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"Boom Boom Clap"

"Derwin trust me, I'm your wife", Melanie argued.

Derwin looked hurt. "You lied to me and told me that my kid wasn't mine, Mel. You know how much I love him", he screamed.

Melanie started crying. "I know Derwin but I didn't lie".

"No you just stuffed your nose in something that wasn't your business and it almost cost me my son".

"I'm sorry. Okay and I will keep saying that until you forgive me".

"Don't waste your breath", he muttered grabbing his car keys.

"Where are you going", she asked.

"To practice", he gritted out.

"Okay so we'll talk when you get home, I love you." she called to his retreating back. He just turned to stare at her. He didn't say anything. As the door closed Melanie fall to the floor crying. Her marriage was probably ruined and it was all her fault.

"This is all your fault Tasha", Melanie accused when she went to Tasha's place for their girl talk session it was her turn to host it.

"Bitch please, aint no one stick a gun to your head telling you to swab babies. I just said the kid looked a little sunny side up".

Kelly gulped down her drank. "You kinda of did start the mess but Mel you should have known not to listen to Tasha. She's crazy".

"You be better to remember that when I'm beating your white ass. I'm from the projects. I keeps it real", Tasha stated flicking her weave.

Melanie and Kelly exchanged looks and started laughing.

"Oh so ya ho's thinks shit funny", Tasha accused.

"Well maybe a little bit", Kelly shot back.

"Do I need to remind you I'm packing today", she warned.

Mel straightens right up. "We good".


Tasha turned to look at Kelly.

"Don't look at me…I'm drinking between Jason and these producers I need several".

"Why don't you just go back with him", Mel asked.

"She bet not want him back", Tasha yelled.

"You still love him and he tried. Plus your show is players wives that kinda means you need to be a player's wife doesn't it", Mel asked.

"Oh shut up baby swaber ", Kel joked." now would be the best time to finish your residency", she stated.

Melanie went home and cooked a nice dinner for her husband. He should be home any minute but soon that minute turned into three and she fell asleep on the couch waiting for him. Mel woke up with a start. "Derwin", she called. Silence was her answer. She checked their room but the bed was un-slept in. "Derwin", she called out again. Nothing.

She picked up the phone and dialed his number only to have it go straight to voice mail. She was really starting to panic. She reverted back to old school and used *67. This time she got results but not the ones she wanted.

"Hello", asked none other than Janay.

Mel gapped on the phone rendered speechless.

"Hello", she asked again.

Melanie just ended the call and fall on the bed crying. She really did lose it all, didn't she?

Derwin came out of the bathroom with a freshly bathed DJ in his hands. "Yo did my phone ring", he asked.

Jayne shrugged. "So kid making prank calls", she answered nonchalantly.

"Oh okay cool. Well me and little man gonna make pancakes. Want some', he asked.

She smiled. "I would love that".

Derwin grinned. "Cool, hey DJ daddy puts in work, daddy puts in work", he sung.

Janay just stood at the door remembering the last time he said that.

"Guys Derwin didn't come home last night", Mel cried.

"What the hell you mean he aint come home last night", Tasha hollered.

"Sweetie you're married to a football player. That is not a good thing; him coming home is the only reassurance you have with him not being with a slut", Kelly added.

"He was with Janay"

"Oh hell naw", Tasha exclaimed.

"Sweetie", Kelly cried.

Melanie sniffed. "I think I may lose Derwin", she stated somberly.

"That n word aint going nowhere but a graveyard. Just say the word".

"Tasha I am not going to kill my husband but if you offering to put a hit on Janay I won't tell a soul".

Tasha scoffed. She felt obligated to defend single mothers. "I aint putting no hit out on her ass. All she doing is raising her son alone, making sure he still have a chance to know his father".

Mel hated it when she was right. Therefore she rolled her eyes and poured another drink.

That night Mel decided that she just couldn't wait for him to decide if he wanted to come home or not. She couldn't be in that house alone another night when he was with her and their son. She packed a few bags and left him a note on the bed.

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