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'Text in full apostrophes like this'= Thought process/speaker is thinking to self.

Allen's POV

My eye twitched as I stared at the raven in front of me who seemed to enjoy patronizing me to no end. He only gave a sigh as he rested his face on his fist while he stared right back into me, his dark eyes practically begging on the floor pleading before me with his request.

"Komui, what do you mean I have to leave the country, AGAIN?"

Removing his glasses, and setting them on his desk, Komui only sighed and rubbed at his temples in a tired fashion.

'I've never seen him so stressed before…'

"Allen please, I know I said you would be allowed to be off duty for this week but something came up, Lavi is somewhere in India, and Lanalee and Yuu went off together on another mission in North America, you're the only who was going to have this week of, 'break'" he used his fingers in imaginary quotation marks. "so therefore, you're the only one I have available, so, please Allen..?"

I glanced at my chief officer and considered his request for a short time, I honestly had never seen him so desperate and it was a little saddening. I felt bad for him honestly, ever since all the new akuma attack notifications started coming in from all over, he's been working nonstop without skipping out or breaks like he normally does.

I sighed and gave a small smile to my commanding officer, I straightened up. "alright, you got me, so what's the big with this new mission?"

Komui's eyes lightened up as he grinned from ear to ear. "Oh Allen thank you, I know you were looking forward to your break and I swear I'll plan it for you as soon as you're done with this mission!"

I chuckled and rubbed at the back of my neck sheepishly. "Hah, it's no big deal you don't have to. I'm an exorcist; it's not exactly an easy nor a finite job, remember?"

The raven only leaned back while straightening up and picking some select papers for my job as he answered.

"Heh, right. The job of an exorcist never ends. One day, I hope we won't have to go out and risk our lives fighting akuma but that seems a far ways off from now. But anyways, about your mission; we will be sending you on a boat tomorrow morning to head off to Japan where they have a large amount of reports that speak of 'large, unseen forces wrecking buildings and homes, and terrorizing people'."

I blinked and confusion as I cocked my head to the side, looking straight at Komui. "Unseen? What are you talking about Komui, the living can see akuma can't they? People here can see them in their true form, can't the Japanese?"

"Well that's the thing," Komui said as he straightened the lenses on his nose. "These, 'monsters' are a Japanese style akuma. The people there call them, 'Hollows' they are identified as various shapes, sizes and color, but the way to confirm they are Hollows, each of them have a skull like mask covering their faces. They say that they also have a sort of hole through their bodies that indicates that they lost their heart after their death."

My eyes winded as a shiver ran through my spine. "Death? So these people were visited by the Earl and resurrected too?"

A perplexed look crossed Komui before he responded confidently. "Well, according to the Japanese, apparently in their land, people who are not put to rest after they die stay on earth as a 'ghost' if you will. Then, if they aren't put to rest right away while wandering among the living, then they become Hollows and lose their self-control and humanity, then go out to hunt and kill beings to take their souls to feed off of."

"Wow, that's a little creepy… so I just pretty much have to travel to Japan and stop the sudden outbreak of, 'Hollows', correct?"

"Yes. And stay a little longer afterwards in order to make sure they don't cause another outburst. While you're there by the way, you will have to meet with some of the reapers that asked for our help."


Komui sighed softly as he propped his shin on top of his curled fist. "That's the Japanese version of Exorcists, except they decide whether to send the soul on to the afterlife, or straight into the gates of hell using their swords called zanpaku-tous."

I shuddered at the thought as Komui continued.

"But as I was explaining before, you will have to meet up with the reapers that originally asked for our help."

"Ok, I got it. Is there anything else I have to know?"

"Well, the only thing I can think of," he responded "is that I cannot stress enough that you have to protect the people there, I know I you do your job well Allen but these people really need us right now."

There was a pregnant pause as realization hit me. "Wait a minute, where in Japan am I exactly going?"

Komui scanned the packet of papers in front of him for a moment before looking back up at me, "ah here we go. You, Allen, will be heading off to Karakura town."

Yuzu's POV

I smiled to myself and blew my bangs out of my eyes as I looked up at the periwinkle sky, the clouds were way distant and the only movement around was the trees in the park blowing from the slight breeze. The weather lately was absolutely perfect; the sun didn't burn too hot and the wind allowed me to go outside for grocery shopping, playing with Karin when I can and well, truthfully? Not much else.

'It's so boring lately, summer break is. I haven't done much else but chores and cooking at the house since Karin is always out with Jinta doing sports, and Ichi-nii is out saving the world…'

I frowned a little as I back-tracked almost 3 years ago, the memories were as clear as yesterday.

Karin and I were still 12 and that night; I was cooking dinner while my twin was watching tv and dozing, I was busy scolding her to get her feet off of the coffee table when I heard the most terrifying shriek piece the air. Before I even had time to react, a flash of bright orange jumped into my peripheral vision, and then I felt something heavy knock me down with its full weight, it hurt like no other. I looked up momentarily only to see debris and pieces of our ceiling begin to rain over me like some apocalyptic rain, I screamed with my full force as I covered my head with my arms and scrunched my eyes closed tight, somewhere in the distance I could hear another thump and Karin yell out something incomprehensible, but to this day I'm not sure what it was. Painfully long seconds dragged on before I heard something bellowing angrily and a scream of triumph, I made sure that nothing else was falling over me before I carefully lifted my head to see, trembling. And there he was, my Ichi-nii with his back facing me. I whimpered slightly when I saw the thing my brother was facing though; an enormous beast with the body of a serpent and its face covered by a horrifying mask that resembled a human skull. Its eyes were pulsing neon red and the thing towered way above my older brother.

