Chapter 8: The Drill

A giant black drill crawled toward the titanic wall of Ba Sing Se. Several tanks flanked along side it. As the drill moved, steam smoked out large pipes, and needle like poles stuck in the ground. Then, a tower with a red cockpit folded up. Inside the cockpit, was princess Azula sitting on a throne. Ty Lee and Mai sat next to her.

"This drill is a feat of scientific ingenuity and raw destructive power. Once it tunnels through the wall our troops will storm the city. The Earth Kingdom will finally fall, and you can claim Ba Sing Se in the name of your father," said the commander of the drill, "Nothing can stop us."

"Hmm, what about those muscley guys down there," Ty Lee said as she looked out the periscope to see earthbenders getting into trenches.

"Please, the drill's metal shell is impervious to any earthbending attack!" the commander said as he brusquely smacked the periscope back up which made Ty Lee squeak. He continued, "It is made out of Katchin: the hardest known metal in the universe. Freiza said so himself."

Azula dictatorially sat up and said,"Oh I'm sure it is, War Minister Qin, but just to be on the safe side, Mai and Ty Lee take the Earthbenders out."

"Finally, something to do." Mai deadpanned as she ceased twirling her knife and stood up.

"May we be of assistance, Princess Azula?" A Freiza Soldier asked.

"Not at the moment, but be vigilant." She responded.

With Aang and Gohan…

"We've got to stop it! In my vision, it tunneled right though the wall of Ba Sing Se!" Gohan yelled urgently.

"Follow me!" Aang called as they flew back to the others.

Katara, Sokka, Toph, and the new family stopped when they spotted Aang and Gohan drop down in front of them.

"Guys, what are you doing here? I thought you were looking for Appa and Icarus," Katara asked, surprise in her voice.

"Yeah, we were, something big stopped me," Aang replied, and he looked at them. "Really, really big…"

"Like, life threatening to the people of Ba Sing Se big." Gohan added.

A little while later, they were all at the wall, and Toph and Aang were at the ends, preparing to Earthbend them up to the top of the wall. They dislodged a massive piece of earth that could carry them all up the wall.

"Now what's so important that got you two in a panic?" Sokka asked.

"That." Aang said. Gohan pointed off to the direction of the drill. The group followed his finger, and their eyes widened. They got to the top of the wall and got a full view of it.

"We made it to Ba Sing Se, and we're still not safe. No one is." Ying sobbed into her husband's shoulder. A guard approached them when they had unloaded everyone.

"What are you people doing here? Civilians aren't allowed on the wall!" He asked.

"I'm the Avatar. Take me to whoever's in charge." Aang commanded.

Command Headquarters Outer Wall, Ba Sing Se…

"It is an honor to welcome you to the outer wall, young Avatar, but your help is not needed," The monkey faced general said.

"Not needed?" Aang asked.

"Not needed." The general smugly repeated.

'My tail it's not.' Bardock popped into Gohan's head, growling.

'Grandpa, quiet down, you're giving me a headache.' Gohan snapped, rubbing his head and fixing his headband. 'And don't scare me like that.'

The monkey faced general continued, "I have the situation under control. I assure you the Fire nation and Freiza's armies cannot penetrate this wall." He got up and walked out of his office onto the wall of fortification that overlooked the drill. "Many have tried to break through it, but none have succeeded.

"What about the Dragon of the West? He got in." Toph said as she put a dent in the general's pride.

"Nice." Gohan whispered to Toph.

"Wu-Well, technically yes, but he was quickly expunged," the general said, trying to come up with a comeback, "that is why it is called Ba Sing Se, the 'Impenetrable City'. They don't call it Na Sing Se." He laughed at his joke before deadpanning, "That means 'Penetrable City'."

"Yeah, thanks for the tour, but we still got the drill problem." Toph said, not impressed.

"Not for long. To stop it, I've sent an elite platoon of earthbenders called the Terra Team," said the general.

"That's a nice group name. Very catchy." Sokka commented, getting into his infamous thinking pose. Toph shook her head, as the group walked over to the ledge where the general was looking out of a telescope. Gohan conjured up his own telescope, for he caught sight of two dots sliding down the drill's side.

Near the drill…

The Terra Team moved as one, taking out a tank that had been rolling along the drill. The made pillars of rock shoot up to try to stop the drill from moving. The pillars crumbled at the movement of the drill. They put up a wall of earth, blocking a barrage of knives from Mai as she and Ty Lee slid down the side.

