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"Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another."



She was five years old.

She wouldn't, for the longest time, remember that day. Not until she was much older. Not until she was forced into his world. Not until she was his.

But the five-year-old Caroline didn't know of her great destiny. She didn't know that she was apart of the greatest romance to ever be written in the stars.

All that she knew was that she was five years old and today was the funeral for her grandmother.

She was dressed in a solemn black dress. Her bright blonde hair curled into ringlets. It was her mother's idea, she was quite content to wear to wear her pretty yellow dresses, but apparently black is a mourning color, and she has to mourn for her grandmother.

She's holding her mother's hand as her mother cries softly. Her father is holding on to her mother's shoulders supportably.

She blinks when her mother smiles at her through her tears and tells her to go pick flowers to put on Grandma's grave.

She looks up at her father and when he nods solemnly she lets go and flits away.

She's gathering flowers of different colors, bright yellow, and pink and white. Grandma's grave could use some color instead of that old boring gray, when she hears the nicker of a horse.

She looks up in awe of the magnificent beast. He's coal black and gigantic. He stares down at Caroline for just a moment before growing tired of her and leaning down to eat some grass.

Caroline stares at him, she's always loved horses, and this beast is the most beautiful horse she's ever had the pleasure of seeing. She blinks at the carriage he's tethered to. For a second her head fills with a vision of a fearsome jet-black chariot before she blinks and shakes the image from her head, and the chariot turns into a plain old wooden carriage.

She sets down her flowers and tiptoes forward, trying to get as close to the horse as possible without her spooking it. She's almost able to touch his leg, for the beast is much taller than her, when he gives her a disdainful snort and moves away. Caroline freezes aware of the beast's signal blearing out 'don't touch', and she really doesn't want to be trampled to death.

Her shoulders sag and she steps back when she hears the laugh.

She whips around to stare at the single solidarity figure of a man walking towards her.

He's dressed in a fine black suit, yet the way it hangs off of him makes him seem less proper that the suit her father is wearing, maybe because he lacks a tie. It doesn't make him any less intimidating.

He's a handsome man; he's tall and lean. And from what skin she can see he's quite tan. His sandy blonde hair is cut close to the scalp, but curls in the midsummer heat. His stride is powerful and Caroline get's the feeling she should be terrified of this man.

But he leans down till he's eye to eye to her, and for a second that awesome cloud of power around him dissipates. And he smiles at her and he has dimples and his moss green eyes sparkle with amusement as he looks at her.

And suddenly Caroline is no longer afraid. Instead she feels comfortable around him, the feeling is odd but it whispers to her that she should not fear this man, that he will keep her safe.

The man smiles and pokes her nose easily " why are you scaring my horse little one"?

Caroline glares at her and puffs herself up indignantly, "I only want to pet him, but it seems he doesn't like me".

The man chuckles again "Maximus just has to get to know you, that's all".

He leans back up easily the motions fluid and graceful as he leans down a hand "may I little one"?

Caroline pouts and folds her arms while pushing her nose into the air indignantly "my name is Caroline, not 'little one".

She turns to peek at him as he chuckles clearly amused by her antics "Oh well then how about princess Caroline, as clearly you're a haughty little thing".

Caroline turns and nods her approval at his nickname and the man laughs again.

"Come here little Caroline".

Ignoring everything her parents told her about mysterious strangers she grabs his hand and allows him to lead him over to the horse.

He picks her up and wraps one hand around her middle and as they near the horse uses his free hand to soothe the horse as it looks distrustfully at Caroline.

"Easy boy, she's fine, she won't hurt you".

The horse accedes to his master and allows Caroline to stoke and pet him.

Caroline giggles as she strokes the magnificent animal and turns the man "what his name"?

Then man mock glares at her "I told you, it's Maximus were you not listening to me"?

Caroline turns back to the horse "I think he should be named Black Beauty like the movie."

The man looks offended "Maximus if a fine name for a horse."

Caroline giggles, "it's so serious".

The man quips rights back "well I'm a very serious person Caroline".

"No you're not"!

He turns somber as he strokes Maximus a far away look in his eye, "more than you know little one".

She pauses as he puts her down easily. She turns to him about to say something when she hears her mother call for her.


She turns to stare up at him and he nods her over to her mother. She pauses to pick up her flowers before turning to give him a questioning look.

