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Information: In this story there are many things that will not make sence, so I will give you a heads up. The gang is Spartans from Halo, but they are not regular Spartans at all. Odd and Aelita fell into the digital sea before becoming Spartans, so their Lyoko forms and their Earth forms are mixed together. Odd has a tail, cat like mobility, cat like hearing, and some fur under the armor. Aelita has her wings, and her elfish features. Kadic academy is on Reach. Half the planet belongs to the UNSC, the other half to the Elites.

Code: Reach


-Aelita's dream-

The Elite was about to stab Aelita while she was on the ground. Out of nowhere, Odd had grabbed the Elite's arm before he stabbed Aelita. Odd had twisted the Elite's arm so fast, the Elite had no time to recover from the surprise as Odd stabbed the Elite in the head with the Elite's T1 EW/S Energy Sword. Odd quickly picked up Aelita and carried her the Jeremie's Pelican.

"Aelita, you have to go, I'll man the MAC-cannon. I just want you to know… I love you, Aelita."

Odd pushed Aelita into the Pelican before she could protest.

"Jeremie, get this bird out of here!"

Jeremie started to takeoff when Aelita tried to jump off to get to Odd, but Ulrich and Yumi held her back.

"Guys, if you can hear me, it's been an honor severing with you all. I just hope you make it out of here."

At that moment, Odd fired the MAC-cannon at the covenant cruiser before it killed Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, and Jeremie. Jeremie couldn't turn the Pelican around because the cruiser would flatten them, so they left without Odd.

"Don't worry Aelita, Odd is a fighter, if anyone of us can make-it through that until their found, he can."

Aelita looked at Ulrich like he was mad.

"Do you even know what he told me before he pushed me on this bird?"

Aelita started to lose her temper. The others were surprised Aelita snapped at them like that.

"He told me he loved me! I always thought he thought I was just a friend! I have always loved him since the time I first met him! But now I can't tell him that I love him!"

Aelita burst out into tears, the others felt like they just got hit by the cruiser Odd shot.

-end dream-

"Aelita! Wake up!"

Aelita woke up to see Jeremie starring at her.

"I'm up, I'm up."

"Aelita, you had the dream about the last time we saw Odd, didn't you?"

Ulrich was at the door waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, I did. I really miss him." Aelita said as she starred at the grounds of Kadic academy. The sun was rising, and she would be teaching the students Gym today. Aelita sighed. Before they were taken by ONI to become SPARTANs, she remembered the adventures the gang would go on in their time at Kadic, saving the world from XANA and all. But that was in the past.

Aelita is now 18, and the war with the covenant had been ended by Master Chief and the Arbiter almost a year ago. The UNSC was playing cleanup in the universe by eradicating all those still loyal to the Prophets, ONI had been disbanded by the government of twelve worlds for their crimes, including; "abduction of children, creators of murderers, and corruptors of governments." Naturally, the SPARTAN I, II, and III programs had been disbanded, and the SPARTANs freed from their oaths of service to humanity. Odd hadn't been able to have that honor…

The campaign to retake Reach had been a short one, and an agreement had been made that one half the Planet go to the former covenant lead by Elites, and the other go to the humans. Odd had not been seen after the last battle, but rumors had made their way over the past year about a Lone Wolf fighting to free the planet, and restore the colony. Witnesses said it was a warrior in purple armor, with gold highlights. The description of the warrior's armor came back as with the Helmet being the Grenadier Helmet with a Silver Visor, both Shoulder pads as ODST, the chest was the Tactical/Patrol, the wrist was the UA/Bracer, Utility was the Tactical/Hard Case, and the Knee Guards were the FJ/Para, the bloom of his SRS99 Sniper Rifle, a light in the gloom, a shot in the dark. But what Aelita found interesting was the fact that witnesses also said he had a tail like a cat.

Aelita knew what the odds were that Odd had survived this long, but Odd was the only SPARTAN with a tail. Aelita knew how he got it too, Odd and her fell into the digital sea before they shut-down the super computer. Their bodies had been mix with their Lyoko forms. But now is not the time for that story.

Aelita had kept her armor after her freedom, as well as Yumi and the rest, but she hadn't worn it for almost a year. She had told herself that if a body hadn't been found after one year of searching, she would set out at the first chance she found to look for him.

Aelita sighed and turned around. "What?"

"It's a UNSC Pelican. It went down on the former covenant side of the planet, and it was carrying heavy weapons for new UNSC Marines. A SPARTAN was flying it, and he too has been declared MIA. The crash site has been scoured by both human and former covenant recovery teams, working in unison, but there were no causalities."

Jeremie looked at the others, then back at Aelita. "No bodies were found, but a SPARTAN is missing. Also, a M41SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher with plenty of ammo and a few Sniper Mags. were reported missing, but the recovery teams claim they took them for themselves."

Aelita's mind rushed. Sniper Mags., Odd's weapon of choice. A missing Rocket Launcher, he had always wanted one. A missing SPARTAN, probably rescued from the wreck by someone…

"Jeremie, can you get me those co-ordinates?"

"You've got it Princess."

"Ulrich, can you work on getting Jim to lend us some of the weapons from the town armory?"

"No problem."

"Yumi, make us some breakfast please?"

"Aww…. What?"

Aelita looked out towards the mountains behind the city. "We're coming for you, Odd…"