Ty Lee jumped off the side of the drill, landing gracefully on the ground. One of the earthbenders sent a wave of rock, trying to knock the acrobat off balance. She flipped through the air, landing next to one of the earthbenders. She skillfully dodged a strike from him, and with a few jabs, took him down. She cart wheeled behind the line of benders, and it was over. Her fluid like movements and chi blocking took down the whole squad.

Outer Wall, Ba Sing Se…

"Yup, that's the Gentle Fist technique alright. Man, she might be better than my mom." Gohan commented, looking up from his telescope.

"WE'RE DOOMED!" The general shouted after he watched the battle.


"Get a hold of yourself man!" Sokka said after smacking the general.

"Don't say stuff like that." Gohan growled. He would of hit the general too if he wasn't worried he would put him in a coma.

"You're right." He said, rubbing his bruised cheek. "I'm sorry."

"Maybe you'd like the Avatar's help now?" Toph said as Gohan grinned.

The general sheepishly slid over to Aang and said in a meek tone, "Yes please."

A few moments later…

"So the question is, how are we going to stop that thing?" Aang asked as they looked over the wall. The group looked over at Sokka.

"Why is everyone looking at me?"

"You're the idea guy." Aang explained.

"Oh so only I can come up with ideas? That's a lot of pressure." Sokka complained.

"And you're also the complaining guy." Katara commented.

"That I don't mind much."

'Don't forget annoying.' Bardock said.

"Grandpa say's annoying also." Gohan voiced for his deceased relaive.

"Well, he barely even knows me." Sokka defended.

'Says a lot doesn't it?' Bardock asked, causing Gohan to giggle.

"So, got any ideas?" Gohan asked.

"You able to flip it over or blast it?" Sokka asked.

"I don't want to kill any innocent people, and as for flipping it over…" He pointed to his side. "I'm still sore from the fight with Zarbon. I might be able to keep it from hitting the wall for a little bit, but other than that, I still have limits."

"Did your vision show when the drill gets through the wall?" Aang asked.

"Sundown." Gohan answered, narrowing his eyes. "We have until sundown to figure out a way to stop that thing, or Ba Sing Se has to change its name to Na Sing Se."

Later in the medical room…

Katara was healing the members of the Terra Team, along with Gohan, who was trying to unblock their chi by hitting their pressure points, restoring their movement.

"What's wrong with him. He doesn't look injured, and what is he doing?" The general asked.

"His chi is blocked, so I'm unblocking it." Gohan answered.

"What happened." Katara asked the earthbender.

"There were these two girls, they attacked us. One of them hit me with a bunch of quick jabs, and I couldn't earthbend and barely move." said the earthbender. "Then she cart wheeled away." Katara's eyes widened a bit in recognition.

"Ty Lee, she doesn't look dangerous, but she knows the human body and it's weak points; it's like she takes you down from the inside." Katara explained, remembering how it felt when Ty Lee blocked her chi.

"I got it!" Sokka shouted, startling the others.

"What is it?" Katara asked, standing up.

"What you just said, that's how we're going to take down the drill; The same way Ty Lee took down the earthbenders!" He explained.

"By hitting it's pressure points!" Toph realized.

The looked out the square hole in the rock wall. "Something that big has to be very complex, so it shouldn't be that hard to sabotage." Gohan explained.

'That depends on the material kid. If Freiza's been helping them out, who knows what kind of metal that thing is made up.' Bardock said through their telepathic link.

'Aw Gramps, don't be such a downer.' Gohan grumbled back.

"Then it's settled. We'll take it down from the inside." Aang announced.

Outside the outer wall…

The drill inched closer to the Gaang as they ducked behind the manmade trenches.

"Once I whip up some cover, you're not going to be able to see, so stay close." Toph explained. She jumped out of the trench and created a large dust cloud that stretched all the way toward the drill to cover them.

"Let's go!" Gohan shouted as they sprinted into the cloud, their forms disappearing.

The drill cockpit…

Ty Lee blinked as she stared into the periscope. "Look at that dust cloud. It's so poofy." Ty Lee grinned as she opened her fist and said "poof."

"Don't worry princess; I'm sure it's nothing." The general assured as the princess's eyes narrowed.

"Just to be sure, soldiers!" Azula started, gaining the attention of the two alien soldiers. "Run a scan." The soldiers nodded as they pressed the buttons on their scouters.

