characters through this story (c) masashi kishimoto

Once upon a time, there existed a small blue planet called Earth. The globe was populated by humans, which were unlike any other beings the planet had to offer. These humans considered themselves unique and alone in the universe. At least, until they met the Falks.

It happened on a normal day; people were going about their daily routines, as per usual, when a spaceship flew out of the sky and crashed into the planet.

It had landed in the middle of a city; videos were posted all over the internet before the government even had time to think of an appropriate cover-up story. Women and children hid in their homes, fearful of the fallen spacecraft. Men were quick to arm themselves and charge surround the unknown vehicle, prepared for a battle.

Hours ticked by, and there was no signs of movement from the ship, or its crew. People grew wary, and there was talk of government intervention. Suddenly, the craft let out a low whine, and ejected steam from its base. Soldiers snapped to attention, as did the local media, and around the world, people waited to see what sort of fate lay in store for them.

Slowly, a door opened on the bottom of the spaceship. Not a single pair of eyes dared turn away from the crashed saucer as a pair of thin, pinkish legs came into view.

Panic was soon replaced by curiosity and talk of conspiracy. From what the humans could see, the pilot of the craft appeared human. Slowly, the being descended as more and more flesh came into view; the upper legs, the torso, the neck, the head-

And there the similarities stopped.

Yes, the being had a human-shaped skull, mouth, nose, and brown hair on its head; but the eyes on its face bore a decidedly hawk-like resemblance. Their ears were small and pointed, as if designed for one of Santa's elves.

It looked around at its surroundings, standing bare for the world to see, save for a dark green tunic and brown boots, both made of unknown materials. Carefully and cautiously, it began to approach the humans.

Most of the people stepped away; one brave reporter, however, dared to stay rooted to the spot and waited for the alien to approach.

The being stepped closer and closer, never once looking away from the brave investigator. This human was the only one not scared away, and if the damaged space ship was any indication, the alien needed help.

He continued his advances, until only a few feet separated the two of them. Standing there before the reporter, he opened his mouth-

And out escaped a low hiss.

Many people jumped, but the human simply gave the alien an odd look. The alien returned it, before seeming to start and realize something. It turned away, muttering under its breath while rubbing its temples in an agitated manner. Finally, it spun around to look at the human again. Once again, the being opened its mouth. "Hello…this is Earth, yes?"


Through broken English, the alien informed the humans that he was Zeke, he hailed from the planet Verden, and was a member of the Falk race.

His people had picked up on satellite signals from this distant planet, and were eager to confirm if life existed. After being given a crash course in English based on the transmissions their received, Zeke was sent to investigate.

Tragically, the alien had not foreseen such a thick atmosphere on Earth, and his ship had barely been able to make it to the troposphere without burning up. The crash landing had been unintentional; just the only option he had in the face of his plight.

Popular opinion cried for this male to be returned to his people. With the help of a little government equipment, the connection was made with planet Verden, and not but a few days later, Zeke was reunited with some of his people, including a few Falkians with a slightly better grasp of English than what he possessed.

A relationship began between the two planets. The humans wanted the Falks' technology, and the Falks wanted…well, everything. Human culture, art, sports, all of it fascinated them beyond belief. Their own lifestyle had evolved on the basis of logic before all else; the idea of creating beauty or recreation for pleasure was a fascinating and new concept to them.

For a time, the relationship prospered. And then, like all good things, it came to an end.

Tragedy struck one day, when a Falkian warship came into earth's orbit and fired a laser blast at the moon, scarring the once pearly treasure of the night sky. The Falkians claimed that the ship had gone out of control; the humans screamed treason.

Tensions rose between the races, until at least the heated and violent humans declared war on the Falkians, using the aliens' own technology against them on the battlefield. The Falkians responded with equal force. Thus began what future textbooks would commonly refer to as the Verdenian War.

-ten years later-

A blonde male sprinted down the hall of the spaceship, panting heavily as he ran. He had to make it to the hangar, before they caught him.

The teen suddenly stopped, blue hawk eyes going wide as he heard the sound of someone approaching. Body reacting before his mind could, the young male ducked into an open door. He froze, heart beating at a frenzied pace until the sounds of the Falkian guards' voices disappeared. Heaving a sigh of relief, he poked his head out into the corridor and looked around before stepping out from his hiding spot. Right, time to go.

Bolting again, he ran down the empty corridor before coming to a large, black metal door. Frantically looking around and seeing no one, the blonde opened the door and disappeared into the room.

This was the hangar of the space carrier he was traveling on at the moment. The blonde could have laughed; being dragged around by your master on a leash and collar wasn't exactly his idea of traveling. The male balled his hands into fists. No, the life of a slave wasn't for him. Not at all. That was why he was trying to escape.

