Chapter 1: The Avatar

Six years later.

A boy gasped for breath as he reached the surface of the water, holding a fish bigger than him. He was about the age of eleven with a messy mop top of dark black hair (Cell Games style), with onyx eyes. He was very muscular for a kid his age. "Well, you're a little small, but you should last till dinner."

Stepping out of the water he pulled on a light green Gi top with no undershirt that showed much of his physique. The top continued about six inches below the beige cloth tied around his waist. Dark brown baggy Gi pants were tucked into light green boots with beige lining and dark brown ties, along with weighted beige wristbands. A light green and yellow headband completed his look, also including a necklace hanging around his neck. It was small orange orb, and if you looked closely you could see four red stars inside. What really stood out was the furry brown monkey tail attached to his lower back.

"Time to go back to camp." The boy said happily as he dragged the large fish behind him. "I hope Icarus doesn't mind the size." He stopped suddenly, and looked up to search the skies. "Where is he anyway?"

Meanwhile, a large purple dragon with two long horns and two short ones on the side of his face, a yellow-beige underbelly flapped his large purple wings. The little imp of a dragon had taken to the skies to fly back to the cave he and his friend called home.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large brown reptilian tail whipped at his back. The dragon crashed to the ground with a surprised roar. He stood on his hind legs, nursing a broken wing. He found himself face to face with sharp teeth. A large T-rex with five horns and a scar over his eye and cheek stared hungrily at him. Saliva dripped from its open jaws.

Icarus gulped, and blue-green eyes widened. Where was Gohan when you needed him?

Gohan stood rigid, and he frowned. Something was wrong. He didn't know what, but he just knew. He closed his eyes and extended his senses. He didn't know how he learned it, but his sensing ability he came across was almost natural to him, almost as natural as flying. He snapped his eyes open. Icarus' ki signature had taken a slight drop and felt agitated.

Not bothering to drop his catch, he jumped in the air and flew at great speeds. His friend was in trouble, and he wasn't going to loose anyone else. That was a promise he planned to keep.

Loud rumbles echoed through the clearing as a group of four quickly stood up in guarded stances. Well, only three of them did so.

"EARTHQUAKE! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!" A boy, about the age of fifteen screamed. He had blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. He wore a light blue tunic lined with white as well as a white belt, with dark blue, almost black pants with knee high brown boots, and blue fingerless gloves with white cloth wrapped around his arms. His brown hair was in a pulled back tightly and tied behind the crown of his head with the sides shaved.

A girl, about twelve, sighed, lifting up her foot and placing it on the ground, seeming to be feeling for something. "Not even, Sokka." She rolled her unfocused pale green eyes as the boy stopped freaking out to adopt a wide eyed expression. "It's just two animals fighting." She wore a long cream/tan colored tabard with a dark brown belt over a short sleeved green shirt and loose green pants. Her wrists and ankles were covered by dark brown, golden trimmed wristbands with green cloth reaching about two inches from the bands. Her black hair was in a bun held in place by a thick green and white hair band. Her pale green eyes were slightly hidden by her hair.

Another girl about fourteen, with brown hair in a braid with hair loopies clipped to the bun at the start of the braid and blue eyes, crossed her arms and sighed at the oldest boy's behavior. She wore a light blue dress with white trim and a white belt, with dark blue pants and brown slippers. Around her neck was a light blue chocker jewel bearing a symbol that looked slightly like a wave.

Another boy, about twelve also, who was bald and had brown eyes, but in a certain light they seemed gray, frowned. The boy wore an orange shawl over a long sleeved yellow shirt, an orange sash, double layered pants with brown underneath, and a loose yellow layer on top, and high boots that reached just below the knees. What stood out was the blue arrow tattoo on his head that seemed to extend down their back, along with another visible two on his hands.

"Well, let's go." He said, rubbing the sleeping form of a large bison like creature with a flat beaver-like tail, brown eyes, shaggy white fur, and a brown arrow that ran from it's tail tip to it's forehead. Atop its head was a lemur with large wings attached to his arms, brown face, large green eyes, and white fur with several brown stripes.

"Go where?" The oldest girl asked.

"Go see what the fight is about. I'm suppose to bring balance to the world as the Avatar." The boy explained as the lemur flew to his shoulder. "Besides Katara, Appa's tired and if this fighting keeps going on, he'll never get any sleep."

"I guess so. Well then, let's go." The blue clad girl gave in, gesturing to the others. "Come on Toph. Sokka."

Toph, the blind girl, nudged Sokka with her elbow. "You're not going to freak out like a rampaging hog monkey again are you?"

"Just for the record, I wasn't freaking out. I was just concerned about you people." He defended, rubbing his ribs as the group ran towards the noise.

