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Chapter 10: The Rest of Forever

Caroline opened her eyes, noticing she wasn't in her bedroom. Deep red, silky sheets wrapped around her body, sliding over her skin like butter as she turned on her side. Her head rested on a plump feathery pillow that molded itself around her, providing the perfect comfort. She rolled on the bed a couple times, extending her arms on each side to take in its vastness. Daylight slipped in through the window from behind the curtains as she encased herself in the warm covers. She could smell his scent all over them, it was unmistakeable, she knew this was Klaus' bed.

She peeked underneath the sheets, noticing that she was no longer wearing that poor excuse of an outfit she'd been striding around in for the past few weeks. Her body was covered by her own clothes and she realized Klaus must have made a trip to her house to get them for her. Her hand glided over her torso, touching the spot where the stake had pierced her chest. The skin was smooth and firm, no trace of the damage that had been inflicted remained. She smiled to herself and sighed, thankful to be alive and safe. The sound of a door opening and closing caught her attention. Her head turned to a separate section of the bedroom and she raised herself up to a seated position, resting her back against the bed's headboard.

Klaus walked in, hair damp, and a towel wrapped around his waist that barely concealed the v-shaped lines running from his hips to his nether region. Caroline released an inaudible gasp, when she saw him.

"Good morning, sweetheart." He said with a smile in that irresistible accent, as he opened drawers and rummaged through his clothes.

"Good morning." She answered, still wrapped in the soft, crisp sheets.

She watched him get dressed, still very much impressed by his physique even after all they'd been through. He walked towards her, placing his hands on the bed and climbing up next to her.

"If you feel the way you look, then I can tell you're feeling amazingly well." He said, running his fingers over her cheek.

Caroline smiled, "Thanks to you... again." She placed her hand behind his neck, her fingers making contact with his wet hair, and pulled him in for a soft kiss on the lips.

"Are you hungry?" He asked, cocking an eyebrow and letting a smile form on his face.

"Your blood is satisfying and everything but I do have to admit I've been craving some human blood." She admitted.

"Very well, I"ll go see what I can find you. An unsuspecting tourist shouldn't be hard to come by." He replied, sliding off the bed.

Caroline's eyes widened and her eyebrows arched over them as her lips slightly parted, ready to protest. Klaus' smile soon turned into a laugh and her expression changed to that of bewilderment.

"It was a joke, love. I know you prefer your blood in plastic bags." He explained.

She exhaled relieved and scolded him with one look. "And I'd prefer to keep it that way, if possible."

Klaus gave her his signature devilish smirk and walked out of the room in search of blood bags. She took this opportunity to finally hop in the shower and properly wash herself off. The water felt refreshing and the smell of shampoo on her hair had never made her happier. After she was done, she noticed there was another set of clothes for her resting on a chair, she changed into them and waited for him to return with her breakfast.

Caroline slurped every last drop, tilting her head back and squeezing the bag between her fingers. She licked her lips and smiled at Klaus who was seated at the foot of the bed, watching her in silence.

"So what happened while I was out?" She asked, handing him the empty piece of plastic.

He caught a hold of it and threw it in the waste basket next to the dresser. "Your friends weren't very happy with me taking you away, especially not Tyler." He said, scrutinizing Caroline's reaction.

She let her feet dangle off the side of the bed before placing them on the floor and hopping off. Her arms reached up high, and she arched her back, stretching as far as possible as she walked over to the window. She ran her fingers through her wet hair, sweeping it over to one side. Her hands pulled the curtains away, allowing the sun to penetrate the room entirely. The driveway was empty; the greenery of the lawn and trees were the only thing in sight.

"What happened to Stefan and Damon?" She asked but before Klaus could give her an answer she continued, "Bonnie hates me, doesn't she? Well, Bonnie and Tyler." There was a tone of melancholy to her voice.

Klaus was prepared to deal with the aftermath of their actions. He knew very well that it wasn't going to be easy for her to take the rejection of the people she had grown so close to. But he was convinced that time would one day heal her wounds and that the loss of her friends was only temporary. They'd eventually take her back, after all she was one of their own.

"Stefan and Damon both escaped before I could get my hands on them." He said, resentment still evident in his voice, "as for Bonnie and Tyler, I can't even begin to fathom how anyone would be capable of hating someone like you."

