Chapter 5

Jellal reached Erza's table, he took an unoccupied chair from somewhere and pulled it over to the table. He took a seat beside Natsu and Gray, and then everyone was silent. The entire place was quiet and unbearable, so much it was suffocating.

From the bar, Mirajane wanted everyone return back to their daily lives. So she gave a pleading look to Makarov quietly sending a message to ask him to break the tension. The master cleared his throat, "what are you all standing around for? Go back to what you were all doing." With that said everyone turned their backs and either started drinking or talking to their companions again. The guild was back to its regular behavior now.

"So…" Jellal started awkwardly at the table, "what were you guys talking about before I arrived?"

Lucy perked up at Jellal's words. Natsu could see the nervousness in her eyes that she didn't want him finding out what she just said about Erza's 'date'. So he covered up for her before she started stuttering, blowing their cover, "Nothing at all! Nothing really! Erza just arrived, so we didn't really talk about anything!" Now Natsu had no idea what to say, until he remembers, "Oh yea! I forgot to mention this!" Natsu pulls out a flier, "let's go out on a mission! Jellal can come join us!"

Lucy added to Natsu's excuse of a plan, "I think that's a great idea! It would let us get to know Jellal bet-"

"There's no way I'm going on another mission with flame brain here, not with him destroying everything in every step he takes. Why don't we all go without this loose fire here?" Gray suggests. There was a faint 'hey!' coming from his side, which was most likely Natsu.

"Why don't we let him into this mission? I think he can handle controlling himself... I think…" Juvia interrupted. Another 'hey!' can be heard from Natsu again.

While Natsu and Gray's bickering continued, Erza and Jellal took a look at the discarded mission flier on the table, "hmm…" Erza analyzed the paper, "This job wouldn't be so bad a subjugation mission in the center of Bosco, east of Fiore," the job didn't sound so bad, but the only problem is that Jellal may be coming along, "that will take us a day to reach northwest of Bosco by train, then another two days to walk by feet to the center of Bosco, our destination. And the reward is 2,000,000 Jewels!" Erza kept looking at the price of the reward, juggling the fact that she can have a large amount of jewels, but the thought of having Jellal around as well.

Natsu paused his fighting with Gray and said, "Haha! Nice pay huh? I figured it'd be a piece of cake with you and Jellal on our side, you two fight like monsters!" Erza glared at Natsu, "haha…I mean, you two are the strongest mages alive!" Natsu automatically corrected himself in fear. "It's not a bad job is it?"

Before Erza could say something about it Jellal immediately agreed to the job, "I think it's an excellent mission to go on." There was no way Erza could say no to Jellal now, he looked excited.

Erza sighed, there's no going back now, even though she didn't get a word in on this, "then it's settled then, when do we initiate this mission?"

"Next week!" Natsu announced, and then received a punch in the face by Gray. Lucy rose from her chair and rushed to Natsu's aid, along with Juvia, preventing Gray to cause any further damage to the guild and Natsu.

The blue and red haired duo sat together watching the girls tending to their lover. After a few moments, Jellal stood up from his chair, "I'll see you tonight, Erza…" Jellal said as he turned to Erza and left. Erza only nodded him off and watched him leave the guild doors.

"Yeah, I guess I'll be seeing you tonight, on our date…" The redhead thought to herself. She sighed and rose from her chair as well and walked over to the four sitting on the ground. She had been sighing a lot about everything. It was frustrating enough for her to only think about Jellal all day, not to mention the dream she had about him the first day he came back. The dream was nothing more than mere fantasy in her mind, but it came back to her nearly every night.

When Erza arrived at the four on the floor, she glared at the two trouble makers and said darkly, "you two better be not creating another ruckus in this guild, we've had enough in one day!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Gray and Natsu said together in unison.

Juvia and Lucy only sweat dropped at this, and thought together as well, "you're one to talk, you were the first person to cause a fiasco in this guild today!"

"Good, now sit your butts back in your seats." Erza commanded. The frightened duo nodded and quickly rushed to their seats, followed by Erza, Lucy, and Juvia. "Lucy, I'm going back to my house to prepare for tonight, would you like to come? You also have a date with Natsu, so we can stop by your place and pick up your dress and get ready at my dorm. We could also take a bath at the dorm baths, so get your hygiene items as well."

"Okay! I can help you with your hair, make up, accessories, dress adjustments, and many more!" Lucy happily chirped, "Come on! Let's get going!" She sprung up from her chair again and grabbed Erza's hand, only to drag her to her apartment.

On the way to Lucy's apartment, walking through the town, there was an eerie silence. Lucy couldn't think of what to say, but all of a sudden, she remembered being kicked out of the Master's room by Jellal the other day. 'That's right!' Lucy remembered in her head, 'What happened after I was kicked out? Since Erza's going on a date with Jellal, is it safe to presume that Erza and Jellal are officially a couple? I need to ask, now's the perfect chance! But, Natsu was the one who told me about them, he didn't exactly say much about it…' "So, Erza!" She started, "What happened after Jellal kicked me and master out of the room yesterday?"