Outside the drill…

Toph quickly made a hole big enough for them to jump into when they got near the drill. "Everyone in." She commanded over the noise of the drill. They all quickly jumped in as Toph closed it, evading detection of the scouters.

"It's so dark in here. I can't see a thing." Sokka complained. "Ow! Who did that?" He rubbed the large bruise on the back of his head, courtesy of Gohan, who slapped him upside the head 'lightly'. "Thank you Gohan." Toph said. Sokka immediately realized why the tailed boy did so. "Oh, sorry Toph."

Toph opened up another hole under the drill, and they immediately climbed out. "There." Sokka pointed to an opening in the drill. Gohan didn't need much prompting. He jumped onto a railing and hung by his tail. He grabbed the hands of Sokka as Aang hung next to him, helping Katara. They soon realized that Toph stayed put.

"Toph come on." Sokka said, poking his head out the drill.

"There's no way I'm going in that metal monster; I wont be able to see. Plus, I haven't mastered metalbending; I don't want to rely on it. I'll try slowing it down out here." The blind girl answered.

Gohan jumped down from where he hung. Landing next to Toph he said, "I'll stay out here with Toph. I'll see if I can keep the drill from getting to the wall."

"Ok, good luck." Sokka nodded as they disappeared from view.

"I'm going to the front of the drill, be careful." Gohan said, preparing to take off.

"You be careful." Toph shot back. Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around Gohan's chest surprising the both of them, and producing a blush on the boy's face. "Don't get killed." Gohan smiled and returned the gesture. Letting go, the boy phased into super speed. When she could no longer feel the quick vibrations, Toph created a pillar of earth against the drill, and begun to push it with a grunt.

With Gohan…

Phasing in front of the long drill, Gohan braced himself. He thrust his hands forward, making a large clang as his hands impacted the hard metal. The drill front ceased its spinning, and it slowed down tremendously, but it still moved forward. Still sore from his fight with Zarbon, his muscles groaned in protest, but he kept pushing, slowly increasing his energy so the scouters wouldn't immediately detect him.

Inside the drill…

Sokka stepped first through the doorway of the drill. Pipes lined the walls, and everything seemed red, courtesy of the fires that produced the only light. "I need the plans for this thing. Some schematics that show what the insides look like. Then we can find it's weak points." Sokka explained as Katara and Aang, along with Momo followed him. "Where are we going to get something like that?" Aang asked.

Grabbing his machete, Sokka sliced off a small metal wheel, which was made out of a thinner and more delicate material than the rest of the drill, producing a cloud of steam. "What are you doing?" Aang asked worriedly, "Someone's going to hear us!"

Sokka smirked a little. "That's the point. A machine this big needs engineers to run it, so if something breaks-" Sokka drawled off, letting Katara finish.

"-They come to fix it."

Five minutes later…

A shirtless engineer walked down towards the broken pipe, unaware of the four pairs of eyes that watched him. Feeling something cold, he turned, only to be frozen by a water tribe girl. "Hi." She said as boy who looked like her grabbed the plans he grasped in his hands. "This'll work, thanks." He said, running down the hall he came from. He dropped the large wrench he carried, which hit the floor with a clang.

Walking up the stairs and laying out the schematics, Sokka studied the paper. He got into his infamous thinking pose. "It looks like the drill is made up of two main structures. There's the inner mechanism where we are now, and the outer shell. The inner part and the outer part are connected by these braces. It seems the braces are built to withstand vast amounts of compression. If we cut through them the entire thing will collapse in on itself." He explained, pointing to the structures on the plans. His two friends nodded, and the took off towards the outer shell.

The outer shell of the drill…

"Wow, it looks a lot thicker than it does in the plans." Sokka gaped, studying the beams that were multiple feet in width and length. "We're going to have to work very hard to cut through that."

"What's this we stuff?" Katara asked, crossing her arms. "Aang and I are going to have to do all of the work."

Putting the plans in his belt, Sokka declared, "Yeah well, I'm the 'plan guy', you two are the 'cut stuff up with magic water guys'. Together, we're Team Avatar.", while moving his hands in chopping motions and finishing off with a 'heroic' pose.

"Water bending." Katara mumbled, while she and Aang looked at each other.

After what seemed like forever, the pair managed to cut through the large structure. It took slightly longer than expected, for the metal was harder than any other they encountered, and the fact that Katara had to stop the threaten Sokka, who had been cheering them on and mixing up the 'you're' with 'we're' when they took a short break. The beam slid forward, producing a large high pitched groan.