The ground shook, knocking the group off balance. Icarus and a large T-rex fought on, one fighting for survival and the other for a meal. The T-rex grabbed the dragon's long horns with its short arms, preventing it from being skewered. Icarus tossed his head, sending the dinosaur off balance and giving him time to rest. It didn't last long as the brown lizard got up and the two started butting heads, but it was obvious the purple dragon was at a disadvantage because of size. He was quickly pushed on his side by a claw to the face and then grabbed around the neck by razor sharp teeth. Blood ran down his neck as the dragon let out a pain filled roar.

The fight was stopped short when a blast of air came out of nowhere. The dragon weakly looked up, hoping it was from the entrance of his friend, but to his dismay and to his confusion, it was only four kids.

"AHHHH GIANT LIZARDS!" Sokka screamed, catching the eye of the brown dinosaur.

"Those lizards are huge." Katara gasped, seeing the creature set its on Sokka. Toph got into a fighting stance, until the blue clad girl pulled her into a hug. "Sokka is a goner!"

"I'm not sure what the bigger lizard is, but that other one is a dragon." The bald boy said, gripping his staff as Sokka scurried away, panic etched on his face as the dinosaur chased after him. The dragon whimpered when the jaws relinquished their grip.

The bald boy jumped onto a large rock, a blast of air came from under his feet doing so. "Yoo-hoo look here!" He called, and proceeded to do some weird dance. The dinosaur looked at him for a minute before setting its gaze back on the boy clad in blue and charged at him.

The tattooed boy threw a punch, and a blast of air came from it, sending the dinosaur off course. The dinosaur turned again, getting ready to charge at the orange clad boy. Determination was replaced by confusion as a shout pierced the air.

"LEAVE THEM ALONE!" As soon as that happened the dinosaur was thrown off course from another force. The dinosaur stood back up from his crash to receive a death glare from onyx eyes.

A boy with spiky black hair and eyes with a red pole inside a red sheath on his back landed a couple of meters away from the dinosaur. His eyes wandered to the wounded dragon before they traveled back to the dinosaur and narrowed in anger and determination.

"What the…" Toph asked, confused, wondering where the new person came from. She didn't even feel his approach.

"Is it just me or did he just come from the sky?" Katara added as she studied the boy. Could he an airbender that had escaped the Fire Nation? He looks too young though, She thought, then again, Aang was frozen in an iceberg.

Her thoughts were cut short when the dinosaur charged at the boy. At first they were about to jump in and help, but they stopped when the boy jumped over the dinosaur as its jaws closed around where he had been standing.

The boy flipped in the air and did a handspring off the dinosaurs back, landing behind it. He grabbed its tail and swung in circles, using the dinosaurs weight and momentum to spin it faster. Letting go, the dinosaur crashed into a large plateau, and rubble fell on him.

The dinosaur painfully got up and snarled at the boy, it's face scrunched up in anger. The boy's face remained calm, but still with a hint of anger. "I think you should leave now." He said calmly, but all he got was the dinosaur bearing his teeth. It stepped forward, trying to appear more intimidating. "I said LEAVE." The black haired boy growled harshly, and the dinosaur recoiled in fear with a grunt that sounded like "Eep!" The boy's foot shuffled forward, and as soon as that happened the dinosaur ran with its tail between its legs.

Gohan sighed as the dinosaur left. Worry grew on his face when he spotted his fallen friend. "Icarus!" With that he dashed over to the dragon and inspected his wounds. He turned his head towards the four who were watching with curiosity and awe. "I could use some help here!"

Those words brought them back to reality as a girl clad in blue ran over to help. She unclasped the brown pouch on her hip and, to his shock, the water flowed out and covered her hands. She smiled softly at the childlike wonder in his eyes as she placed her glowing hands on the dragon's open wounds. Shaking his head to remind himself of the task at hand, he placed his own hands on the dragon's neck and they began to glow blue, also to the shock to the blue clad girl.

"Where's Sokka?" The bald boy asked, turning his head towards the blind girl as he rubbed the lemurs ears.

She gestured to the trees behind them without bothering to turn around. The two soon found him behind a tree with his knees pulled to his chest. "Are… are the lizards gone?" He asked when they came.

"Yes they are, Oh Mighty Boomerang Boy." Toph said smugly as she crossed her arms.

They stared at him in curiosity and awe. How couldn't they? The boy in front of them had just scarred off a T-rex –which they hadn't know existed- and displayed vast amounts of strength and speed. They sat inside a large cave with a warm fire blazing in the middle.

