Once they got to the Knight house Kendall had his mom make them hot chocolates then took them upstairs to his room. Carlos was settled on Kendall's bed next to Logan while Kendall went out to get the hot chocolate. James sat across the room at Kendall's desk, completely keeping to himself. He didn't care to hear about Carlos' problems.

"So what else?" Logan asked curiously as he put a blanket around Carlos' shoulders.

"I dunno…" Carlos said with a scratchy voice "I'm just really scared that Miguel will die or won't be able to function right when he gets back. I don't want him to be gone so far away. I hate it."

"We'll be here for you, I promise," Logan assured him. Carlos huddled close to Logan and rested his head on his shoulder for comfort.

Finally Kendall came back with four hot chocolates. He handed one each to Logan and Carlos, then one to James. "Dude, why don't you want to sit on the bed with us?" Kendall asked James.

James just looked up at Kendall with a disgusted look on his face. "You know I can't stand Carlos," he said coldly.

"Why though? I'm sure you guys would get along if you'd just give the guy a chance."

"No, I have enough on my plate with my parents' divorce. If I make friends with him then he's going to be going on and on about his problems. I don't want to comfort him about his when I have my own to worry about." James said coldly.

"Can't you at least try?" Kendall asked.

"No! I have my own problems, Kendall!" James exclaimed.

Carlos heard what James was saying and decided to speak up. "You're not the center of the world James!" he cried.

"Well neither are you! You're always the one getting attention for nothing!" James yelled.

"My brother is in Afghanistan! What if he dies? What if my big brother dies saving our butts! Our freedom isn't free!"

"Oh yeah, well what's going to happen to my family after my parents split? I don't even know if I'll see Kendall or Logan again because my dad's going to move to Nevada after it's official! If my dad gets custody of me I'll never see them again! Try thinking about that instead of yourself!"

"Alright stop!" Kendall suddenly shouted, putting an immediate stop to the fight. All eyes were on Kendall. "Look, you two fighting isn't going to help anything. We've been a group since forever and I think it's about time you two get it together now and on your own. Logan and I are going to leave you two alone to figure this out so neither of you is the "center of attention". When we come back you two better be friends." He grabbed hold of Logan's arm and dragged him out of the room. Logan was protesting against the idea but was ignored. After the door closed Carlos and James were left alone, starring each other with hatred.

Carlos was the first to break the silence. "Why do you hate me?"

"Because you're annoying. That "sweet and innocent" act you always put on for attention is stupid. Before you were all cutesy and sad at the lot earlier Kendall and Logan was actually making me feel better!"

"I didn't even mean to!" Carlos cut in "My problems are just as bad as yours!"

"How can it be as bad as a divorce? I don't even know how they could get divorced now! It's too confusing! I… I feel like it's my fault this is happening! Try living with that on your mind!"

"I have stuff to worry about too!" Carlos cried, tears were starting to run down his face "I'm scared my brother will die and I'll never see him again! He was the only one who could make me really feel better in these situations but now he's gone!"

James scoffed. "You're so needy,"

"Well, so are you!" Carlos screamed. There was another uneasy silence. They avoided eye contact, only making it more awkward. "I-I'm sor-rry…" Carlos hiccupped softly "I'm too confused. I-I hate… I h-hate this," finally he broke down completely.

James tried to ignore him but Carlos bawled too hard. The more James listened, the more he realized that it wasn't an act at all. He'd heard fake crying in drama class all the time but Carlos' crying was from genuine sadness. It made James feel guilty about yelling.

He scanned the room for a box of tissues or something to give Carlos to wipe his gross face. There was a box by the edge of Kendall's bed. James grabbed a couple and handed them over to Carlos.

"Here," he said quietly "You're getting all gross…"

Carlos hesitantly took them and wiped away all the tears from his face. "Th-thanks,"

"Yeah… and I'm sorry too," James hesitantly said "I guess I'm being ridiculous. I'm sorry for making you cry."

"Wanna hug it out?" Carlos asked as he held out his arms.

James shook his head. "I don't hug,"

Carlos got closer anyway. "It helps though," without even bothering to get permission from James he wrapped his arms around James' neck. It stunned James for a minute. It was strange hating him for one minute then being hugged by him the next. James accepted the hug nonetheless. It felt good, like all the hate there before was gone.

"So… are we friends now?" James asked nervously.

"I want to be your friend," Carlos said innocently.

James smiled and embraced Carlos tighter "Then I guess that's a yes,"

Carlos released himself from James hesitantly. He went back to where he was before and wrapped the blanket around his body again. "Yay, we're done fighting," he smiled.

"I guess so…" They sat there in a much less uncomfortable silence. "Want to sit in my lap?" James randomly asked.


"Do you want to sit in my lap? It comforts me when I have something to hold in my lap. I used to do it with my dog, but my dad took him when he moved out. I figure you'd like to anyway." James said.

"But what if I break you… I'm a hundred and thirteen pounds," Carlos said nervously.

"I can bench one-fifty at the gym. You'd be no problem."

Carlos smiled and crawled into James' lap on the other side of the bed. "Thanks James," he said. He attempted to wrap the blanket around their bodies. "If you want to talk about your parents' divorce, I'll try to help,"

"Sure, thanks buddy," James said.

James started to explain his parents' situation. Carlos listened for as long as he could. Soon the conversation was about Miguel leaving for Afghanistan. James listened just like Carlos did. They talked and cried together for two hours before they fell asleep.

Kendall and Logan came back to the room far past sun down. They were pleasantly surprised to see James and Carlos had finally become friends. Kendall was sure to take pictures of them to rub in their faces when they woke up. Neither Logan or Kendall bothered to wake them up. A last minute sleepover was just arranged. They wanted to be the first ones to hear about what happened in the morning.

Since then James and Carlos got closer. Their foursome finally became whole after 11 years. There was no jealousy or bad blood at all and there was never another fight between Carlos and James. It became their thing to comfort each other when the other was down, or more than down. They got cuddly and brotherly together, like teddy bears. It was sweet. Some would say too sweet but they would never understand. Only the four of them would ever understand it. Their teddy bears were perfect.

A/N: Yeah, crappy, I know… I've have writer's block and it's killing me. Just enjoy the idea of the story =) if you focus on the idea then it's better. Also keep in mind, homework has been dumped on me like crazy lately plus friend drama so I haven't been in a very good position to write anything good lately. I'll get over it eventually… no worries…