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Some people mentioned the fact that I didn't mention Klaus and Caroline using protection last chapter and want to make some things clear. Unless I specifically mention contraception like in "A dragon's Heart" they use it.

Unlike this story Klaus and Caroline can't conceive. It's the Underworld, the land of the unliving, the land of the dead, As mentioned in this chapters and chapters of the past it's hard to keep things alive down here. Due to the environment no child can live or grow in the Underworld. I'm following not only Meg Cabot's rule in "Abandoned" ( a truly wonderful series by the way if you love this story you should read, that series was the inspiration to write Pandemonium!) but greek Mythology as well.

Haven't any of you noticed or wondered why Hades and Persephone never had any children?

Anyways on to the story.

She came to when she felt Klaus shift behind her, still asleep.

She sat up enough she wouldn't disturb the man behind her as she looked around the room before glancing down at themselves.

The blanket covered her breasts while it stopped at Klaus' waist. She was in his arms, he had taken up the position of the big spoon. Klaus grunted when she shifted again and he gently tried to tug her back down, unwilling to let her go even in his sleep.

She blushed as she recalled their actions the night before; she turned to see her bed partner more clearly.

He looked so much younger asleep, so much more peaceful. The fire from the candles and the always-lite hearth cast a mesmerizing flicker upon his features. For a split second she imagined what his features would look like in the early morning sunlight. A sight she would never see down in the darkness of the Underworld, for a brief moment it made her heart ache, but she pushed that thought from her mind and sat back down to sleep.

She sat there for a while longer but sleep eluded her. She sat back up and huffed and conceded victory to her busy mind.

She turned to look at her lover again before a mischievous smile graced her face as a idea entered her mind.

Quickly she sat up fully and left the warm shelter of Klaus' arms. Klaus mumbled at the lack of contact but not before shivering awake as Caroline proceeded to throw the blankets off of them both.

"The Hell love," Klaus grunted before huffing as Caroline straddled his waist.

Klaus looked up at his nude Queen smiling cheekily above him and smirked tiredly as his hands settled on her waist.

"I admit this is a surprise to wake up to first thing in the morning, but it's not an unpleasant one."

Caroline laughed and her golden laughter sent a thread of warmth through Klaus.

"So I'll take that as you like what you see my King?"

Klaus' hands left her waist as they trailed down her thighs, "oh very much so, it's a sight I am most appreciative of."

His hands wandered between her legs before Caroline playfully smacked his hand away. Klaus gave her a mournful look but Caroline merely giggled as she leaned down to capture his lips in a kiss.

Klaus' hands went to caress her breasts, only to be grabbed and placed down at his sides, their hands laced together.

Caroline broke the kiss and smiled sweetly at Klaus' frustration, "now none of that".

Klaus glared at her and easily twisted out of her hands, he moved to roll her underneath him but Caroline gently placed a hand on him and pressed him down.

She stared into his eyes as she whispered, "let me."

Klaus stared into her eyes before slowly lowering back down again, heeding her wish. Caroline smiled and leaned to capture his lips in a kiss.

Slowly she moved off of him and down and down till she was by his groin. Klaus slowly leaned forward to catch Caroline's eyes as she smiled impishly at him before taking him in.

Klaus' eyes rolled into the back of his head and he moaned before lying back down and closing his eyes as she lavished him. He whimpered at the tight wet heat. Clawing at his face and hair anything to avoid gripping her long golden locks or tearing the sheets with his superior strength.

He moaned her name and sighed until she moved slowly up his body to straddle his waist once again.

She kisses him deeply as she takes him in her palm and guides him to her entrance. They both moan as he enters her slowly, he moves her hands to hold her hips and she allows it this time, as she sets a slow pace rocking her hips gently against his.

Their lovemaking lacks the hurried frenzy of the night before but does not lack in passion. It's slow and sensual the casual exploring of bodies instead of a frantic need.

Eventually their pace quickens until Caroline is moving with abandon, and they're panting and moaning, hands touching everywhere as they whisper each others names together.

Eventually Klaus comes with a sharp gasp and that causes Caroline to follow him over the edge.

Caroline collapses against his chest and he slowly moves her sweaty strands of hair away from her face as he kisses her brow gently.

"That was exquisite."

Caroline laughed gently as she turned her face into his neck, "pleasure to be of service."

Klaus chuckles hoarsely as he moves to stroke her spine sensually.

Caroline hummed against his neck, "if you're trying to make me go mad I must say you are doing a splendid job of it."

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about," Klaus said his voice perfectly portraying his innocence.

Caroline smacked his shoulder lightly as she settled into a light doze, "back off I'm going to get a couple more hours of sleep."

Klaus chuckled as he continued his stroking, a caress more suited to putting someone to sleep rather than arousing them.

"As my lady wishes."

Eventually Klaus and Caroline returned to their thrones to continue ruling the Underworld.

Caroline continued to grow into her new powers as Goddess, and she got along famously with Niklaus' family.

It was a couple weeks later when Klaus found her in his garden, slowly allowing her roses to grow and trying to strengthen the ones that kept trying to die. It was a frustrating process, the Underworld was the land of the dead, not the living, and trying to get anything to grow here was no easy task.

Klaus moved to kneel beside her as he whispered into her golden hair, "I come to the throne room to find my Queen not on her throne, I was quite distraught, what's a King without a Queen?"

Caroline frowned as she gently caressed a dying pink rose, her hands glowing gently as she coaxed the plant from dying any further.

"You did fine without me for a thousand years."