Caroline turned around, leaning back and placing both hands against the window sill.

"I owe them an explanation," she began, "I can't just leave without telling them everything."

Klaus' look was that of understanding but he couldn't help feeling a bit apprehensive at the thought of Caroline being alone with Tyler. Thoughts of him convincing her to stay or even telling her she was making a mistake, put him on edge. He paced from one side of the room to the other, pondering with his eyebrows furrowed. Caroline noticed he was feeling uneasy and left her spot by the window to go stand by his side.

"Did you hear what I said to Elena last night?" She asked, placing her hands on his arms. "The only reason I intercepted that stake was because I couldn't bear the thought of losing you." She stared at him with doleful eyes. Klaus shifted his gaze from her eyes to her lips as he listened carefully.

"This time, it wasn't because I was desperately trying to protect Tyler. And I know it sounds terrible because he's my friend, but the only thing I was thinking of at that moment was that I had to save you." She paused, her eyes glistening as she spoke. "I thought of how much it would hurt and how miserable it would make me, and I know that sounds selfish and..."

Klaus cut her words short with his lips, before she could finish her sentence. He nipped at them softly, basking in her taste. They slowly pulled away and she looked at him, smiling before she spoke again.

"I love you." She stated. The declaration made her feel fulfilled, as if it was something that had been missing all along.

He stared into her eyes, the words resonating deep inside him. He'd been longing for this moment all this time, and it had finally come to fruition. Klaus knew that she was his and only his, that he would no longer have to compete with anyone for her affection. He finally had what he'd always wanted. Caroline would be his priority and the only person that would fill all his waking hours.

"You have no idea what those words mean to me." He said, closing the gap between their lips.

Their flesh brushed against each other, producing ripples of electricity that travelled to every part of their body. The touch of their lips, igniting the fire in both of them. They took steps towards the bed without breaking apart for a second, until the back of Caroline's legs hit the edge of the mattress. Klaus put his hands on her side, lifting her up as she came to rest over the undone sheets and covers. She felt the weight of his body on hers as he climbed on top of her. He clasped on to her lips again, moving slowly against her point of entrance, the friction causing a rise under his pants and producing a build up of moisture between her legs.

It wasn't long before they were both bare under the covers, giving themselves completely to one another. Klaus' lips explored every inch of her smooth, fair skin with delicacy, producing sensations that up until then had been unfamiliar to Caroline. There was a mixture of sweetness and subtlety to the way he touched her and the way he moved inside her. She was fascinated by this new experience, it was better than anything she'd ever felt. No one had ever made love to her the way Klaus did and she knew that no one ever would.

Caroline stood right outside the mansion's entrance, her blonde waves fell over her shoulders as she tucked her hands inside her pockets. She leaned to one side, placing most of her weight on one leg, as Klaus watched her from the door.

"I'll be back before sunset." She announced, looking up, noticing the sun had barely reached its highest point in the sky. "It shouldn't take too long to talk to them and you did say I didn't have to pack every single thing in my room." The realization of abandoning the place she'd called home her whole life, suddenly hit her. "I honestly think that speaking to my mom will be the most difficult part." She said with downcast eyes.

Klaus nodded with a very faint smile etched on his face. "I'll be waiting." He replied.

She shook her head up and down, pursing her lips, concealing the happiness she felt every time she thought of their future life together. She twirled around, walking at a speedy pace before becoming just a blur, disappearing from Klaus' sight.

Speaking to Elena wasn't as difficult as she thought it would be, although the unavoidable subject of Jenna brought about countless buried emotions. The visit left Caroline feeling more like a monster and less like a human. She considered her willingness to put Klaus' horrible deeds in the past a sign of her fading humanity. No matter how wrong she knew that was, she stood her ground and owned up to her decisions.

Elena didn't have much to say on Caroline's developed feelings for Klaus, considering she was currently dealing with her own relationship problems and conflicting emotions. She knew more than anyone what it was like to love unconditionally and look past the other person's faults for the sake of having those feelings reciprocated.

