive pleasure race up and down Kurt's spine.

Then he was empty and he found himself suddenly fighting the urge to cry for Blaine to put it back in. Instead he wound himself around Blaine tightly, ignoring the way his body protested in it's sluggishness, and buried his face in Blaine's neck. "I miss you."

Blaine ran his fingers through Kurt's hair. "I know what you mean." He kissed Kurt's forehead.

They were quite for a while, long enough that Kurt though Blaine might have fallen asleep. "You liked it?" Blaine asked, proving him wrong.

Kurt giggled lightly. "Yes, very much."

"More than topping?" There was a hint of something like disappointment in Blaine's voice.

Kurt nuzzled into Blaine's neck and pressed a lingering kiss there. "Maybe," Kurt teased. Blaine made an unconscious noise of unhappiness in the back of his throat, so quiet Kurt wouldn't have heard it if he wasn't so close. "But probably not. I like watching you loose it too much."

Blaine's body relaxed, relief evident in his every muscle. "Good, because as much as I REALLY liked that, I'd miss bottoming fiercely if you wanted to do it all the time."

Kurt giggled and scrapped his teeth lightly on the spot he was sucking on Blaine's neck. "I can live with that. I'm more than fine being a top for you."

"And I'm happy being a switch for you." Blaine pressed a kiss to the top of Kurt's head. "Just let me bottom more."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "I'm going to have to buy you a dildo before I go to New York aren't I?"

Blaine shuttered and laughed. "Only if it's bright purple and one of those casting kit ones, so it's shaped like you! You're my favorite cock in the whole wide world."

Kurt scoffed and rolled his eyes again. "You're incorrigible."

"You love me anyway."

Kurt smiled and lifted his head up to look into Blaine's eyes. "I love you anyway."

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