Lots of awesome ideas! Mostly a Lurker, mscope, & mugglemom08 all suggested this next prompt, and pnkats' and alterite's suggestions were in the same vein. So, we'll go with it. Majority rules and all that jazz. :)

Prompt #2: Ice

If my death had been by the angry hand of Hephaestus, Cheimon took some measure of pity on me.

My torture had seemed to be an endless thing, with flames that rose higher and higher with each thunderous clap of my heart's ventricular valves. As far as I could tell, I was nothing more than a blackened lump of char, yet somehow, I still burned as long as my heart still beat.

But on that the third day, as the last living muscle within my chest shuddered to a silent halt, a sudden, relieving blast of Northern wind swept through my lungs, and with it came creeping fingers of ice that spread through my limbs and vanquished the fire. The pain receded, frozen and numbed, until all that was left was a heated rawness in the back of my throat.

With a gasp, my eyelids fluttered open. Tiny, glittering flecks of silver and gold – snow maybe – floated above my face, swirling and blown upward by the force of my breath. Beyond their winding path, a thousand shades of blues and greens assaulted my eyes, and as if in some kind of surreal dream, I bore witness to a super saturated world that I had no name to call it by.

"Edward?" God boomed.


Hephaestus = god of fire, stonemasonry, volcanism, etc

Cheimon = is winter in Greek, and according to some texts that's how the goddess of that season is called, too.