Bonnie was a different story. Caroline showed up at the Bennett's home a few hours past noon. She must have rung the doorbell over a hundred times but no one ever answered. She took a seat on the steps, waiting to see if anyone came home without any luck. Something inside her told her that Bonnie just didn't want to see her or hear her explanations. She was stubborn, and rightly so, but it still pained Caroline to know this was one friend she'd probably never get back. Her vision became blurry as the tears accumulated in her eyes, and they streamed down her face, hitting the pavement under her feet. After a few minutes of crying, she wiped the tears off her face and fanned her eyes with her hands.

She looked up at the sky as she rose from the steps and came to her feet. She knew she had to get to Tyler's house soon, if she was planning on making it back to Klaus before nightfall.

Caroline took a deep breath and closed her eyes as her finger pressed the doorbell. The Lockwood estate seemed quiet and she was hoping the visit to Tyler wouldn't turn out to be a repeat of Bonnie's. After a few rings, the door swung open and the mayor stood before her with a condescending look.

"Is Tyler home?" Caroline asked.

"I knew the moment I found out you were one of them, that you weren't right for my son." The mayor replied with a huff.

Caroline tried to be polite and remain cordial, after all, she wasn't there to argue with her ex's mother. "I just need to speak to him one last time."

"He's not home." She said dryly. "But I'm sure you'll know where to find him."

Caroline nodded as she turned around and headed towards the woods. She hurried to reach the Lockwood cellar and sure enough found Tyler sitting on the steps of the entrance. He glanced up at her, with reproachful eyes, before looking away.

"What do you want?" His voice sounded rough and careless.

"I'm leaving tonight." She began.

"And what do you want me to do, throw you a going away party?" He rolled his eyes.

"Tyler, I feel like I owe you at least an explanation for all this." She took a few steps towards him but remained standing. "I..." she stammered, "I never meant for this to happen." She said with a sigh.

"Look, Caroline, I don't know what he said to you or what he promised you, but how can you be sure that he truly meant it?" He looked up at her again, small creases forming on his forehead.

"Don't ask me that. I just know." She exhaled loudly, "If I had any control over my feelings, you can be sure that things would've happened differently. I hate myself for hurting you, I know you don't deserve this, but I can't change what I feel. You deserve to know the truth, and the truth is that I fell in love with him." Her words were brutally honest but they had to be said no matter how much they stung.

"You can." He replied.

"What?" She mumbled.

"You can change how you feel. He can change how you feel." He affirmed.

"Are you suggesting..."

Tyler cut her off. "If he really loves you, Caroline, he'll do that for you. He knows you're happy here, everyone you love is in Mystic Falls. Why does he want to take you away? It would be simple for him to just make you forget." He concluded.

Caroline shook her head as she blinked trying to get rid of the tears threatening to abandon her eyes. She felt a knot form in her throat at the thought of Klaus compelling her to forget what they had.

"Why are you being so selfish?" She blurted out. Tyler widened his eyes in surprised, offended by her question.

"I'm being selfish? What about him? He's the one that wants you all to himself. He's the one taking you away!" Tyler raised his voice in anger, coming to his feet.

"He's not forcing me to go. I'm making this decision all on my own." She said with indignation.

"Well then I guess we're all guilty when it comes to selfishness, aren't we?" He asked.

"I'm done here. I've said what I wanted to say. And I'm sorry that I couldn't love you the way you would have wanted. But it looks like I was right..." She paused, "maybe we just weren't meant to be together, Tyler." She swallowed hard, composing herself.

"Well I hope you have a nice life." He replied with a hint of sarcasm, without even looking at her in the eyes.

Caroline had a feeling this meeting wasn't going to end amicably but she never thought Tyler would go as far as asking her to open herself up to compulsion just to keep her around. In her mind, she would've told him how sorry she was and then she would've said goodbye, giving him one last hug. Instead, she left him there, at the foot of the Lockwood cellar, bitter, angry and unforgiving.

She wrapped her arms around her mother and burst out in tears as she squeezed her tightly. Her eyes wandered around the house, she took note of every picture frame, every decoration, memorizing every detail of the home she had grew up in.

