It was storming outside. Inside, I was waiting with Knuckles to hear the news. No ordinary news mind you, but news about the world and its destruction and so on and so forth. You see, me and Knuckles were inside Tails' workshop, Tails was gone somewhere (supermarket?) and so Knuckles turned on the TV. But on the TV there was a news flash about an explosion in the GM (Grand Metropolis), and there biggest power plant had been destroyed. So I and Knuckles crowded against the TV screen to get any more info.

"Get anything?" I asked.

"No, not yet Sonic." He replied for the fifth time that minute. "Once again, I'll tell you if I hear anything FROM THE TV THAT BOTH OF US ARE WATCHING!"

"Relax man, just playin'. Any word from Tails?"

"Have you heard my communicator go off?"

"Okay, okay, guess I'm anxious is all."

"Anxious, of what? You're the one person I would suspect that would take this story and say something like, 'Hey, let's check this out, we won't be that long!' or something of that nature."

"I know, but this doesn't seem…right."


"I know we've faced this before; a lot actually, and worse, but this seems really…dangerous."

"We do dangerous stuff all the time."

"Yah, but Eggman has never, ever done anything this extreme."

"So, blowing the planet in seven different pieces isn't 'dangerous'?"

"It was, but that actually had intent. This just seems random and out of place. Like, say if I had taken a sandwich from you every day, then you got it back. Now, say instead of taking your sandwich, I went and played in the neighbor's sandbox without permission."

"What do sandwiches and sandboxes have to do with any of this?"

That's just a question Knux would ask. "It has EVERYTHING to do with it! Don't you see, it's just completely random! Why would the Doctor go to blowing up a factory instead of going to attack us first?"

"I don't know."

"You never know." I said matter-of-factly.

"Well, let's assess the situation:
1: A factory has blown up.
2: No culprit has been found.
And 3: You're talking nonsense." Knuckles said, thinking the whole problem.

"You're no help." And with that, I stormed out into the rain, not expecting anything but to get my fur wet. But no sooner than when I got five steps out the door, I noticed a note laying in front of me. So, as curiosity overcame me, I went over and picked it up.

"It's completely dry, yet it's pouring out here." Then I noticed what it said. It was very clear, stating the message clearly. It read: "I got her". "Who is her?" I asked myself nonchalantly when I saw the picture on the back. It was of Amy, arms tied behind her back, feet tied, looking straight into the camera. But it wasn't a picture, because I noticed tears rolling off her cheeks.

That bastard Eggman got Amy and was torturing her, all while sending this to a video on the back of a, well, thing of Eggmans'. He was doing this to get to me. And no sooner than I thought those words, the 'note' exploded, sending me flying right into Knuckles who just walked out the door.

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