Ok so I got a bit of writers block and I decided to clear it up by writing one of those 'How to Annoy/scare/harass/generally abuse' fic's that are so popular in the HP section. I know that lists aren't allowed, so a detailed review about that will not help me gain knowledge in the least. But I wanted to try it, and maybe give a couple of the list forgivers a chuckle. So here it is, How to Annoy the Characters of Repo! The Genetic Opera!

Give Rotti the name of a good wig maker and tell him to stop finding his hair pieces on the highway. Proceed to dodge all bullets his Hench girls may fire at you.

Replace Luigi's coffee with decaf, when he is fully off his caffeine addiction, switch to espresso. Sit back and enjoy him never getting sleep and taking it out on the innocent… or not if the innocent is you.

Switch Amber's Zydrate with blue-raspberry mountain dew. Laugh when she is sent to the emergency room, we all know you want to.

Coat the inside of Pavi's soon to be attached face with sea salt. Then find out if he drops the fake accent when he is screaming curses and profanity.

Scream "NO SHIT" at Shilo every time she asks a stupid question. Yes, I realize you will be yelling that a lot… and you'll probably have a sore throat when you're done… oh well.

Talk about Marni with Nathan a lot. Remind him that she probably slept with Rotti a few times before she met him. Burn all of his tissues if/when he starts crying.

Tell the Vanity and Vein guy that he wears more eyeliner than Jack Sparrow. Giggle at his confused expression.

Ask Graverobber if he styled his hair after a rainbow. Ask if such a thing exists in a land that is eternally night.

Tell Repo Man that humans are not hand puppets. Dodge all scalpels thrown in your general direction.

Ask the single mom if her daughter knows she's stripping on TV, and even if she is a single mom.

Give the band leader an inhaler. He needs one so badly.

Comment loudly about how someone as rich as Luigi Largo is stealing the popcorn of a peasant.

Ponder out loud why Blind Mag is dressed like a bird, a spring animal, but has a backdrop of a blizzard, when everybody knows birds fly south for winter.

Just when Rotti is about to keel over and die, take his sword and stab him from behind, putting an end to that little speech he gives before he falls over.

Inform Luigi about how many germs are on the bodies of the deceased. Watch the mortality rate shrink.

Fire all the GENterns and hire the eunuch clones Amber employs. Watch Pavi be driven insane.

Ask why Shilo goes all Avril Lavigne in the middle of the movie, and why Nathan bitch slaps her for saying F-word when he rips out organs for a living.

Think (out loud) about how Shilo could avoid knowing Rotti when he asks her to meet him, seeing as he is probably plastered on every poster/TV commercial in the world as he is the owner of a multi-trillion corporation.

Ask Graverobber if he was waiting for the commercial breaks when he started narrating just before the opera and said 'stay tuned'.

In the middle of 'I didn't know I loved you so much" when Nathan sings that he didn't know he loved Shilo so much, Stand up and remind him that he locked her in her room and poisoned her so she wouldn't be poisoned by the outside world, and state that he knew he loved her that much from the beginning of the movie.

Well I hope you enjoyed that. Now my writes block is cleared up, so I'll be getting back to Thank you, and now I can say that I've touched bases at comedy, and I don't ever have to do it again… ever.