A/N: I was in the middle stage between sleep and consciousness last night when I had a sort of dream/idea fly through my head. I just had to write it down before I forgot and, well this is it. Now this is only the premise of what I think the story will be about so far and is in no way the actual first chapter to the story (in case there's any confusion). I've just written this to see if any people would be genuinely interested to read a fanfiction like this.

Thanks to an unnamed source, scientists around the world have discovered the immortal beings representing nations, the secret, that has been so well guarded for thousands of years, has been revealed to outsiders who have become fascinated with anything having to do with them down to the last hair. The nation-tans are beings captured and put into hidden facilities where they are treated like lab rats. They are experimented on, sometimes to the point of torture, where scientists and doctors alike will simply stand by idly, meticulously recording their observations to see just how far they can push the nation-tans' limits. The scientists though, quickly discovered they were far stronger and more durable than any ordinary human being, which only resulted in them wanting to further their studies, test out hypotheses, and keep them as their special pets. Only high level government officials have knowledge of this and have agreed and signed a contract. As a consequence, they have been excused from meetings and other duties. Now that solving their usual problems like the economic recession and global warming will be impossible in their new situations, they have a new objective: unite together, break free, and overthrow the facilities. All wrongdoers will be punished. It seems like an easy, direct enough plan, but there are withheld secrets which will only make their current circumstance that much more complicated.


Soooo yeeaah . . . that's it. I've already decided that POVs will be shifting a lot so we know what's happening in other countries, but I'm not sure of how many main characters there will be. I know that I'm going to include some less popular countries, although for obvious reasons, not all will be mentioned. I'm not certain about couples (besides AusHun and I'm not a very big fan of yaoi), but if you squint, you might see something otherwise it's usually just brotherly/sisterly love. I can't really think of anything else to say right now so I guess I'm done here for now! Please tell me what you think and if you're interested or not. You are also free to share your ideas with me in a review or just PM me.

If at least 5-10 people respond positively, then I'll start writing the first chapter.