"Best you go off to your mother little one".

She blinks and shoots a look to where her mothers voice is coming from before moving over to him he leans back down again so they're eye to eye and she hugs him. He blinks in surprise before his eyes warm and he hugs her back.

She reaches from her bouquet and hands him a bright yellow flower. He takes it and asks, "Aren't I the one supposed to be giving you flowers love?"

Caroline shakes her head emphatically and says, " I don't like to follow rules", before turning away.

She pauses while she runs back to turn and wave "goodbye" he smiles and waves goodbye as she runs to her mother.

He watches her leave and chuckles when he see's young Caroline crane her head over her shoulder to watch him as they leave.

When she's out of sight he turns his attention to the bright yellow flower in his hand and smiles easily, twirling the flower in his hands.

"No my dear Caroline you are not a normal girl at all".


When he's back home, he hand Maximus' reigns to a servant before sauntering down the halls to his quarters.

As he walks his black suit melts off of him in black smoke and is replaced by a red and gold suit of armor that looked commonplace on a roman soldier.

Several servants salute him or bow as he passes and he ignores them setting his eyes on the yellow flowers in his hands.

When he comes to giant white oak doors that signaled the entrance to his suite. With a snap of his fingers the doors flew open for him and he entered his suite before the doors closed behind him.

To his unsurprise Elijah is there, waiting for him a look of curiosity as he eyes the flower in his brothers hands. Since Niklaus does not elaborate on the flowers origins he does not dare ask him about it.

Klaus nods his greetings as Klaus throws out a vase full of lilies and fills the vase with water as he sets the yellow flower inside of it.

"How was the land of the living"?

"Enlightening" Niklaus replies vaguely and Elijah feels himself become frustrated with Niklaus' evasive behavior.

"Rebekah will be cross with you when she finds you, you know how she dislikes you going to the world above unnecessarily."

"Rebekah can kiss my ass, I do what I want".

Elijah sighed but before he could say anything the doors were thrown open and their sister Rebekah stormed in.

Dressed in white silk robes, with her hair in a braided knot, and gold glittering jewelry she looked like a Goddess.

She marched over to Niklaus snarling, "for what reason do you go to the land of the living, you know of the consequences".

"I'm well aware of the consequences Bekah but quite frankly after today I don't give a damn."

Rebekah paused and turned "why, what happened"?

Niklaus smiled as he looked up 'I met her".

Elijah stiffened "Her"?

Niklaus nodded looking smug.

Rebekah frowned "how I would have seen it, but the last time I had the vision I was told there was years, it's so early".

"Well that makes sense" Klaus gave off that mysterious chuckle before continuing, "she's probably about five years old".

Rebekah turns to him puzzled "then how would you know, she's too young to manifest, I don't understand".

Klaus moved towards her "don't believe me here look at my memories", Klaus leans his head down willingly.

Rebekah puts her hands on his temple and closes her eyes as she enters his mind. They colors whirl before she finds herself a visitor, watching Niklaus entertain an adorable blonde hair girl.

Rebekah feels what Klaus feels, how he's smitten by this small child how he wants to protect her and keep her happy and smiling. She sees Niklaus laugh and smile like he hasn't for a thousand years.

She sees the girl glow with an inner light, and she shivers when she realizes this girl will grow into the beauty who will rule by her brother's side as his golden queen. It seems even from a very young age she had captivated him, and she would continue to captivate him for the rest of eternity.

She let go and staggered back a hand on her chest as she tried to gather he breathe back under control.

"He's right it is her".

Elijah smirked knowingly at his little brother "it seems fortune favors you brother".

Niklaus smirked "so it seems".

Elijah and Rebekah bowed low "What are you're orders brother".

Niklaus frowned and rubbed his chin thoughtfully "set up a guard around her, you know of my enemies, they'll want to get her to get to me. I will not allow that. For now just watch and protect her in silence. Let her enjoy her life in ignorance until it is time".

They both nodded Niklaus gave them the gesture to leave him. They did and Klaus waited for the white oak doors to slam before turning to look at the flower again, a fond smile on his face.

"Soon, very soon my love".

That was the prologue. Klaus is obviously the God of the Underworld, Elijah is his helper, and Rebekah is what would be called a fate, ie she sees the future and can control destiny. More of how Klaus became the God later in the story. Lilies are symbolic for being the flower of the dead.

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