"Alright." The boy wearing blue announced to the surrounding people while happily eating some cooked fish. The group of four sat on one side Gohan and Icarus sat on the other side. The black eyed boy leaned against the fixed up purple dragon while they both chewed on cooked fish meat. The sky outside was a dark blue lit by stars signifying that it was night.

"Sokka can we get on with this?" The bald boy asked while munching on an apple. "I'm tired, and he seems nice."

"Twinkletoes is right. He hasn't been lying so far." The blind girl added.

"Don't you get it? He could be some super strong Fire Nation in disguise or something!"

"Seriously Sokka? He's a kid for pete's sake!" The oldest girl practically scolded her brother.

All the while, Gohan and Icarus tilted their heads as the two siblings argued with each other as the bald boy tried to make peace between them, while the blind girl just sat and 'stared' at him. The fuzzy brown 'belt' around his waist sprang from it and scratched his head, showing his confusion.

The bald boy spotted this action and a look of curiosity and awe was plastered on his face. (A/N: There doing that a lot aren't they?) "Whoa, you have a tail." He said with wide eyes, leaping with another blast of air and grabbing onto the appendage.

Gohan winced, tensing up as the furry tail was grabbed. "Ouch! Can you not grab it? It hurts." He asked as politely as he could. For some reason, the appendage was a major weakness. As he had found out the hard way, which involved Gohan getting stuck in a tree, whenever his tail was squeezed it hurt a lot and zapped out all of his power. "How would like it if I pulled yours?"

The tattooed boy's face turned into confusion. "I don't have one."

"Really? I guess I'm the only one." He replied with a shrug.

"Um…" They both turned their heads to the blue clad boy. Gohan was suddenly aware of the stares he was receiving. He grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head as the bald boy returned to his spot next to the oldest girl. "Anyway," the oldest boy continued. "I say we start introductions, then questioning. See if you are trustworthy." A tail… he thought, I've definitely seen it all.

"I'm Aang. This is Katara, Sokka, and Toph." The bald boy, Aang, introduced the blue clad girl and boy, and blind girl respectively. "And this is Appa and Momo." He pointed to the large bison and rubbed the lemur's head. "What's yours?"

The black haired boy smiled, rubbing the dragon's sore neck. "My names Gohan Son, and this is Icarus."

"How old are you?"

"I'm eleven." The group was taken aback a bit by this response. He's eleven and he's out here all by himself? Then again, they were a bunch of teens and pre-teens traveling the world to end a war.

Totally normal stuff these days.

"Why are you out here?"

Gohan's head dropped at this question. He had been dreading this. "I've lived here my whole life. When I was little -three I think- my dad was taken away from my family. Two years later my mother died. I've been living out here ever since." He fingered the orange orb around his neck.

The group's eyes softened at that answer.

"Do you know any bending?" Toph had asked this question.

Gohan furrowed his brows. "Um, what's bending?"

"Um, well certain people are born with the ability to bend one of the four elements –water, earth, fire, and air– to their will. I'm a Waterbender, Aang's an Airbender, and Toph is and Earthbender. I'd think it'd be easier to give you a demonstration, though."

Katara uncapped her pouch at her hip and bending the water out to float in the air in between them. "Water can be also used to heal wounds like burns and broken bones." She added to her explanation, chuckling again at the childlike wonder in his black eyes. Katara flicked her wrist and the water went back into her flask.

"Aang, show him some Airbending." Katara said, gesturing to Aang.

Aang smiled and nodded before jumping up and forming his air scooter. He watched Gohan's eyes widen in amazement, and grinned as he let the scooter disappear. "That was Airbending. Toph, show him something."

Toph smirked. "I may be blind, but I use Earthbending to feel the vibrations in the earth to 'see'." With that, Toph punched the ground, and a portion of rock from the cave wall move outwards, before going back to its original spot.

"That is so cool! Do you not have a Firebender though? I mean, you have the other's so why not fire?" Gohan cocked his head, as Aang's, Toph's, Katara's, and Sokka's smiles dimmed. Sokka answered in a depressed tone. "We have been at war with the Fire Nation for a hundred years. They want to control everything so the Fire Lord at the time used the power of a comet to wipe out all the Airbenders. Aang was the only survivor. He's the Avatar –someone who can bend all the elements– that's why the Airbenders were attacked, to make sure that the Avatar couldn't stop them. Katara and I found Aang a few months ago frozen in an iceberg with Appa, the bison. He had been frozen for a hundred years and knew nothing of the war. He needs to learn all the elements before Sozin's Comet returns and the current Fire Lord, Ozai uses it to destroy something else."

Everyone was silent as they thought of their predicament. Gohan looked at them sympathetically and tried to change the subject. "I'm sorry about your loss Aang. Is there anything you want to know about me, like what I can do?"