I tried, I tried so hard to scream but the monster was so intimidating, so fearsome my throat felt like it had been stuffed with cotton balls and my tongue was sandpaper, I was powerless in a situation like this.

'Ichi-nii, run..! Leave us and run, please…!"

I failed at trying to run to my precious sibling after I noted the searing pain in my leg shot up with one small movement, I turned to see a large plank of wood laying heavily over my knee, pressing deeply and bruising the bone underneath with ease. I whipped my head around to see my black-clad brother jumping impossibly high into the air, and coming down onto the monster with… a sword…?

With a deafining shriek, the creature began disintegrating into thin air before my very eyes as the oversized butcher knife my sibling was wielding seemed be wrap itself back up in a white cloth as he placed it back onto his back. Ichigo sighed and turned only to jump a little in surprise when he saw me staring at him, dumbstruck.

"Yuzu! Yuzu what'g wrong? Are you ok—"

I wasn't able to hear anything more since my head started hurting, and felt somewhat nauseous. I felt my head wobble around in a dizzy spur then I felt myself lose consciousness.

I sighed. The next day dad had fixed up my leg and put me on bed rest and Ichigo pulled us into his room and told us about his double life as a reaper and Seireitei, and the people he had met and what he does. Karin got so angry she kicked him in his private parts and stormed off saying something about how big brothers shouldn't keep secrets. With me however, he was a bit more delicate and gave me one of the most sympathetic looks ever, it was so unlike Ichi! Of course I was somewhat surprised and frightened to know that my brother battled monsters on a day to day basis, but it's not like he can just turn them down, I'm proud of my Ichi-nii… So Karin and I swore to him that we wouldn't tell anyone, it was going to be our little secret from now until the day we died.

I sighed and stood up brushing some remaining blades of grass that clung desperately to my clothes and picked up my bag, shaking my head.

'I just hope nothing happens to Ichi.. I wouldn't forgive myself if something did… I will always love my big brother.'

I frowned a little when my mind began wandering around selfishly for a moment.

'And even if he is a male and older than me, I can't help but feel somewhat lonely without him, I'm thankful for him protecting the world and me but still… I mean it's bad enough that my FEMALE twin isn't here with me, but now I feel completely alone. I just wish something could happen so I would have someone with me to protect me AND keep me company, but oh well.'

I shook the negative thoughts from my head furiously then straightened up and smiled, as I began walking back towards the market place for some groceries.

"I wonder if Karin would like leek soup for lunch when she gets home, maybe a little shopping wouldn't hurt too much before I have to get back." I chuckled as a turned a corner on my way towards the kind grocer standing behind his stand filled to the brim with the ingredients I was going to need for tonight's dinner.

Allen's POV

I yawned as I picked up my bags and headed up the ramp onto the huge ship that was bound to several different locations. It was early, and I hadn't gotten much sleep that night.

'Man, I couldn't stop thinking all night, I practically had to force myself to sleep and even then that didn't work all too well.'

"Ticket sir?"

I handed the pudgy middle aged man my ticket and waited patiently for him to mark it, indicating that I was allowed to be on the ship.

"Thank you sir" I muttered before getting my bag stored, and wandered around the ship's beautifully decorated interior; colorful and monochrome pieces hung on the wall for display, the doors and lining were decorated with gold colored intricate designs that tastefully fit the environment. But even if the ship itself was crafted like an art museum, I decided to head up onto the deck for some fresh air. It was grey and windy earlier today; certainly the farthest thing from traveling weather. But in the last few hours the sky cleared up and it was almost humid out, the wind had almost completely vanished. I stepped outside and relished the sunlight as it hit my face, the wind as it barely combed through my hair. I allowed the welcoming feeling to stay unaccompanied until I began thinking about the night prior.

It wasn't that I was afraid to go so south on my own, it's the fact that I didn't know how I was going to be able to adjust to the environment. I also thought about the reapers I was going to meet while in Karakura Town, would they accept me? More importantly, how troublesome where these 'Hollows'? Well, apparently enough to have a team in Karakura ask for help from Europe, I found the thought stroking my ego if only a bit and yet unsettling.

'They're counting so much on me, and I feel as if I were to mess up it would be my entire fault, I have to protect the people as if it were my hometown…" I muttered to myself.

"Wait! Allen!"

I whipped my head around to try and find the voice that interrupted my thoughts calling my name and found no person looking in my direction, confused I turned around and walked a few feet before they called again.


This time I turned back around and looked off the deck to see Komui standing at the dock waving at me frantically behind some of the rusting red fences that restricted people who lacked their tickets from getting on.

"Komui! Did you need something?"

He cupped his hands over his mouth and began to yell for the ship was sailing away farther now. "Allen! I forgot to tell you what the name of the reaper who you're going to meet up with while you're there! It's—"

The raven was cut off by the obnoxious bellowing of the ship's horn. I strained my ears and leaned forward to heard better, nearly giving myself a heart attack when I almost slipped off the edge and into the water below.

"Komui! Speak up! I couldn't hear you!"


I desperately leaned in further, holding myself anchored barely as I yelled one final time.



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