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Chapter 5: The Other Dawn

Lisa, Jenna, and Rae watched as Dawn without batting an eye crossed into the light. They waited until enough time had passed that she had gone all the way through before calling out to her. "Do you see anything?" Lisa asked at a volume that echoed off the tunnel walls, expecting fully to hear a reply soon after the question. All three were concerned when they didn't hear Dawn shout back.

"Hey Dawn! What do you see over there?" Rae then tried cupping her hands around her mouth to amplify her voice. Her question repeated off the walls a few times once again before dying out. But still, Dawn said nothing. "Let's try it one more time together Lisa. Maybe the glowy-majiger is making it hard for her to hear us." Rae then suggested to the somewhat anxious friend who was staring intently at the mysterious shine that had swallowed her BFF.

"Ok." agreed Lisa. Both girls now, Rae counting down from three with her fingers, joined their voices in calling to the absent girl.

"DAWN!" At the sound of her name being spoken so vociferously, Jenna plugged her ears with her fingers while the shout swirled around in the air and rang out through the desolate tunnel system.

"Thanks for that. I've been meaning to go deaf for a while. You helped bring me just that much closer to my dream." Jenna sarcastically remarked to the two.

"Will you stow it Jenna? We're trying to hear Dawn." Rae returned in an attempt to hush the complainer.

"Ugh, fine." The grey eyed teen reluctantly agreed. They all mutually closed their mouths and stayed perfectly quiet, giving one more chance for a reply. In her head, Jenna counted out a full 15 seconds, then spoke again. "Nothing. Looks like our captains' gone AWOL." cynically told Jenna to the other two.

"Yeah right. Maybe that's how your friends work, but Dawns' not like that. Something else is going on here. Come on Lisa, we're gonna do reconnaissance on our commander." Rae replied snidely to Jenna, then motioning for Lisa to follow her near the light. "But you can stay here if you want to Princess. Actually, I'd prefer it." She added with one more offensive poke to the girl. Then she and Lisa, just as Dawn had, walked into the glow.

"How's about you stay here and- Hey! Don't walk away before I can tell you off!" Jenna complained as she was ignored in her retort. She folded her arms in a huff and stood glaring into the light, but when she came to notice that she was now alone in the sewers. Glancing around in the mostly darkness, it didn't take long before Jenna relented. "Uh! You dorks better wait for me. I am not getting stuck in here alone." she grumbled stomping after the others into the brightness. Jenna was distracted from her bitter attitude when a tingling feeling spread across her entire body. She was more so caught off guard by the loss of her sight due to the sheer brilliance of the glow within only seconds of being inside.

The tingle went away slowly after a short while but her eyes, still unable to re-dilate, were useless in her new surroundings. She started to wobble a bit when disorientation flooded her head. She was only stopped from toppling over when she anchored herself to an unseen second person. "Watch it Jenna! You almost knocked me over. Ah, my head…" Rae said as the girl leaned on her. She and Lisa were starting to snap back from their own brush with vertigo, leaning against the wall as it worked out of their system. When all three managed to shake it off, they looked about to see where they'd ended up.

"Great, I get a head rush just so we can get to the other side and find more sewer waiting for us. I mean seriously, what if that stuff was toxic? I had better not grow a tail or something." Jenna immediately began to criticize when they were met with the sight of pipes, dirty water, and concrete cylindrical walls and floor.

"No, this place is kinda different." Lisa contradicted. "There's lights on in here, and the smell, it's not so bad anymore."

"Oh yeah…good eye Lisa, and nose." complimented Rae as she turned off her flashlight and put her phone back in her shorts.

Jenna sniffed the air herself, "That is much more bearable. Weird, you'd think a sewer would smell worse the further in you got." Upon turning back Jenna was perplexed. "Huh? Where'd that light thing go?" The other girls looked her same way, and were equally surprised that indeed, the mysterious entity had vanished, and behind them was more lighted tunnel, unlike they recalled. "This is somewhere different."

"But, where the shell did we end up?" wondered Rae, "And if Dawn ended up here too, where'd she go?"

"Ah, Dawn! We gotta find her. She might've got turned around somewhere." Lisa brought up when her friends name was mentioned.

"If she thought it was the same sewer, then maybe she went looking around for us." Rae supposed.

"Please tell me you aren't saying we have to walk again, what if she comes back? Then we could be making it harder for her by moving." Jenna tried to persuade not wanting to make her feet to grow any sorer.

