Dear Reader,

I'm sorry to say that I will no longer be writing Future Dreams, or for at least the time being. It has come to the point where things in the story aren't going as I planed them to, and things just aren't working out. Though I really liked writing this story in the beginning, it has become boring to me over a period of time, and I find that there are too many plot holes. So like I said before I will no longer be working on this fic, and I'm sorry to the people who actually liked this story...

For the time being I am going to be working on Digimon 03: A Darker Beginning, and a few other fics that I have planned to work on for a while now, but who knows, maybe I'll pick up on this fic again some time and write a better beginning to it (not to meantion turning the first few smaller chapters into bigger chapters) but not now, sorry again.

~*~Night Sky~*~