Katara breathed hard. Sweat dripped down her brow. "At this rate we wont do enough damage before the drill reaches the wall. It's only a couple hours till sundown."

"I don't know how many of those I have left in me." Aang gasped out, in the same shape as Katara.

Suddenly, the drill jerked forward, knocking all those who were standing inside the machine off balance. A large boom sounded, before it faded and a large groan replaced it.

"Do you hear that? We took it down. We need to get out of here fast." Sokka exclaimed as he stood up from where he had fallen. The rest of them immediately got up from where they had been knocked over, and ran for the exit.

"Congratulations crew, the drill has made contact with the wall. Start the countdown to victiory!" War Minister Qin announced. The original members of the Gaang sighed, their excitement was short lived.

Back at the cockpit, large cheers sounded. Azula was the only one not cheering. She was unimpressed, but also slightly worried. Many things plagued her mind – the dust cloud for example, and the fact that before the drill made contact with the wall, it jerked forward, as if a large amount of friction was lifted.

A minute before the drill made contact with the wall…

Gohan grunted. His sore muscles were causing problems. If he applied any more strength than he was currently using, his chest would cry out in pain. Therefore, he could only apply a certain amount of pressure to the drill to endure the amount of pain he could tolerate. Although holding back, he had slowed down the drill considerably.

Feeling his tail brush up against something hard, Gohan turned his head, grunting at he did. His eyes widened. He was a little less that an inch's way from being pressed flat and crushed between the drill and the wall. Powering up, he shot in the air, letting go of the drill. The drill shot forward with a quick jerk, narrowly missing the tailed boy. A large boom sounded, indicating that it had hit its mark.

Gohan panted, wiping the sweat off his brow. He looked down at the drill, and he frowned. The drill was now spinning and begun to make a hole in the wall, flinging rocks and dirt everywhere. Lowering himself back to the ground, he sighed. Vanishing into super speed, the wild haired boy ran to where he had left Toph.

The blind girl was still pushing her rock pillar. Sweat dripped off her brow. The tail boy heard her grunt, "Come on Twinkletoes, hurry up."

"Toph!" He called. Toph's head snapped up, hearing his call. "The drill hit the wall. I'm going to see what's taking them so long." She nodded, and the eleven year old shot up into the opening in the drill.

Inside the outer shell of the drill…

Sokka grunted, pushing against the broken brace. "Grrrr, come on brace, budge!" He continued to push in vain before leaning on the brace for support to catch his breath.

"This is bad," Katara said, worriedly. "really bad."


The group turned to see Gohan running towards them. "The drill hit the wall. I couldn't hold it." He blinked, seeing the cut brace. "What happened?"

"We've been putting everything we got into busting these braces, but it's taking to long." Sokka panted.

"Maybe we don't need to cut all the way through." Aang realized. Gohan blinked, then smiled.

"What do you mean?" Katara asked.

"What Aang means is: you shouldn't give 100% of your energy into just one strike. Sokka, fighting stance please." Gohan explained as Sokka got into a very bad stance, but he didn't comment. "You have to be quick and accurate," He quickly used his foot to move Sokka's leg into an unbalanced position. "hit a series of points," He lightly hit Sokka's unprotected chest, knocking him even more unbalanced so he was flailing his arms, "and break your opponent's stance. Then when he's reeling back, you deliver the final blow." He tapped Sokka's head with one finger, making the water tribe boy fall down. "Your opponent's weight becomes his downfall," He grinned, "literally."

"That's what Toph has been teaching me." Aang realized, using airbending to stand up.

"So we just need to weaken the braces, instead of cutting all the way through." Katara said.

"Then I'll go to the top of the drill and deliver the final blow." Aang said, pointing to the ceiling.

"And BANG! It all comes crashing down." Sokka cheered.

"Everyone inside that wall, the whole world is counting on us." Aang exclaimed.

"Actually the whole universe." Gohan corrected.

"Minus the Fire nation and Freiza." Sokka corrected both of them. The group moved onto the next braces. Aang and Katara used waterbending to cut not all the way through one brace, while Gohan used razor sharp ki disks to cut through another.

The drill cockpit…

The War Minister Qin watched as the earthbenders from atop the wall threw down large boulders, that bounced off the hard shell of the drill, much to the fire nation's amusement.