After the embrace was over, they both took a seat in the living room. Caroline recounted her ordeal, carefully explaining her feelings for the man everyone considered the enemy. Her mother didn't seem surprised, on the contrary, she was understanding. Even though she wasn't thrilled with the idea of her taking off with him, she was positively sure that he would do everything to protect her and keep her safe.

"Klaus was here." She confessed.

Caroline's eyes lit up with surprise and curiosity at the news. "When?"

"Last night," she replied, "He told me everything and he assured me that I had nothing to worry about." She fell silent.

Caroline felt her heart flutter at the thought of him caring enough to come speak with her before their trip.

"I wasn't very receptive at first but he promised me that you would be very well taken care of and that he would make you happy." Her mother's eyes filled up with tears as she realized her little girl would no longer be around. "And that's all I've ever wanted for you. Happiness." She said between sobs.

Her arms wrapped around Caroline as they both started crying. Neither of them knew when they'd see each other again, but she was sure their separation wouldn't be for too long. There were ways around it without having to return to Mystic Falls.

After moments of crying and connecting with her mother, she walked up the stairs to her room. She stood at the entrance, glancing at all the mementos spread across her walls and adorning her furniture. Her walk-through was quick but she took the time to change her clothes before taking her suitcase out of her closet. She packed only the things she knew she couldn't live without, as well as small keepsakes that seemed useless but had great meaning to her. She pulled the handle on the suitcase and rolled it towards the door, turning back to take one last look at the place that had witnessed her growth and seen its share of laughter and tears. She said goodbye to the Forbes residence with one last hug to her mother, promising her that she would be seeing her in the near future.

The sun had already set, the night enveloping everything in darkness. Klaus looked impatiently out the window, hoping to see Caroline show up at any minute. The wait was becoming perilous as he began to think of reasons why she hadn't made it back before sunset, like she had promised. He would be lying if he didn't admit that the idea of her changing her mind and running away with Tyler hadn't occurred to him. But he quickly brushed it away, remembering all the moments they had shared. He continued to wait, hopeful that she would make a late appearance.

Klaus looked over at the clock as it stroke nine. The door to the mansion was open, and it had been since the sun began to set. He stepped outside and walked down the steps into the driveway. He lifted up his wrist and glanced at his watch one more time when he saw her, approaching him in the distance. She was dressed in long black jeans that elongated her slender legs, the sound of her boots hitting the pavement grew louder the closer she got. The navy blue top she wore wrapped around her gracefully, secured by a belt that accentuated her waist. He smiled as he watched her reach the steps, dragging along a suitcase that any other person would consider too big and heavy for a girl like her to carry around.

"I was beginning to worry." He said, a smile still evident on his face as he cupped her face, pressing her lips against hers.

"I'm sorry. Things didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped, but I'm here now." She grinned. "My mom told me you went to see her..."

Klaus dug his hands in his pockets, pursing his lips, and nodded. "I felt it was necessary."

"Thank you," she muttered.

He noticed the sadness in her eyes and wrapped his arms around her. She let go of the suitcase and placed her hands on his back, resting her head against his chest.

"I promise you'll see her again, soon." He asserted and she smiled knowing that there was no doubt he'd make that happen.

They arrived at the airport without her having any knowledge of where they were headed. Her stomach felt like it was on a trampoline due to the excitement she was experiencing.

"I'll be right back." He told her as she took a seat on one of the chairs.

Caroline watched him head to the counter and speak to the girl about purchasing tickets. She was definitely a bit amused by the fact that he was actually going to pay for them as opposed to just compelling her to get them for free. The girl smiled at him, making flirty little remarks that caused Caroline to roll her eyes. Klaus knew that she was listening, so when she asked for a destination he wrote it down on a piece of paper instead and handed it to her, placing a finger over his mouth and tilting his head towards Caroline. The girl looked at her and smiled a bit embarrassed. The transaction was speedy and he checked in the luggage before returning with tickets in hand.

"So are you finally going to tell me where we're going? She asked impatiently.

He handed her the envelope with the tickets, narrowing his eyes before letting go. "Any last minute guesses?" He teased.

"I'm sure I'll be happy as long as we're not planning on spending the rest of forever on a deserted island." She replied, causing him to chuckle.

Caroline pulled out the tickets, reading the destination printed on them and she looked up at Klaus, a huge grin spreading across her face.


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