Chapter 21: Eclipse (Sonic)

So, you're probably thinking something like, "Wait, Sonic's family is just a bunch of robots?" or "Sonic's mom was turned into a robot?" or something with robots and family. Well, yes actually. But that was the first in a long line of secrets about my family that I would uncover within that span of 72 hours.

"Now," Manic and 'Mom' said at once, "prepare to die."


"What? What do you mean no?" Manic's voice sounded older, not like himself.

"I mean no. I'm tired of all this 'prepare to die' crap. Why not just let me leave? And why isn't Sonia a robot?"

"You are not meant to leave this place, Sonic the Hedgehog. And your 'sister' hasn't turned yet, is all."

This got Sonia's attention. "Wait, now what do YOU mean? Do you mean I'm a robot?" She had absolute fear and worry in her voice. I would have felt sorry for her if I'd have trusted her.

"You are in fact a robot," Said my 'mother', "but not any normal type of robot. You are synthetic. You were created with the goal of bonding machine and-"

"I DON'T CARE! You mean to tell me that I'm a robot but I can still bleed? You mean that I wasn't an actual being? You mean to tell me that Sonic isn't my brother?!" She had tears running down her face. If she knew she was a robot, she fooled me. But, something told me that this was the first time she had told.

Sonia, as long as I thought I knew her, was always smart. I often called her a super computer because she was so smart. It seems like I was making fun of her now that I say it…

"If you would shut your mouth then maybe I could tell you why you were created!" Said Manic. But it wasn't Manic's voice, it was Eggman's.

"Eggman!" I yelled. "Why are you doing this?!"

"Need not your concern now, hedgehog, my plans have already taken shape. Just to think, in 72 hours, your entire world will collapse and fall under me. I will rule."

"You say that everyti-"

"I don't care about the world! To Hell with it! I just want to know why I was created! Please, so I don't have to suffer without that knowledge…"

"I guess I can tell you why. Sonic, since you can't really go anywhere, I suppose you'd better take a seat and listen. M0M BOT, please go over there." Manic/Eggman was looking at my 'mother' when he said that, and she obediently went over to where he pointed. A few seconds after she went there, she self-destructed. Thankfully no shrapnel hit me or Sonia.

"Now then, I guess I should start at the real reason for the experiments. You see, I could easily make robots that resembled beings, but making a robot that was actually part of them, that was just a dream. What I mean is, making a robot, but a living being, at once. A sort of cyborg, if you will. But its difference would be that it wouldn't start out living, but as a robot. And that robot would develop a 'soul' if you will. It would function, just as any other being would, and would actually live.

"Well, I had tried many, many times and failed horribly. I ended up having to kill all the subjects that lived." I listened intently. I hated that my brother and mother were robots, but I hated it even more for Sonia, not even knowing that she was a robot. How do I know that I'm not a robot?

"Then I finally made a discovery. You just simply couldn't create actual life from inorganic matter, like I tried to do, successfully. You have to start with an actual being before you can apply the robotics. So, I did the next, most risky thing I'd done in my career at that point; I took living cells and mixed them with a non-living silicon based 'cell'. I expected it to fail, but then I noticed that the new 'half-and-half' cell was reproducing itself. I was astounded! I called in my fellow co-workers and they said that I'd created a miracle.

"So after about 6 weeks, I noticed that the cells were growing in a sort of pattern. They were trying to take shape." I noticed that Sonia, even though she was perplexed at the story of her life, she was crying. Tears silently rolled down her face, even with all the wonder in her eyes. "Upon further study, I found that the shape the cells were trying to make was that of a hedgehog embryo. I had a co-worker, a sweet, sweet co-worker, who was unable to get pregnant. Once I told her about the experiment and all the breakthroughs she would be helping to create, she agreed to be the mother.

"Come to find out that once we had implanted the embryo, she was already pregnant! So, about 9 months later, she had twins. A boy and a girl, a blue male hedgehog, and a pink female hedgehog. So, technically, you two are brother and sister, but not genetically identical."

"So *sniffle* I was just an, experiment *sniffle*?"

"Technically. But think of the capabilities that you possess! You can regenerate faster than any other being known, your bones are specially reinforced, and you're at the same IQ as Tails! You are the newest breed of hedgehog, a super hedgehog! You are just the first step in Mobian evolution!"

"That's nonsense!"

"Sis, calm down. Relax and breathe." It was a lot to take in, too much for the average person, but my sister could handle it.

"Yah, you try being told that you're an experiment that just happened to go right!"

"Eggman, one question if you will, before I escape here."


"How do I have memories of the 'Sonic Underground'?"

"Well, shortly after giving birth to you both, your mother disappeared. And I mean she actually disappeared, I have no idea where she went, no one does. So I was entrusted with taking care of you two. I did some minor experiments with memory transference, and gave you both adventures of growing up and trying to fight an evil dictator. Me. But you didn't know it at the time."

"Well, how'd I end up with the Freedom Fighters?

"It started when I created the roboticizer. I started using it to my own gain, but I quickly tossed it aside to have it create robots without living beings. I created my own robot empire and riots broke out. Unfortunately, some rioters got within my castle walls and escaped with you. You grew up in Acorn territory with the Freedom Fighters."

"And here we are today."


"Well Sonia, I believe we'd better shove off then. I think that's enough family history for one day."

"I agree."

"Well," said Manic/Eggman, "the exit is right over there. Take care now, and spend the next 72 hours however you want to!"

"Wait, you're letting us leave?"

"Of course, I have no desire to kill you know! Just spend the next 3 days relaxing Sonic, you'll need it." Then a side of the cave revealed a stairway towards the surface. I carefully went up them to be shined upon by light. It seemed like ages since I'd seen the light, but in reality it was only about 3 hours by what Sonia told me.

I told Sonia to go to Tails' Workshop and recuperate. She didn't know who Tails was, so I told her to look for the only building in that general area. After she left, I ran to the place where I saw Amy last.

"Amy? Amy! Where are you?"

"She's not here."

I turned to see Scourge staring me in the face, with the same smirk he always makes.

"What do you mean, not here?"

"She left a while ago after she figured you weren't coming back. She went back to her house, if I recall."


"Yes really, I kidnapped her already, why would I want to do it again?"

"I don't know, you evil types always confuse me."

"Well, after you got put under, the Metal Tails went after her. Once he got to where he saw her last, he saw she was missing. He turned around and got a Piko Piko hammer to the face. You should've seen how far he was thrown! Then Amy noticed me and started walking towards me and I backed off. Then she just, left."

I knew Scourge wasn't lying. He could've made up a story like that, but why would he? "Alright, I believe you, against my better judgement. I'm going to Tails' place now, so don't follow me, alright?"

"Fine, I was just leaving the place anyway." Then he sped off in a blur of green.

I immediately sped towards the Workshop, when I found a note on the door. I picked it up and threw it to the ground. It read: "Happy Birthday. Enjoy your next few days."

On the back, there was a name inscribed with pen. It was from none other than Silver the Hedgehog.

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