Klaus tugged at one of her strands of hair gently before moving to kiss the back of her neck sweetly, "I did but I never said I was happy doing it."

Caroline gave up when she was satisfied that she had stopped the process of death if only for a moment and leaned back into her King.

"You're a sweet-talker, perhaps we should add silver tongue to your plethora of names."

Klaus chuckled at his Queens daring and gently nipped her ear in reprimand, " someone's feisty today."

His hands went to push the fabric covering her breasts aside before Caroline gently moved his hands away before turning to face Klaus.

"I wanted to talk about something with you."

Klaus leaned in to capture her lips; they kissed for a moment before he whispered against her lips, "so talk."

"I think it's time that I visited my Mother."

Klaus leaned back to look Caroline in the eyes, "you're sure?"

Caroline nodded her eyes serious, "she deserves to know, for all I know she thinks I'm dead, she needs to know that I'm safe and with the man I love, that things are going to be difficult from now on, but I love her and still want to spend time with her."

Klaus nodded slowly as he pushed a lock of Caroline's hair behind her ear.

"Do you think I'll be ok with the curse?"

"Take a purse with a blood bag and if the cravings get too bad simply excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to feed, and if it gets too bad simply cut the meeting short and you call me and I'll come to get you."

Caroline smiled as she leaned in to kiss him, I have such a sweet boyfriend."

Klaus leaned away to mock glare at her, "boyfriend".

Caroline raised an eyebrow elegantly, something she definitely learned from Elijah, "what's the problem Klaus it's what you are?"

"I'd like to think being that you are the Queen of the Underworld, my Queen may I remind you, I'd like to think that I'm a little more serious and stable than being you're boyfriend."

Caroline smirked at him and glanced down at her ring finger, "you're right, I am your Queen, and yet I don't see a ring, don't Kings and Queens have to marry before they can claim their title?"

Klaus chuckled as he moved to stand, offering Caroline a hand, "and suddenly we have veered onto a subject, that I am not yet clear we are ready to discuss."

Caroline laughed as she leaned in to kiss him apologetically.

Klaus offered her his arm and she took it and they moved out of the garden back to their chambers.

"Does this mean we are living in sin?"


The next morning saw Caroline standing before Klaus, in regular jeans and a sweater as Damon had helpfully told her that the leaves had changed and were falling, and the brisk winds of autumn had set in.

Klaus leaned into to kiss Caroline one last time before asking, "you're sure you don't want me to accompany you?"

Caroline snorted and said simply, "yeah lets not make my mother shoot you, you are the one who kidnapped me to rule the Underworld with you."

Klaus gave her a miffed look, "if I recall, you came to me willingly."

Caroline laughed and hugged him.

Klaus wrapped his arms around her before whispering into her hair, if you need me call me."

Caroline nodded before stepping back.

After checking to make sure she had her purse with the blood bag in it she waved nervously at Klaus before getting a stern look of concentration.

Klaus watched with awe and wonder as instead of Klaus' black smoke it was soft white fog, in a swirl of white smoke and light Caroline was gone.

Klaus looked at the spot where she once was with a soft frown. While it was customary for Klaus to leave behind some ash from his teleportation's, all that was left of Caroline's was a white lily.

Klaus nodded as he went to pick up the flower and study it, "well that's interesting."

Caroline appeared on the sidewalk right in front of her mother's house.

She checked the driveway to make sure her mother was home, indeed she was.

Caroline gulped nervously as she moved slowly up the steps to her old house. She reached the door and made a fist to knock on the door but sat there for several long moments, fist frozen just a few centimeters from the door.

Eventually she chastised herself and took a deep breathe before moving her wrist and knocking firmly on the door.

She waited a long agonizingly slow minute that felt like an eternity before the door slowly opened and her mother appeared.

Caroline was shocked at how tired and worn out her mother looked, for a split second her heart broke and she felt guilt urge through her.

But then her mother's face lit up and happiness surged through her as they rushed to embrace each other.

"Oh Caroline where have you been I missed you so!"

Caroline felt tears move down her face as she simply hugged her mother tighter.

Her mother broke away and cupped her face, eyes full of tears.

"How rude of me, come on in."

Wiping her tears Caroline followed her mother inside.

She smiled as she looked at her childhood home around her as she shut the door behind her.

She joined her mother at their kitchen table and let her mother fuss about her before placing a cup of tea in her hands.

"For someone who's been missing for two months you look well," Caroline blanched at the reprimand and smiled sheepishly at the hard glance her mother sent her, it was the sheriff glance, one that meant that it was high past time for Caroline to fess up.

Caroline set her mug down gently on he kitchen table before staring at her mother, "mom there's something I need to tell you about."

Before Caroline could finish that sentence the sentence there was a knock at the door.

Caroline glared half expecting it to be Klaus or Rebekah for a moment, before her mother smiled at her reassuringly.

"Sorry I forgot to tell you that Elena was coming over."

Caroline blinked, "Elena?"

"Oh yes she's been a great help, trying to help me find you when you went missing."

But Caroline knew Elena was with Damon.

Caroline had a split second to feel the bracelet at her wrist start to burn.

She moved forward yelling, "Mom don't open the door-"

But it was too late the door opened with a blast of fire and Katherine stepped through.

Caroline knew she should flee but she also had to protect her human mother.

She had a moment to move in front of her mother blocking her from Katherine's next attack.

Caroline was flung backwards and she landed heavily on the floor.

Katherine moved into her hazy vision with a snarl on her face, "nice to see you again Caroline."

Caroline had a split second to think 'Klaus' before Katherine's high heel came to slam on her temple and she knew no more.

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