"We should at least try Jenna. If she's nearby then she'll hear us when we call for her. Then we can all regroup." Rae told her.

"Jenna, I know your feet hurt, but could you please try to go a little farther. I'll even give you a piggy back if it starts hurting really bad."

"As awesome as that sounds, I'd rather stay put. You guys can go play rescue commandos if you want." Jenna haughtily declined.

"Um, but, I'd rather we not have anyone on their own. We already got separated from Dawn, and I don't really want to take the chance we all end up apart from each other down here. Please, can you just go on a little longer?" Lisa solicited of the most difficult of their group.

Jenna, in response to Lisa's unintentional puppy dog gaze, slightly softened her agitated expression and let out a sigh. "Fine. Let's go." She begrudgingly agreed.

"Thanks Jenna."

"But I'm only doing this because you don't crease me as much as highlighter head." She brushed off already moving into the now lighted tunnels.

"That would be 'Leonardo-blue highlighter head' to you pom-poms." Rae remarked as she too started walking with the others.

"Daaawn!" Lisa called out first off into the huge sewers.

"Daaaaaawn! Where you at!" then added Rae.

"Daaawn! Hey Daaaawn! Where are you!" then shouted Jenna. All three took turns or sometimes together shouted out to the missing female. Each cupping their hands to their mouths to ensure their voice traveled far into the long stretch of tunnel around them. They repeated this effort for a while, going deeper and deeper into the network as they did. Too distracted in their search, Jenna made no further complaints about her feet despite them getting worse with each step. Rae in her most focused state that was rarely ever seen, strained her voice ignoring the sloshing of her sopped shoes and wet socks. Lisa, determined to hear her friend reply, raised her voice as loudly as she could, getting all the more nervous each time she didn't hear Dawn's call back.

"Daaawn! Daaawn! Daaawny, are you out there? Daawny!"

"Dawny?" questioned Rae at the new term.

"It's a nickname, only her family and me call her that though." explained Lisa to the other two.

"Oh. Mind if I try it too?"

"Sure, if you guys want to." nodded Lisa

"Yeah, I'll give it a shot too." added Jenna.

After saying so Rae planted her feet firmly on the concrete floor, cleared her throat and again got her hands ready, "DAAAAWWWNY! WHERE ARRRRE YOOOUU?!" she unleashed down the expanse with a grand echo.

"Nice." Lisa said still hearing it go on for a while.

"Yup. I'm a good yeller, always have been. Ask my mom." Rae smiled as they then started walking again, now alternating between the girl's natural name and her nickname.

Elsewhere in the sewer tunnels, four other teens were strolling about. They had only recently returned from an excursion to the surface, and were on their way back to their home. Though unlike the other four pedestrians, these were boys, brothers in fact. But that was not all that made them unlike the separate trekkers. They were also without many typical human phenotypes, or even genotypes for that matter. The reason for this, was because these brothers, were not human, but mutants. Terrapin mutants, complete with large polygonal patterned shells.

"Dudes, I'm starvin'. When we get home, how's about we order a pizza?" suggested the orange masked one as his stomach let out a grumble.

"I could go for a slice or two, let's do it." agreed the red masked Brooklyn accented boy.

"Nah, I'm not too hungry. I think I'd rather run through my sword kata again instead." dismissed the blue masked brother.

"None for me either guys. I want to try and make some adjustments to the sewer slider as soon as I get back." The purple masked teen also declined.

"Aw what? You guys are nuts! How could you stand there and say no to a cheesy, meaty, saucey disk of doughy goodness?" questioned the orange wearing youth to other two in disbelief.

"Hey knock it off Mikey. You're startin' to make my mouth water." commented the red masked one patting his own plastron stomach.

"Maybe we could get one later, but I'm not aching for one right now." The oldest blue masked brother told his youngest brother.

"Well I am. Please Leo, with pepperonis, parmesan, and mushrooms on top." begged the orange clad one.

"Ah, really Mikey. Come on bros let's get one now, if chuckle-head here keeps this up I won't last till later." The now hungry Brooklyn voiced brother tried to convince.

"I don't know..." considered the blue masked brother. "I'd rather it be a unanimous decision. So Donatello, you have the deciding vote." The orange wearing one looked expectantly towards his purple masked older brother.

"Like I said before guys, I'm more interested in working on the slider. I gotta say later for me." answered the deciding sibling.

