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Previously on Exorcist in the woods

"What do you think about what Allen had said about the old Black Order in Arizona?" Booth asked, turning away from his computer to give Sweets his full attention.

"Something traumatic happened to all of them that day but until they are willing to trust us we'll never know the seriousness." Sweets sighed, sitting back down and leaning back in his chair.

"So, all we can do now is wait." Booth sighed as well.

~~~~~~~With the Noah Clan~~~~~~

"So Allen and our exorcist friends are here too?" A creepy, sinister voice asked, knowing the answer to the question. The voice belonged to a horrid purple, obese man with a disturbing smile that didn't seem to ever leave is face, the Millennium Earl.

"That's right Millennie." Road popped up beside the Millennium Earl licking a large lollypop.

His grin widened as he chuckled wickedly. "This will be fun."

"I trust you three would like to go to the hospital to wait for your friend to wake up." Bones said, stating the comment more than asking it. Allen, Lavi, and Kanda nodded not knowing what else there was to do. They quickly followed Bones out of the large building she had called the 'FBI headquarters' and hurried to her car.

Bones did not make an attempt to start a conversation with the three adolescents the entire time they were in the car. She found it pointless because the teens obviously wouldn't tell her anything important, so why should she talk to them to gather insignificant details? Besides, it was Booth's job to interrogate people, not hers.

"What was that back there Moyashi?" Kanda asked in a hushed, accusing tone.

"Which a part are you talking about, BaKanda? And my name is Allen." Allen snapped quietly, neither one of them wanting Bones to hear what they were discussing.

"You almost told them about the Order." Kanda hissed angrily, wanting nothing more than to strangle Allen right now.

"And you were really jumpy." Lavi voiced, deciding to join the conversation.

"I wasn't about to tell them anything BaKanda," Allen insisted. "And about being jumpy…" He trailed off and laughed nervously.

You're not gonna tell them, are you? Neah yelled in disbelief. He voice rattling around in Allen's head for minutes after. What other choice do I have? It's either this or I lose their trust! Allen argued, huffing aloud causing Kanda and Lavi to give him a confused look.

"Heh, sorry." Allen laughed weakly.

You could always, I don't know, NOT TELL THEM! Neah shouted again. Allen could swear even Kanda, Lavi, and Bones could hear his voice. Then they wouldn't trust me, Allen gave an exasperated sigh. Fine, at least let me come out for a minute to explain the situation, Neah insisted. Allen narrowed his eyes knowing that had been his original plan, Heck no!

"Moyashi!" Lavi and Kanda both whisper yelled, finally getting the attention of their white haired friend.

"Sorry again." Allen blink his eyes a few times, successful returning back to reality.

"Why have you been zoning out so much?" Lavi asked, his eye showing concern.

Allen sighed, "You see…ever since we showed up here Neah has been talking to me."

"Neah?" Lavi questioned, Kanda asking the same question silently.

"The fourteenth "Allen rephrased and watched as Lavi and Kanda gave him bewildered expressions.

"You've been communicating with that Noah?" Kanda's voice rose in annoyance. It was still not loud enough for Bones to hear.

"Yes, he has been helping me." Allen rolled his eyes, answering truthfully. Allen closed his eyes, trying to block out Kanda's glare.

"Why?" Lavi asked the golden question.

"Can't I help my dear nephew out of the good of my own heart?" Allen's voice changed. He eyes snapped open to reveal not Allen's silver eyes but bright gold irises. A large, almost frightening, grin spread across his face.

"So you're the Noah inside Moyashi," Kanda stated bluntly, neither Lavi nor himself making a big commotion about meeting the fourteenth.

Neah pouted "I have a name, exorcist."

Kanda's eyes narrowed to slits, obviously not trusting Neah "Che, whatever Noah"

"You know, you're only one letter off~" Neah taunted cheerfully, knowing fully well how much he was annoying the Japanese exorcist.

"What did you mean 'my dear nephew'?" Lavi asked going into bookman mode.

Neah's smile faltered for a second before an even larger smile replaced it "So you caught that…"

Give me my body back, Neah! Allen barked from inside their head. And don't you dare tell them!

"It seems Allen would like to do the explaining on this one." Neah closed his eyes and jolted a little before Allen's eyes opened again to reveal the silver orbs once again.

"Dammit Neah…" Allen muttered under him breath then nervously looked at his friends.

"What was that Moyashi?" Lavi and Kanda both blew their tops, not caring if Bones heard them anymore.

"Uh, that was Neah?" Allen offered, hoping they would leave it at that. The two glared at him; of course they wouldn't leave it at that.

"Fine," Allen rubbed the back of his head, nervous of how they would take the news "Neah is my uncle. He was Mana's brother"

"Mana?" Kanda questioned.

"My foster father." Allen stated as memories of Mana flashed through his mind.

"Why didn't you tell us before?" Lavi asked looking a little hurt. Allen remained quiet, his eye downcast.

"We're here." Bones broke the silence, pulling into the hospital garage.

Allen quickly got out of the car and made his way into the hospital, leaving the others behind. He hurried back up to the room Lenalee was recovering in. Allen swung open the door to find Lenalee wandering around the room confused.

"You're awake!" Allen said happily surprised and ran over to her, hugging her carefully so he wouldn't harm her wounds.

Lenalee laughed lightly, thrilled to see a familiar face, "It's good to see you too, Allen"

"Where'd he go?" A familiar, irritated voice snapped from down the hallway. Loud footsteps echoed through the wing that got louder with every second.

"Calm down Yu-chan we'll find him~" A cheery voice responded and a loud bang was heard against the door.

"DO. NOT. CALL. ME. YU!" The first voice lashed out. Lenalee's eyes brightened, recognizing the two voices. As soon as she discerned the owners of these voices, she opened the door causing two people to collapse into the room.

"Kanda! Lavi! You're here!" Lenalee sound absolutely ecstatic. She helped her friends back up, and then brought Lavi, Kanda, and Allen into a heartwarming hug. Soon after Lenalee released them, they began to tell her of the craziness that had been the past few days.

"Aw, what a heartwarming scene." A new voice broke the happy, calm scene. The four exorcists' heads shot up to see Road sitting on one of the abandoned hospital beds, chewing a piece of candy. Road gave a sadistic smile "To bad I have to kill you three and take Allen now~"

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