I AM BACK! After a brief hiatus due to writers block and those stupid exams, I am back for the third and final chapter of 'How to Annoy the Characters of Repo!' it's been fun writing this, and I may just post more chapters, but for now, I need to work on my major, newly-christened story, 'Balance' as changed from 'Thank You', and my first Cabaret fic entitled 'Life is a Cabaret Dumbass!' thank you to those who have reviewed, favorite-d, alerted or even just viewed this story, my thanks, it's been great, and I may just visit this again!

Follow Pavi everywhere; yes everywhere, handing out rape whistles to all of the GENterns/females/possible males he attempts to hit on.

Make the Largo family attend the futuristic church that they may or may not have on Sanitarium Island, hold a gun to Rotti's head and make him use the confessional, tape record anything he says there, and play it on the speakers at the GeneCo building. (A/N; if taping a confession is offensive/ blasphemous to any of my readers, I apologize.)

Release a new line of Amber Sweet Barbie dolls, highlighting her every changing looks, if you're feeling creative, give them names like Scalpel Slut or Daddy's Million Dollar Mistake. Send one to each of the Largo family, and give them free to the people getting surgery.

Make a large poster with pictures of dead convicts plastered all over it, show it off to Luigi, and title it; Your Future.

Destroy all of Nathan's sweater vests, replace them with leather jackets that bikers are too wimpy to wear, insist that all Repo Men wear them together, and form a clique at work.

Ask why Shilo has plastic hanging around her bed, and if she honestly thinks that it will keep out germs.

Replace Shilo's medicine with vodka, LOTS OF VODKA! Then make a video of the end product and put it on the Repo equivalent of YouTube.

Give Shilo a mosquito, a live, female, blood sucking mosquito, explain to her that it is a rare, harmless creature that likes to tickle humans by rubbing their noses against their flesh. Tell Nathan all bites she receives are Small Pox, and that you need to cleanse the house by filling it with foamy bubble bath.

Start a slip 'n' slide at GeneCo with water if your squeamish, or blood from the organs if you're not, push Luigi on to it, and burn his other shirts.

Tell Graverobber Shilo's age; laugh at his face when he realizes he is a mental pedophile.

Make Luigi watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, make Pavi listen to Skinny Puppy, and make Amber read the headlines of every shit magazine in the world.

Well, that's it, also, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in a Repo fangirls fic, if so, tell me in a review!