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Yuzu's POV

As I lay on the floor I couldn't help but feel incredibly confused about everything that was going on; Ichi-nii and the white-haired boy were still a few feet away from me bickering (well, Ichi-nii was yelling himself hoarse and flailing his arms around like some crazy person, while the silver haired boy looked like he was apologizing over and over again). I finally managed to carefully lift my scraped face up off of the hard ground and scrunched my eyes closed in order to focus on what my brother was yelling at the shivering boy about.


My eyes flickered open before I watched on as the shorter boy could only tremble under the icy glare my currently furious, thick-headed brother was dishing out, and stammer as he desperately attempted to get in a few words before Ichi-nii decided to charge him like an enraged bull. After a few more minutes of Ichi yelling at the boy until his face began turning dark purple in stark contrast to his parking cone orange head, I finally found the strength to stand up and slowly limp over to where the two men were standing. I winced as I brushed the dirt and dried blood off of my outfit, flinching in pain as I did so, before clearing my throat to get the boys' attention. Ichi-nii was cut off in mid-sentence before he turned and looked at me with wide eyes, he gently placed his hands on my bruised shoulders and kneeled in front of me in order to be met at eye-height with me, and his cocoa orbs that almost matched my own were contorted in worry. He spoke in a voice that was practically the polar opposite of the snarling, bellowing yelling he was using moments ago; it was soft, and no louder than a whisper.

"Yuzu, I'm so sorry… I'm sorry I wasn't here to help you…"

I straightened my posture to stand up right as I formed my best smile to my big brother; I wanted to show him that he had no reason to worry for me so much. "Ichi-nii, it's really ok, he didn't hurt me, it was mostly—"

I was cut off by the sound of Ichi clucking his tongue as his grip on my shoulders tightened only slightly, not enough to hurt though.

"I wasn't done. I'm sorry I didn't get here in time…" his voice hardened as I noticed a vein in his temple bulge out right on cue like in one of those anime sitcoms. " –to protect you from dirty hormonal boys touching you..!"

I bit my tongue hard in order to stifle the laugh that crept up my throat at that moment; Ichi-nii sincerely thought that the boy with the lavender eyes had tried to sexually assault me! I quickly flicked my eyes to the side where the boy stood behind my brother; his stance was nervous and stiff while he seemed to be tiddling with his thumbs. The boy's whole aura seemed to radiate the very essence of innocence and good; his face was with boyish and undoubtedly attractive despite the peculiar scar that ran over his left eye, his lilac eyes only reflected purity. If his attitude hadn't given away the fact that he was nothing but good, his looks should've only proved it justice. I settled my eyes back onto my big brothers face, his eyes were stern and his mouth was pulled into that cute scowl he always had on. I mustered the biggest smile that I possibly could, and placed my hands on his shoulders in order to ease him.

It seemed to work, Ichi's chocolate eyes softened at my touch. My head cocked to the side as I continued to smile at him.

"Silly Ichi-nii, this boy is the one who saved me!"

Normal POV

"Silly Ichi-nii, this boy is the one who saved me!"

A finely trimmed orange eyebrow pulled up as Ichigo looked behind his right shoulder in order to glance at the anxious male behind him. He had shoulder length white hair that framed around his youthful face and spiked up in the back, and his skin was a pleasant pale shade. His eyes were a few shades lighter than of amethyst, and despite the fact that the boy's hair looked like fresh fallen snow, he looked young. Ichigo wished he could say that he towered over the twerp, but with the most, he was only about 4 cm. taller than the boy. His eyes were wide and innocent, although the ragged and strange scar that resembled a star over his left eye took some of the purity away.

Ichigo stood to his full height as he turned to completely scan over the boy, causing the latter to stand stiffly, his lavender eyes looking anywhere but the frowning oranget. Ichigo noted that the boy's uniform was nothing he had ever seen before, and one his hands was covered by a glove. Even more peculiar, the left was not. The uncovered hand was also completely black, unlike the rest of his skin.

"E-excuse me, but can I l-leave now?"

The boy spoke softly and hurriedly. Ichigo tsk'd and scoffed mentally. He had cooled down enough from his earlier tantrum to really listen to the boy's voice.

'What an interesting accent. European from the sound of it.' He thought.

Cocoa orbs locked onto large lavenders as Ichigo took a step forward, leaning some of his weight onto his left hip as he gripped the handle of Zangetsu in precaution. "So, is everything my sister saying is true?" the tension from Allen's body seemed to melt off gradually as he met Ichigo's stern look. "Did you save my sister Yuzu?"

Allen flicked his gaze to the not-so-formally introduced girl quickly before settling onto the larger man again. He nodded quickly before speaking up again as soon as his voice returned with no hint of tremors hidden in the undertone.

"Yes sir, this akuma was chasing her when I was looking for my hotel, so I went ahead and followed it and killed it."

This time Yuzu was the one to step forward towards her brother and the other boy, she shyly hid half of her body behind Ichigo's lean figure, he small and delicate fingers gripping onto the black fabric of his Shihakusho.

"He's telling the truth and so am I, Ichi-nii… The hollow came out of nowhere when I was walking back home from shopping, then it started to chase me down the street so I ran." her soft brown eyes thought for a moment before continuing. "Then I tripped, and as soon as the Hollow was going to kill me, he came and saved me."

And as if to prove her point, Yuzu let her cocoa orbs settle onto Allen in a warm gaze with Ichigo looking after her. Something still bothered him though.

"I see…"

Allen tried to hide the blush that had crept up his neck and onto his cheeks when he felt Yuzu's large eyes scanning over him. He looked at his feet before he quietly continue where the girl had paused.

