Drama, Drama, Drama

Gunther's POV

Right there across the hallway from me was Cece Jones. The prettiest girl I've ever met, asides from my sister. Is it weird I find my sister pretty. I mean come on if I found my sister pretty that means I'm not a bad looking guy myself. So pretty much I'm giving myself a complement.

My name is Gunther. Is it necessary to give a last name? Not when no one else can pronounce it.

My sister's name is Tinka.

We both love glitter and sparkles, but I've thought about changing my look just for Cece.

See Cece thinks I'm like gay or something. Well I'm not! To prove it I have a crush on Cece.

Every time I get around her I freeze. By freeze I don't mean literally freeze like some guys do. I mean like instead of complementing her I say something insulting.

Back to the changing my look thing, should I? I mean maybe she'd like me more. I already know she hates my sparkles.

Uh oh! There comes my problem coming down the hallway. His name is Ty Bleu (a.k.a. Rocky's brother). Cece has a crush on him. Wait let me rephrase that, every girl in this school has a crush on him! Including my sister!

It's only because he's a really good dancer. It seems like every guy wants to be him. I mean let's face it; he can get any girl he wants, unlike me.

Cece's POV

I find the boy I like staring at me from across the hallway. I act like I don't like him, but I really do. I mean, we always fight with each other.

I don't think it's fair. Rocky doesn't want to even be friends with Gunther, but Rocky's friends with Tinka. You don't know how bad I just want to say shut the hell up.

It makes absolutely no sense at all!

I get my books from out of my locker and head to class. The only reason I like this class is because I have my best friend Rocky, Deuce, and Gunther with me, but I mostly like it because of Gunther.

I'm about to open the door to the classroom when Gunther quickly jumps in front of me and opens the door for me.

My hands start to get sweaty as I walk through. I can barely stammer "Thank you" as I walk in. It's just lately; I've been getting nervous around Gunther.

The only thing is I haven't told Rocky about me liking Gunther yet, and if she finds out before I tell her she is going to be pissed.

I'm making Rocky sound like a total ass whole, but she really isn't. Rocky really cares about her future. She gets good grades in school, and she has a great home life. She has her mom, dad, and Ty.

Everyone thinks I have a crush on Ty, but I don't! I have a crush on Gunther.

I sit down in my seat, and pull out my History book, when I catch Rocky staring back at me.

Rocky's POV

I lean back as I watch Cece sit down in her seat. There's been something weird about her lately. I think she has a crush on someone that I don't know about.

Sometimes I just feel like looking Cece strait in the eye and saying Cece, you are just a bunch of Drama, Drama, and Drama!

I know it's not that long yet, but it will get longer!

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