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Chapter 1:

It had been a really eventful day for Spencer Hastings. First, she was almost killed by Mona Vanderwal, who had been threatening her and her three best friends, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin for the past two years. Then, Toby Cavanaugh, her first true love, revealed that he was still in love with her. And finally, the police believe they found the body of Emily's girlfriend, Maya. All Spencer wanted to do now was curl up in her bed and try to forget the horrors she had experienced that day.

As Spencer lay in her bed, she was startled by the sound of something hitting against her window. Although Mona had been caught and the threat of 'A' was gone, Spencer was still terrified. With her cell phone in hand, ready to call 911 if need be, Spencer crept over to her window and slowly pushed the curtain aside.

Just then, another stone hit her window. In the dim light, she saw the silhouette of a man. Carefully, as to avoid making a sound, she began to open her window. Just as the window was about to be completely open, the wooden frame creaked.

"Spencer?" A voice whispered from below.

'Wait a second,' Spencer thought, 'I know that voice.'


"Yeah. It's me. Can I come up?"

Toby had often times come to Spencer's house in the middle of the night so they could spend some time truly alone. Each time he came to see her, he would climb up the oak tree that was situated right outside of Spencer's window to ensure that he would not wake the rest of her family.

"Yeah. Yeah of course."

As she waited for Toby to climb up, Spencer began to contemplate what she wanted to tell Toby. She wanted him to know the truth. She loved him. She had ALWAYS loved him. She wanted him to know just how much it killed her to lie to him and to stay away from him. She needed him to know just how much he meant to her.

As Toby climbed in through her window, Spencer wanted to run into his arms and stay there for eternity. She wanted him to hold her as she cried and told him that she loved him. Instead, she sat down on her bed. She needed to talk to him but she wanted to do it sitting down. If she was standing, there was no way for her to be certain that she wouldn't just fall down and start crying.

Toby quickly joined her on the bed and the two of them just sat there, looking at each other.

Toby finally broke the silence, "We didn't really get a chance to talk after what happened tonight. I'm not asking for answers, I just need to know that you are okay. If you want me to go, I'll go. I just need you to know that I'm always here for you."

"Toby," Spencer responded, "how much did Dr. Sullivan tell you about what was happening with Aria, Emily, Hanna, and I?"

"Not much. Only that the four of you were being threatened by someone and I guess that person was Mona."

"Okay. I think it's time that I told you everything. You deserve to know why I have been acting so… Well so unlike me." Spencer took a deep breath in and then exhaled. "Ever since about two weeks before Ali's funeral, Aria, Emily, Hanna and I have been receiving messages from someone. Well Mona, I guess. Each message was signed with the letter 'A', so at first, we thought the messages were coming from Alison because the messages contained information and secrets that we had only confided in Ali. But when her body was discovered and we continued to receive these messages, we knew they were coming from someone else. Mona threatened the four of us. Do you remember the day I told you that you had to stay away from me?"

Toby looked at her and then dropped his gaze. Of course he remembered that day. That was the day when his world came crumbling down. The words she had said to him hurt him like bullets piercing his flesh. "Of course I remember it, Spence. It would take a lot for me to forget that day."

"Yeah… Well earlier that day, Aria, Emily, Hanna and I each received a really creepy, lifelike doll. Each doll had a voice message specifically recorded for each of us. Mine said…" Spencer choked on these words. The three words that the doll had said had turned her world upside down. These words broke her heart into a million pieces.

But Spencer hadn't come this far to back out now. She needed the love of her life to know the truth.

"Mine said…"

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