"After I killed the akuma, I noticed that your little sister was on the floor and she wasn't moving, so then I just went over and checked on her to see if she was doing alright…"

Allen let his bangs fall over his face in order to cover the intensity of the blush was currently assaulting his cheeks; he wouldn't let the hot headed man see the look on his face for fear of what he might do to him.

"…So then I decided to lean down and check if her heart was beating, I leaned my head on her, ermm, chest to determine if she was going to be alright or not…"

Yuzu only nodded enthusiastically as she tugged on Ichigo's sleeve and whipped her head up to look at him. Ichigo sighed and let his grip on his zanpakutou falter before settling his hand on Yuzu's head softly and patting her. The latter only giggled before playfully shaking her head and smiling up at her brother's actions. Ichigo only studied Allen for a moment more before walking towards him again and nodding quickly.

"thank you for that, then. I'm… sorry I yelled at you…"

Ichgo mumbled the last part out, much to Yuzu's chagrin. Ichigo had never been good at apologies, and practically whispered the last part out.

"Ichi-nii, say it like you mean it!" Scolded the younger Kurosaki, Ichigo only winced as he straightened his back and looked the boy in the eyes again.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you and calling you names, please forgive me!" Ichigo rushed out as he bowed for his forgiveness. Allen wasn't used to such formality and held up his hands and waved in dismissal.

"A-ah, it's really no problem, I'm sure if I was in your position I would've done the same thing! Please don't worry about it." Allen smiled sheepishly before rubbing the back of his neck.

An orange brow ticked as Ichigo stood straight before grasping onto the front of Allen's coat and pulling him a few centimeters off of the ground, caramel orbs shooting venom into frightened lilac before hissing out.

"What's that supposed to mean, eh? So you WERE doing something indecent to Yuzu weren't you?—"


Ichigo's whole body twitched before forcefully letting go of Allen's uniform and taking a step back. An orange head bowed before Ichigo mumbled out softly.

"Shit, I'm sorry.."

Allen's POV

I stared up into unforgiving, earthy orbs as the man in front of me hissed lowly. I could briefly feel my stomach doing small backflips while I wondered if this psycho was bipolar. I was about to explain to him how I hadn't done anything before a soft voice perked up.


I was immediately released from the guy's grip before he took a step away from me and said he was sorry again. There was a small hint of amusement playing in the back of my mind when I thought of how much this man's actions depended on his sister before quickly dismissing it. I took an extra step away from him as a light precaution before I straightened out the collar of my jacket. I cleared my throat uncomfortably before I assured them it was no big deal.

"Ah.. Well I really should get going then, please be careful getting back home then…"

I turned on my heal to walk away before I heard a sharp "wait!"

I turned to see the oranget looking at me anxiously and with an outreaching hand. I turned my attention back to him.


The orange haired man only sighed and dropped his hand before stepping forward slightly before he began speaking again.

"Earlier, when you were explaining what happened to Yuzu, what did you call those things?"

I blinked before responding. "Those things are called akuma, tormented souls hell bent on destroying. Although I have never seen one that looked like the one that the one I destroyed earlier."

The man with orange haired seemed intrigued by my response. "Tell me, what did it look like, this, akuma?"

I thought for a moment to back track to remember the beast I had killed in order to save Yuzu before I described it quickly. "it looked kind of like a huge spider, but it hand the ability to rear up his body. The legs were razor sharp, but the thing that threw my off the most was the face of the thing, its eyes were gleaming bright, and the whole thing was covered in a mask. The mask looked like it was made out of bone."

Ichigo's POV

I felt my eyes widen at the description because I knew all along it was a Hollow. I felt slightly guilty for not believing in Yuzu, after the incident at home I knew that she and Karin knew better than they let on. I would be sure to apologize to her later, but for now I steeled myself and looked back at the boy, the back of my mind was impressed that he was able to fend off the monster.

"What's your name, kid?"

The boy with white haired huffed slightly before he held out his hand to me.

"My name's Allen Walker. I work for the Black order in Europe, to eliminate akuma and search for innocence. I was assigned a mission here, and now I'm looking for someone."

I inwardly groaned as I shook his hand briefly before letting it fall. I realized just who he was looking for, and secretly hoped he wasn't going to ask my name.

I remembered being pulled aside by Yoruichi and hat n' clogs one day a few weeks ago when I decided to drop by the neighborhood. Kisuke had briefly explained that he had gotten a call from someone in Italy that supposedly needed an extra helping hand; Yoruichi had also mentioned that the only reason why Kisuke had taken up the offer was because of the steady increase of deaths and Hollow appearances in Karakura Town lately.

I felt offended when Urahara had said that, I thought I was doing a great job protecting the place.

But anyways. Urahara had told me that someone from this secret order was going to make an appearance here in order to ask for help, and he chose me to do it.

I frowned inwardly.

'Lazy hat n' clogs probably just didn't wanna do it himself…' I thought.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw the kid looking at me with feigned interest and blinking rapidly.

"Huh? What is it?"

"Oh, you just spaced out for a second there. I was asking a question." He said.

'Wow, now this kid is trying to make me feel stupid… and succeeding… fantastic'

I couldn't help the growl that had escaped my throat and latched onto my remark. "Yeah, well what is it?"

"I was wondering what your name was."

I sighed and sucked in a quick breath.


"Ichigo. My name is Ichigo Kurosaki, substitute shinigami in charge of Karakura Town."

A slow smile spread onto the kid's lips, only one thought went through my mind at that time.

'Crap, so he was looking for me…'

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