"War Minister! An engineer was ambushed. His schematics were stolen!" Someone said on the intercom.

"War Minister! A brace on the starboard side has been cut clean through! It's sabotage!" Another said.

"Mai, Ty Lee, let's go. You there, come with us." Azula ordered, as they and a group of Freiza Soldiers followed.

With the Gaang (minus Toph)…

"Good work Team Avatar, now Aang just needs to- DUCK!" Sokka shouted, as a blue fireball flew over his head. Azula and her two cohorts had arrived, with about a dozen Freiza Soldiers.

"Wow Azula, you were right. It is the Avatar." Ty Lee exclaimed. "And friends." She smiled, looking at Sokka, who responded with a "Hey."

"I got these guys." Gohan said as his hands glowed with blue ki. Mai and Ty Lee chased after Sokka and Katara, while Azula chased after Aang, leaving Gohan to fight off the alien soldiers.

Gohan was forced down the hall by the barrages of ki blasts the aliens shot at them, but Gohan used the pipes to his advantage. Living in the forest, Gohan spent a lot of time training among the trees, so he used higher ground for his advantage. Being nothing but a blur among the pipes, he expertly dodged all the blasts. Instead of hitting the boy. They destroyed most of the pipes, causing slurry to pour out of them.

Gohan unsheathed his power pole, as the aliens shot a barrage of ki blasts from their guns. Charging forward, Gohan blocked all the blasts coming his way with it. Commanding it to extend, Gohan swung the pole, hitting all but two of the goons. Commanding it to retract and re-sheathing it, Gohan vanished into super speed. The last three soldiers ceased fire and clicked on their scouters, watching for any movement.

Gohan reappeared in front of one of the goons, who screamed, and punched the alien in the stomach. The last of the goons, hearing their partner's cry, turned around and shot at the tailed boy. Gohan bounced off the downed alien's back and kicked one in the stomach. The last goon desperately shot at the boy, who had jumped into the air, and was charging at him with a flying kick. The kick hit the last alien's face, knocking him out.

Gohan powered down to near nothing, and sighed. Looking at his handiwork, Gohan ran off. His form was only a blur to any who noticed him. Suddenly, he stopped short. He detected four overwhelmingly strong kis. Sweat poured down his face and he gasped. They were almost to where Sokka and Katara were. "Oh no." Was all he said before he vanished completely into super speed.

He reached the slurry pipe line, which was his exit. Effortlessly opening the hatch, he jumped in and let the current take him. He sighed when he found out the opening was blocked. Charging up a Final Spirit Cannon, he let the blast sail through the ceiling, making an opening for him to fly out. Floating out and wiping the slurry from his face, he saw that Sokka and Katara were already there. Ty Lee was stuck in the blocked slurry.

"Why don't you try blocking my chi now, circus freak." Katara challenged.

"Katara keep that up, the pressure will build up in the drill and when Aang delivers the final blow it will explode." Sokka said as Gohan stood next to him. Gohan shook like a dog, shaking the slurry of him, which coated Sokka.

"Good technique little sister, keep it up. Don't forget to breath." Sokka cheered.

"You know, I'm getting tired of you telling me what to do all day!" Katara growled. "You're like a chattering hog monkey." Gohan shrunk back, knowing what happened when girls got mad.

"JUST BEND THE SLURRY WOMAN!" Sokka yelled, only to get knocked over and coated with slurry by the waterbender.

"Need any help?" Toph asked, walking towards them.

"Yeah, help me pug up this drain." Soon the slurry and Ty Lee were all the way in the drill, causing the pipes inside to swell and the broken ones to pour out slurry even more.

Surface of the Drill…

Aang soon made it to the top of the drill, and begun to slash a hole using the water.

"What I wouldn't give to be a metalbender." He panted, exhausted. It didn't help when the general and his earthbenders wouldn't cease throwing large boulders onto the drill, even after Aang yelled for them to stop.

Then Azula showed up and the exhausted Avatar began to battle. Since Aang was tired, he was knocked to the ground unconscious. The drill moved again, and Aang was moved halfway in the hole the drill had created. Waking up with Azula holding blue fire in his face, the airbender reacted on instinct and coated his hand with rocks, and slaping away the flames. Suddenly, slurry spewed from the front of the drill, coating Azual and Aang. Azula slipped and crashed into Aang. They almost slid off the drill, if Momo or their feet hadn't rescued them.

