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Chapter 1: Class Trip

A gentle breeze caressed her face as the green eyed tourist leaned over the railing of the viewing platform looking in awe at the Statue of Liberty. The rest of her class was spread about taking pictures and short videos, gazing at it through the telescopes that were lined up for that particular purpose, and others simply stood by discussing facts and statistics about the monument. Meanwhile, the young chestnut-brown haired girl supported herself on her abdomen as she tilted a little more forward to get a closer look at the far off beacon of freedom. She was so very awestruck by the statue itself, she'd read much about it in anticipation of her coming on this trip. As well, she'd perused numerous historical photographs and watched video documentaries about it and other New York monuments on the internet. So finally being here, looking at the real article, it was almost too amazing to be real. Although it was barely possible, she managed to lean in a bit more, determined to prove to her self it was really there. She in her mind thought that if she just got a bit closer perhaps she could touch it from across the bay. In an instant her entrancement was shattered as a rough tug from behind pulled her from her perch.

The one responsible smiled back at her readjusted the strap of her backpack. "Lisa, if you try to look any closer, your gonna fall over and into the New York Bay. Then I'm gonna have to get my new shirt all wet jumping in to save you." She mocked the other girl.

The Lisa blushed in slight embarrassment, then pushed back the loose stands from her face before responding. "Sorry Dawn. I just wanted to try get a good look. I want to make sure I remember every detail about it." she explained.

"That's what the camera is for." Dawn said holding up the device. "I got a lot of pictures of it from different angles. So you could look at them all you want without going for a swim in polluted New York water."

Lisa took the camera and perused the images. "Alright, I get it. But I can't help being excited. I mean seriously, this is New York! The real New York! The one we only ever learned about in school from Social Studies books. I never thought I'd get to see this city in person before I went to college. I just want to take in as much of it as I can as soon as possible." She spun herself around with her arms outstretched to emphasize her enthusiasm.

"I know, you've been telling me that since the airport. Back in Texas." said the other rolling her brown eyes and readjusting her medium length black braid so that it didn't press against her back anymore.

Before the other could respond further a hand was clapped on her shoulder, causing her to jump a little. "Hey Lisa! I saw how you were checking out Lady Liberty. I though only guys ogled women like that! Maybe while were here you should take the chance and marry it! But wow that's gonna be one heck of a honey moon! Aye Lis?" teased a girl with colorful streaks of blue in her dirty-blonde hair.

"Your a riot Rae," said Dawn rolling her eyes, "but how's about you take your jokes somewhere else. We were having a conversation before you rudely interrupted." She looked sternly at the slightly taller girl.

"Tuh, whatever fun police." replied Rae as she pushed off of Lisa and heelied away from them.

The two friends watched her go for a moment, "Can it be possible for someone her age to be that immature?" rhetorically asked Dawn. "You OK Lisa? It sounded like she hit you pretty hard." she pointed to the other's shoulder.

"I'm fine Dawn. It didn't really hurt, I don't think it's even gonna turn red." replied the other shyly.

"Ok. Then do you want to take a quick picture in front of the statue before we have to leave?" Before Lisa had time to say another interruption in the form of a whistle was sounded loudly, drawing the attention of all the other students. An older woman with sunglasses holding clipboards under one of her arms brought the whistle from her lips as the group crowded around.

"Everyone, listen up." She announced loud enough for all to hear. "Make sure you have your bags and any other items your carrying with you. We're going to be heading to the hotel in 10 minutes for check in." She held up the clipboards that were labeled 'boys' and 'girls' before continuing. "But before we head out, all of you need to find your rooms on the lists. There will be four to a room, and I think it goes without saying that they're all unigender. So there should be no excuses for boys and girls to be in the same rooms at any time. Also, I don't want to hear any complaining about not getting put with your best friends. There will not be any changes to roommate arrangements made unless your chaperones decide that it is completely necessary. Otherwise, you'll have to just get along with whoever else you share your room with for the next week." When she was finished everyone uttered their agreements and the teacher handed the boards off.

Lisa and Dawn crossed their fingers as they scanned the pages and found their names. "Room #23?" asked Lisa nervously.

Dawn got a chance to look at it and traced the row where her name was with her finger to the column with the rooms. She grinned turning to Lisa, "Same."

Happily the girls exchanged high fives in a small celebration of their fortune. The two immediately began talking about how they could act like it was sleep over and stay up late, eat junk food, talk about their fandoms, and watch movies on the DVD player Dawn had packed for the long plane ride. Within the encirclement of girls still looking for their names, a groan could be heard above their clamoring.

Emerging from the circle was a very displeased looking teen, her hair crimped wavy and loose, wearing the type of garb typical of a fashion conscious young woman pushed her way out of the group. Her sandals lightly clacked on the ground as she made her way over to the two friends. A very displeased expression shown on her made-up her face. "I have to share a room with you?" she asked incredulously.

Dawn and Lisa looked from her to each other in disbelief. "You mean we have the same room?" Lisa said unsure.

"Are you sure, room 23?" Dawn inquired.

"Of course I'm sure. I can read!" The girl replied in irritation.

The three made their own sounds voicing their chagrin. "There go our ideas. No way Jenna the school diva will let us do any of the things we want to. The minute she hears us talking about cartoons she'll bug us to no end." groused Dawn in a whisper to Lisa.

"Maybe not. If we give her her space, she might not be so bad. Besides, it could be worse." As soon as Lisa finished saying so she was startled by a familiar smack to her shoulder. This time she was sure it would leave a red mark when she checked later. The eccentric blonde girl from earlier glanced interchangeably at the other three girls.

"Heeey roomies! Can't wait for all the fun we're gonna have! Hope you don't mind snoring though. Oh yeah, and sometimes I sleep talk." proclaimed Rae with a wide grin.

The news evoked yet another collective sound of displeasure from the other three. This trip had barely begun and already was turning in a direction no one had seen coming. "Alright class! Get your stuff, we're heading to the hotel." Shouted the teacher as she rallied the students to the charter bus.

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