As we all know I can't stop writing Host Club Fan Fics. I have written "Host Club Family Reuntion" and the sequell "Something I Never Told You" and now I write the prequell "When it All Happened" I hope this takes you from were that manga ended to were my first fanfic started. Now I'm not sure how good it will be since I read the manga a year ago and have forgot small details but I'm going to wing it. Hopefully it turns out well. Please enjoy.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! The aleam on my cell phone beared threw the room as I bolted up out of my bed franticly searching for were I dropped my phone. Lately I have been trying to use a purse but have had the slight habit of loosing it. Finaly I followed the noise and shut off the alarm, exhailing a big sigh of relife.

Like every moring I stepped into the shower and was fully awaken by the time I got out. Then after getting dressed, in the abnormal feel of a female uniform, I walked towards my ketchen trying to get a bowl of cerial out.

"So what are we eating today?" two unison voices said behind me. In shock I turned to see the entier club sitting at my table. Hunny was sitting on Mori's lap due to the fact that I only had six chairs. Kyoya was typing away on his Pinapple Laptop (AN there was really a pineapple laptop in the anime) while Tamaki was no where in sight.

"Were's sempi?" I asked grabbing several extra bowls.

"Tamaki's hugging himself in the corner," Kyoya said nonchalantly.

Sure enough I looked over and there he was making a hamster home in my apartment.

"What are you doing, semp!" I yelled hating the fact of getting all thoses papers out of my carpet.

"Thoses stupid homosexual twins told me they had more of a chance with you then I do!" he pouted, "That's not true... is it Haruhi?"

Ignoring him I turned to the others, "Do you guys have to intrude into my home every moring?" I asked.

Tamaki screamed my name from behind but I just ignored him.

"You feed us food," Koaru said smiling.

"Yeah," finished Hikaru, "Plus the apartment building dosen't allowd maids."

"So you guys can't cook anything?" I asked getting eritated.

Hunny jumpped up on Mori's lap. "Well, Tama-chan did try to make commener's coffee last week but someone upstairs complained about the explosion."

"But you guys are going to eat me out of house and home... Literitly!" I complained pouring the milk and setting the cerial infront of the boys. At that point Tamaki took his seet and I sat beside him.

Shifting his glasses up his nose Kyoya said, "Well if it makes it feel any better I'll take the funds off your debt."

"You mean I still have one of thoses!"I shouted in shock.

"Of course not my dear daughter!" Tamaki shouted lifting his fist in the air. Some may think of this as odd saying he was picking at this Cheerie-O's five seconeds ago but he's just my little bipoler boyfriend. "I'll pay for it!"

This pretty much sums up my mornings. And if you think this is hectic you should see school.

Well there you go the first chapter! Can't wait to write more!