Aang ran to the slash mark and said, "Now all I need is a-" BANG! Another boulder landed next to him. "What do you know, that's exactly what I needed." He moved the boulder into place before he bend it into a wedge with Aang ran up the wall. Meanwhile, Azula was climbing back up to try to stop Aang. Aang then ran down, using air bending to gain more speed before he slammed down hard on the rock, the air shockwave sending Azula flying even farther. At about the same time the slurry line exploded, causing the drill to ooze from every segment.

Back of the drill…

"Wahoo!" Sokka cheered.

"All right!" Gohan grinned, having forgot about the four large kis that were quickly heading towards them.

"Here it comes!" Toph yelled, bending them on a tower of rock into the air. The slurry burst out the end of the drill, slamming Ty Lee against the tower. The drill collapsed, piece by piece, and stopped spinning. The whole drill was covered in slurry, and everyone who was in the vicinity.

At the top of the drill, Aang grinned, whipping slurry off his face. He whipped out his staff, and glided to where the others were.

Mai opened a hatch on the drill as Azula and Tye Lee wiped themselves clean of the sludge. The bored girl was perfectly muck free. "We lost." Mai said.

With the Gaang, shortly after the explotion.

"YEAH! That was awesome!" Gohan cheered when Aang found them at the back of the drill.

"Way to go Team Avatar." Sokka congratulated.

Gohan's whole body tingled, and he felt those four kis again. He whipped around, knocking a blue blast of ki with his forearm. He quickly fell into a fighting stance when four black blurs hit the ground.

"Oh man not again!" Sokka whined, knowing a fight was coming on.

'Oh no, he didn't.' Bardock gasped.

'What grandpa?' Gohan asked.

'I cant believe that slimy lizard called them.' Bardock growled, not answering Gohan's question.

Four bizarre people wearing the same outfit as Freiza's goons appeared. Gohan gritted his teeth and glared at them. "Who are you?" He said aggressively.

A large, muscular humanoid alien with red hair stepped forward. "Watch your mouth little man. You're messing with the Ginyu Force."

Gohan and the others raised an eyebrow. "The Ginyu Force?" they repeated. Soon they wished they didn't.

The large man pressed a button on his scouter, and loud music played. (A/N: If desired, play the Ginyu force theme while reading this). He struck a pose while yelling, "I'm Recoome!"

Another one, who was the tallest of them, with dark blue skin, red iris and pupil-less eyes, and many small spots on his body, stuck a pose that mirrored Recoome's and yelled "I am, Burter!"

The third one, of average height, with bright red skin, green eyes, and long white hair, stuck a pose and yelled, "I'm Jeice!"

The last one, a short stubby alien with green skin and two regular eyes where a human's would be and two larger ones on the side of his head, and the only one without a scouter, struck a pose that mirrored Jeice's and yelled, "Guldo!"

"And together we are… The Ginyu Force!" They all said.

The Gaang, with the exception of Sokka, who seemed to be admiring their poses, sweat dropped. "Did they just… dance?" Katara asked.

"…Um, I guess… sort of." Gohan stammered, going back to a fighting stance, making sure his tail was covered by his green shirt. "And, what exactly are you here for?"

"Why are you so stressed? Those guys are clowns." Toph said, crossing her arms.

"These guys are seriously strong." Gohan whispered. "Although, the pudgy green one, I don't know how he ended up with all these strong guys."

"Why you!" growled Guldo, hearing their conversation, stepped forward, but Recoome grabbed his head and lifted him in the air.

"Remember what the boss said. The kid has the dragonball." Recoome told him. "Now, all we got to do is figure out which one of us is gonna beat the answers out of him."

"Well mates, how bout we settle this the old-fashioned way?" Jeice asked. The four warriors turned to each other, glaring. They assumed a stance, ready to engage an epic battle of…

Rock-Paper-Sissors. "ROCK-PAPER-SISSORS! Tie, go again." they all screamed at once, each trying to beat the others in one blow. The five watched in bewilderment as the three engaged in the epic struggle.

"Are they serious? It's like a game to them." Katara said.

"Well it kind of is. Winner walks away alive. The loser…" Sokka trailed off.

"Aw yeah! I get the Saiyan!" The green one, Guldo, Gohan reminded himself, cheered. The rest of them sulked.

"Well this is going to be boring. We'll be back for you later, that is if you're still alive that is." Jeice said with a malicious smirk.