Up until today, that had been impossible. All the warships in the hangar were of Falkian make and model; thus, his master could calm them back to the main ship with only the press of a button. Yet the day before, they'd captured an enemy human craft and brought it into the ship, in order to disassemble it and find out exactly how fast the humans were catching up to their flyers' standards.

Creeping along the metal floor, Deidara looked for an out of place ship. He'd been studying how to pilot Falkian flyers for a few years now; as long as the human technology wasn't too out of date, he could still pilot the craft. His blue eyes caught sight of a beaten up spaceship sitting in the corner of the aircraft hangar. There!


Sasori sat on a bench, impatiently tapping his foot against the metal ground beneath his feet. No one else occupied the briefing room with the Akasuna; he couldn't even hear any sounds coming from the nearby hallway. For a warship, this place was rather boring.

His thoughts were interrupted by loud footsteps signaling someone's approach. Sasori looked up at the doorway to see a tall, blue-skinned man enter the room. He raised a brow, but refrained from voicing his question out loud.

"No, it's not a tattoo, I was born this way. No, I am not a shark, I do not have shark traits, and I would appreciate it if you refrained from mentioning anything having to do with "Jaws," in my presence," the newcomer stated.

The words took Sasori by surprise. Apparently this man was used to having questions like Sasori's directly asked to him.

The blue person sighed and smiled at the redhead. "Now that that's out of the way. I'm Kisame Hoshigaki, the commander of this ship. I take it you're Sasori Akasuna?"

"Right, sir," the redhead answered as he stood to salute his commanding officer.

"For Kami's sake, don't worry about saluting around here," Kisame reprimanded with a grin. "Makes people too uptight, ya know?"

"Right, then," Sasori answered while slowly lowering his arm back to his side.

"According to my records, you're a pretty good pilot and a damn good shot."

Sasori nodded in affirmation. All of the info was accurate; he'd graduated at the top of his class in the academy.

"Good. Then you won't have any problems with going on a training flight right now with some of the veteran flyers, would ya?"

The Akasuna was a bit surprised at the question. He'd barely even been on the ship for an hour, he hadn't even been to his room, and yet the captain wanted him to leave now?

After a few moments of pondering, Sasori decided that this must be some kind of test and nodded. "I'll be ready to leave immediately."

The shark grinned at him. "Good. Leave your stuff in here; you can get it if you come back."

"You mean whenI come back?"

"Nope. I've gone through enough rookies to know that I should say 'if', not 'when'."


Sasori took a deep breath as the flyer roared to life beneath his fingertips. This was where he belonged; in the cockpit of a spaceship, with all the controls at his fingertips.

The redhead looked to his left, and then his right. Two others would be flying on the run with him. The first was a foul-mouthed man named Hidan, who supposedly swore in battle as much as he shot. The other was Tobi; an idiot who was regarded by the other men aboard the ship as a good luck charm. All these facts had been crammed into him by Kisame just before the redhead was shoved into a pilot's uniform and tossed into a battleship. "Oi, fire crotch, ready to go?"

That must be the one called Hidan. Quickly tapping the side of his helmet to activate his communicator, Sasori answered, "Yes. Hidan, right?"

"How'd you know?"

"Kisame told me."

"Because Kisame's a good boy like Tobi!"

"Tobi, shut the hell up!"

"If you ladies are done jabbering," Kisame's voice cut in, "we're about to open the hangar doors. Ready?" Three affirmatives were heard. "All right, here we go then."

Sasori's hands nervously gripped the controls as his eyes stared at the large metal doors before him. Sure, he'd flown before, but that had been on the training grounds back on Earth. Now, he was actually going to be flying in the dark, black, endless vacuum of space.

By the time he had the chance to process his worries, the door was open, revealing a pitch black surface dotted by hundreds upon thousands of stars. With a war whoop, Hidan took off from his spot. Tobi was quick to follow suit, encouraging Sasori to hurry, "or you'll get left behind!"

The boy's words were enough for Sasori, and in only a second he'd slammed down the throttle and shot out into the glory of outer space.

For a moment, the Akasuna could only glance around him. The night seemed to go on for forever, the only objects breaking the monotony of the dark landscape the flying ships and occasional star. A massive planet loomed on the horizon, dark green with two bright white moons orbiting around it. To say the sight was breathtaking would be a gross understatement.

Before he could take in the sights any more, though, a loud beeping came from his radar. He looked down at the screen to see several blips moving closer and closer to him. Frowning, he pressed his communicator again. "Hidan, what's going on?"

There was a crackling noise as Hidan's communicator came to life. "Bogeys," the foul-mouthed pilot answered curtly. "Looks like the bastards are chasing one of our guys."

"What are we gonna do?" Tobi asked.

"Tch, what the hell do you think?" Hidan snapped. "Shoot 'em down!"