"What?" I asked startled. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I have to go back to Japan," he repeated avoiding eye contact.

I just sat there in shock. "Why?"

"Haruhi you know Kyoya and I graduated last semester early. We have to go now."

"Both... of ...you?" I was trying to take in the information. "Is that why Mori and Hunny came back?"

It was true that Mori-simpi and Hunny- simpi had left a few months ago and had came back just last week.

Tamaki nodded. "And Hikaru and Kaoru have to go as well for family issues."

"But... what about me?"I asked.

Tamaki bit his lip. "You don't graduate till next month. I suppose you can come home then. We can start a life together Haruhi. How dose that sound?"

A single tear cascated down my cheek and Tamaki wiped it off. "I guess."

After that I didn't want to dance or celebrate. It would be hard and confusing not to have the boys with me anymore. Even if it was for a month. Instead of going back inside Tamaki walked me back to the appartments.

I laid in the bed trying to find rest while I sobbed. Then there was a soft knock on the door.

"Haruhi... daughter? Are you ok?" Tamaki's voice cooed.

"No" I wispered as the door opened and Tamaki lifted my covers to scoot under them.

"Its going to be ok," he reunsured me.

"I know"

We where silant after that and after an hour I finally fell asleep in his arms like I have done so many times in recent nights.

In the morning they all left. And I was alone. I thought i would see them all in a month. But something happened. Something that would change my life forever.