"Hey Jeice, Recoome, what do you say we head to Spacys? I hear they have a new Raditz menu." Burter said.

"Sure mate, you still owe me a Space Burger from our last bet." (A/N: I couldn't resist.). They struck their awkward poses and disappeared, leaving Guldo behind.

"Hmph, I should of known those jerks would ditch me." Guldo grumbled.

'Grandpa, what do you know about this guy?' Gohan mentally asked his grandfather.

'There's rumors about Guldo. They say he can slow down or stop time at will. A direct assault wont work on him.' Bardock advised.

"Ok. Stay back guys. It's me there after, and it's me they'll get." Gohan growled.

"Be careful Gohan." Toph said.

"Don't worry." He smiled. "I'll be fine."

"I wouldn't be so sure, kid." Guldo, assuming a defensive stance. "But bring it on."

Gohan shot into the air, and shot a large blue energy wave at Guldo.

"Time Freeze!" screamed Guldo, holding his breath. He ran out of the way of the attack. Looking up to where Gohan had fired the blast, he saw that no one was there. There you are. He thought, spotting Gohan many meters away. Oh no, I'm out of breath. Letting out a large breath, the Time Freeze canceled out.

Gohan's attack hit the ground where Guldo once was, causing a massive explotion. He spotted Guldo running across the earth, trailed by smoke and rock. He must of done the time stopping thing. I'll have to be very careful. Gohan thought. Vanishing into super speed, he bounced around, causing Guldo's eyes to roll around.

"Time Freeze!" The small Ginyu Force member screamed, freezing time again. Eyeballs almost popping out of their sockets, he saw that the grandson of Bardock was almost face to face with him. Starting to run away he realized, Why am I running? I can get him now. Charging up a blast, he let it fly, only for it to pass right through the boy, who he noticed looked kind of translucent. What the? He begun to charge up an even more powerful blast, only to fall down and loose his breath. The Time Freeze wore off.

"What happened? I'm sure I got him." Guldo said, getting up to catch the image of Gohan fading away. "What the- ACK!" Guldo ran off, barely dodging a large blue beam of ki that exploded where he was standing. Another followed, causing Guldo to fall and roll away.

"Yo four eyes! Bet you didn't see my After Image Technique coming!" Gohan shouted from above. This guy's worse at fighting than Sokka.


After Image? Guldo wondered, while panting.

It looks like that having to hold his breath for the Time Freeze is wearing him down. I got to end this before he gets his strength back. The tailed boy thought. Vanishing into super speed again, Gohan circled around Guldo multiple times.

Taking a deep breath, Guldo yelled, "Time Freeze!" When he opened his eyes, he spotted multiple images of Gohan circled around him. Oh no, which one of them is he? He thought franticly. I'll just blast them all till I find the right one. Thrusting his hands forward, Guldo tried to blast them. Oh great, of all the times I run out of energy. I know! Hiding behind a rock, the green alien let a breath out. The Time Freeze once again faded. The peaked around the corner, spotting the saiyan in the air, looking around.

"I know how to beat you." Guldo mumbled to himself. "BODY BIND!" he screamed, trapping Gohan within a blue swirling cloud.

With the benders, and Sokka…

"We've got to help him!" Toph yelled once she was informed of Gohan's situation.

"Toph, it's suicide!" Sokka yelled, watching Gohan. He winced as he watched the green freak punch the stuck boy repeatedly. Every punch hurt him as much as the boy, knowing he wasn't strong enough to make a difference.

"I don't care, he needs help!" Toph growled. "Those of you who want to help the person who saved you without a second thought, come with me." With that said, she dashed off to the last place she felt the vibrations made by the boy. Looking at each other, Aang, Sokka, and Katara dashed off to help their friend.

At the battle…

Gohan grunted as Guldo continued to knee and punch him. The green alien was laughing insanely at the boy's predicament. "Does this hurt?" He mocked. "Well, I think it's time to end my fun. Now, where's the dragonball?"

Gohan grunted while glaring at the four eyed frog. He didn't have the dragonball with him. He had stored it with the other's stuff, which was up on the wall. "I'm not telling."

Guldo landed on the ground, "Well then, I guess you need a little more persuasion." Using his psychic powers, he lifted a rock into the air, sharpening it into a large spear. "If you don't tell me where the dragonball is, we're gonna have saiyan shish kabob." He grinned insanely. "I'd rather have mine well done." Gohan continued to struggle. It's no use. I have to pull out all the stops. With that thought, he closed his eyes and focused his energy, a dim red aura glowed around him. "Come on kid, you really going to let yourself be skewered? How embarrassing."