"Huh?! Not cool dude. Your just gonna let me wither away so you can tinker with one of your machines?" dramatized the disheartened teen with disappointment.

"Hey I'm doing this so it'll be more efficient for all of us, and you could always get something from the fridge if you have the munchies." brushed off the intellectual in purple to his dissatisfied brother.

"But we don't have pizza in the fridge." The youngest whined.

"Then eat something we do have. Sorry Mikey, but the motion has failed to pass." The oldest told the younger, ending the discussion.

"Ok…I guess." Griped the defeated teen as they then walked for a while in silence. That was until the younger caught something as they passed by a particular tunnel entrance. "What was that?" He asked aloud stopping beside tunnel. At his reaction the other three brothers who were ahead turned back to the younger.

"What was what?" the Brooklyn sounding brother questioned.

"I thought I heard someone. Down there." He told them pointing towards the tunnel. The others automatically turned to where he pointed.

"Your hunger must be making you hear things. I don't hear nothin'." The red wearing brother said.

"Me neither." added the purple masked teen.

"I'm tellin' you guys. I thought I heard…" the orange teen leaned in closer putting a hand to his ear. "There it is again!"

"Looks like we waited too long to feed Mikey. His body digested his brain." teased the red brother to the orange younger.

"I'm serious dudes. Someone's down there. Just listen for a minute." insisted the youngest brother to the other doubtful three. Giving him the benefit of a doubt, the others hushed and leaned in closer near the tunnel that was indicated.

"….Dawn…" they heard in a faint echo.

"You see! You see!" chanted the orange masked brother.

"You guys heard that too, right?" the blue teen inquired of the other two beside him.

"Yeah, it sounded like they said, Don." commented the Brooklyn sounding one.

"Not totally sure, maybe we're not hearing it right..." told the purple masked teen to the others. All again hushed as they waited to see if the echoing voices would speak again.

"….Dawn…Dawn…Dawny…" three different voices shouted in the distance. At this, the boy's eyes went wide, and three of the brothers looked in the direction of the dazed purple wearing fourth.

"You expectin' company bro?" the red masked one asked.

"Who're your friends Donatello? They sound like girls." The orange clad brother added.

"I don't know who it is." replied said brother in a bit of confusion.

"But they called out your name. They said Don and Donny." The blue masked brother pointed out.

"Well, maybe they're talking about another Don." supposed the teen in purple.

"Yeah, another person named Don that also happens to be running around in the sewer. I'd say, not very likely." reasoned the youngest. Unable to counter the logic of his statement, the purple headed teen made no more further debate against it.

"I guess we should go meet your guest then." stated the oldest, already starting through the tunnel. He was followed by the other three soon as they went towards the echoing calls.

Back with the three girls, Jenna at last was unable to ignore how badly her feet were aching her. She had fallen behind the other two, and only continued lagging as it became unbearable. "Daaawny! Daawwn! Ah, ooh. Daawn! Daaawn! Ugh. Ah ouch! Daaawwn! Ugh! Stop stop! I can't go anymore guys." She at last had to say shuffling to the wall and sliding to the ground. She let out a hiss as she hurriedly took the still slightly wet heels off, then shoved them to the side. "Oh my gawd they hurt!" she whimpered laying her hands gently over them.

"Ouch, those are some pretty bad heel blisters. I gotta give you credit Princess, I didn't think you'd keep up for this far." commented Rae as the other two came to her in her distressed state. The girl only responded by letting out groans and the occasional yelp as she tried to apply pressure to the places where her feet hurt the most.

"That does look bad Jenna, it's really red. Why don't we all take a break for a while." Lisa suggested to Rae in concern for the girl who seemed practically about to tear up.

"No, ah! You two go keep looking. I did not put myself through this just so you could turn quitter. Agh!" argued Jenna to the other brunette.

"We can't! Like I told you before, I don't want any more of us to get separated. We can wait." Lisa disagreed.

"We won't be separated dweeb. You two will walk that way," she pointed sternly ahead to the rest of the long tunnel, "and I'll keep shouting while I sit here. Just don't lose track of my voice."

"Or, I could just carry you like I said I would. That way we won't have to leave you behind, why don't we just do that?" recalled Lisa offering to Jenna.

"Ah, no! I gotta be still for a little, I don't want to get jostled or get dropped. I'm staying right here, and you guys had better come back for me." She told them with a warning tone.

