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Melanie huffed as she entered the house. With Kelly MIA and between Tasha getting her groove back and helping Malik she had no one to talk to. She slumped against the door exhausted dreading the call to her parents about her baby and the divorce she planned on getting. Melanie was going to have to stay with her Parents while she looked for an apartment. She didn't even know how she was going to tell Derwin. He was just going to think she was plotting and scheming once again wanting attention.

She heard movement coming from the kitchen and it made her on edge. "Boo", she heard him calling from the kitchen. He sounded broken and lost. Mel heart went out for him.

She mentally prepared herself for the confrontation. "Emotional walls", she chanted.

Derwin put his drink done when he heard the door open. He smiled knowing that Melanie was actually here. He thought he was going to have to travel to her parents again. "Boo", he called. His voice was hoarse and foreign to his own ears. He didn't get a reply so he ran to the foyer to see his baby. "Boo", he called to her once again. He started to go towards her but she backed into the door.

She looked pale and tired. "Derwin", she stated icy looking at his sorry existence. "What are you doing here", she asked.

"I live here", he stated as if it was obvious.

Melanie nodded. "Well then don't worry I was going to pack tonight anyway. I'll be out of your hair by morning", she stated moving toward the stairs.

Derwin looked confused as hell. "What", he asked puzzled. "Yo boo where you going", he wondered.

She turned to face him. "Home Derwin…I'm going home", she half cried half yelled at him getting in his face.

His shoulders slumped in defeat. "Mel…this is home. I'm sorry baby…I'm so sorry", he confessed.

"Oh yea…I wonder how long this going to last. You made a choice Derwin and you didn't pick me. So go to your baby mama and go make more babies….we're done. I want a divorce", she yelled.

He leaned against a wall for support. Today had to be the worst day of his life. "No", he told her still trying to process what was going on.

"Let me go Derwin. I can't keep doing this", Mel cried going up the stairs.

"No…I'm not losing you too", he pleaded running after her.

Jason sat uncomfortable amongst his daughter and his new wife. He wanted them to meet because he was trying to convince Chardonnay to stay married to him. He actually liked her and she was cool to be around. Therefore it was time to meet Brit-Brat.

Every time Chard tried to get Brittany to talk it was one worded answers and Jason was getting really tired of it.

"Okay Brit-brat, why don't you tell Chardonnay about your soccer team ….you know she's captain", he gloated. "Just like her old man was…that's how Pits do it".

Chard was surprised that Brittany was more than a rat. "Congrats, that must be a huge responsibility", she wondered.

Brittany shrugged. "No, I'm used to it…daddy I'm done with dinner can she go now", she asked sweetly setting down her fork.

"Young lady watch your mouth", he warned.

"Or what…you're going to send me away", she screamed.

"Brit", he hissed.

"Daddy", she stated standing her ground. "I never met any of your other whores beside Camille, what's so special about this one", she asked.

"Whore", Chardonnay spat shocked. "Little girl watch your mouth", she warned getting hood real quick.

"Great she's like a mini Tasha", she told her dad glaring at her. "And you're not my mother. I don't have to listen to you", she snapped.

"Brittany, she's an adult. Please act like I taught you manners", he pleaded sending an apologetic glance at his new wife.

"You didn't teach me anything", she snapped back icily. "No wonder mom kept Mikey away from you", she hollered and stormed away.

Jason looked puzzled. "Who the hell is Mikey", he wondered.

"Don't look at me but you need to talk to her…now", Chard told him kissing him on the cheek and going towards the door.

"Aw wait no dessert", he shot back.

Tasha was hanging out with her best friend Pookie that night. It was sort of a weird development for the two. They just kissed and it was so awkward. She knew she had feeling for him but maybe she was over thinking it. She really didn't want to mess up their friendship but she felt like she needed more. The two were just staring at each other for what seemed like hours. He was only in town for a few days and he leave tomorrow. He was a god sin with helping Malik. If Tasha was being honest he's the only one that had her back for better or worse her entire life.

Someone banging on the door interrupted their staring contest.

"Talk about a door saving your ass…am I right", she joked bouncing up towards the door.

Pookie grabbed her arm. "Whoever it is, let them be…we need to talk about us", he asked calmly as ever. Tasha wanted to smack his calmness and shot it. it wasn't fair she was a ball of nerves.

"Let me at least tell them to get the hell on so they can stop banging on the damn door", she stalled.

He regrettably let her go and she went to the door.

"Melanie", Tasha gasped as she looked at the woman she thought of as a daughter who stood there broken at her threshold. "This is the part when you tell me what Derwin did now", she informed her.

Melanie just threw herself in Tasha's arms and sobbed brokenly.

"Tasha", Pookie called from the couch.

"Oh god", Melanie cried. "I didn't mean to ruin your evening it-it's just…I'm sorry…I'll leave now", she cried.

Tasha rolled her eyes. "And go where", she asked.

"To my parents", she cried harder. "I filed for divorce this morning and now he wants me back…I can't do it anymore. Anyways I'm sorry for bargaining in", Mel stated trying to compose herself.

"Ah hell…look I don't want you alone tonight so I'm a give you an address to go to so you can have a place to sleep and clear your head okay… cuz we both know how much your gonna hate your parent's house", Tasha told her. "Just feel better and if you want to call a hit out on Derwin…you have until 5pm tomorrow if you want it done ASAP", she hinted towards the living room.

"I'll keep it mind", Mel said smiling sadly leaving to go to the address Tasha gave her hoping it wasn't somewhere hood like.

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