Suddenly the rock spear shot in a different direction, before hitting the ground. "What the?" Guldo turned to the four humans who had run up to them. "What do you brats want?"

"What do you think, idiot? Let him go now!" Toph yelled, getting into a fighting stance as well as the others.

"Um, let me think. No." His insane grin appeared on his face again. "Although, I think you would be excellent persuasion to get this kid to spill."

Gohan opened his eyes, vaguely hearing what Guldo said. "What?!"

Dust suddenly flew up, covering the area. The group coughed as dirt filled their lungs. The smoke cleared, and Toph realized she was the only one standing. Quickly, she put her arms in front of her, making a wall and sending it towards him. Guldo took a breath, and suddenly the she saw stars and the air left her. She fell to her knees, shocked, while holding her stomach. Then she felt a blow to the face. She didn't even sense it coming.

"Are you gonna just stay there and let me beat up your friend? Some person you are." He said mockingly to Gohan.

Gohan growled, his eyes flashing blue-green. "You…you monster!"

"Oh, you're making me blush." His sadistic smile growing wider.

Gohan was so angry, no he was pissed. It only made him angrier seeing that sadistic smirk. He was obviously enjoying the fact that he was causing Toph pain. "I've had enough of you." He hissed icily. He was done gathering energy. "KAIO-KEN!" He screamed as a red aura burst around his body.

"What?" Guldo yelled, focusing all his energy on the cloud that held Gohan captive. It was no use though. Gohan's red aura shot in all different directions, and blew away the cloud that held him captive. He lowered himself to the ground, and locked his blue-green eyes on Guldo. If looks could kill, Guldo would be dead a hundred times over.

"You'll pay for this." Gohan hissed, glaring daggers at the pudgy alien.

Guldo gulped, and did the only thing he could do. Run. Gohan's eyes followed him. Phasing out, he appeared right in front of Guldo, and roundhouse kicked him in the chest. He leapt up and kneed him in the chin. Screaming with rage, the tailed boy threw a barrage of punches. Phasing behind him, he planted both feet into his back, sending him to the ground. "Now do you understand what happens to people who hurt the people I care about?" Gohan growled, still angry.

He gave a gurgling chuckle, "You fool. Freiza will destroy everything in his path to find… the dragonball." He spat up blue blood. "You, and every living thing on this pathetic planet… will be wiped out. You all will be destroyed. You're… as good as… dead. It's only a matter of time…" With that said, his head tilted to the side, and the life drained from his eyes.

Gohan's blue-green eyes hardened, before he blinked and they faded to black. Gohan held his head, feeling a little light headed. He realized Toph was on the ground. He ran over to her picking her up. Seeing what Guldo did to her, it was painful. "Toph, you ok?"

"I'm fine Riceball." She smiled weakly.

"You don't sound fine." He said angrily.

"And you say the same thing when I ask you." She chuckled.

Gohan picked her up, bridal style. "Aww, be quiet Toph." Although he still smiled.

"Oh man." They heard Aang grunt. "What happened." They turned to see Sokka, Katara, and Aang wake up.

"We'll tell you later." The blind girl and the tailed boy said.

Later, on the wall…

"I just want to say, good effort out there today, Team Avatar." Sokka congratulated as they watched the sun set.

"Enough with the 'Team Avatar' stuff. No matter how many times you say it it's not going to catch on." Katara said, exasperated.

"It might catch on if we do poses like the Ginyu Force does." Sokka said. "I am Sokka!" He yelled, getting into the pose Recoome used.

"…" Was the group's answer.

"Sokka… no." Toph said, healed from her encounter with Guldo.


"NO!" The whole group shouted at once.

"Ok fine. How about, The BoomerAang Squad? You know, cause it's got 'Aang' in it." He asked, pulling out his boomerang.

"I kind of like that one." Aang said.

"Why don't we talk about this on the way into the city?" Katara suggested, as four of them made their way into the city.

"The Aang Gang?" Sokka tried.


"The Fearsome Five-Some?"

"You're crazy." Toph sighed.

"Why? We're fearsome." Sokka said, running after them.

"Um, how bout The Gaang?" Gohan asked.

"I like it." Aang said.

"Ya, that works." Katara agreed.

"Hmph, I still think mine are better." Sokka whined.

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