"Of course, we won't leave a man, um, girl, behind. You earned your leave trooper." Rae saluted still playing with the military associated terms and gestures.

At the motion Jenna only rolled her eyes, "Whatever soldier girl, just go away and let me realign my heel. Ow!" she yelped when she touched the sore ball of her foot.

"Ok, but we won't go too far." Lisa reluctantly agreed.

"Move out!" directed Rae pointing an arm forward.

"Such a loser…" mumbled Jenna as she stayed there behind while the two walked away. Jenna herself remained sitting in a dimmer part of the tunnel, one of the places where there were no lights for an expanse. Though she was not afraid, as she was still able to see where there was light down a ways away from the way they'd come, and the other way she still had a view of the other girls as they traveled calling out for the still missing fourth. As they got far enough Jenna resumed her own efforts in beckoning the girl, mostly just to do as planned and have them keep tabs on her location. "Daawn! Daaawwwnny!" she yelled out while trying to relax kneading carefully her tender foot tissue. "Daawwn! Daaawwny! Daaawny we're here! Daaaawwwn!" she took pauses in her shouts to allow for any response to come. She followed the recurring cycle multiple times over the course of about 10 minutes hoping to reach the girl. As well she took brief moments for the now more distant voices of the separate pair.

"Daaawwwn! Daawwn! Daawwwny! Where are you?!" she took a second to let out a few gripes, trying not to poke around the blisters on both heels. She attempted to her soles flat on the cold concrete so as to have an ice-pack like feel on them. "Ahh, ha." She hissed out at the pressure unintentionally applied on the bottom of her foot. When it passed she then went back to the routine, "Daaawwn! Daaawwny!" she took in a breath as she restrained another hiss. "Daaawwwny! Daaawwwwn! Hurry up Dawn! Come out already! Where the heck are you?!" she hollered with a burst of frustration.

"I'm right here." Someone replied from just a few feet away. Upon whipping around and seeing four shadowy figures emerge from a connecting tunnel, Jenna immediately let out a shriek that echoed out and reached the ears of her classmates.

"Jenna!" worriedly said Lisa as her and Rae turned back towards the sound. They ran as fast as their feet could take them towards the girl.

"Jenna what's wrong?!" called out Rae to the girl in concern. Upon getting back to where they'd left her they found Jenna on her feet and slugging a number of unknown assailants with her purse, all the time letting out continued screams and shouts of fear. All four shadowed figures let out injured sounds of their own each time the purse was slugged upon their heads and protruding backs.

"Oh shell! What's going on?!" Rae asked when they came upon the scene. Stopping in her walloping Jenna turned to the two and with wide frightened eyes tried to answer them.

"I-I-I got ambushed! There's someone else down here!" she sputtered out.

"Yeah, and we're still 'ere." said one of the unknowns groaning along with the other three as they tried to get up, rubbing their heads. "Nice friends you got here Donnie. Say, how's about next time you invite 'um over, they beat us with lead pipes instead of bricks." A Brooklyn accented one told one of his comrades.

"I told you. They know me, I don't know them, Ow." replied the aching teen to his brother. The brother furthest in front took a step closer the girls, the action of trying to back up in response caused Jenna to fall on her butt, no longer able to stand on her still agitated feet. At the same time, Rae had pulled out her phone and shined the very bright LED flashlight into the boys eyes, with the intention of blinding them, but instead when the light shone over them, the three girls were in a state of complete and utter astonishment.

"Haa…." got out Jenna as she gaped on the ground.

"They…they…green…" was all Lisa could muster.

"Maa…nah…t-tuu…" Rae babbled.

The four males they stared at were all adorning multicolored ninja masks and the large lumps that took up their whole backs were revealed to be turtle shells. Each of them as well toted traditional Japanese weapons of wood and steel. Each had three fingers on each hand, and lacked certain human features such as ears, noses, and hair of any kind.

When it registered at last who they were standing before, Rae in a fangirlish burst of energy let out a high pitched scream balling her fist under her chin. Although this one was not out of fear. But instead, out of total uncontrollable excitement. Everyone had to cover their hearing accouterments from how shrill and thunderous the noise she made was.

"Yep. That's about the reaction we usually get." The red wearing teen said when the girl finally stopped.