Erza blushed in remembrance of yesterday, when Jellal hugged her. 'Wait, why am I so embarrassed about that?!' "Nothing much, but can you answer something for me?"

"Hmm? Sure Erza." Lucy replied

"How does it feel…to be…in love?" Erza didn't want to ask that question, but she had no choice, she had to confirm her feelings for Jellal, whether it be in love, to hate him, or even be just neutral as a friend. Maybe Jellal can be more than a friend for Erza.

"Well…to be in love is like the best feeling in the world!" Lucy squealed

'That's not much help…' Erza thought

"It's kind of hard to explain, but, what I do know about love, is that you have to show extra affection to the one you care about. You'll always be there for them, you'll give a shoulder to cry on, you'd comfort that person nonstop, you'd hold him in your arms as long as they need it, and you'd want to stay on their side for the longest time, that's how I feel towards Natsu, and I'm sure he exactly feels the same way towards me. There are also tons of other meanings for love, so it's really vague within the meaning of love"

'So that's partly what love is… but I don't even feel the slightest feeling of it for Jellal, not in the slightest to anyone anyway! But that hug yesterday was so warming…NO! Get a hold of yourself Erza, be strong! You don't love him! He's your childhood friend, and friend it shall always be!' Erza doubted herself being in love.

"Anyways, Erza!" Lucy started another topic, "are you and Jellal dating?! I mean you have a date tonight!"

"What!? Jellal aren't dating! And it's not a date, it's a time where Jellal and I hang out and catch up with each other!" Erza blushed furiously

"Riiiiight, I'm sure you liiiiike him…" Lucy smiled deviously

"What are you? Happy?!" Erza said, thinking of the blue cat from Lucy's statement.

"Nope! Just being Lucy!" She happily chirped, "Oh look! We're here! Come on in!" 'For once, Erza is entering properly into my house, invited, and through the door!' They then entered Lucy's house hold, "Would you like some tea while I get my stuff?"

"No thanks, just get your stuff, I'll be sitting in the kitchen." Erza replied. With that said, Lucy went off to get her stuff, leaving Erza to think to herself.

'Love…To passionately care or have concern over…' Jellal then crossed her mind once more, but she shook it off. She realized something then, even if she confronted her feelings to Jellal earlier, Erza still didn't feel at peace just yet. She just sighed as if it were the hundredth time of the day.

"Erza? You okay? You look…stressed, "Lucy came out of nowhere, with her stuff, asking in concern.

"I don't know if I can face Jellal again, something keeps tugging in my chest when I think of him… I don't know if I can see him tonight."

Lucy looked shocked at Erza's statement of her feelings, 'could this be?! Erza's in love? With, Jellal?! How can I have not seen this? Well…She did ask me a bit about love, how first dates go and all that stuff... I can't tell Erza she's in love; she has to figure it out herself! Jellal loves her and she may possibly have the same feelings without noticing. Really, that's how dense Erza can be sometimes… If Erza were to realize she loves Jellal, it would only mean that their relationship is slowly rebuilding again. And she has to do this all herself, with a little help from me in case…'

"I can't tell you what's troubling you, but what I can tell you is that if you confront Jellal tonight, there will be a chance in the future to find out what's currently eating at you." Lucy comforted

Erza still looked uncertain about going anyway, if she were to go, she could find out what's on her mind, but if she doesn't see Jellal, she'll hurt him and destroy what little connection of their relationship as friends were. She thought for a moment until she spoken up, "Okay, I'll go see him tonight." Lucy only smiled at this, she was happy that Erza was reaching out to other people and opening up, experiencing new feelings.

"Alright then, let's go!" Lucy cheered

With Jellal…

As Jellal was walking to his temporary apartment, he crossed paths with Doranbalt, "What do you want, magic council member?" Jellal spat the last few words. Jellal was never too fond of the magic council or anyone related to them.

"I am only here to talk to you," Doranbalt replied, "because you have accepted the Fairy Tail symbol on your arm, promising that you have complete loyalty in your guild, you are prohibited to harm anyone. In consequences if offended others, you will be put to prison again, away from society, for the rest of your life."

Jellal didn't hesitate to respond, "I am aware of the consequences, however, this time, for sure, I will not mess this up, for Erza, her friends, and for my own. I have vowed to never harm another innocent being with my magic ever again."

Doranbalt in return, did not reply, signaling the end of their conversation. Jellal's mood changed. "I better go now, I got a date with Erza!~" Jellal sang, then skipped happily off.

Once Jellal had arrived home, he rushed to acquire his suit, went to wash up, and prepare himself before going to see Erza.

~An hour later~

Jellal was now ready to meet up with Erza.

With Erza and Lucy

The girls were now ready for their dates as well, prepped with a simple amount of makeup and wearing their beautiful dresses.

Lucy didn't want Erza to find out she was going to the same place with Natsu, so she said her good byes and ran off to a short cut to 8Island, finding Natsu at a booth, already waiting for his girlfriend Lucy, as well as Jellal and Erza.

Let the date begin!

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