Aang rose his head and decided to go along with the changing of subject. "Yeah, how did you sent that liz -er, dinosaur- flying like that?"

Gohan grinned. "I've been studying Martial Arts my whole life. From what I remember both my parents were great martial artists and so I followed the tradition. When he was with me my father taught me a little bit about using ki."

"Ki?" Sokka wondered. "What's that?"

"Ki is also what you call latent energy or I guess what you call it, Chi. It's inside all living beings, and by drawing it out, you can do a lot of stuff with it, like gain enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and increase the power of attacks." He shot his hand out to the cave entrance, and aimed a little to the left. His eyes narrowed and a large blue wave of energy thundered from his open palm, carving a larger cave door. He grinned at their expressions. "It can also be used to fly and materialize things out of thin air." For example, he floated about two feet in the air before sitting back down. His cocked his head to the side again. "Um, you might want to close your mouths before you catch flies."

The others shut their mouths as Toph grinned. "That was so cool. We're going to get along great."

"Thanks." The tailed boy's eyes narrowed and a look of determination followed. "If there is anything I can do to help you guys, let me know."

"Well about that," Sokka looked at the others for their opinion, and received three nods. "We were wondering if you wanted to come with us."

Gohan's eyes widened. "Really, I can come with you?"

"Why not?" Aang asked, grinning. "We need all the help we can get."

Gohan's eyes shined and he gave them a thumbs up. "Thanks guys. I wont let you down!"

The night was peaceful as the crescent moon and stars shown their light down on the eight slumbering forms. Smoke rose from the put out fire as they slept. The only sound was the night animals and the peaceful snores of the group.

"Aang." A young Airbender opened his eyes to hear a familiar voice that had helped him in the past few months.

"Roku?" Aang asked, realizing that he was still dreaming. A yellowy-white mist surrounded the Airbender as the previous Avatar appeared in front of him, wearing Fire Nation clothes and a fire-shaped headpiece.

"Aang. I'm afraid I have some bad news. A great evil is approaching. He is after something." At this, Aang blinked, staring at the previous Avatar with concern. "But Roku, once I master the four elements I can…"

"This evil is more powerful than you can ever imagine, far more powerful than all the Avatars combined. The spirits have told me, that he has the power to blow the planet away without breaking a sweat." The Firebender explained, studying the Aribender's panicked expression. "And its almost here."

"You mean something will attack us and I will be powerless to stop it?" Aang panicked. He only had summer's end to master all of the elements and defeat the Fire Lord, but now some evil was coming and he would be powerless to stop it? There was a way, wasn't there? "How do I stop it?"

"You don't." Aang was taken aback by this response. So they were doomed. "This is not your battle to fight. The boy, he may have a greater destiny than that of the Avatar's." At this, Aang's jaw dropped. "Gohan? But how…" He trailed off. How could a boy about a year younger than him be that strong? It was mind boggling.

"Its complicated. I ask that you not tell your new companion of this. Fate may have made it so that you crossed paths, but his destiny he must discover for himself. A gift was given to him when he was young to prepare him. But Aang, it may be his job to defeat this evil, but the task of ending the war falls upon you. Do not forget." With that, Avatar Roku's voice grew fainter, and Aang's world went dark.

Aang awoke in his sleeping bag with a small gasp. No one was up yet. The sun was barely visible among the mountains.

Aang turned his head to the two slumbering forms. The black haired boy was curled up beside the purple dragon. He studied the boy. How could someone be that strong? He shuddered to think of this new evil. How was he going to keep this from everyone? Knowing that an evil that even the Avatar couldn't beat was coming.

"I guess we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it." He mumbled. With a sigh, he laid back in his sleeping bag to dream about participating in a Waterbending Rodeo while riding a Flying-Fish-opotamuses.


"Lord Freiza, we found it. We found the planet were the last Dragonball is… But." A figure shadowed by the darkness of space told another.

"But what Zarbon?" Another figure said.

"Apparently it is on the planet where we took the saiyan Goku," He winced a bit when the figure he was speaking to seemed a little angry. "and his half-breed son still lives there. We're assuming that he has the last Dragonball with him."

"Well, that shouldn't be much of a problem, and when you find them both I want the boy brought to me." A smirk graced his lips. "I want the satisfaction of knowing that all those traitorous monkeys are exterminated… by my hand."

Gohan smiled and closed his eyes, feeling the breeze in his hair. He peered over the side of the purple dragon, gripping the reigns as the dragon followed the bison. He once again fingered the orange orb with four stars on it, hearing the chain clink as he did so. He looked back up again as mountains he called home got smaller and smaller until he couldn't see them anymore.