"You! You guys! Your all- you're- Lisa are you freaking seeing this?!" She asked while frenziedly shaking the girl. "It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The TMNT! Oh wow! Donnie! And Leo! Mikey and Raph! They- right here! And- we- I'm- Ninjas, haaa..." she sighed when she dropped to the ground in a fainted heap, her legs going up in the air before plopping with the rest of her to the ground.

"Rae?" Lisa asked as the girl laid there a smile still on her unconscious face. She then turned to the boys in front of her, who stared back at her and the only other conscious members of her party questioningly. "Uh, ahhh, h-hi." she nervously greeted with a bending finger wave to the males. "Y-you're turtles." After saying so Lisa smacked herself over the head. Unbelieving of the blatantly obvious statement she chose to use in the presence of her longtime favorite cartoon heroes.

"Yes, we are. And you're random teenage girls that are trespassing in the New York sewers." The one in blue said in response. "Would you mind telling us who you are and how you're acquainted with my brother?" He requested.

"Uh…well…you uh, you guys are like…uh…" Lisa tried to say but didn't have the capacity to form a proper sentence staring face to face with her all time number one ninja turtle Leonardo.

"Hey Lisa, in case you didn't notice one of them has swords. Try using coherent sentences so we don't get hacked up into sushi." interjected Jenna to the girl.

"Uh, wha? Leonardo wouldn't hurt us Jenna." She told the girl getting pulled back from her stupor. "But, I am sorry I'm acting weird. It's just that, you guys are so awesome." she said to the guys with some giggles from giddiness. "I'm a-a big, no HUGE fan of all you. And, you're my favorite Leonardo, I think bushido is way cool." She again chuckled as she addressed him.

"Fan of us? I don't understand. And you still didn't explain how you know Don. Weren't you calling for him just now?" Leonardo again asked.

"Huh?...Oh. Oh! No, we weren't calling your Don. We were looking for our friend, D-a-w-n, Dawn. There's supposed to be four of us. We got into some trouble after we missed a bus. Then we ended up down here, er, in a sewer. But then she went into a bright light, and we tried to follow her but when we got here we couldn't find her. We've been yelling her name so we could look for her." She explained not so clearly to the guys. "She's been gone for a while. I'm getting kinda worried. I hope she's alright." Lisa muttered off to the side mostly to herself thinking of Dawn. Then she let out a gasp and faced the boys again, putting her hands into a pleading clasp, "You guys know practically everything about the sewers! I know that we just met and you have lots of questions, I have some too, but first would you please please please help me find her? If anyone can do it it's you guys! Let's see, she's about two inches shorter than me," she began to describe her friend using her hand to show the distance from the ground, "with black hair in a braid. She's African American, and was wearing a yellow blouse with jean pants and sneakers. Hold on, I think I have a picture!"

She was about to produce her cell phone from her bag when she was stopped by Donatello. "Hold on there. We haven't exactly said yes yet."

She looked at them, here features already starting to quiver. "But…but you have to help us. She's my best friend, I don't want something to happen to her.." Lisa uttered in a slightly trembling voice to the other Don.

"Awe come on bro. Have a heart, a girl lost down here could get into some serious trouble." Mikey reasoned to his bother. "We gotta help them."

"I'm with Mikey here. I mean just look at um," Raph agreed motioning to the females. "They wouldn't last much longer down here like this either."

"Right then," Leo spoke. "We're gonna help find this Dawn for you. But we'll be the ones to look for her. You three are gonna go somewhere safe till we can locate your friend."

"You don't mean." Don commented.

"It wouldn't be the best idea to drop them off on the surface with one of them out cold and another who apparently can't even walk." Leo stated.

"You mean...you're taking us to the.." Lisa couldn't even say it from the sheer excitement she was overflowing with.

"Read you loud and clear bro." Raph nodded and went over to Rae's unconscious form and scooped her up. "Some one wanna get doll face over de're." He commented.

"Leave her to me dude! Your carriage my lady." Mikey bowed jokingly to her and lifted Jenna.

"Wha-" she sputtered for a second before putting her arms around his neck to stay secure. "Oh um, thanks Mike." she said slightly uneasy but calm under his grasp.

"Thank you again Leonardo." bowed Lisa.

"We'll do everything we can to find her." He bowed back. "Don. Me and you will start searching, you two join us after they get to the lair safely."

"Catch you later bros." Mikey waved as the four of them parted into pairs. Lisa followed close behind the two of them and her other companions closely, far more hopeful now they'd recover their own Fearless Leader soon...

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